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Strategic Management and Leadership – Analysis of EASYJET

Executive Summary

In this report, we investigate EasyJet utilizing PESTEL to pick up a top to bottom comprehension of the large scale condition and the impacts it’s been having on EasyJet activities.An EasyJet pestle investigation uncovers various genuine dangers exuding from its industry condition in the UK and EU including Brexit, negative cash developments, rising work costs and numerous others which will be definite in the report. This report will also give a definite investigation of EasyJet’s present corporate evaluation or SWOT examination. This will distinguish its strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Next, we will utilize Porter’s Five Forces investigation of the business and the expanding risk of other minimal effort bearers. Be that as it may, nature can be a wellspring of chances once a firm such like EasyJet distinguishes key drivers of progress in the carrier business, which may move toward becoming wellsprings of a future upper hand. 


The EasyJet is a British aeroplane transporter that endeavours on an ease show, established at London Luton aeroplane terminal. It is the largest aeroplane transporter in the UK by tourists figure transport.EasyJet is likewise Europe’s driving minimal effort aircraft having finished a merger manage to go to make Europe’s main ease carrier. Brand Awareness is another quality that is inferable from the organization. In November 1999, chose as a business super brand by the Super Brand Council, perceiving EasyJet as an exceptional brand name. The organization’s online booking office in October 1999 helped Internet deals to pass the one million imprints. This has to lead to EasyJet clients getting a charge out of ‘ Ticketless travel’ – this diminishes the expense of issuing, circulation, preparing and accommodating tickets. EasyJet additionally appreciates inside qualities in its tasks regarding proficient utilization of air terminals by decreasing reverses to 30 minutes and below. EasyJet can practice supplementary focal points on the big repetition courses. In 2016, it reverses in the balance of 73 million tourists, building it the second biggest aircraft transporter in Europe by tourists figure transport, behind Ryanair (Year-end Report 2016). Passengers flow in the year ended 2018 were 88,454,611. Most current earnings for the year finishing 30th September 2018 exists £5,898 million on employed profit of £592 million (2018) and net income of £358 million (2018) (Annual Report 2018).

Section 1

Question 1A commentary and analysis based on the wider ‘macro’ UK and European environmental setting which potentially impacts on the performance and strategic actions of Easy Jet. The requirement will be here for structure your commentary and analysis applying a PESTEL framework.

The PESTEL is an imperative system promoted by associations to evaluate the outer situations in which they work. Alteration in the full-scale situations can show open doors for evolution and market development however they can likewise be destructive for associations. Such changes can be political, monetary, social, innovative, natural or legitimate. This will indicate how it’s fundamentally critical for EasyJet that vital union, estimate and mechanical advancement have on its productivity.

  1. Political variables: There are some of the political factors that could influence Easy jet that comprises menace of war in Middle-East. Through the increasing fuel cost, this could influence the business of Easy Jet. This menace of war causes a security problem for all tourists and also causes allowance cost to rise and the airline company altogether. Due to European Union East increases, the tourist’s quantity also increases which gives entry towards the practical new market. Although competing with the other competitors in the market, the policy of air miles is not taken to chargeable by the government as like as the industry vehicles are payable. Political balance and army attack risks also occur (Lange, et. al., 2015). The pricing rules and the compulsory employee benefits, product labelling and the level of dishonesty are also the main political factors.
  2. Economic variables: These are some economic factors that influence rising in fuel prices costs. There is one main reason which influences these economic factors is the recession in the Easy jet. Due to a recession, fewer business tourists are travelling to downfall the quantity of sending amount. It takes up to last extend in the time. The globalization is also another factor influencing which build up the air traffic as lifelong. The appearance of a particular currency in Europe becomes much consolidated which brings more concern to Easy Jet.
  3. Social variables: Nowadays, people travel mostly for holidays and business travels. One of the social factors that affect the working operations of Easy jet is that the company sells the tickets through the internet and cell phones but the tourists from the French and German are not able to buy these tickets because they did not use their credit cards by the internet or cell phones. Some of the peoples are able and not afraid to buy for cheaper flights which are the factor that provides to their operation (Hedmer, et. al., 2014).
  4. Technological variables: The technological progress is the main technological factor that provides to Easy jet’s operation. They are implementing this into their self in the systems for making the ticket bookings more active and adequate. The company has to be advanced on the technological improvements as aircraft constructing and e-commerce related services so that the company can achieve a profit and competitive benefit. The use of the internet on allocation and collaboration form joined industries may help in neutralizing prices and costs for the technological environment which is changing rapidly in the Easy jet.
  5. Environmental variables: If the company is entering in the new market, it will able to find the environmental factors which are used to work in the market like the climatic conditions, change in weather, legislation regulating the environment, supporting towards renewable energy, waste management techniques and the air and water pollution rules. 
  6. Legal variables: While entering in the new marketing world the Easy jet company should aware of the legal factors like antitrust laws, copyrights of the patents done, protection of the data, safety and the health rules, injustice laws etc. If the company does not take actions about these factors than the secrets of the company can be stolen by its competition in the market (Tckhakaia, et. al., 2015).

Section 2

Question 2 A commentary and analysis of the microenvironment (i.e., industry) within which the company operates. The requirement here will be to structure your commentary and analysis through applying the Five Forces framework to assess the attractiveness of the industry to inform business strategy development.

An aggressive analysis of EasyJet will be depicted by the Porter’s Five Force Model, as this model is used for industry analysis. Porter’s model implies that risk-adapted ratio of return has to attempt and hold the same all over companies and management. Somehow studies have proved that advantage can be extended by various organizations with the industry structure, by which they are described (O’Connor, et. al., 2017). This model was established as a framework by Michael Porter which, engraving these companies by these five forces, although in order to attain and manage the aggressive advantage upon rivals. The EasyJet avails this model to figure out the problem and plan of the company in which they conduct.

There are these Porter’s Five Forces Models which are required for the analysis of the company business and profits:-

Bargaining Power of Suppliers:

The bargaining capability of suppliers declines below a balanced to a huge scale, as in view there are only two aeroplane suppliers the Boeing and Airbus. The exchange for aeroplanes is reserved by these two suppliers. If they decide to buy the new aircraft, they had to buy with that supplier only if they switch them to the other supplier as the thought of the bargaining; they have to pay much more as the cost of aircraft is very expensive at the other supplier. These costs are higher after switching from the supplier on account of the counselling pilots in the airlines and mechanics, ahead of rescheduling the overall supply chain for extra unit. Airports are another crucial set of suppliers, like some of the efforts to neglect high charges from huge airports, Anyhow, Easy Jetsdepend on bigger airports and main focal points to attempt and lessen their prices by flying at remote maximum times (Mills, 2017).

Bargaining Power of Buyers:

The bargaining capability of consumers/buyers declines over a medium to high scale along with the market, because as there are mostly airlines feasible for the consumers to select from and tourists will every time buy from that places where bargaining is easier. Theconsumers are the key source of gain for EasyJet so that the most passengers not decide to make the tickets booked for them and take off with EasyJet, it will be a great threat to the company because the consumers are buying the tickets from the competitors (Goodall & Ashworth, 2013). EasyJet established a website which is named as Right Now Service around every one of its European websites, which is used to make communication growth between the consumers and company. With this method of website making, the consumers are capable to ask the questions and give their feedbacks and solved their problems with the customer services applicable to it. Easy Jets lesser prices are the effective sword for the company so this helps in building up the consumers mind as they don’t want the other companies for travel. With the new pricing and booking schemes from the company as the customers who will buy tickets earlier, they have to pay the less amount of money for their bookings like as first come first serve criteria.

The threat of New Entrants/Barriers to Entry:

The threat of new up comings into the market is very short. The starting costs for coming in the new marketing world of the airlines is very higher which needs lots of money to invest and needs a large number of aircraft and the maintenance tools and facilities along with the promoting teams and operations (Uttley, 2014). If a new bearer taken decision to arrive in the market and take off on actual ways, a financial values conflict must be settled down urgently and would have an abundant bundle on benefits.

The threat of Substitute:

The threats of substitutes are medium to low in the airline industry. On account of below-cost airlines are indicated to be rapid travelling with low prices, so that any of the airline or the competitor will compete with their prices and the timings of the airlines which will become a great threat for Easy Jet (Klophaus, et. al., 2012). An illustration of a big exchange threat for EasyJet causes the train arrangement which is exactly linked, rapid and economical form of shipment that covers up whole of Europe, for example Euro star. One benefit of the railways is that passengers can enjoy the environment but railway travelling is very time absorbing.

Rivalry among competitors: moderate

The airlines performing in the market requires to contain low pricing methods adequate to be successful. As a result, the competition is examined as high to medium levels in the industry. Due to some performing in Europe and which proposal European broad flights, they are the explicit competition with one another (Lange, et. al., 2015). In spite of, there are a number of local airlines that challenges only in their self-market divisions. New concepts and increase in operations could comfortably be reproduced by competitors owing to the various airlines within the company. EasyJet is observing to be the biggest in the UK and the fifth largest between the European airlines as they are travelling many passengers, which give a fair warning of their powerful competitive ability in comparison to the rivals of the airline industries. Competition along with the industry is taken to be very huge as the consumers every time have the selected choice of the below cost procedures.

Section 3

Question 3 from the commentary developed in your situation analysis in 1 and 2 above, identify a series of a) potential scenario based on SWOT analysis and b) generic strategic recommendations for the company.

  • SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis gives a fact of existence on Easy Jet’s internal and external problems and executions which are as follows:

Strength: Easy jet exceptional network in Europe. It becomes the second largest airline industry in Europe in which the tourists travelling are 73 million in numbers. It gains its position as number 1 brand in the United Kingdom. Although it also builds up the place number 1 and 2 in the Switzerland & France comparatively, where it knocked into prosperous markets and the people with an inclination to travel for both holidays and business purposes (Canelas & Ramos, 2016). The revenue growth will also be increasing rapidly. The use of finance will be analytical. The low-cost models assist the progress with strong balance sheets. Easy jet less price model is sanctioning to acquire market share as heritage carriers economize dominant ability or relocate it to less cost branch.

Weakness: The Easy jet has a slightest worldwide existing. The airline steadily focuses on the European precise drag market at an initial level in Western and Northern Europe and it does not take any benefit of central Europe or Asia (Florio, 2013). Due to Brexits, EasyJet visits defenceless opposite to EU guidelines that need carriers working with extensive intra-European plans to one or other be EU based or moved to face acceptable greater part EU-claimed so as to hold the advantage to fly among EU urban communities. EasyJet will now the UK placed at Luton aircraft terminal and it will offer 51%of  UK-possessed leave behind it weak opposite to these guidelines.

Opportunities: The opportunities which are on a boom at the Easy Jets are that the government authorized the 3rd runway at Heathrow which was the great chance for Easy jet as well as other airlines. The planned development will build new and cheap extra volume at Heathrow. It will diminish the cost of performing from the Heathrow runway. Although, the government approves their proposal of increasing capacity. They only supported the growth of Heathrow runway. They lessen the aircraft monetary costs. 

Threats: The Brexit unpredictability is poor for some airlines along with Easy jet exclusively if EU trade rules, these are restrained that for a long time advantage for Britain. Integral separation continues bearing exposures (Akbar, et. al., 2014). The unfavourable climatic conditions in the UK like thunderstorms, snowfall in winters are repeating simultaneously but not lessened. This may lead to the cancellation of tickets and delays of the flights of Easy Jet and the other airlines for the future master plan.

  • Scenario Building of Easy jet

The future isn’t so far in of the reality that for the improvement of business method there are five social and political assurance. The disruption of the birth-rate in the build the world, changes in the circulation of optional cash flow and a redefinition of associated carrying out of task, worldwide offensiveness and the growing conflict among monetary and economic reality. Then he takes a glance at the authority essentialities & the aspects of data upset. The Easy jet must be aware of the competitor’s capacity for every ways or routes and the cost executed by that airlines will help in achieving best goals for the organization.

  • Strategic Recommendations of the Easy jet airlines:-
  • My First suggestion is expansion like purchasing railroad and so on provided that the aircraft business gets influenced by awful climate or ice and no plane is flying so at last it will influence all different efficient lease like Europe car, lodging, and travel protection.
  • I would also and emphatically order to EasyJet that they should begin flights to Asia and Africa to stay away from possible troubles due to immersion in the aeronautics business 
  • If the organization is experiencing trouble in UK on account of volcanic fiery remains then on the opposite side organization will profit as a result of flights rushing from Germany to Asia or Africa.

There are two types of strategies taken in account in the Easy jet such as differentiation strategy which is the strategy in which the industry has the particular rules and regulations or schemes which are not copied or transfer by other airlines. On the other hand, the cost leadership strategy which is the strategy in which prices will be lower and the winning prize strategies have taken into account for business growth by Porter. (Florio,2013)

The ‘System Clock’ build upon arrange by Cliff Bowman. It’s another appropriate approach to instruct the company disturbing place along with the additions of competitors. Likewise with Porter’s Generic Strategies, Bowman deal with upper hand in network to cost approved standpoint or disconnection advantage. The 8 middle  key alternatives are: 

  1. Low  cost/low combined esteem – Likely to be share specific.
  2. Low values –Liability of value conflict and low outlines /shall be a ‘cost head’. 
  3. Half  brand– Low value base and reassert in low cost and distribution.
  4. Centred partition– Recognizing a ‘specific part’ maintain an superb cost. 
  5. Enlarged value/general – Higher boundaries if competitors don’t like danger of falling piece of the all organization
  6. Enlarged cost/low aspects– just attainable in a controlling infrastructure assets. 
  7. Low value/Basic cost –Debit of part of the global organization.

Summary & Conclusion

In this summary, the functional benefits of the Easy jets includes less  costs than its competitors and the emotional benefits is that the brand is enact to its target & wait to  achieve same accuracy. The fast and easy service due to its no frills experience the brand is on high position. The clear and efficient brand value recognizes for an innovation. 

Whereas in the above report we have concluded that the Easy jet is the British aircraft transporter in UK which is the biggest industry and the 5th largest industry among the European airlines. We have studied about the PESTEL Analysis such as the political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal variables, the SWOT Analysis &the Porter’s Five Forces of the Easy jet company. Easy jet pursues the differentiation strategies and the cost leadership strategies and few other strategies which are discussed above thoroughly. Easy jet admits to place the workers before the consumers and gives the best customer care to customers. These potentials of Easy jet can’t replace by its huge competitor Ryanair and become different abilities. The industry recommended the cot for this path of travel and its marketing planning have been initially are on top around giving them competent services, below level cost flights with managing high quality of service available.

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