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COMM.MAJ.Micro Essay, Article, or Blogpost  


COMM. MAJ. Micro Essay, Article, or Blogpost


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My Name. 3

My Potential Research Question. 3

My Reader Hashtag. 3

My Practice Thesis Statement 3

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My Name

My Potential Research Question

What is Plagiarism? Describe at least two types of plagiarism.

My Reader Hashtag

The potential reader wants to know what is plagiarism and what two different types of plagiarism are there. The reader is concerned about why plagiarism is unethical and how it affects while publishing articles with plagiarism.

My Practice Thesis Statement

In this thesis, Plagiarism will be discussed and its types. Plagiarism simply means finding similar results or similar content while publishing the articles. Two different types of plagiarism are discussed in the thesis including Verbatim Plagiarism, and Mosaic Plagiarism.

Plagiarism is considered a serious crime in academics and also this term is a breach of copyright rules. Plagiarism includes copying text and readings from other different sources. When there is a thief of misconduct in academics, plagiarism increases. And there are several reasons given for stealing the content from different sources such as anxiety of not being able to write English. Plagiarism occurs when the content of other people is used and if a person is taking ideas and content from other websites, and not giving acknowledge to the writer for taking their content. The copying of content can be done from multiple sources and not writing the original work and using content from the author’s website without taking the permission of the author. Consequences can be major of plagiarism such as facing threats of punishment and penalties for copying work from different sources and websites. And now the tools are easily available for detecting plagiarism and it is punishable work.

There are main two types of plagiarism including that Verbatim Plagiarism and Mosaic Plagiarism. Verbatim Plagiarism simply means copying text word to word from other websites and other published work. And credit cannot be given in Verbatim Plagiarism. And Mosaic Plagiarism occurs when content has been taken from multiple sources. And also Mosaic Plagiarism occurs when sentences and paragraphs can be taken without using quotation marks. And using the same general publication for copying the content. Mosaic Plagiarism can be detected when paragraphs and phrases will be copied from only a single write-up.