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SBM1203 Project Economics and Finance Assignment Help


Joint ventures are the partnerships between two or many organizations to expand the business. If the company wants to successfully run the business for a long time then integration is needed. There are several types of a joint venture and for the access to entry in the foreign market; the companies are using this way to enhance in the growing developed world. It is the method of increasing profit. Like Shippit Pty Ltd. Has developed integration with eBay, Shopify, and many others for a different purpose. The e-Commerce craze in industries and companies for product sale in public and local vendors is very easy and digital in services. The digital markets involve the better options of product identifications, choosing, many options and tools for communication. On behalf of companies, there are facilities of market documents and information to save in the server and computing system. The market of company is dependent on the work profiles of an expert as well as an organization set up. The infrastructure of organizations is played a big role in company growth. Then the services of company and experts work experience and their profile are supported to a company about reputation in the market with their workability.

Organization profile

Shippit Pty Ltd. was the start-up launched in February 2015 in Sydney. It provides the delivery for hundreds of retailer’s across Australia. This software is trusted by all the retailers and provides fast and digital services in the digital world. It makes the shipping and transporting of goods simpler and easy for the different persons. It has integration with different websites as e-commerce and other accounting and inventory integrations. This helps in storing of goods from the destruction and save the company from the loss (Joint venture, 2019). The company has a profile of transportation, courier and delivery of items at address. So there is the responsibility of correct information collected about the customer and their requirements. The shipping and transportation have a great channel of management and communication for timely delivered. The services of before time delivery and timely delivery as good for quality of services. The people are like quality services in shipping like safe to travel, packaging and no damages, fast delivery. The company is represented e-commerce in services and apply online performance for better customer relationship. The digital market and online marketing are placed to good services in area of retailing, purchasing and delivery of items (Fleisch, et. al., 2015). There is also a set up of transportation which is communication and delivery quality based. In these services, transportation is well settled and monitored by a geographical positioning system. The GPS is a help to assessment of delivery at place and updated from time to time. It is also available for tracking path and identification of path. The company is required for the proper channel and database of customers and their communication. The delivery is documented with their feedback. It is the process of customer’s analysis in way of feedback management. The time analysis of consignment and their packaging, risk of packing and transportation for an item and their delivery in time (Ahmed, 2017).

Product/services profile

It is the company that provides various transporting services to the retailers and other benefits to the customers. It does not offer products it offers its services to the people across Australia. It helps in the packing and shipping of the product and offers tracking and delivery of the product until it reaches the customer. It also provides some professional services that are helpful for the retailers and also helps them in storing their product through the help of various inventory integration. It offers multiple delivery options and instant shipping for some of the retailers.

The features of services in company –

Services charges-

The services of company are recorded in reliable charges and affordable charges for customer. The standards of government are regulated by company in their services so it is collected the number of customers from the country (Ahmed, 2017).

Services profiles-

The services profile is good and safe. The transportation services are provided in channel and region wise. There is a staff of better know about locations and routes. 

Services transportation

The transportation knowledge, vehicles, and packaging approvals are involved in company transportation services. The services are provided route charts and employees like a driver, helper with education and licenses (Fleisch, et. al., 2015).

Delivery services-

Delivery service has to time analysis and timely delivery at location. The delivery is based on correct information like accuracy in address and communication details. The delivery is in prescribed time like before time also. It is mentioned in a good quality of services.

Shipping –

Shipping in large print material is in packages problems and the shipping has targeted offers for customer and company clients. There are invited packages of offers for shipping. 

Free of cost shipping in offers-

The free cost of shipping invited in offers and celebration coupons system. The customers are invited by their long servicing by this company as to offer provided by company. It is initiative and attraction point of customers involved in. The free cost of shipping is a type of promotion in customer need.

Discounted offers-

The discounted offers are advertised for company and customers attractions. The offers are attracted at customer and other company customer opinion for servicing. It is promoted to a company and an increasing number of customers. There is a very easy process of online marketing and electronic commerce for offers and retailing.

Packaging services-

The services of delivery are addressed material of package and design of packing. It is required to safely deliver a product on a given address. The material has a property of thickness and flexible for an external attack. There are layers of packaging available in designs.

The packaging of transportation and Retailer Company is important for product and material safety. The services of delivery have important to safe and less risk of damage in product and their surface.

Time analysis of services-

Time is an important thing in delivering and transportation services. The product and items delivered earlier or on given time are considered as good services. The most of analysis of time frame in software for delivering things and updated. The item is tracked and after parsed alert of feedback for company. It is also important for service analysis and quality management (Bloom, et. al., 2018).

Objective and scope of the product

The main objective of the company is to provide customers with a service that is helpful to them. It also offers the return policy if the product is not satisfying and not delivered according to the needs of the consumer. It also provides the live shipping calculator that helps in accurate delivery estimates to the customer on the page of the website of Shippit Pty Ltd. It also helps to offer the cost spent on the shipment of the product and whether it is reasonable as per the delivery. It also offers transparency on how customers feel about the brand (Products, 2019).

Objectives of business and services-

  • Management team
  • Leadership for better performance
  • Growth of company
  • Maintain reputation
  • Increases number of customers
  • Customers review
  • Staff selection
  • Organization structure
  • Operational plan and work chart
  • Management meeting and consulting
  • Decision making
  • Monitoring of work
  • Planning and assessment
  • Quality management
  • Feedback management and review
  • Growth in technology
  • Software and engineering adopted
  • Risk assessment and identification
  • Work breakdown plan 
  • Implementation and replan 
  • Business in regions with local people

Product features 

There is considered some product features. The product has some features on delivery to impress customer are as follows-

  1. Same in positions
  2. Safe in condition 
  3. Packaging is proper without any damages
  4. Address and communication sources are written on parcel
  5. Timely delivered 
  6. Quality in services and risk reduced
  7. Given to concerned person and their evidence collected ( as signature and feedback on software and digital sign)
  8. Options updated after delivery in online system
  9. Packaging in good quality to make safer and trustworthy (Weyns & Ahmad, 2013).

Business model

The company uses the Freemium business model that offers basic web services to the customers. The company also uses the extra amount of shipping if instant delivery is used by the customers. When the person using digital services than almost all the suppliers using the same model for developing the business. This model is mostly used by the software industry who is offering their services on the digital platform. It offers real-time support and online services to the customers.

Freemium model –

Freemium business model means components of free cost, testing, rights of citizen and simplicity in services. There is consumer satisfied with free services and business offers. The productivity of services is easy and simple. Their options for using tools are very simple and usable for customers. There are advantages to product care and quality management. The product is unknown but cares better for delivering (Chan, 2015).

There are services provided on an online portal. It makes service approach very easy and trackable for information. It is very common to use information tools and technologies offers. The attractive offers and business plans are promoted customer on a good deal. It has the virtue of a good model and happy customers (Bloom, et. al.,2018).

Benefits of Freemium business model-

  • The services are free.
  • Upgrades are charged.
  • Number of tools and features.
  • Basic pack with more facilities
  • Free services with a premium of membership
  • Digital services
  • Use anywhere and anytime
  • Cost-effective
  • Simple for use 
  • Cost acquisitions for customers
  • Feedbacks received
  • Create demands

The model of Freemium is work in internet base setup with small customers and high earn. There are other software services involve for best quality and products (Bloom, et. al., 2018). There is some type of cost investment as follows as-

  • Log in and id formation
  • Account with a membership fee
  • License fee
  • Upgradation fees.

There are main steps of the Freemium business model –

Free trial – 

There is a free trial for customer attractions and collected information on communication with customers.


The services and software are available for updates seeking on the internet. There is requested to subscribe and get free news an updated about internet things. It is a good method for some customers approach maintains (Chan, 2015).

Upgrade to premium-

The membership obtains in once for services. Then process of up-gradation for customers are invited in various options. The options are in free services in money pack with free premium and their period of life. Up-gradation has many offers of customers attractions. It s strategy of business for invited more customers by offers. It continues of old customers on benefits and promotional activities (Laudon & Traver, 2016).

Plan renewal-

The plan is renewal in certain periods of services and updated with new plan available with features of benefits in software. The planned renewal is updated with some kind of discount like services more days and cut amount refund on renewal. The prices are achieved after offers from customers and included in software account for next updated and any recharges (Sharabi, 2013). 

(Source: Ncrypted technologies)

Option analysis

Shippit Pty Ltd gives the benefits of multiple delivery options to the customers that help in the increasing of the sales. It is studied from the recent report that it helps in increasing the sales by 86% and also that in Australia itself. It provides up to date delivery options and helps inconvenience of the customers. It also gives the customer the most attractive delivery and also optimized the shipping costs. It helps to build the brand and loyalty towards the customers. It also in differentiating the brand and also becomes transparent with the customers (Integrations, 2019).

The company is delivered products and items at the place of address in online software communications. The options are there for use and simple instructions on display. The software details have involved the analysis of customer and the requested on the system. The options analysis has option availability and their variables on portals for access. The accounts are generated by the customers, involved the options of services enjoyed. The options are provided to a customer to apply for services are several options for work easy and accessible. The cyber security for the software to not failure data and stolen data of company is involved. The system security is guarded by some kind of software’s .that is viable by informational technology engineers and their company. They are recommended for cyber security and data security by foreign crackers. Because there is important information about customers. The customers have account details of pack subscriptions, updation money transfer online process and their password of transactions by bank. The customer has a log in details and social account information’s (Weyns & Ahmad, 2013). 

 The options analysis has several features for customers favor- 

  • Options are clear
  • Simple in understanding 
  • Customer attracted tools
  • Graphics are attractable for software options
  • The tools are designed and engineered with storage capacity.
  • The graphical tools are easy to operate for customer with less literate (Laudon & Traver, 2016).

This is online services of e-commerce, online business, and software involvement for servicing and customer attachment. It is a mobile application and easily accessible for mobile and windows. The customer can use this anywhere and anytime. The properties are involved in the version of the software, supporting system and security of software information. The system is supported to any window and any version of a computer by their less memory set up  (Sharabi, 2013). The system is supported for their operations are automated and supplementary software for computer application run. The storage capacity is dependent on the cloud-based technology for separately involved and storage in a different folder for user used. The various companies are set up with that for servicing and their logos of operational promotions on websites.  So, security is important in this business due to their availability of data stored in a different folder (Bloom, et. al., 2018). 

Market feasibility

It helps in the investigation of the market that is targeted by the company and if the expansion is done than how many more markets they are capturing. It helps in studying the product and the related services given by them. It offers time-bound services with the amount of less cost involved in the shipping of the product. From this, it is analyzed that the competitors are ship beat, Temando, and Smart Freight. The employees also show interest in Bigcommerce and marketing.

Before the generation begins, the business visionary needs to foresee the conceivable advertise for the item. It needs to foresee who will be the conceivable client for their item and where their item will be sold. This is because creation has no incentive for the maker except if it is sold. Truth be told, the capability of the market comprises the determinant of conceivable reward from enterprising vocation. Along these lines knowing the foreseen market for the item to be delivered moved toward becoming an important component in field-tested strategy. The usually utilized strategies to evaluate the interest for an item are as per the following. :

Opinion surveying technique: In this technique, the assessment of definitive clients. This might be endeavored with the assistance of either a total study everything being equal or by choosing a couple of expending units out of the applicable populace.  

Life Cycle Segmentation Analysis: It is settled that like a man, each item has its very own life expectancy. In practice, an item sells gradually in the first place. Yelped by deals advancement systems over period its business gets. In the proper method of time, the pinnacle deal is come to. After that point, the business starts to decay. After at some point, the item loses its interest, what’s more, kicks the bucket (Wada, et. al., 2012). This is the regular demise of an item. Along these lines, each item goes through its life cycle. The item life cycle has been isolated into the accompanying five phases: Introduction, Development, Maturity, Saturation, and Decline.

Financial feasibility

It focuses on the financial aspects of the Shippit Pty Ltd and also focuses on the cash flow of the business and other aspects after the merger. The company’s vision is to ship the product every single day. It also helps the customers to keep happy and save their time and cost. Shippit Pty Ltd. is funded by almost nine investors and Aura Ventures are the most recent. The company has increased the revenue to the double than in the previous preceding years and also raised A$ 2,500,000 from the different venture to expand the business (About us, 2019).

Financial feasibility centers approximately the budgetary part of examination. It surveys the efficient suitability of a future endeavor by assessing the start-up costs, working costs, income & production an estimate of prospect performance. The results from a money related possibility study decide if the proposed task is monetarily conceivable and make an outcrop on pace of profit for contributing assets. 

The readiness of a money related financial study has three sections: 

Deciding the start-up costs

The initial phase in the planning of a money related practicality study is to recognize the costs expected to begin the undertaking. Average startup expenses are as per the following forthe Shippit Pty Ltd. is: 

  • Buys for land and structures
  • Obtaining of hardware
  • Licenses and allows
  • Stores required for office space leases
  • Beginning buys for materials
  • Lawful and bookkeeping expenses for fuse 
  • Office furniture and supplies
  • Showcasing research
  • Representative wages
  • Promoting
  • Protection premiums
  • Utilities

A significant number of these expenses are one-time costs; however, they’ll need subsidizing forthright before the business starts tasks.  

Setting up a profit plan and making cash flows

The preparation of anticipated deals, costs and income is straightaway and is the examination that decides whether the proposed endeavor will be monetarily reasonable. These projections incorporate the anticipated deals, expenses of creation or administrations and working costs isolated into fixed and variable classes.

The income projections incorporate the measure of assets required for startup and recognize where these monies will originate from. The measure of value capital is resolved alongside the sum and wellspring of all acquired assets and leases.

Evaluating the arrival on contributed capital

The expected benefits will be utilized to decide the monetary attainability of the venture. This piece of the money related investigation evaluates the appeal of the venture to value speculators and the general budgetary profit for the undertaking (Tajani & Morano, 2015). 

The money related achievability of a proposed effort can be evaluated utilizing a few basic techniques: 

Net present value – The net present worth technique utilizes a rate to limit future money streams to the present. On the off chance that the NPV of the limited money streams surpasses the expense of the underlying venture, at that point the task is doable and ought to be acknowledged. 

Internal rate of return– The IRR strategy utilizes a similar equation for figuring the net current assessment of money streams. The IRR is the reduction rates that make the NPV of money outpourings and inflows comparable to zero. This IRR can be utilized to think about the engaging quality of a few activities.

Payback period – The compensation time outline is quantity of years that it takes for the arrival from a task to recoup the expenses of the speculation. Shorter recompense periods are liked. The compensation technique overlooks the time estimation of cash that is utilized in ascertaining the IRR or NPV of an undertaking.

Marketing model

The company has a digital platform so it uses the digital marketing model for the company. It uses six C’s of the customer motivation tools to use the platform and provide their services according to their own. This makes the company successful in the market. It also uses new technology to attract the customers and also provide them real-time data and the lowers cost for the good quality of services. It helps to develop communication with the customer on online retailers.

The 6 C’s of the customer motivation tools to use the startup platform and gives the services regarding the customers are:


In this day and age, an organization’s promoting methodology should be client-centered. It’s tied in with understanding the objective shopper; their needs, needs, and inspirations. Not as socioeconomics, psychographics or some other designs, yet as genuine individuals. Such learning is basic in advertising since having a solid (Hopkinson, 2017). Comprehension of purchaser conduct will help shed light on what is essential to the client. It’s tied in with concentrating on the objective client first and afterward working back to the brand. Organizations have mindshare before concentrating on a piece of the pie.


Organizations need to keep up consistency in their message training called coordinated showcasing correspondences from bundling and publicizing to deals advancement and exposure. This will keep up and fortify a brand’s character and picture in a genuine setting and abstain from accomplishing something brainless like changing the particular shade of the UPS truck to orange. 


Creativity is basic to stand out in a world jumbled with a great many messages. Creativity means dropping the standards, and participates in out-of-box thinking so advertisers can reach past rationale and structure and tap into their minds. 

Creativity Informs: Marketing’s duty to illuminate is significantly improved by inventiveness. Imagination makes advertising progressively distinctive, and numerous scientists accept splendor stands out, looks after intrigue, and animates purchasers thinking. 

Creativity Persuades: The people of old Greeks made legends and fantasies about divine beings and saints images for mankind’s intuitive longings and fears to impact human conduct and thought. 

Creativity Reminds: Imagine utilizing a similar welcome, with no imagination, to remind individuals to attempt a specific item regularly for a month. The welcome would wind up stale in all respects rapidly. No one but inventiveness can change drilling updates into intriguing, engaging promoting interchanges. 


All advertising interchanges need culturally diverse research to have the option to succeed. It’s easy to see things from their very own point of view, accepting that every other person on the planet thinks precisely like they and ought to comprehend what’s so incredible about their item or administration. Simply finding out pretty much every one of the missteps made by huge companies demonstrates that even the most sizable and experienced advertisers have made blunders on numerous occasions.


This one is fundamental. Purchasers would prefer not to be” showcased to” Rather, they need to be” spoke with” Good advertising communication makes an incentive with objective clients, communicates in their language and recounts to their story. It’s tied in with structure long haul, dependable, and productive associations with their clients. 


Advertising isn’t only a business work, yet a procedure. There is a start, center, yet there will never be an end. Advertisers should always show signs of change as society changes. They ought to never be hesitant to have a go at something new (Hopkinson, 2017). Showcasing should be a developing procedure that thinks about change on the planet, economy, advertise, buyers; just as inside change inside the association.

Project analysis and risk management

The company wants the expansion through integration with the different ventures and analysis the project accordingly. The analysis of the project is done and it specifies that the cost involved in the project is less. The risk is there in the joint venture that it amounts to not justify the expenses and the money and resources get wasted. Analyzing the project also needs the experts that also involve the cost of professionals and risk-mitigating measures involve the cost. The ventures also help the company a lot so it is good for the position (Marketing model, 2019). 

Risk Analysis

This phase of the process is a common element into two ‘subarranges’: a qualitative examination ‘sub-stage’ that spotlights on familiar proof & abstract evaluation of risks, & a quantitative investigation ‘sub-organize’ that spotlight on an objective appraisal of risks. 

Qualitative Analysis

A qualitative investigation permits the standard risk sources or factors to be documented. This can be done, for example, with the guide of agenda, meetings or meetings to create new information. This is usually linked with some kind of assessment that could be the depiction of each hazard & its effect or an emotional identification of each risks as far as the two its effect & its likelihood of event (Bowers & Khorakian, 2014). An echo point is to distinguish the key risks, maybe somewhere in the range of five & 10, for each task which are then ruined down & manage in more elements. 

Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative investigations repeatedly include progressively complex systems, typically requiring PC programming. To certain individuals, this is the most official element of the whole process requiring: 

  • opinion of vulnerability in expense & time measure; 
  • Probabilistic mix of entity vulnerabilities. 

Such methods can be associated with shifting degrees of effort extending from unassuming to widely careful. It is suggested that new specialists start regularly, maybe notwithstanding overlook this ‘sub-organize’, until an environment of consideration has been created for venture chance examination & management in the organization. 

A fundamental qualitative examination is basic. It acquires important benefit terms of accepting the venture & its issue anyway of whether a quantitative study is done. It might similarly provide to feature believable outcome for risk ‘conclusion’, i.e. the enhancement of an exacting intends to supervise an exacting risk issue (Bowers & Khorakian, 2014). Experience has demonstrated that qualitative examination recognizing & evaluating risks, as a rule, prompts an underlying if straightforward, level of quantitative examination. If under any circumstances, for example, time or on the other hand asset weight or cost limitations both a qualitative & quantitative examination is unthinkable, it is the qualitative examination that ought to remain.  

(Source: hP Audit, 2019)

Risk Management

This phase of the procedure includes the detailing of managements reactions to the primary risks. Risk managements may begin during the qualitative investigation stage as the need to react to risks might be critical & the arrangement genuinely self-evident (Guo, et. al., 2014).  Cycle between the risk investigation & risk management’s stages is likely. 

Risk management can include: 

  • executing measures to evade a risk, to decrease its impact or to diminish its likelihood  of event; 
  • building up alternate courses of action to manage risks if they ought to happen;
  • starting further examinations to diminish vulnerability through better data; 
  • considering risk move to back up plans; 
  • considering risk portion in contracts; 
  • Setting possibilities in cost gauges, glide in projects & resistances or ‘space’ in execution particulars. 
  • Section 6 of this guide thinks about a portion of the systems of PRAM in more detail.

Finding and conclusion

From the above analysis, it is discovered that joint ventures help in successfully increasing the value of the organization. It also helps to promote the brand image of the company in front of the competitors and the customers. As the joint venture increases the revenue of the company it also increases the borrowings of the company. To develop the company or to expand the business in different areas all the people need some of the investment that large the cost of the company. These points help the company to understand whether the deal is successful or not. In this assessment, the analysis has been done on the chosen company Shippit Pty Ltd. The discussion made on the organization profile, objectives and scope of the product, Business model, Market feasibility, Financial Feasibility, Marketing model, Project analysis and risk management. Managing projects effectively will enable one to convey remarkable outcomes. Each venture is driven by an undertaking supervisor, and his group contains individuals who have specific abilities that are fundamental for the fruitful finish of every single given errand and procedures. The ownership of helpful aptitudes is of little use if not supported appropriately or executed productively. The ideal use of these aptitudes can be attempted in the zones referenced beneath. These are the proper skills used in project management of the Shippit Pty Ltd. such as Managing Risk, quality control, managing change efficiently, reduces chaos in project.

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