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Software Engineering Methodologies Assignment


Task that given in this assignment is to create a state transition diagram for the case scenario given.  the case that is given in this assignment is about a toothbrush known as Oral-b Braun 5000. It is launched by toothpaste company name Oral B. State transition diagram is created on the basis of personality and flow provided by the system of this toothbrush.

The creation of diagram is done to showcase the understanding of learning outcome of this course. the diagrams are also properly explained so that each key activity that are done in that state transactions are properly understandable for functionality in toothbrush. After the analysis of diagram state guide is also created that involve various test cases for this product. Report contains various facilities provided by the government to protect along with the functionality of its smart guide.

Functionalities of Oral B ‘s Braun 5000 toothbrush

There are many functionalities that are related to practice of this electric toothbrush in an efficient manner. Some of major functionalities are as follows-

Brushing technique-

Weather toothbrush is manual or it is an automatic major purpose of a toothbrush is to clean teeth effectively and provide a pleasing smell of breath. Process starts with applying toothpaste on head of an electrical toothbrush and put toothbrush in mouth properly before turning it on. After putting a toothbrush in mouth, it must be turned on. Toothbrush must shift to each tooth very properly and it must be hold on each tooth for some seconds so that effective cleaning can take place. If one wants one can change mode according to need. Time of brushing is almost same as an ordinary brush. Functioning of this brush is similar to a common brushing technique which makes it easy to use.


Next functionality is timer setting during brushing with this toothbrush. Basically, there are two types of timer available on this electric toothbrush first type is named as a professional timer which is of 30 seconds and second one is a two minute timer which is generally used by beginners. In first type, timer is set for 30 seconds and when 30 seconds are over then an alarm can be heard with a shuttering or vibrating sound, green light can be seen that indicates timer is over (Meyer-Wübbold, et al, 2019). This timer is for professionals as this is used for brushing teeth precisely over small portions of mouth with effective cleaning. Second type of timer is for beginners as we can set timer of two minutes which is not for cleaning mouth portion by portion this will clean mouth entirely in a single run. When timer is over a shuttering or vibrating type of sound can be heard along with green light signal just like first one. Thus, we can say these two types of timers provide flexibility according to user.

Timer personalising

This point tells us about flexibility with which we can set timer it is a very important point according to this point timer can be set whenever needed according to need quite easily. If a person is professional then there is a timer option of 30 seconds timer and if a user is a beginner then timer can be easily set for 2 minutes.

Cleaning action in 3D

Cleaning action obtained by this brush is way better than an ordinary brush as it provides cleaning action in all three dimensions with a very smooth experience.

Pressure sensor

Main purpose of a pressure sensor is to check pressure regularly and balance it according to requirement if pressure is way too high and brush is providing uncomfortable brushing experience then it lower pressure to a certain value. And if pressure is very less so that it is not giving effective cleaning then it increases pressure according to requirement (Ccahuana‐Vasquez, et al, 2019).

Bluetooth connectivity to Oral B application 

Users can also connect toothbrushes with app of Oral B through Bluetooth. This is a very unique feature which is not found in these types of devices. This feature provides extra flexibility in usage of this electrical toothbrush.

Major purpose served by Oral B’s Braun 5000 brush

Above mentioned all functionalities completely explains how to use this electrical toothbrush in an effective manner. a major purpose of type of toothbrush whether it is electrical or ordinary is to clean teeth effectively along with pleasant smell breath which must last long. After applying paste on head of toothbrush it must be put in mouth and one must make sure it reaches to each and every tooth. This brush is way easier to operate comparing it to simple brushes but it serves same purpose with more effective cleaning (Anas, et. al, 2018).

Oral B’s Braun 5000 using guide functionalities

There are many functionalities and all of them contain functions that guide us to usage of oral B’s Braun 5000 toothbrush. Some of major functionalities are as follows:

Brushing timer -It’s first and most important point which tells us that timer is very flexible and it can be easily defined according to different requirements at different times. So basically, there can be seen two types of timer. first one is a timer of 2 minutes when two minutes are over It produces a short vibrating sound with a signal of green light (Dhir and Kumar, 2018). second type of timer is professional timer this timer is for only 30 seconds when 30 seconds are over it acts as same like first one and produces short vibrating sound along with a signal of green light. This timer is more useful for experienced users if a user wants to brush teeth portion by portion with supreme efficiency then this type of timer will be useful in finishing job.

Quadrant indicator-It’s second important point of functionalities of brush. It can be seen on display of toothbrush and it plays a major role in brushing (Allocca, et al, 2018). Main purpose of this feature is to indicate which portion of mouth is required to be cleaned. And part which is to be cleaned is shown on display.

Pressure indicator for brushing- This part checks and controls pressure of brushing continuously during brushing process. It changes pressure according to different portions of mouth which are to be cleaned (Temiz and Yavuz, 2018).

Brushing modes- There are many modes available for brushing. These modes can be changed anytime according to different requirements. Modes can be changed anytime according to individual needs.

Usage as clock- Toothbrush can also be used as clock while its free and no one is brushing teeth. This a very fascinating feature of this electric toothbrush.

Charging and other connections- This includes various functionalities like how to use a toothbrush and what are basic things which must be taken care of while charging toothbrush. handle of toothbrush is waterproof and completely safe in electrical aspects. Because toothbrush is kept in bathroom so it is certain that it will come in contact with water regularly.

Major purpose of smart guide of Oral B’s Braun 5000 –

Smart guide of toothbrush basically explains all important things which must be taken care of while using a toothbrush. It tells users about how to use toothbrush safely and with greater efficiency (Grender, et al, 2020). All main functions and functionalities are properly explained in report so that a user can use toothbrush in an easy and efficient way.

Tool selection

There are many software available and among all provided options, an option which will be most appropriate to select is for creation of needed diagrams according to given description. This report contains transition diagram of state and with it is established.

Advantages of –

This tool is in application for storing diagrams on cloud. So main benefit of this tool is that it doesn’t use storage space of system. It is because it uses cloud storage for storing diagrams.

Main feature of

First and main feature of this tool is that it is very easy to use both functionally and practically.

Even beginners can use it quite easily.

Another feature of is that it does not need to be downloaded and installed in system so it doesn’t occupy system storage. So that users will not need to worry about storage capacity of system.

State Transition Diagram

For oral B’s Braun 5000 electric toothbrush

Figure 1: Braun 5000’s State Transition Diagram

Above shown diagram is diagram for state transition of Oral-B’s Braun 5000 toothbrush. This diagram tells us how functioning of toothbrush starts step by step and what are main processes that are done in toothbrush (Ratanakongnate and Makmun, 2017). Major purpose of Oral-B’s Braun 5000 is to clean teeth in an efficient way so that each corner of mouth gets cleaned and breath of user is filled with good smell. Application of toothbrush starts with applying some toothpaste on head of an electric toothbrush. Then it must be inserted in mouth and applied to all portions of mouth with holding toothbrush on each tooth for some seconds.

When toothbrush is turned on first of all battery level is get checked if battery is charged enough than next process starts and if battery is not charged enough then toothbrush is needed to connect to charger. After that selection of timer must be done from two different types of timer. If user is professional then he must choose second type of timer. Next phase is pressure checking if pressure exceeds from required level then it will get decreased automatically and if pressure is lower than it will get increased to required level. After that next phase is selection of mode as there are different modes available one must choose mode according to requirement. As some modes need specific head so one must change head according to selected mode. After all these processes brushing of teeth starts and all these processes take place in fraction of microseconds.

Smart guide for Braun 5000 electric toothbrush-

Figure 2: Smart Guide State Transition Diagram

Above diagram tells us about smart guide of Oral B’s Braun 5000 electric toothbrush. This diagram is designated as diagram of state transition (Pires, et al., 2018). This diagram explains all steps of smart guide of toothbrush. Main purpose of this smart guide is to tell users how to use toothbrush. This smart guide has many functionalities and these functionalities guide users about how to use it. First of all, users need to press set button for setting up timers for brushing process. When user press set button then if battery isn’t charged then it is indicated by battery indicator. Then user has to press timer button and set time for clock. Most ideal time is 30 seconds. If battery is not charged then it will be charged and then process will continue.

Test cases –

Table 1: Various Test cases

S. No Test Case Supposed Results Original Results
1. Brush Charging Yellow Light Shows Up It is Correct
2. Low Level of Charge. Red Light Shows Up It is Correct
3. Increasing 2 min interval. Shuttering Noise Heard It is Correct
4. Implementing too much pressure. Sets Itself on Auto mode It is Correct

Test cases shown above are explained in tabular form. These test cases are associated with usage of Oral-B’s electric toothbrush. In above shown table test cases are arranged with expected results and actual results. So, it is basically comparison between expected and actual results. First test case is related to charging process this is noticed on most of electric items.

First test case is associated with charging of toothbrush expected result of first case is blowing of yellow light that indicate charging process and in actual we have obtained same result as expected. Second test case is related to low charging of toothbrush which is expected with turning on red light and we have obtained actual result as expected. Thus, it passed this test as expected. Third case is related to if 2 mins interval is increased or not so in expected result shuttering or vibrating sound must occur and in actual, we have obtained same results thus this case is also passed by toothbrush. Next test case which is also final test case is about what happens during excessive pressure so expected outcome is that auto-switch must get on and in actuality we have obtained same result. Thus, we can say it has passed this test too quiet accurately. All four test cases are passed by toothbrush as all expected results match with true outcomes.


This report contains detail about state transition diagram of Oral-B’s Braun 5000 toothbrush. This report also contains all information about Oral B; s Braun 5000 brush along with this toothbrush’s smart guide. It has all explanations related to functionalities of toothbrush. One part of report also explains about test cases of toothbrush and comparison of expected results with actual results.

Tool which is used is which is explained along with its benefits. All features of are explained in report properly. Report contain all functionalities and functions of toothbrush as well as its smart guide. Main purpose of toothbrush is very well explained in report. Major purpose of toothbrush is effective cleaning in each and every part of mouth with pleasant smell in breath. Purpose of this toothbrush is no different than a normal toothbrush but it serves it purpose in a more efficient way. And it is easier to operate than an ordinary toothbrush. It is also provided with some excellent digital capabilities like Bluetooth connectivity and timer setting etc.


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