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Tourism and Hospitality Management Assignment Help

Identification of Management Style

Authoritarian management style is when a project leader decides the goal and controls all over the activities. Leaders have full power to control the team. It is to identify that Monitor role gain maximum trade points i.e. 5.2. For this role, I analyze data from outside and inside from my respective area of responsibilities. The parameter of this management style is authority, power, control and supervise the people who are under me.

In the leadershipprofile, I had done my job in an organized way. I managed people who are under my guidance. I supervised them and monitor all the activities. I give my full potential towards the work where I fulfilled all the parameters of the leadership style. Power of making a goal is an easy task but accomplishes or achieving that predetermined task was very difficult.

An aspect of leadership style: There are several types of leadership style in which some are positive and others are negative. These are the different approach to achieving their goals. I monitor all the activities from the initial stage and controlled until the last stage. I composed choices after combining the ideas which generate during the survey. I accept the advice of the survey members (Mayseless, 2018).

As a hospitality manager, my leadership skills are always motivated me for problem-solving skills which carry out in tourism. My responsibility is coordinating and promoting the activities where I successfully meet customer needs.Asevidence, my survey report proves that my monitor role is appreciable (Kim, 2017).


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