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Leadership and Change Management Assessment

Assessment 2 Reflective Journal B

Week 8 and 9 recommended reading on the leadership of Culture, Ethics, and Diversity & strategic leadership and change management. I analyse from the topic that the culture of an organization is the aggregate of values, beliefs, norms, and assumption which is shared by employees among each other. The culture in an organization either created by design or by default. I also understand the strong and weak culture of the organization. The strong culture is the culture in which a complete agreement on key values and norms. In this culture, leaders play a key role.  It is linked with the high performance with the passion of achieving. Weak culture usually linked with low performance. In this culture employee’s resistance to change, unhealthy promotion activities, lack of experience and lack of shared values. I read about the ethics that the leader should develop the ethical environment in the organization. Diversity plays a great role in allowing the companies to recruit the employees from the larger pools, train and retain the superior performers. Diversity helps in solving a creative problem (Kumar, & Steinmann, 2015). 

The most interesting thing that I read about strategic leadership and changes is that the leaders have a dynamic role in developing the strategy of the organization when a company plans to re-engineer its business practices, adopting new technologies, acquiring new skills and capabilities. The company requires changes to create an edge over its competitors in the market place. The changes in the workplace often resistant by employees but I understand after reading that the effective leader moulds the employee behaviour by providing the best strategy and by creating awareness towards changes (Rothaermel, 2016). 

I understand from the reading that the organization culture, ethics, and diversity in the leadership are imperative not only for the organization but for the employees too. The culture of the organization is the set of behaviour that is followed by employees in the performance of the task of an organization. The leaders in the organization had taken a step to evaluate whether the company follows all the rules and regulations. The company is operated ethically. When the leaders are identifying the activities which are not right for the company. Then the leader declared that activity is wrong and it is unethical.  I also learned that leadership is a necessity in framing the strategy of any plan or activity. The modification in the policy of the company provides new avenues for its development and the leaders take action to familiar all employees with these changes by providing its benefits.   

According to my knowledge which I gather from this source, I analyse that the strategic leadership in the organization and the cultures, values, beliefs of the organization both are linked with each other. The company which follows all the norms and regulation then it provides an aid to a leader to develop the strategy of development when business is going to be expanded (Kumar, & Steinmann, 2015). 


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