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Innovation is very necessary for any organisation. There are various current trends in any type of industry. Trend changes according to time. Therefore it is necessary to implement the change in the product. This can be helpful with the help of new ideas and innovation. Ideas are implemented for making the product better than the present condition of a particular product. Various problems regarding the products can be solved with the help of innovation (Björkdahl & Holmén, 2013). The productivity of the product can be enhanced with the help of innovation. Apple is having very innovative products. Innovation in the products of Apple results in a large number of sale. This assessment analyses the innovation of Apple. This report provides information that innovation is helpful in making a good offering to reach a large number of customers. Resources can be organised well with the help of innovation in the business.

Types of Innovation – Radical and incremental innovation in smartphone industry

All the devices that are made by smartphone companies are user-friendly. It is not the situation in which users are having trouble of using the devices. The connection of humanness is bringing by smartphones with the technology in the products. This strategy attracts a large number of customer towards this industry. This leads to growth and research on further innovation. It is the thinking of companies that they are designing a product for the human fingers and hands. Smartphone companies are designing their products for the humans not for the code Jockeys (, 2018. 

Internet connectivity also played a great role in bringing the innovation in this industry. The art and the design in the product attract the customer. The design of the product is inspired by humanity. The human values are embedded in the products in the present smartphones. The product of present companies is the intersection of Science and humanity (Heracleous, 2013).

Radical innovation

It is the type of innovation that has never been experienced by customers. The acceptance of these type of innovations takes time to be accepted in the market. In the smartphone industry, the radical innovations by apple are: –

Formulation of offerings

According to Gershon (2013), Apple is one of the leading Smartphone, laptop and computer manufacturing organisation. This company also manufactures accessories of smartphone, laptop and computers. This organisation is one of the leaders in innovation in the world. This organisation provides unique features in its product. The uniqueness of the product results in innovation. The unique combination of great software involved in hardware results in large customer base for this organisation. Apple is having the ability to create new business species Björkdahl, J. and Holmén, M., 2013that helps in the creation of New Market Niche. Most popular products of Apple are iPhone, MacBook, iTunes, iPod and iPod. These are the products that show the great innovation in offering a product to the customer. The innovation is bringing in the Apple according to Vision and Mission of the organisation. The organisational structure of Apple matches with firm strategy.

Beauty in product

The engineering to the product of this company is accomplished so that beauty in the products can be implemented. The products are designed in such a way that they are good at Eyes. It was the belief of Steve Jobs that human being never holds ugly things in their hand. With this belief beauty in design was brought by Apple.

Incremental innovation

These are the type of innovations that are developed which are already present in the market and experienced by the customers. These innovations are developed in smartphone industry by Apple as: –

Innovative partnerships

Apple creates opportunity in the market for its partner to get a large number of profits. This opportunity can be created by Apple because of innovation. Every new product of Apple is having new innovation (Cheng, et. al., 2014). New innovation creates a difference in the market. This brings the customer to the Apple Store.

Supply chain

Apple over-invest in the supply chain management. Apple has a tendency to launch its product with the new innovation. It is the trend in the market that after the launching of the product, it gets popularised. This can result in a shortage of the product in the market.

4ps model of exploring innovation


Apple manufacturer’s smartphones like iPhone and also manufacturer’s iPod. These products will never be successful if there will be no App Store and iTunes. This is the innovation strategy that is followed by Apple. The app store is the smartphone application store licensed only for Apple products. Apple user can download any of the smartphone apps from App Store. Most of the Smartphone manufacturers are not having their own operating system. They purchase the licence of Play Store for smartphone applications.


The employees of this organisation do face to face discussion regarding the product and its offerings that is made by the company. There can be another way like instant messaging and teleconferencing that can be used for discussing regarding the product. Apple always focuses on creating the product such that positive review can be circulated in media. Apple takes help from an influencer. This company believes in face to face analysis about the product among the employees of the organisation. The opinion can be made by any employee of the organisation regarding the correct (Lehman & Haslam, 2013). This is helpful in making the product very useful for the customer. Various problems and issues regarding the product can be analysed with the help of this discussion. The endless test is conducted by Apple before launching the product in the market. The product is offered to the customer full of analysis. The collaboration is bringing by apple for the promotion of innovation in the product.


The resources of Apple can be managed well with the help of innovation. Apple is having most high price product in the market even then there are higher sales of Apple product in the market. This is because Apple places its product with unique values in the market. This helps in value creation and branding of this organisation. App stores are having innovative apps that are helpful in creating a success story for the products of Apple. A user can easily download the applications from the App Store and use them for their utility (Shuler, et. al.,  2012). iPhone get its platform in the world market because of App Store. The strong business model for Apple is because of Association of product with the software and other technology that is also made by Apple. iTunes is used in Smartphone as well as iPods. iTunes is a media player from which online music can be played. iTunes launched on 9th of January 2001. It can be operated in Mac OS. Mac OS is the graphical operating system that is developed by Apple for its product.

There is no permission required for Apple products while using app store and iTunes. Products and the software both are developed by Apple. These are the main resources of Apple hands can be easily managed as developed and operated by Apple only. This business model is creating a large amount of profit for Apple. The applications present in the app store are user-friendly and authenticated. There are very less chance of malware entering in the Smartphone and laptop application of Apple. This creates trust among the customer. This is the milestone example of innovation that is managing its software as well as hardware resources (, 2018).


Apple is blessed with employees like Steve Jobs. Innovation is promoted by Steve Jobs in this organisation (Kapoor & Agarwal, 2017). With the help of innovative process the customers can be targeted by the apple at different places like in the seminar, public gatherings. The online advertisements and the TV commercials are also the good tools of targeting the people by Apple. Innovative ideas were welcomed from any of the employees of Apple at the time of Steve Jobs as well as the present by which targeting of the customers can be possible.  

Sources of Innovation


Apple stores are operated by the franchise of Apple. The growth in the business of Apple results in the growth of partners also. With the help of innovation, partners can be managed as they are also interested in future business with Apple. Therefore it is an innovative strategy that is implemented by Apple for its partner.


For no shortage in the market Apple over-invest in the supply chain. Products of Apple are easily available in the market because of innovative supply chain strategy. The demand for pre analysed of the products of Apple. According to the demand-supply of the products are accomplished (Wijaya, 2013).

Nurturing talent among employees

Employees of this organisation help each other in the critical situation regarding Technology. This helps in the development of the technology at Apple. With the help of this coordination, Apple is easily able to manage their staff. When Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple he always nurtures his employees to take their talent out for the products. The motivation strategy is always followed by since or for the employees of Apple.

HR as executive

The HR department of Apple is treated as an executive department. All the risk that is associated with apple is provided by the HR department of this organisation. Constructive measures that can be taken for mitigating the risk are also provided by the HR department. Effective communication is managed between the employees by this department so that coordination among the employees can be increased (Ngo & O’cass, 2013). This results in effective innovation for the organisation. The human resource of this organisation designed an innovative system. the creativity can be harness among the employees because of the innovative system used by this organisation (Khan, et. al., 2015).

Push and pull influence innovation in Apple 

Reaching to customers as push factor

Apple talks to their customer in their language. This helps the customer to feel close to the Apple. This is the strategy that is implemented by Apple attracts a large number of customer. This provides a better customer experience with the customers of Apple. The advertisement for Apple products are made that prospects emotions. The emotion of the common man is in the advertisement of Apple products (Apple, 2018). This creates a sense of belonging among the customers. Influencer is helpful in targeting the relevant audience regarding the products of Apple. The marketing that is accomplished by this organisation is done with the product story. The marketing is done in a simple way that is easily understood by any customer (Apple, 2018). This simplicity helps in targeting the customer easily.

Venture acquisition as pull factor for innovation

The steps are taken as pull factor by the Apple is venture acquisition. The innovation can be bringing in the organisation that will easily attracts the customers. Apple purchased many of the organisations for organising resources and creating innovation. In 1998 network innovation was purchased by Apple. This helps the Apple to get Intel processor in their product. In 1998 Macromedia’s intellectual property was acquired by Apple. At the same time employee team that developed video editing program was also acquired by Apple to establish itself in the video editing market.

The 2005 acquisition with Finger Works helps this organisation in the touch technology by acquiring this company various patents was also acquired by Apple that is used in the iPhone and iPad. The digital advertisement Campaign of the Apple is fulfilled by acquiring the Quattro wireless in 2010. The advertisement in the mobile device can be possible with the help of this organisation. This helps the apple in fulfilling the advertisement strategy. The software application market is based on advertisement and their utility (, 2018). 

Venture acquisition help in managing the present innovation of Apple. A new innovation in this organisation is also created because of venture acquisition. This new innovation can be managed by that organisation from which acquisition is done by Apple. In this way, various resources that are necessary to develop for Apple can be possible with an acquisition. An acquisition is also creating sustainability for apple. The acquisition helps in the development of new products with effective management of the resources that are needed in developing those products. This development is possible with the help of acquisition only.


Innovation is very necessary for any organisation. Innovation brings new ideas and technologies in the organisation. Innovation also helps in facilitating the business of organisations like apple. With the help of innovative offerings can be made to the customer easily. The method of reaching to the customers can be made simple with the help of innovation. Easy management of the organisational resources can be possible with the help of innovation. Innovation is helpful in creating business growth. This business growth provides a good amount of profits to Apple. The value added to the business can be created with the help of innovation.


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