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Hospitality and tourism industry are leisure and at the same time these both focus on delivering the maximum customer satisfaction. They focus on providing the services according to the demands and requirements of the consumers. Hospitality is the most important sector in the service industry and services are in the intangible form of products which are being offered to the customers. Hospitality and tourism industry is also termed as pleasure industry.  In this report we will be discussing about the Tourism in Venice and what impact they have creating in the economy. There are various issues which are going in the Venice and making life difficult for those people who are living in Venice.

Identify and discuss the prime ethical and governing issues presented in the documentary

The documentary is all about the Venice the famous city which is famous for its unique ambience and the most important it carries history of more than 10,000 years. The Venice has a lot of Tourism but at the same giant ships which are entering into the city leads to the destruction of the monuments which are located in the city. On the top of it people are selling things at every corner in the city which makes worse conditions for people who are inhabitants of Venice. The residents are growing in Venice people does not have place to live and ensure their proper standard of living and at the same time they are protesting against these odds which is causing destructions in the Venice (Kotler and Baloglu, 2017). 

The Centre of Venice shows the city is declining it has catasrophobic houses, the shops are being shut. The citizens of Venice do not provide their property on rent to the Venice people and also the citizens are paying for those damages which incurred in the city which is caused by the ships. The people those who own houses in the Venice provide their property to tourists as they want to rent the apartments on weekly or monthly basis rather than providing it to the Venice people. The people those who acquire houses on rent or lease them have to pay a huge sum of amount to the landlord for a small place which does not even satisfy their requirements.

The tourists pay more money for the apartments rather than the regular tenants which are the main reason they do not rent out the place to local and people are fighting a huge fight for making a peaceful living. The transportation system is mainly in the form of boats and people do not use the public transportation like buses etc (Wilson and Harris, 2012).

The infrastructure of the city is declining and people are having crucial time to make a better living for themselves as their way increase in the business of accommodation services private rentals and there are more souvenir stores instead of various small shops which sell in different line of business. The expansion of business in regards with private rental has been increased as compare to other sources of accommodations and local people are facing critical issues. The public properties are turned into the hotels and locals have been moved to other places and even the older people are living in the old age homes (Arcodia and Dickson, 2013).   

The locals are having hard time in owning the apartments in Venice and the situation is leading to on an average every 2 people leaving the city. People are leaving city and looking for other options to make a better living and even adopting those options which does not have proper services in the apartments. The rates of properties are way high which general public cannit afford it. The most of the private rentals are owned by the single owner and according to the research monopoly holder is Air bnb (Seraphin and Pilato, 2018).

The other problem is guides which are telling tourist’s information but does not have any sort of permits to regulate their operations. There are numerous guides who are dealing with tourists on regular basis without license that is illegal and this problem has spread into a wider level. 

Identify and discuss who should be responsible for rectifying issues that you have identified?  Why? Explain your reasoning.

The government of Venice is accountable for solving the issues which are arising in the Venice and how the Tourism is making life difficult of their won city persons. Tourism is that industry which increases the cash inflow and outflow in the economy and that is even necessary as it tends to contribute in the development of economy.  In contrast with this there is no development rather than it contributes in making the people’s lives more crucial and they have to find ways for sustainability.

The tourism department should provide rules and regulations for the private rental and accommodation services in a way which provides few benefits to the local Venice people. In comparison with hotels private accommodation are cheap that’s the only reason tourist prefer these accommodation. The government should put rules regarding the putting property as private rental require certain license from the government which also contain few clause which will be in the benefit of other people (Massiani and Santoro, 2012)

The City Council of Venice has taken the Initiative and started the campaign “Respect Venice” which concludes the banning public squares, feeding the pigeons if someone doesn’t follow the same has to pay fine. No one paid attention to the campaign and people started ignoring it for the same and even it leads to behavioural issues from tourists related to every matter and they started creating nuisance.

There is another group which is known as “Citizens Action Group” this group helps people to find those places which are unoccupied so that they can have a better living. They focus on those houses which are abandoned from a longer duration we can say maybe 10 years but the conditions of the house are not up to the mark in which a person can pursue the living which requires reconstruction (Minoia, 2017). These houses are termed as the subsidized public houses which are owned by the government as people pay taxes to the government and they take from these places. These houses are not provided to the local as tenants as they do not have basic facilities and the mainly population which is affected by these are single mothers, students, old people etc.

Discuss how the Italian government could have resolved identified issues. Justify your answer

The government of Venice has never taken the necessary steps in these years even after knowing the whole problem or issue which have been prevailing in the Venice and how much people of Venice are facing problems towards the same. There are various organisations and campaigns have taken place for the betterment of general public. If these campaigns have got the support from the government it leads to the change of situation and the people would be having proper space for living. 

The city councillor of Tourism of Venice told that Venice has been in debt from last 800years tourism in the only which helps in overcoming the same. They cannot provide subsidiaries to the general public to ensure there when they have the resources but they put more emphasis on removing that debt instead of the future of general public (Morrison, 2013).

Suggest at least three recommendations to overcome such issues in the future by providing examples from other countries that have successfully managed over tourism related issues.

The major recommendations are that government has to necessary steps towards the ship that enters into the Venice and have tendency to cause major destructions in the monuments of Venice by enforcing the law and order and also there should be some sort of fee and penalty include with destruction which is caused by them.

The another one is tourism department should ensures the private rental accommodation have proper license to provide their places to tourists as it creates affect in the economy (Gorrini and Bertini, 2018). 

The tourism departments also ensures the guides which are providing services have proper license and permit to proceed their services as there are many fake are evolving in the city and charging the tourist which means it causes huge loss in the terms of money and business (Chilembwe and Mweiwa, 2014).

For Example: Paris is always been a tourist attraction every time it has ample amount of tourists those who are visiting the city but it never affects the population of Paris. Through the tourists they tend to earn more money which helps in development and growth of the Paris.


In this report we have summarized about the problems which are creating huge impact in the lives of Venice people and at the same they are surrounded with numerous problems. The beautiful Venice has numerous tourists but at the same these tourist has become the pain for local Venice people. The people those have property does not give those space on rent to tenants which is making their living impossible in the Venice. This report also concludes about the involvement of government in the situation which Venice is facing on a regular basis.

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