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Monitor work operations

Assessment 1: Case study

The manager of VCEA Café planned his afternoon to run the café smoothly
As we all know that the celebrations were going on at Father’s VCEA Café. Due to the delicious food of the café, it was visited by the local people. A party was held here on the occasion of Father’s Day, but some obstacle has arisen in the party, we will discuss that obstacle here. The thing to note in the café is that sometime before the booking, complete details of the people related to that program should be taken. Due to this, the work management in the café was done smoothly, such as judging its list in advance of the program, assessing the health of the people related to the program, and providing emergency help in case of emergency.
How to manage the workload of the staff during café booking?
The work of the staff was distributed equally at the time of booking and they should be made to work according to their physical consent. If we feel that their work is not being done on time or there is any delay in it, then we should immediately get information about it from the staff and systematically solve them. At the time of booking, we should keep a close eye on the little things, so that no question mark is put on the reputation of the cafe or the people related to it. All the work related to the cafe should be distributed according to the qualification of its staff and should keep taking information about all the related work distributed (Mundt, et al., 2020).
How can manager delegates their duties better?
The manager should make all the employees fully aware of their work and responsibilities and they should be asked to do a thorough check of all kinds of items which were useful in today’s program and from time to time all the goods which are available on this occasion. They need to check whether they are working. With this, no customer will have to face any problem and their time will also be saved (Mundt, et al., 2020).
The main issues that arise in the VCEA café on Father’s Day are
The first and most important issue is delayed food making and this is the major issue they are faced in the whole booking.
The second issue arises in the staff management, they need to recruit some emergency staff for some kind of emergency because all things started when they are facing a shortage of staff issue.
They are also not able to manage the work related to customer support and customer satisfaction.
They also don’t have the proper sitting arrangement for customers this is the reason they are sitting outside of the room.
The delays in customer services and they are not able to satisfy them (Melián, et al., 2020).
The manager and staff should deal with the situation better
They need to establish a better support staff.
They also need to be transparent with each of the café members.
They need to keep clear all the job roles and responsibilities of each of the café staff.
They need to take all the proper feedback related to the customer from your staff (Melián, et al., 2020).
The short terms solutions to the situation related to the café are
They need to provide the proper facilities and customer service.
They should keep all the equipment ready related to the work.
They should hire some new emergency staff for an emergency (Clements, et al., 2021).
The services we should provide and implement are
They need to give them instant services. They should provide the full comfort zone and full space. If my customer had some issue they need to solve it separately. They need to listen to the customer first then they started to speak (Clements, et al., 2021).
The points per service are
They need to fix their schedule on time.
They should keep early bookings.
They need to keep some tables unreserved for unreserved regular customers (Clements, et al., 2021).
For smooth services for the BOH
Trained your employee for excellent customer service
Encourage them for establishing better communication with the customers.
Politely deal with customers.
Maintain hygiene and cleanliness in your café (Clements, et al., 2021).


Assessment 2: Case study

Question 1
The main housekeeping issues in Rockstone are
As we all know Fried and Wilma do the cleaning work together in the hotel, but for some time they seem to be getting a lot of problems related to this work. Both of them were unable to keep the room clean properly for many customers and could not even complete the cleaning work on time. Due to this, its effect was seen on the hotel and its reputation and the customer was not even satisfied (Nimri, et al., 2020).
Question 2
Staff workload and workflow
They need to ensure appropriate staff because a proper staff is a big support system in any hotel, but also they need to sure that they have suitable knowledge of everything like skills, technique, and communication. Workload refers to the physical or cognitive effort required to carry out a task. Because it is difficult to do the cleaning of the hotel with two people, so they should choose someone else for the same work. This will facilitate everyone to work and work will also be done on time (Nimri, et al., 2020)
Question 3
Options to improve the hotel management
Frank and Josie should hire an experienced manager who has worked here for many years and who can do the job. By this Frank and Josie give equal attention to all the work of the hotel. The convenience of the hotel rests on its management. As long as there is no one to guide the hotel smoothly, even the best hotel gives its fame (Nimri, et al., 2020).
Question 4
Betty should manage the timing of housekeeping staff and monitor their work effectively. She should see the timing of check in and check out so work schedule can be managed.

Question 5
Two opportunities to improve day to day operations
The hotel may have taken the slackness lane and the hotel may have to speed up its emergency service to communicate the convenience. For whatever reason, if the hotel staff is not available or there is any shortage of staff. So, to keep the hotel tidy, an emergency staff team should be kept ready.
You have to provide alternate facilities inside the hotel like electricity and water.
Recycle the waste and implement a new recycled program (Rogerson, et al., 2018).
Question 6
Workflow plan
They need to Create a Cleaning Program Using Industry to clear the area.
Room cleaning is based on need after the guest checks out.
Keep your eyes on Vacant rooms.
Analise which rooms are not provided services and why (Rogerson, et al., 2018).
Question 7
Staff records in the hotel
Register for guest massage- keep all their messages related to customers in your hands.
Babysitting register- the housekeeping needs to provide babysitting to guests and also provide them a tiny play area.
Logbook – in this the manager should instruct the staff on another shift work (Rogerson, et al., 2018).

Assessment 3: Written Task

Question 1
A manager has to do various tasks in his day-to-day life like planning for the organization, organizing everything, then staffing, directing the employees, and controlling. With this, he has performed both inside and outside duties. He has to check every work, manage everything, sign the documents, motivate employees, hire and fire, and manage discipline in the company with that he has to take various important decisions for an organization (Taghavi Moghaddam, et al., 2018). Perform informational role transfer various important information to company’s members and to the outsiders.
Question 2
A manager has to become a good communicator with be a good listener. They also provide time for others so that they can also give their review or say what they want. He motivates people and also keeps up to date with their employees. They perform all the actions to achieve the organization’s goal that all make manager work differently from others. They take the decision to make productivity more effective.
Question 3
Qualities of a good leader: he must have good communications skill: Good communication is very important for achieving an organization’s goal. Transform the information to the insider and outsider and motivate employees.
Giving respect: people should be treated with full respect. It is a very important quality of a good leader. It helps to reduce confusion, tension, and conflict, and improve potency (Hunt & Fedynich, 2019).
Quality of influencing: The power of influencing and influencing people for achieving an organization’s goal. Convince people of a good quality of a leader. Influence is different from manipulations.

Question 4
Total quality management can be described as expertise of managing the complete work procedure for achieves quality. It is a continuous process and helps to reduce errors in manufacturing and help to better customer experience. It includes set of organized actions carried out by all employees of an organization effectively & efficiently for achieving the company’s goals (Siva, 2016).
Question 5
Every employee wants two things that are money and happiness.
Provide clear assumptions: Clear expectations should be provided to employees that on this day I want to work complete, if u complete it I will give you reward that is motivation technique.
Create a friendly environment: It is very important to create a friendly environment for employees it helps to make them comfortable. It helps to attain company goals (Ahmad & Jameel, 2018).
Rewarding: Give time to time rewards to employees help them to get motivated and then they do their work effectively. So, managers always try to give simple incentives.
Question 6
If we do not prioritize in an effective manner, we will waste lots of important time, and energy. If we will don’t prioritize we are never as productive as we want. It makes sure that we distribute enough time to complete tasks and make important changes to save time and do more productivity. It also allows you to focus on every important task every day.
Question 7
Delegation means assigning work to others and giving them authority to do the work on behalf of the leader. A leader can’t do any work alone and if he does so he might be unsuccessful. The main element of delegation is assigning the duties, transfer of authority, and fixing accountability (Adler & Walker, 2019).
It helps in improving time management.
Helps to build trust within the organization
Advantages of special skills
Helps to save time
Motivate employees.

Question 9
Programmed decision:
These help to solve day-to-day problems.
Describe rules and procedures in taking decisions.
For a longer period of time, these decisions remain consistent in many situations.
These kinds of decision-making are for solving both simple and critical problems.
Every decision which will help to take is separate.
Non-programmed decision:
These decisions help to solve tactical and unique problems.
There is no consistency and every decision is different.
Help to solve complex decisions.
These kinds of decisions require judgment.
Question 10
Monitoring operations need to manage omission, taking feedback from employees, and taking reviews from customers. It improves the operation which is needed to analyze the collected data. It is referred to as the work itself. Continuously monitoring the ways to improve workplace operations can help the organization to hold on and stay. Monitoring is help to determine how well plans are implemented. Work included staff performance, servicing levels, delivery of services, and satisfaction of the customer, Paperwork dealing.

Question 11
Ways to monitor the actions of employees.
By watching employees
Most of the best ways to monitor the employee’s performance with own eyes. Watching employees how they interact with customers. That is how they represent our company in front of customers.
By reviewing
Check employees’ work by reviewing their work in progress on a regular basis. Check their work carefully if they are responsible or not. We should keep track of everything on a regular basis.
By asking others
Collect data. Ask with customers, vendors, and other managers about employees how their behaviour we should always ask about employees’ work.
Question 12
Norm is a good person. But norms dint help kenny when he is fall on the stairs and his back hurt badly and norm failed to ensure that Kenny completed an injury report form. After 6 months Kenny is still experiencing pain he also applies for work cover but there is no record of his injury at the workplace. Norms is reluctant to take action.
Norm falling to keep proper staff records he does not record proper records like orders, accounts, and payment of salaries. And not help her employees when he wants to claim.
Norm should understand his responsibility towards employees and organizational work he has to maintain proper records of everything and help the worker when they want to provide proper claims to Ken

Question 14
National employment standard:
Weekly working hours:
Maximum weekly working hours are 38 hours per week for full-time permanent employees.
Parental leaves and entitlements 12 months of unpaid leaves for employees for the preceding 12 months and these are all depending on the employee’s specific circumstances.
Public holidays:
It is a paid day off on a public holiday for permanent employees. A higher pay rate may apply.
Personal are leaves:
Compassionate leave an unpaid family leave – 10 days of paid personal care leave for employees who are permanent. leave for unpaid family and domestic violence leave for permanent and casual employees.
Question 15
Main objectives of WHS legislation
It provides technical and administrative service support. Maintain health and safety standards. It helps to reduce accidents in workplace-related injuries and diseases. Companies’ goals are to make sure employer-provided health and service to their employees such as submitting to toxic chemicals, and controlling noise excessive, heat, and cold stress. It is a law to protect the health and safety of employees for their welfare. It is the duty of the manager to be their employees.

Question 16
It is an employer’s main responsibility to make sure that organization is protected for workers. The equipment should be safe so the worker can do their work effectively in a protected environment. The employer must inspect the workplace on regular basis. Investigate accidents that occur in the office and find the causes of it.
Educated workers about their health and safety
Provide knowledge to employees about health and safety.
An employer must be sure that all work is carried out without risk.
Machinery and equipment are shall safe.
Unsafe materials are corrected without delay.
Question 18
It plays a very important role in creating slant and efficient processes. It helps to eliminate or reduce the delays in work .and also helps an organization to speed up and achieve specific tasks. It also helps to take relevant information from the customer. It helps to improve communication of business. It helps in increasing the connectivity of staff and help to maintain collaboration between the different team. It helps in enhancing employees and helps to motivate them. Analyze the performance of workers and track their progress.
Question 19
Receive advantage from industry research and reports trends:
It is the simplest thing you can do for better trends. Leaders of industries perform original research.
Publications and influences follow regularly in industries:
We don’t have the desire or time to read every report.
We use different kinds of equipment and observations in the system to find out the trends and directions that are captioned.
You need to surround by smart people.
Maintain manual observations.
Correct questions should be asked and listed to customers.
Learn to accept and clasp the change.
Question 20
Communication skills are the first key employers will check. From the recent moment, you get connected with it. The employer will inspect the way you behave.
If you are thinking about your problem see this problem as a piece of a cake on your plate and be wary of giving an immediate answer. Take the time to observe the situation, think of all possible scenarios, and if it is doable ask for some time to go and do a few searches to find out more.
An ability to do the different kinds of assignments at the same time, and it’s being ready to do work under in every kind of change the condition and its management or environment and rules are highly appreciated.
It is the talent to make the relations with the person around it, the circumstances, and the ability to inspire them to do what is needed and what the things are essential to be done (Udin, et al,. 2019).
Question 21
When the operation efficiency of a company grows its trends reduce the working needs for spending and their increment the financial stamina of the company.
For investors and traders and their marketing operations, efficiency and transaction costs are low.
Question 22
To support the work operations:
⦁ First is the code of conduct.
⦁ The internet and e mail policy
⦁ Harassment and anti-discrimination policy.
⦁ Drugs and alcohol policy.
⦁ Recruitment policy.
⦁ Safety and health policy (Udin, et al., 2019).


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SITXMGT001 Monitor work operations


Table of Contents

Case study 1. 3

Monitoring of working hours and efficiency included in those hours. 3

Use of consultative process for systems and procedures. 3

Measures were taken for preventing the hygiene issues. 3

Involved delegation process. 3

Estimation of budget and determining whether training will be required for accomodating new jobs  4

Ways in which daily operation won’t get impacted due to proposed changes. 4

Case study 2. 5

Nature of complaint 5

A procedure that should be followed for receiving a complaint 5

Standard procedure for investigating a complaint 5

Legal responsibilities as a manager 6

Case study 3. 7

A systematic approach for investigation areas. 7

Solutions for limitations. 7

Aspects to be investigated in food as well as beverages service areas. 7

Details of staff involved. 7

Case study 4. 9

Suggestions for an effective implemented and detailed system for each department 9

Implications for the existing staff. 9

References. 10

Case study 1

Monitoring of working hours and efficiency included in those hours

First and foremost, GPS trackers could be used for tracking the drivers and developing an understanding regarding how their work is going on, since it is very tough and exhausting for drivers to complete a whole tour, one more driver or a guide should be appointed so that the work will get divided and there will not be much pressure on one person only.

Use of consultative process for systems and procedures

Every driver will be made aware of the use of GPS devices on vehicles, and if they feel fine regarding the same. After the difficulties of drivers were assessed regarding regards to them not being able to finish their job effectively, it will be their choice whether they want to add one more person either as a driver or guide for helping them in finishing their job. Before application, each staff member will be properly trained and fully energized (Li et al., 2020).

Measures were taken for preventing the hygiene issues

  • Every vehicle will be taken for professional auto repairing as well as inspection.
  • The professional car engineer will be summoned for regular inspection.
  • Application of regulations regarding food safety as well as hygiene will be done by each staff member.
  • Training will be provided to staff for complying with the standards of hygiene.
  • Rewards, as well as fines, will be set, and the staff members will be able to report each other for not obeying the rules.
  • Some of the tour fees will be refunded to customers if any kind of hygiene issues will be reported by them

Involved delegation process

  • A meeting will be conducted with all the staff members regarding the new work plans.
  • If anyone will have any questions or problems regarding the new changes, they will be addressed.
  • All responsibilities in line with the vehicles, like cleaning as well as inspection will be of the drivers.
  • The guides will have to manage the routes of the tour and the time to be spent at each spot.
  • The team involved in the preparation of food will pay attention to the suppliers, hygiene as well as the offering needs of different customers.
  • It will be the duty of the guide to ensure the issues regarding the safety of any customer.

Yes, the specification of the new job will have to be provided in writing, at least 6 of such specifications will be written.

Estimation of budget and determining whether training will be required for accommodating new jobs

The direct cost of estimation involves the salary cost of the new tour, inspection cost of vehicles, material cost (paper printing, new hygiene qualified equipment), and repair costs. While the indirect cost will involve the HR cost, office cost, or the non-operation losses during this time of adjustment (He et al., 2020).

Yes, there will be the need for pieces of training. Some professional guidance will be needed by the rivers and hygiene study class by the team of food preparation. But the newly hired guides, need to know every spot of the complete tour, which will be already offered to them for studying before work.

Ways in which daily operation won’t get impacted due to proposed changes

  • The day-to-day operations won’t get impacted since everything is planned and executed systematically and things will not add more responsibilities but is a delegation of appropriate responsibilities to each staff member.

Case study 2

Nature of complaint

The nature of the complaint here seems to be that of sexual harassment. Since it has been clear from what Elena told that she gets silent offensive remarks from her supervisor very frequently, she also noticed him stalking her on numerous occasions after the work and he also ensure that he is working the same shifts as her.

A procedure that should be followed for receiving a complaint

  • In the first place, Elena should be reassured that she is being taken seriously.
  • All the evidence provided by Elens will be collected
  • Changing the shifts of Elena and her supervisor.
  • Investigating whether her complaint is real, by checking the surveillance camera or inquiring the office staff (Siuta & Bergman, 2019).

Standard procedure for investigating a complaint

  • Assuring Elena’s supervisor, that a fair investigation will take place on behalf of the accuser and the accused.
  • Interviewing all the main witnesses in this matter and asking open-ended questions along with seeking facts that approve or disapprove the allegations made by the employee.
  • Interviewing supervisor, applying the same respectful approach with him as accorded with the accuser.
  • Consulting with the attorney for making sure that the whole situation is looked upon reasonably and purely based on the collected pieces of evidence.
  • Make sure that the attorney also supports your direction.
  • Deciding whether this incident of sexual harassment took place, is based on documentation as well as advice from attorneys and colleagues.
  • Changing a reporting assignment if required.
  • Assuring the employees that no incidents like this occurs by follow-up, and documentation of that follow-up, with the employee who filed the original complaint, keeping all the documentation separate from the personal file.

Legal responsibilities as a manager

As a manager, it is my responsibility to understand completely the act of sex discrimination along with other laws on discrimination, and sexual harassment, and should also make sure that the development of a written policy is done, that prohibits sexual harassment and assure employees of a safe workplace. The complaint should also be immediately reported to the EEO officer (Hardies, 2019).



Case study 3

A systematic approach for investigation areas

The areas that are to be investigated are the operational issues, meal servicing, quality of meals, one-on-one conversations with the sous chef and the head chef regarding the lack of equipment capacity they say have been faced by them, and conversations with the front-of-house office.

A systematic approach for the same will be –

  • Interviewing all the staff members regarding the issues in their specific areas individually.
  • Take a note of the reviews of the customers and the problems they have been facing.
  • Trying to understand their problems and discussion of best possible solutions for the same problems.
  • Implementation of the solutions in a systematic manner.

Solutions for limitations

Since the budget is still 5 months away, the potential solution will be to buy this equipment on credit or rent them for some time, until and unless the equipment is acquired.

Aspects to be investigated in food as well as beverages service areas

In the food as well as beverages section, the quality of meals is to be inspected and since it is bad, what are the reasons for the same. The lack of some equipment capacity and other issues faced by chefs and the investigation of complaints regarding the meal services (Phucharoen & Sangkaew, 2020).

Details of staff involved

Details of staff that are involved in this process include:

Operational staff – for operational issues

Kitchen staff- in quality and preparation of food.

Waiters – regarding the delays in service of food.

Front of house or F & B staff – according to whom everything is going normal.



Case study 4

Suggestions for an effective implemented and detailed system for each department

A meeting should be conducted with the manager as well as supervisor, and the new set up policies, as well as the procedure, should be discussed for all the departments involving each product as well as services and should also be enforced strictly for each staff member.

HR: a full-time staff needs to be hired, the number of part-time staff should be decreased in each department of the hotel. Because of the new management, there should be re-interview as well as observation of all the staff members, and only those who are suitable and excellent should be chosen to make them stay. A series of training classes should be arranged on service for the staff members to put inappropriate job positions and providing apt induction for the senior staff.

Food, as well as beverages: a written procedure, should be developed for weekly or daily presence of beverages, every head chef as well as sous chef who cooks, should ensure making the same recipes and same presentation of food. All the processes of cooking should be organized as well as recognized in the meeting (Ushakov et al., 2020).

Housekeeping: all the staff of housekeeping should be trained for cleaning as well as setting up of the room under the same kinds of procedures. There should be daily operational meetings for monitoring the progress as well as discovering the problems and also ensuring to solve them.

Implications for the existing staff

Establishment of transparency as well as effective communication, since the selection of staff, has already been done because of new management, we need to encourage and compliment these staff members, For all the pieces of training as well as strict policies for the future of hotel for getting better as well as competitive.

Personal counseling should also be provided when needed, the implementation should be monitored, by observation as well as an examination of their performance, with the help of customer reviews. Rewards, as well as a punishment system, should also be implemented for encouraging them to behave as well as study better.


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