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SITHKOP004 Develop menus for Special Dietary Requirements 


Table of Contents

Assessment 1. 3

Assessment 2. 9

Assessment 3. 11

Assessment 4. 19

References. 34



Assessment 1

  1. Hindu
Menu 1
Dietary requirement Hindu
1. Breakfast Vegetarian sausage rolls
2. Lunch Chickpea Curry
3. Dinner Suji Da Halwa
  1. Kosher
Menu 2
Dietary requirement Kosher
1. Breakfast Pico de gallo
2. Lunch California Melt
3. Dinner Stuffed Peppers


  1. Coeliac
Menu 3
Dietary requirement Coeliac
1. Breakfast Summer Corn Salad
2. Lunch Roasted Garlic Cauliflower
3. Dinner Balsamic Chicken Breasts (Warren, 2014).
  1. Low carb and/or Low calorie and/or low fat (for weight issues)
Menu 4
Dietary requirement Low carb and/or Low calorie and/or low fat
1. Breakfast Pineapple Delight
2. Lunch Roasted Brussels Sprouts
3. Dinner Grilled Pineapple Slices
  1. Modified texture
Menu 5
Dietary requirement Modified texture
1. Breakfast Hummus
2. Lunch Panna Cotta
3. Dinner Sweet Potato Wedges
  1. Diabetic
Menu 6
Dietary requirement Diabetic
1. Breakfast Black bean rice
2. Lunch Sesame Chicken lollipop
3. Dinner Brown Sugar Meatloaf

Cyclic menu for Hindu

Dietary requirement Hindu
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1. Breakfast Fruit, yogurt, & granola parfaits Sausage & veggie skillet Strawberry banana smoothie Whole grain waffles or pancakes Blueberry banana zucchini bread
2. Lunch Homemade mac ‘n cheese with ham Turkey, avocado, &tomato wrap Ham & cheese panini Red kidney beans or rajma Pasta salad
3. Dinner Brown rice with vegetable, and shrimp stir fry Garlic potatoes & glazed carrots Malabari prawn curry Baked salmon with quinoa & steamed broccoli Homemade chili with whole wheat buns





This report contains culinary characteristics, specific ingredients and basic overview for kosher, hindu, diabetic, and low fat diet.

Evidence of research

Research the culinary characteristics

Kosher– It defines the drink and food that has to be taken as per the Jewish religious dietary law. It could be separated into 3 categories that are dairy, pareve, and meat.

The eggs, flesh, organs, and milk of the forbidden animals might not be taken.

Specific parts of allowed animals might not be consumed.

The products of grape that are prepared by non-Jews should not be consumed (Dewan, 2017).

Hindu– In the Hindu diet no poultry, fish or meat, no eggs but the products of milk are permitted.

Culinary characteristics- the significance is provided to sattvic, rajasic, or Tamasic foods. The body stimulate by rajasic.

Specific ingredients- Some foods and drinks are forbidden in this religion like meats, garlic and onion, mushroom, asafoetida, and alcohol.

Diabetic– It is a disease in that the person had high blood glucose as of production of insulin is not adequate.

Culinary characteristics- choose food variety, eat healthy, select sugar substitute and select calorie.

Specific ingredients- recommended food is healthy fish, fats, rick foods and healthy carbohydrate (Holt et al., 2017).

Low fat diet– It excludes all the ingredients that are fatty. It assists to decrease weight and assist to control healthy weight that would decrease the heart disease risk.

Culinary characteristics- always select ingredients that have low calories.

Specific ingredients- ingredients to ignore are egg yolks, fatty meats, potato chips, and many more. Ingredients that utilized fruits and vegetables, whole grains, canola or olive oil.


In this report it had been concluded that all the menu’s culinary characteristics, specific ingredients and their basic overview had been contained.


Assessment 2

Part 1

Customer Feedback Form

We will understand you taking the time to finish the subsequent feedback form.


Food Needs improvement Average Good Excellent
Portion size ü
Flavour ü
Presentation ü
Money value ü
Freshness ü
Menu explanation ü
Serving time ü
Professional ü
Friendly ü
Staff presentation ü
Atmosphere ü
Cleanliness ü

Part 2 feedback from manager

Courtesy of staff Poor (1) Fair (2) Good (3) Excellent (4) N/A
Courtesy of staff ü
Service accuracy ü
Setup efficiency ü
Food quality ü
Food quantity ü
Food delivery timeline ü
Ease of scheduling ü
Entire quality of catering services for this event ü


Assessment 3

Coeliac Guest:

Course Name Ingredients Cooking Method
Entrée1 Asparagus soup cream Chicken broth, seasoning, Asparagus, cream Cooked with asparagus, seasoning, and onion by mixing cream and broth.
Entrée2 Caesar salad Lemon juice, black pepper, Anchovy fillets, parmesan, mayonnaise, olive oil. Anchovy fillets tossed in lettuce by mayonnaise seasoning sprinkles by parmesan.
Main1 Duck Confit With Pommes Boulangere Duck legs marinated by black pepper, salt, thyme in melt fat of duck. Cooked at 100 degree for 4 hours in oven
Main2 Porterhouse Steak With Hollandaise Red wine vinegar, cayenne, seasoning with black pepper, Porterhouse steaks Cooked in medium heat


Dessert Chocolate mousse Cream, melted chocolates, egg yolk, vanilla Making by sugar, cream, yolks on medium heat by mixing melt chocolates.

Fructose Guest:

Course Name Ingredients Cooking Method
Entrée1 Fish N’ Chips 2 cooked chips, Beer battered chips, tartar sauce Serve garden salad, deep fried
Entrée2 Crumbed Lamb Cutlets With Parisian Mash Potatoes would be replace by cream, mushroom, fried crumbed It should be completed in oven.
Main1 Duck Confit by pommes boulangere Duck legs marinated by black pepper, salt, theme in melt fat of duck. It will be cooked in oven for 4 hours at 100 degree.
Main2 Porterhouse steak by hollandaise Porterhouse steaks, cayenne, red wine vinegar, seasoning by black pepper Marinated by pepper and salt and cooked in medium heat
Dessert Rice pudding Milk and rice by cardamom Baking in the oven


Vegan Guest:

Course Name Ingredients Cooking Method
Entrée1 Caesar salad Egg yolks, lemon juice, mayonnaise, black pepper, olive oil and anchovy fillets (Dwivedi, 2018). It should be serve in bowl
Entrée2 Cream of Asparagus soup chicken broth, seasoning, Asparagus, cream Cooked by onion, seasoning, and Asparagus by adding cream and broth
Main1 Grilled tofu with garden salad


garden salad, Tofu, mushrooms Grill and marinate the tofu and serve by summer salad.


Main2 Gnocchi Quattro Formaggio No Cream, Olive oil only, potatoes, nutmeg  Potatoes dough cooked in simmering salted water
Dessert Fruit salad Fruit salad Cut salad and serve in the boil


Hypertension (High blood pressure) Guest:


Course Name Ingredients Cooking Method
Entrée1 Cream of Asparagus soup chicken broth, seasoning, Asparagus, cream Cooked by onion, seasoning, and Asparagus by adding cream and broth
Entrée2 Caesar salad Egg yolks, lemon juice, mayonnaise, black pepper, olive oil and anchovy fillets It should be serve in bowl
Main1 Crumbed Lamb Cutlets With Parisian Mash Potatoes would be replace by cream, mushrrom, fired crumbed It should be completed in oven.
Main2 Gnocchi Quattro Formaggio No Cream, Olive oil only, potatoes, nutmeg  Potatoes dough cooked in simmering salted water
Dessert Lemon art Vanilla extract, flour, eggs, lemon zest, sugar Dough from ingredients that are baked at the temperature of 200 degree Celsius.


Assessment 4

Question 1

A Vegan refers to does not eat meat, dairy products, eggs, or any slight product consequential from any animal. It is a severe veggie nutriment who does not eat any non-vegetarian sustenance.

Question 2

The Difference Between Vegan and Vegetarian is that vegan food eliminates all the essence and mammal’s products such as fish, seafood, eggs, and rooster. And vegetarian nourishment eliminates meat, fish, and seafood.

Thus, there are few dissimilarities between them.

Question 3

Kosher food refers to designate the nourishment that observes the stringent dietary ideals of the out-of-date Jewish law. It is a kind of nutriment or beverage that Jewish dietary laws permit an individual to Consume (Al‐Mazeedi, et al.,2013).

Question 4

The two types of Contemporary diets are:

  1. The Vegan diet – This comprises only plants such as vegetables, modicum, fruits, nuts, and many nutrients that are completed from the plants. It is an overall vegetarian diet.
  2. The paleo diet – It is naturally counting the thin meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, and spores’ diet that in the previous might be attained by pursuing and congregation.

Question 5

The halal refers to the Arabic language word denotation legalized or acceptable. The tenure halal might be used for the nourishments which are measured to the legitimate.

Question 6

Hinduism is the foremost conviction that underlines dharma with its consequential procedural and the communal Compliances and frequently supernatural inspection and frugal performs.

Hinduism’s impact on the Hindu diet is that they inspire the existence of veggies and evade the consumption of any physical, meat, or the skin.

Question 7

The five types of major food groups such as Smidgens, Fruits, Protein Foods, Dairy products, and the vegetables.

These foods in this assembly are outstanding foundations of calcium, which is important for durable and vigorous nourishments.

Question 8

The food variability is good for the health as they deliver an assortment of the dissimilar nutrients to the build, it encourages the good or the decent well-being, and it can support to diminish the hazard of the ailments as glowing as, possession the food fascinating with the changed essences and the consistencies.

Question 9

The carbohydrates refer to the sweetie fragments. Laterally with the body fat and proteins, the starches are the foremost nutrients that originate in the beverages and nourishments. It is a carbon-based composite that happens in the breathing materials or the nourishment that can be fragmented miserable into the vigour by the individuals or the creatures (Rao, et al.,2019).

Question 10

The low carbohydrate diet has absorbed the proteins and approximately non-stiff vegetables. They can support the fuel to your intelligence, emotional strengths, kidneys, and the fundamental or central nervous structure.

Question 11

  1. Saturated fats – It refers to the kind of nutritional fat. It is frequently a category of unnatural body fat, sideways with the trans-fat. It comprises Palm, Butter, Coconut Oils, cheese, and an inflamed core.
  2. Mono-Unsaturated fats – It refers to the basic fat particles that consume one unsaturated carbon pledge in the particle. It is also known as the Double bond. It is originating in Peanut, Sunflower, and olive oil, and is furthermost nutty.
  3. Poly-Unsaturated fats – It is a kind of dietetic fat. They have initiated the plant and mammals’ nourishments, such as vegetable oils, some nuts, and germs.

Question 12

The trans-fatty acids are mass-produced body fat that is formed through the procedure known as hydrogenation, which is expected at alleviating poly-unsaturated lubricants to avoid them from becoming reeking.

The distress of the well-being as they central to growth the blood serum fat stages and the complex hazard of coronary heart illness.

Question 13

The two categories of polyunsaturated fats are:

  1. Omega-3 fatty acids – The fatty fish is principally annoying in it. It is originating in nourishments from plants such as soybean oil, walnuts, and canola oil.
  2. Omega-6 fatty acids – The plant-based greases completed from flax and grape spores are the foundations of the Omega-6. It originated in Melted vegetables such as safflower oil, and Corn oil.

Question 14

The Benefits of Omega-3 fats such as:

  1. It might be supported to controller lupus.
  2. It can support avoiding heart sickness and knock.
  3. It might be playing the defensive characters in cancer or the tumor.
  4. It also can advance the appreciation eye is well-being.
  5. It can compete with nervousness and hopelessness.
  6. It can recover the hazard influences for several illnesses (Bloch, et al.,2012).

Question 15

The animal products such as chicken, meat, fish, eggs, and high overweight dairy products are the creature’s products that are institute in the cholesterol or the fat.

Question 16

The Dietary fiber is finished active of the incomprehensible portions or complexes of the plants, the foremost character is that to retain the intestinal organization develops strong.

They primarily originated in the vegetables, entire smidgens, and berries.

Question 17

  1. The Irritable bowel condition.
  2. The obesity and overweight.
  3. The intestine cancer and heart sickness.
  4. The impairment is due to the absence of fiber.

Question 18

The soluble fiber liquefies in the aquatic to procedure a gel-like substance. It is initiated in the pea plant, barleys, orchard apple tree, beans, and carrots or barleycorn.

Question 19

The fruits and vegetables are significant as they equally are the good or respectable foundation of the crystals and vitamins, with vitamin C, Folacin, and potassium.

Question 20

The Legumes have comprised the antioxidants that can support the avoid cubicle injury and competition illness and elderly. The Benefits of the legumes as they are annoying in plant protein, calcium, phosphorus, and Spelter.

Examples are Meat beans, avocado pears, and obscure beans.

Question 21

The antioxidants are the constituent or the biochemical complexes that defends the cubicles from the impairment produced by permitted extremists, that might be performing a character in the heart sickness, cancer or tumor, and the other disease (Hudson, et al.,2012).

Question 22

The good sources of the antioxidants such as:

  1. Blueberry bush
  2. Goji berries
  3. Raspberries
  4. Globe artichoke
  5. Strawberries
  6. Dark chocolate
  7. Sweet potatoes
  8. Beetroot

Question 23

The heated or the cooked vegetables, entire smidgen, protein nourishments, and Uncooked nutriment can support accomplish and control diabetes.

Question 24

The diet has food additives to preserve or recover its protection, brightness, entrance, and consistency. It needs to be patterned for probable or destructive belongings on the humanoid well-being previously they can be used.

Question 25

The common functions of food additives are:

  1. It can deliver the paint and increase the flavor essence.
  2. It is supporting to preserve the excellence and reliability of the food.
  3. It recovers or reservation the nutrient worth in nourishments.
  4. It supports continuing the healthfulness of nourishments.
  5. It springs a smooth or dependable consistency to the nourishment.
  6. Its regulator the acid-base equilibrium of the nourishments (Lampila, et al.,2013).

Question 26

The food and Drug Administration has the recurrent omission for the nutrition flavors and controls the usage of nourishment additives.

Question 27

To recognize the food seasonings in the goods or the products that might be enumerated in the declaration of the constituents on the equal.

Question 28


What is the main ingredient?


The Pork is the main ingredient.


Those additives are in this product?


The soy sauce, flavors, Capsicum, Sugar, the green beans are added to the pork.


Question 29

The symptoms of the food intolerance such as:

  1. Dilating
  2. Skin eruptions
  3. Looseness
  4. Stomach pain
  5. Annoyances
  6. Anxiety and Burning.

Question 30

The symptoms of a food allergy such as:

  1. Faintness, or collapsing.
  2. inflammation of the mouth and even the whole body.
  3. Sickness, Nausea, and Abdominal Pain.
  4. Longing in the mouth.
  5. Nasal bottleneck and distress conscious.
  6. Dizziness or lightheadedness (Shakoor, et al.,2016).

Question 31

Anaphylaxis is an unadorned and capability of life-dangerous response to a gun trigger such as an antipathy or an allergy.

The symptoms are Nausea, feeble pulsation, and stomach pain or several extras.

Question 32

The most common causes of the food allergy such:

  1. Cow’s milk
  2. Sesame spores
  3. Mustard greens
  4. trifles
  5. Crawfishes and mollusks
  6. Fly-fish
  7. Milk.

Question 33

Examples of drug interactions with beverages and food such as:

  1. Antibiotics and dairy foodstuffs.
  2. calcium frequency blockers and Citrus paradisi.
  3. Vitamin K and warfarin.
  4. Whiskey and acetaminophen.

Question 34

The coking vegetables are the disruptions miserable the plant’s cell walls, discharging extra of the nutrients destined to those cubicles. The prepared vegetables are providing extra antioxidants. The Temperature moderate’s the vitamins and the phytonutrients in the vegetables and the berries.

Question 35

  1. The steaming method is the better way to retain the cooking period, quantity, and infection of the melted to the smallest when making food the vegetables. Steaming the veggies that are main to the minimum forfeiture of nutrients in maximum veggies.
  2. The grilling method is the better way than comprises fewer overweight vegetables. It is to be improved than frying as it saves calories of the nourishment downcast.

Question 36

To meet the patient’s dietary requirements, the following steps are:

  1. Drink water on an everyday basis.
  2. The sufficient kilojoules for the vigor, with starches.
  3. An extensive diversity of nourishing foods.
  4. A satisfactory protein for cubicle conservation and reparation.
  5. An indispensable blubbery acid from nutriments such as oily fly-fish, and avocado.

Question 37

The methods that can gather responses and recover the performance such as:

  1. Continuously permit evaluation on the website.
  2. Endlessly talk to the consumers face-to-face.
  3. Direct email them to enquire for recommendations and the assessment.

Question 38

When preparing the menus, the five factors are:

  1. Convenience of the appropriate nourishment.
  2. To make the variability of the nutrients.
  3. The time obtainability to making food.
  4. The different or specific instances.
  5. Necessity of the economic possessions.

Question 39

The National food standard is established on the conditions that nutrition might happen, if it is to be appropriate for humanoid feastings, such as arrangement, attendance, and determined infectious content (Julia, et al.,2014)

Question 40

The client is demanded gluten-free meals as their comfort and consuming an ignitor sensation. It is indispensable food for the management of the indications of celiac illness, symbols, and the other medicinal environments accompanying gluten.

Question 41

The adjustments that make to a procedure to variety it is gluten-free such as:

  1. Firstly, Substitution for the sprinkle.
  2. Exclusion of the sprinkle.
  3. Formation of the gluten-free sprinkle combination.
  4. Then deliberate the arrowroot precipitate.
  5. In last, experimentation with the constituents.

Question 42

Guideline 1The Children and youngsters must be bothering adequate nourishing nourishment to produce and mature customarily. They must be materially energetic all day and their development would be checked frequently.

  1. Older individuals must be annoyed with nourishing diets and retain actually or physically energetic to support the preserve strength or influence strength and a strong weightiness.

Guideline 2 – 1. The Sufficiently of vegetables, including changed the categories and standards, and beans or the pulses.

  1. The Slender essences and rooster, fish, tofu, eggs, nutty and spores, and beans.
  2. Milk, yogurt, cheese flower, and their substitutes, generally condensed the overweight or fat.

Guideline 3 – 1. It Exchange tall overweight nourishments which comprise principally soaked fats such as grease, cream, cookery butter, coconut, and honor oil with nutrients which encompass principally polyunsaturated and monounsaturated body fat such as oils, feasts.

  1. Low-slung overweight foods are not appropriate for kids below the stage of 2 or 3 years.
  2. Ensure that do not enhance extra salt to the diet in cooking or at the counter.

Question 43


Food Allergy


The food allergy is a protected system response that happens quickly afterward the consumption a convinced of a food. Uniform a small quantity of the antipathy producing nourishment can induction symbols and indications such as gastrointestinal difficulties, and distended airlines.


Food Intolerance


A food Tolerance is trouble processing convinced nourishments and consuming a disagreeable corporeal response to them. It reasons the suggestions such as stomach pain and swelling that generally happens after consumption of the nutriment, after a few times


Drug-food Interaction


It is happening when your nourishment and medication affect or restrict one another. It can transpire with both preparation and finished security remedies (Vranckx, et al.,2018).

Question 44

The legal consequences of the weakening discourse on the special food requirements are:

  1. The nutriment Compassion.
  2. The hypersensitive Responses.
  3. The fanaticism responses.
  4. An Anaphylaxis.

Question 45

  1. It refers to the valuable instrument for assessing the excellence and productivity of fish, meat, and rooster.
  2. It refers to the accepted or recognized occurrence or an illustration of the superiority or the measurement against others that are restrained, associated, and mediated.
  3. It refers to the procedure of precise willpower of the number of uncooked materials desirables to produce the convinced quantity of concluding administered creation.

Question 46

The Different types of customer groups are:

  1. Protection services.
  2. The Well-being care.
  3. The Wounded or unkind.
  4. The youngsters.
  5. A Sportsperson.

Question 47

To perform the yield test on the vegetables, the concluding heaviness of the goods or products later it is prepared down is associated with the preliminary heaviness of the nutrition formerly the cooking.

Question 48

A cyclical menu refers to the sequence of menus that is recurrent and finished with an exact history of the time.

An example of the cyclical menu such as to attend the vegetal grouse soup on the Monday, Fish lumps on Tuesday, and the Rice and Chicken on Wednesday.

Question 49

Yield percentage = Prepared weight ÷ Original weight × 100

= 3.500 kg ÷ 5.000 kg × 100

= 70%

Question 50

The Macro Nutrients discusses the nutrients that form body desires the greater quantities, protein, specifically starches, and the Overweight.

The Micronutrients mentions to the nutrients that build the body’s desires in the slighter quantities, which are generally mentioned as the reserves, and vitamins.

Question 52

Celiac disease is an insusceptible response to the consumption of gluten, a protein that originates in the straw, and rye whiskey. The sauces and bunches, cereals, and dough types of nutrition they not bother.

Question 53

Some alternatives that can be used to replace the sugar in recipes such as:

  1. The berry Distillates.
  2. A century plant sauce.
  3. The coconut sugar.
  4. The maple molasses.
  5. Several more syrup.

Question 54

We have suggested them to the potatoes that are used in the restaurant, prepare them accurately, and cooked them perfectly. Then the value of the restaurant will be increased or also high.

Question 55

The Importance of good nutrition as it can support to uphold the strong heaviness. It decreases the hazard of approximate illness such as heart illness, knocks, tumors or cancers, and osteoporosis.

A strong diet improves the decent fat and reduction in the unnatural triglycerides.

Question 56

  1. Dysphagia is a struggle accepting that captivating extra period of exertion to transfer the nutrition or the melted from your entrance to the abdominal.
  2. It refers to the consistency of improved food that individuals use occasionally, if they consume exertion consumption the compacted nourishments.
  3. It mentions any nourishments that can be mixed, pounded, severed, and pounded using the kitchenette instrument such as a bread knife, a pounder, a food processor, and a mixer (Zeng, et al.,2016).
  4. It refers to the Insipid food, that is finished active of the nourishments that are informal to condensation. It is generally easy-going inconsistency and low-slung in strength.
  5. It is a medicinal nutritional modification that condenses the reliability of solutions in the direction to avoid unpleasantness.


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