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MGT601 Dynamic Leadership




Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 3

Introduction. 3

Aim.. 4

Selection of Period. 4

Leadership Development Model 6

Leadership Development Goals. 8

Conclusion. 9

References. 11

Executive Summary

I am working as a community pharmacist in India and I have plans to pursue my master’s in public health services, as it will provide several opportunities in my career before choosing this path. Public health services, that I can become the Public Health Administrator. Pursuing the master’s in public health services will give me a degree certificate in the same career field and give me the wider knowledge to enhance my career. In the whole report, several things will be discussed such as the selection of period in which I am focusing on enhancing my leadership skills and preparing the personal development plan.

Being a leader, I get to know how to work as a team member and motivate them to achieve their goals and objectives in their personal and professional life. As a leader in this report, I learn several points which need to be focused on and selecting the best leadership development model and preparing a personal development plan for my future as a leader. I have determined some leadership development goals and the importance of taking the feedback from others including managers and colleagues. Also, I have examined that the goals achieve the criteria of SMART. SMART criteria goals including those goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and ensure that achieve on time (Lanshina, et al., 2019).


Working as a community pharmacist provides me several benefits in developing my skills in the healthcare sector. I have always been interesting to pursue my career in the healthcare sector which ensures that my skills are developed and my teachers and friends help me that how I can build my career in the same sector. There are several sectors in which I can develop my skills in the healthcare sector and enhance my performance. Working in the NGO will provide me with growth opportunities and will enhance my skills also, I will gain the experience letter of working as a pharmacist. A Master’s in Public health services is ensuring that my skills will be developed and widen my knowledge in the same sector. Public health services include the system of organizing all the activities that is focusing on prolonging life and also promoting health and maximizing efficiency. Our world health care system is also dominated by the provisioning of health care and also neglected public health (Vogel, et al., 2021).


The report is mainly focusing on what activities need to achieve in developing leadership qualities, and I am thinking to expand my services. Ensuring that using the policies and procedures of the organization I will try to best fit in the organization. It is not necessary that wherever I go for working and then I will handle a team. Firstly, I need to work on the immediate level, and then with my dedication and contribution, it will be possible that I got the manager post and ensure that working with my team members I have to work as a good leader. Working as a great leader will help me to analyze what are the issues that my team members are facing and solve their issues and guide them in choosing the best possible option. Also, I am emphasizing more on developing the best leader and I have prepared my development plan. Activities or objectives that I need to achieve are to develop my communication skills and enhance my listening skills as well as leadership skills. Leadership skills and listening skills both are essential for being a good leader because if a leader does not have the capabilities of working as a leader and managing the team then it is not possible to become a good leader(Freeman, et al., 2018).

Communication is important for the leader in the organization where I am focusing on ensuring that every team member who is working with me has the proper understanding of the objectives and strategies, they need to use for achieving those objectives. I am mainly focusing on becoming a great leader and using the right models to develop my thinking and skills. Having problem-solving skills is the major skill that I would like to develop in my journey. Leadership skills are important for managers to develop because leadership is the function of the management, and focuses on increasing maximizing efficiency (Freeman, et al., 2018).

Selection of Period

The selection period for the development as a leader will be required and it takes 2 years to develop and enhance my leadership skills in the organization, as well as become an independent person in my life. I have worked as a community pharmacist in India and I am currently handling the pharmacy in one of the hospitals, as well as currently pursuing my master’s in public health services. Also, I have plans that after pursuing my master’s, I will be working as a promotion health officer and gain experience by working in an NGO. Pursuing a master’s will help me to enhance my knowledge and gain experience and develop my communication as well as leadership skills(Lanshina, et al., 2019).

Also joining the NGO will provide me with growth opportunities and becoming a multi-tasking will also increase my personal development. NGO not only gives me growth opportunities but it increases my networks and building connections would help me become a good leader. Moreover, it will enhance my Curriculum Vitae and increase my employable skills and develop my leadership skills (Ziyadin, et al., 2018).

The essential requirement of being a leader is to improve the performance of all the team members who are working under me as well as understand their issues and make them understand what are their objectives, they need to achieve in their employment journey. Before becoming a good leader, I have to work under a leader who will provide me guidance and I can learn from them how they are managing their tasks and communicating with the people who are working under them(Ziyadin, et al., 2018).

Working under a great leader will not only provide me with growth opportunities, but it will also help me to learn how to conduct meetings with people. A great leader always brings the best abilities and motivates all of us to achieve a shared goal. When I was working as a community pharmacist in India, handling one whole hospital and supplying all the medicines in the hospital, I realized that having leadership qualities will also work for me. Also, I have realized that my leader under whom I was working was very organized and he was tracking the performance of all the employees he mainly ensures that focused on avoiding the delays(Cortellazzo, et al., 2019).

2 years was really fine for me to develop my leadership skills and maintain the quality of my work as well as my communication. My plan to work in an NGO will also help me in developing my skills.

I have realized that taking feedback from the staff members with whom we are working as well as our managers and ensuring that I will take the feedback as well as implement them. Also, I will ensure that all the staff members and my managers provide real feedback. This feedback helps me to identify the areas of improvement where I will be working in the organization. Taking feedback and providing feedback improve my job performance by enhancing my ability and acknowledging the results that I am getting from my colleagues and co-members. Effective feedback is a major contributor to developing leadership skills and reducing employee mistakes and also increase efficiency in the workplace (Cortellazzo, et al., 2019).

Leadership Development Model

The model that has been selected here for personal development is the Whitmore Grow Model.This model helps to set a goal that can be inspiring and challenging as well and the goal that needs to be achieved with the Whitmore Grow model provide flexibility. According to the Whitmore Grow Model, the leadership skills will be developed as there will be a coach who helps to select the best options out of all the possible opportunities. Also, the coach will not provide a straight direction, he will only provide mentoring and coaching in selecting the opportunity (Lacsamana, et al., 2018).

Another mode that we will be going to be discussed is Boyatzis Model is mainly focusing on intentional change, and the person is capable of taking charge of one’s learning. Five steps need to follow in the Boyatzis model of intentional change and the steps include such as discovering your ideal self, discovering your real self, creating the learning agenda, experimenting with and practicing new habits as well as getting support from the colleagues and supervisors(Lacsamana, et al., 2018).

Whitmore Grow Model will be the most suitable model for being a leader. As a leader, there will be several people who will be working under me, and I will guide them in taking decisions and provide the best solutions for issues they will be facing currently in the organization while working as a leader. Out of all the models, Whitmore Grow Model will be used for the improvement of performance, and being a leader in the organization, this model will be going to help.

Personal Development Plan as a leader

Activities to do Time frame in which the objective will be developed Contribution to development as a leader
Developing leadership skills In 2 months It will help to develop my leadership skills and contribute to being a leader.
Developing communication skills In 2 months Developing communication skills help me to enhance my performance as a leader, and increase my confidence level as well (Siddique, 2019).
Developing self-awareness In 1 month Self-awareness will also be increased and it is a major contribution to being a leader(Moldoveanu, et al, 2019).
Master in public health services In 2 years Completing my master’s in public health services will help me to increase my knowledge of public health services, and provide my wider knowledge in different areas of the world.
Work in NGO 3 months Working in NGO will give me certification of working as an officer in the NGO (Moldoveanu, et al, 2019).
Working as a health promotion officer 3 months Health promotion officer will enhance my leadership skills in the organization, and increase my knowledge of being a health promotion officer and I get to know about the health services of the organization(Siddique, 2019).

Leadership Development Goals

  1. There are several leadership developments goals that I want to achieve in my life such as enhancing my leadership skills and influencing the staff members working under me to achieve my objectives. It will provide me with a clear purpose for the development, and I will also focus on encouraging teamwork among my team members and ensuring that they achieve their objectives. I also ensure that I provide clear information and before that, I make sure that I have clear information that how all the objectives will be achieved and what are the policies and procedures of the organization(Brue, et al., 2018).
  2. the Second goal is to develop cultural sensitivity and increase the diversity in the organization. I make sure that diversity will be maintained in the organization and employees from the diverse background will be hired. Diversity is the primary factor in leadership, and the global leaders who are working effectively also ensure that diversity will be valued in the workplace (Brue, et al., 2018).
  3. Also, my leadership development goal is to bring innovation and creativity to the workplace, and I am also ensuring that innovation and creativity theories will also be explained and discussed with the staff members with whom I am working in the organization. Moreover, I will use the participative leadership style in which I would take opinions from my working members and ensure that their opinions will be implemented in the organization. The participative leadership style has its benefits of implementation in the organization and the leader must ensure that their opinions are taken into consideration credits will also be given to the employees whose opinions are relevant to the situation and easy to implement in the organization. It leads to an increase the morale and support will be given to the employees.
  4. Another development goal to become a good leader is to become a resilient person and have the leadership skills, and focus on cultivating the relationships. Becoming an active listener is one of the leadership development goals and offering constructive feedback, and being adaptable to change and growth. Also, I ensure that my performance will be efficient and I maximize my productivity, and ensure that my team members are happy with me. I also try to focus on building dynamic teams and providing a mentorship program to my staff members and subordinates who are working under me.
  5. Leadership development training programs provide the several benefits and it will increase the employee retention, so I make sure that I achieve the goal of providing the leadership training programs to my students, and promote better decision-making, and build the better teams, also the future leaders will be made in the company who will also give the right guidance to their subordinates. Moreover, I ensure that a positive working atmosphere will be maintained in the organization so that all employees will stay positive the organization(Asgari, et al., 2020).
  6. Another goal is to develop a safe environment and healthy workplace so that all the colleagues and staff members will be working safely in the organization. Being a mentor and a team leader, I will ensure that I have the responsibility that all staff members are working in a safe environment and they do not get any harm in the organization. Also, the safer the environment is the more productive work will be. Productive employees are considered an asset of the organization, so the right and safe working conditions will be given to them. The workplace also promotes the wellness of employees (Asgari, et al., 2020).


In the end, it has been concluded that being a leader provides several growth opportunities at the workplace and ensures that my skills will be developed. And adopting a good leadership style and using the right leadership development model will be useful. With a good leader, the right vision will be developed and it will motivate all the people to make it a reality. Connecting with all the team members and also encouraging personal as well as professional growthcontributes mainly to leadership development. Keeping a positive attitude is also essential in the organization for being a good leader.

The personal development plan will be prepared for the future as a leader where I have to list down all the activities that in how many months, I will develop my communication and leadership skills. Several skills I have to think to develop are working in the NGO and pursuing my master’s in public health services.          Using the right leadership development model will be focusing on providing mentoring and coaching to staff members and increasing their performance as well as increasing their productivity. My overall aim is to ensure that my development gives a positive impression on my colleagues and give a great contribution to being a leader.




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Executive summary

This report is written for the analysis of personal leadership development. I had written this report as a junior team leader in Woolworth’s supermarket. This report will provide information regarding the various steps that can be taken for personal development as a leader. Various skills and competencies can be developed in the individual by the means of information presented in this assessment. This assessment provides various techniques by which self-analysis can be used for the self-development. The communication of an individual can be made good by techniques present in the report.


This assessment provides information regarding personal leadership development. The building of self-awareness can be possible with the help of self-development. Various theories of leadership are discussed in this assessment for personal leadership development. The methods by which the team members can be motivated is also analysed in this assessment. The self-awareness can be accomplished in the team member with the help of training. Providing coaching will also be helpful in developing communication skill.

Whitman GROW model and justification for using this model

This model is chosen for the leadership development of me. This model is very beneficial for analysis of need of development in oneself. The different type of goals can be set with the help of a different model with a definite deadline. After setting the goals the reality of the individual can be analysed. The reality is the place at which the particular person stands in leadership. There can be a different type of options that are available for the development of leadership. These options can be listed and used with the help of this model. Obstacles that are present in the way of leadership development in one can be eradicated with the analysis of obstacles. After eradication of obstacles, the options can be converted into the actions for the personal leadership development.

Stages of GROW


The objectives for the learning and development should be very clear. There should not be any confusion regarding the goal. These are the needs that are required to be developed in any individual.


The current reality of me can be analysed with the help of this stage. Different type of challenges can also be analysed with the help of this stage.

Obstacle and options

The obstacles that will come in the path of success will be analysed. The options that can be used for the self-development will be analysed in this stage. Steps will also be taken for removing the obstacles.

Way forward

The options that are chosen are converted into actions in this stage. This is the final stage of which Whitman GROW model.

The time period and justification

A total of 2 years of the time period is selected for the leadership development program with the help of Whitman GROW model. Two years of the program will be beneficial and quick for the learning. At this stage of my career, it is very necessary to learn quickly different leadership skills. Learning will be helpful for me to implement the leadership skills with my continuous daily work in the organisation. This learning program will provide me with an opportunity to target future goals of my career.

Self-leadership development to build self-awareness 

To know the own mental state it is very necessary to make self-awareness. Self-awareness is helpful in energizing our self. The strength, weakness and tendencies can be analysed with the help of self-awareness. There are various methods that can be used for the self-development that can be helpful in self-awareness.

Positive intent

Defensive mental state is not a good mental state of any individual. If I am in the defensive mental state then it will not be good for me and for my organisation in which I will work. The person should not be judgemental for any of the people (Sowcik, et. al.,  2018). The concern and the issues of another person should be listed by me then the further decisions should be taken. This will be helpful for me in reading other person intention.

Mirroring myself and my decisions

Different type of decisions is taken by me regarding my work. All the decisions should be analysed me and the people around me.  This will be helpful for me in the analysis of future decision making. The limitations in the present decision making can be analysed and these limitations can be eradicated in the future decision making (Champy, 2009). After that, the future and the results of the past decision can be compared. The positive feedback can be getting after taking constructive steps regarding limitation on the past distance between.

Tough questions can be asked by the team

I am working as a junior team leader in Woolworths Supermarket. Therefore it is my duty to ask important decisions from the team members in my team. The self-analysis from these questions can be accomplished. If my team members are able to answer the tough questions easily then this will show that I am able to make my team understand important things regarding my organisation. They are able to understand the policies that are associated with their work. Tough questions will give their feedback regarding me if they are unable to answer tough questions.

Accountability partner

There is various employees work in the organisation. Any of the employees can become a partner for me. This partner can provide information about positive as well as negative improvement in me. The partner will be accountable regarding my self-development and self-awareness. The accountability partner can be a mentor also. This partner will make sure that I am on the right path of development or not.

It’s not all about me

It is very necessary to analyse that my team is working good for the organisation or not. If I am unable to make them understand the task then they will not work well for the organisation. Therefore it is my duty to make them competent in effective working for the organisation (Champy, 2009). The behaviour of the team members towards me will also show my response and my behaviour towards them. Therefore this self-development provides the analysis of self-awareness regarding own behaviour.

Personal leadership development strategy with leadership Theory

Behavioural theory

It is the type of theory of leadership different type of behaviour can be used by the leader for accomplishing the organisational task. The autocratic behaviour can be used by the leader in the situation when employees are already ready to work. In this situation, the leader only assigned the task to the Employees (Lamm, et. al., 2018). The relational behaviour is implemented by leaders when an important task has to accomplish with the help of the team of the leader. In this situation, the leader provides training to its staff regarding the important task. The different problems that are associated regarding the task are solved by the leader.

This theory will be helpful for my personal leadership development as different behaviours will be understood with the help of this theory. This theory provides the reactions that have to be made by a leader in the different situation with the employees that are working under the leader. This theory will provide me with an opportunity to lead my team efficiently.

Hersey and Blanchard’s approach – Situation theory

There are various types of styles that can be implemented by any leader for accomplishing the work in the organisation. The style can be used according to the situation.


This is the leadership style that is used in the situation when the task is regular work that is associated with the responsibilities of staff (Globe, 2018). In this style, less relationship is focused by the leader.


Some of the tasks are there that require coaching as well as supervision. In such type of situation, a leader implements selling is time. Leader trains the team member as well as motivate them to do that work.


This is the type of leadership style in which relationship is given priority by the leader. The task is least focused on this style. This type of leadership is implemented by the leader when there is less commitment of the team member is shown. In this situation, the leader motivates the team member to work with full of commitment.


When the team member is already motivated to do the particular task then this delegating style is implemented by the leader (Lamm, et. al., 2018). In this situation relationship as well as task both is less focused by the leader.

This style of leadership will provide me with a platform to know the method of tackling team member in a different situation. This type of leadership Theory is very useful for the individual that wants to become a good leader. Leadership can be performed by any individual without any issue with the help of this situation theory.

Fiedler’s Least Preferred Co-worker Contingency theory

Different type of contingencies can be possible at the time of working in an organisation. Contingencies can be solved with the cooperation and coordination between the employees. It is very necessary for a leader to take a fast decision in contingencies. There is the various method by which contingency can be minimised at the time of work.

Leader-member relations

If the team member and the leaders are enjoying good relationship then in the situation leader ask the team member to be Cooperative at the time of contingency. The flexibility in the work can be possible from the team member side because of a good relationship between leader and team member.

Task structure

The controlling of the task is in the hands of the leader. If there is contingency takes place in the organisation then prioritisation of the task can be possible. In this situation, the team members should agree to resolve the contingency according to the task urgency.

Leader position power

The leader is having high authority among the team member. Therefore leader should have that personality so that the team member will follow the instruction given by the leader. The same following should be accomplished by the team member at the time of contingency. This will be helpful in resolving the contingency in a fast manner (Globe, 2018).

The above methods provide me with the opportunity to learn the authoritativeness of the leaders. The method by which flexibility among the team members can be implemented is also analysed with the help of this leadership Theory. The solution of the contingency can be analysed easily with the help of coordination and cooperation. This theory provides me with the understanding of coordination and cooperation in the team.

Capacity to motivate others

It is very necessary for the leader to motivate the team members. Effective team working is very necessary for any organisation. The coordination between the team can be implemented with the help of motivation. There can be a different type of methods to motivate the team members. These are: –

Sharing the vision

The organisational vision can be shared to the team member. It is a good step to motivate the employees of the organisation. The employees will able to understand the mission for which the organisation is working. This will be beneficial for the employees to get motivated. They will walk in the direction of the organisational mission. This technique will be helpful for me to make my team good for the organisation.


Appreciation is the techniques that can be learned by me to motivate my team. This will be helpful for me in motivating a team (Lin & Chen, 2018). Appreciations are given to the employee because of a good performance of the employee.

Welcoming new ideas

Different ideas are given by the team members. Ideas from different team members should be welcomed by the leader. If the leader found idea suitable for the organisation then that Idea is implemented. The innovation can be bringing in the organisation with new ideas. This is the leadership style that will make supportive (Javidan, et. al., 2006).

Empower each individual

Little encouragement is very useful buy the leaders. If the encouragement is given to the individual on the small good performance then it will be a quite motivating moment for the team member. Therefore this leadership style will be helpful for me to encourage team members for working on the future challenging task.

Healthy competition

Competition between employees can be created by the leader. This will make the employees enthusiastic. They will work enthusiastically to be in the top of the competition. Competition can be created by me for the completion of the important task with full of commitment by the team member.

Celebrating success

After the accomplishment of the important task, it is very necessary to celebrate success. This can be possible with the help of creating a theme party in the workplace. This type of parties will make me involve efficiently among the team members. Team members will also able to know each other personally is such parties. This will enhance the commitment of team members towards the organisation.

Coach others, receiving and giving feedbacks

Coaching others about the self-awareness and self-leadership development will be helpful in making good communication skills. Pre-preparation before the coaching can be done every day. This will be helpful for an individual to which I will train. Feedbacks from the team members will be connected regarding the change in my skills. Any limitation will be provided by them regarding my skills. I will also able to make constructive changes regarding their personal leadership development by the means of training.  For the development of communication skills, various communication techniques can be implemented by me. The development in the communication skills will also be the result because of this training. Feedbacks regarding the communication will also be getting from this training (Hinck, 2017). This training will provide me with an opportunity to improve my communication skills.

Emotional intelligence

It is the analysis of own emotions. The balance can be created between the emotional life and professional life with the help of emotional intelligence. This is the learning that will make me emotionally strong in different situations at the time of working. Emotion can be perceived by the self-analysis. Behaving right according to the situation is the next step. Understanding the emotions of the team member that are associated to be can be possible only with the emotion analysis. Managing the disturbing emotion of other can be possible with the help of an analysis of the situation and emotion both.

Emotional intelligence will benefit me in different aspects. This will help me to develop my leadership styles. Team performance of the organisation can be increased with the help of emotional intelligence. Occupational stress can be decreased with the help of emotional intelligence. This will be helpful for me for not coming into the stress in any critical situation in the workplace. The decision making can be improved the emotional analysis. The ability of leadership enhanced because of all the benefits of emotional intelligence. This intelligence also provides personal wellbeing of an individual (Hinck, 2017). Reduction in staff turnover can be seen because of the analysis of emotional intelligence.

Active listening

An active listener will always be a good communicator. Active listening can be possible with the help of attentiveness among the individual. I will ask the team members to be attentive at the training session that will be given by me. The open-ended question will be asked by my team member. These questions will make me accountable in different situations. Clarification on the different questions will be given by me. I will also ask clarification from others to develop their communication skills. Paraphrasing can be possible with the help of active listening. This will be helpful in making the agreements from another party. Feelings can be reflected with the help of active listening. The feeling of another individual can be analysed with the help of active listening. Summarising the whole conversation can be possible with the help of active listening. In this way, active listening will be helpful for developing my communication skill in different aspects.

Empathy building

This can be possible with the help of listening to others. The viewpoint of the other individual should be considered seriously. This is the main step for building empathy. After welcoming the other viewpoint, it will be validated by me if I found that point suitable for the organisation. My attitude will be examined by me at the situation. The response of the other individual in this situation after validating the idea of that individual should be analysed (Kostina-Ritchey, et. al., 2017). The Other changes that the particular individual wants to implement should also be welcome. This is the technique that will make me learn the ethics that has to be followed by the authority of the leader.

Collecting feedbacks

Feedbacks regarding my learning can be collected from others. Feedback regarding my training can all be collected from the team members. Feedbacks are very essential for the constructive steps that can be taken for improvement.

Reflective practice and continuous learning

The necessary steps that are accomplished in this assessment will be regular. All the steps will be followed by me in a continuous manner. This learning will provide me with an opportunity to understand the new skills continuously. Personal leadership development can be possible only with the steps that are described in this assessment. These steps will provide me with an opportunity to grow in my career.


Self-development of an individual can be possible with the help of self-awareness. Self-awareness is also helpful in building a strong leadership of an individual. The leadership theories also provide learning regarding the leadership styles that can be implemented in the career. The motivation can be helpful for the team members. Motivating others also provides an opportunity to develop leadership skills. Training others will be beneficial for developing communication skills. Leadership can be developed by a continuous process of skill development.

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Planning template

Activity Duration Psychometric Result
Self-awareness  3 month Able to take quick and fast decision with a positive attitude
Behaviour development 5 month Able to behave well with different people 
Situation tackling  4 month React and do according to the situation that gives a good result for the organisation
Contingency handling  4 month Able to eradicate issues and problems in the organisation
Motivating other & self-motivation 3 month Commitment and responsible behaviour towards work can be increased
Train other for my communication skills 5 month Communication skills can be made better