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Human Computer Interaction Assignment Help


In this report evaluation of two websites given will be done which are 1., 2.

According to the principles of Human Computer Interface (HCI), Objectives of this report is to evaluate the functioning of these websites with principles such as ease of interaction between human and computer (website), whether there is simplicity in structuring of tasks, are functions clearly visible, whether mappings of website are correct, whether it is aesthetically pleasing when browsing the website’s, whether errors are meaningful, whether there is enough documentation, is it flexible to use for extended amount of time etc. finding of all good and bad aspects of websites, what all can be improved and added, comparisons of both websites regarding their usability according to HCI design and evaluation principles.



DECIBULLZ: It is a website for hearing related products like headphones, hearing protection with multiple hyper suggesting products from shooting sound protection to manufacturing sound protection applications.

BOATING CAMPING FISHING (BCF): Abbreviated BCF it is a website for boating, camping and fishing needs for all the people looking for adventure from kayaks, boats, sleeping bags to fishing rods to even providing caravans and clothing providing all outing needs.

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DECIBULLZ: Homepage of DECIBULLZ is a very clean and direct to the point with leaving very for the imagination, with clear and full-size images covering nearly all the websites real estate describing its products, its design is rather pleasing to the eye making it easier to navigate. It has main tabs/hyperlinks which are hearing protection, headphones, explore and support where hearing protection has a clear dropdown menu which contains links to earplugs, percussive filer and other, coming to 2nd dropdown of headphones which contains wireless Bluetooth earphones to its accessories, 3rd dropdown menu being explore contains prescribed categories of fitness, shooting sports, manufacturing, music which is really nice touch bringing users directly to their needs and categorizing main products, when it comes to the 4th menu it is really a simplistic menu where instruction, support portal, my account and contact us reside, apart from dropdown menus there are plenty enough functionalities given in the header like search, gift cards, my account and shopping cart, body of this website includes clear and large images of its products with description of what products features are, complying with the HCI principles, at the end of the website’s body there is a box with an insert for email address to subscribe for newsletter, bottom of that are links to all the social media handles of the company like Instagram, Facebook etc. with its store locator, after that there is the footer of this website which includes all the useful links from its product to customer service and company (details), this website remains well thought out and easy to access with it making the buying of product from looking to checkout rather easy, navigation of this is also very intuitive, one doesn’t have to think much in order to navigate this website.

BOATING CAMPING FISHING (BCF): Homepage of BCF is rather cluttered because of its wholesome offerings it can prove to be hard to navigate where to find the product of need it can take time, it even has so many offerings that it can become confusing for the user on deciding what to checkout with, header of this website includes seven dropdown menus which can little too much with its header also containing other links like sale and gift ideas, with dropdown menus like boating, camping, fishing and others it provides a great variety of products, one going to a trip for any of these adventures probably won’t miss any of the products needed from this website with boating menu providing all the boating needs, camping providing all the camping needs till brands menu where products are categorized by its brand names, with links like sale, gift ideas and be a BCFing expert it also provides opportunities to work for BCF, with all these links and menus there is not much left to discover but it also is a problem because one can consume much time trying to find his/her product needs but can be solved with search option given on the header, coming to the body of this website it contains clear images but with product direct product showcasing it can be further cluttering where one can keep looking at products and not find suitable product, going to the footer it seems like a clear design directly referring to links, it is a website providing plentiful but with a major drawback of cluttering UI trying to do too much.


Predictability: both being e-commerce websites predictability is the topmost requirement, both of these websites prove to be predictable with DECIBULLZ being the more predictable one with its clear and direct to point dropdown menus leaving very less to figuring out, with BCF being a multi category product line e-commerce website it still remains relatively predictable but with its exceeding product line it can become hard to predict after a certain point.

Familiarity: both of the websites remain familiar with similar design contacts with any e-commerce website, BCF and DECIBULLZ both have familiar interface where header has dropdown menus relating to its products, on the left side being the logos of both websites on the right being functional links/buttons towards search, my account and shopping cart, with there bodies including images of their products with its features, with its footer including all the necessary links.

Consistency: either of these websites offer consistency with DECIBULLZ offering a lot more consistence with its limited but true to its goal product line while in BCF a person can go from one product line to another without desiring to do so.

Generalization: both websites are generalized with the format of an e-commerce website being predictable and easy to interact with for first time users.

 Dialogue initiative: both of these websites contain dialogue initiation where at any moment of these websites one can suspend tasks even in checkout.

Sustainability: both of these websites follow a sustainable approach where one doesn’t have search the product previously ordered again, BCF has a tendency for confusing product names limiting its sustainability.

Customisability: these websites offer limited customisation as a central nature of e-commerce website it needs to be predictable and direct.

Observability: both of the websites have very observation friendly interface where one can know where the person is and where he/she can go, where one can go directly to the links, but with BCF bringing its drawbacks of confusions making it difficult overall.

Recoverability: both websites offer enough recoverability from its errors, with DECIBULLZ providing a clear and visible 404 error with search box, BCF making it confusing with YOU’VE GONE OFFTHE BEATEN TRACK line not clearly showing if there is a error but proving enough links and a search dialog.

Responsiveness: both of these websites are responsive with DECIBULLZ being a little less responsive to load its heavy images, surprisingly BCF is more responsive than DECIBULLZ even with its larger offerings, with both being compatible for smaller resolutions like smartphones.


DECIBULLZ: DECIBULLZ is a very well thought out website leaving very little to point out, with its use of full resolution images it comes large in size to loadit might become more responsible when limiting image use also after providing social media links with images it again provides links to its social media in footer which is a sign of redundant design. This website leaves very little for improvement other than nit-picking.

BCF: BCF is a responsive website with a lot to offer rather too much to offer, this website must focus on usability of this website with main focus on user interface rather than product line extension, try to make it less confusing for people to checkout product’s needs.


Websitesin general must follow human computer interaction principles but more so in e-commerce websites both of these websites try their best to focus on usability with DECIBULLZ leaving a little to complain but BCF having a need for improvement both websites must focus on improving responsive with BCF must try to be direct to point when navigating like error page, BCF must shift its concentration from product line to actual functionality of website.


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