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SNUG102 Nursing as a Profession

This essay is describing about a nurse who makes medication error on surgical patient who
admitted three year ago and nurse give metoclopramide tablet leh had documented allergy of
this tablet and leh had anaphylactic reaction to this medication and ventilated in ICU after some
time leh recover. Nurse did not properly monitor the patient and do medication error and in this
case nurse is in act of guilt of negligence and patient decided to take legal action for nurse. It also
discusses about Guilt of negligence is a law in which a person can't feel guilty if he or she does
crime. It is the form of criminal culpability.


Monitor patient health – Nurses monitor the health condition o f patient and according to
patient condition prepare them for relevant treatment. Properly analyze the patient and give
right medication according to patient health.

Administer medication – First of all monitor patient document and any allergy of any type of
medication Staff nurse ensure all patient get medicine on decided time after providing
medication they stay with patient and observe reaction of the medication talk about reaction to
physician at right time it is important work of nurses (Dowie, 2017).
Maintain medical record -Nurses maintain all medical record of patient for high quality of
medical care and use different type of software and computer for keeping record.
Diagnosis and test patient -All tests are require analyze patient condition and give good
treatment according to patient problem.
Operate medical equipment -Nurse work on thermometer, blood pressure machine,
stethoscope. Staff nurse work as an operator of all machine (McNeill, et al., 2019).
According to case study nurse did not perform duty of care properly and nurse did not monitor
properly previous medication and record and nurse did medication error. Nurse does not
maintain medical record and don’t ask past issue of patient and give medicine so patient had
trouble and ventilated in ICU after reaction of medication because patient have allergy of
metoclopramide medicine after treatment patient recover but took legal action against nurse
because nurse did not perform duty of care perfectly . Nurses did not monitor and administer
patient and record is not maintain so perform medication error.

Breach duty of care means nurses and doctors always has a duty of care of patient if doctor and
nurses not perform that duty well it means they breaches the duty causes more damage the
patient . If nurses and doctor fails to perform duty and result of this is patient take legal action
toward the doctor and nurses patient require standard degree of care if it does not found it means nurses breach the duty. The term breach defines failure to perform work and wrong doing.

According to case study lea (patient) admitted 3 year ago for surgical process and he
documented allergy of medication of drug but nurses give the tablet metoclopramide this
medication us for nausea and vomiting nurses not check previous record and give this tablet but
patient have documented allergy for this medication so patient have anaphylactic reaction to this
medication and ventilated in ICU after some time leh recover but nurse don’t have guilt of
negligence after breach duty and harm the patient and another more patient leh take legal action
for this nurse. It is example the breach the duty of care nurse not perform better in hospital and
play with and patient healths. Nurses are legally responsible for this failure.
Duty of Care is legal action of nurse patient are safe or not and in this case study this duty breach
the nurse and doctors. Nurses do not properly operate equipment any injury had patient it is part
to breach duty and claim by act of negligence. Medication error is also including in breach duty
of care. Falling to monitor the patient and miss the sign of patient and falling to call the
physician on time (Radoinova & Kolev, 2015). And patient health affect in any type it is
responsibility of nurses. If fail in duty means breach duty and patient take legal action.
Nurse breach the duty of care according to case study and did not properly monitor patient health
and did not check record and document so wrong medicine give patient and patient health affect
ventilated in ICU after some time patent recover but took legal action against nurse.

If nurses do any mistake and failure include medication error and fall in properly monitor it is
harm for patient and causes is failure in work. Medication error is cause of injury and avoidable
harm in health care system Drug error is the harm of medical department and higher harm seen
in surgical department. Diagnostic error and surgical error is harm for patient and blame the
nurse because they do not perform duty of care.
In case study harm is the patient leh suffer anaphylactic reaction to the drug and ventilated the
ICU and cause is medication error by nurses leh take wrong medication and leh have allergy of
this medicine is cause of injury. Leh fenster marcher admitted for surgical treatment and nurse given tablet metoclopramide this tablet use for nausea and vomiting but leh had allergy of this
tablet and leh had anaphylactic reaction to this drug and ventilated in ICU .harm in this process is
patient health and recover in long time and unable to do any work for several time affect health
of patient health is harm and causes id nurse did mistake in monitor customer health and perform
medication error and did not administer properly and affect the leh health.


Patient suffer medication error and nurses not accept guilt of negligence and patient take legal
action because leh suffer the reaction of medicine and unable to work for several month so many
loss occur because recovering after long time from reaction and ICU admission .Nurse doesn't
monitor properly and falling to check previous document so patient take action against nurses. In
this case nurse responsible for medication error according to guilt of negligence if any error by
nurses that affect that patient health board of nursing take disciplinary action and possible
criminal charges because patient take action toward nurse.

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