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  1. Name of the city

The name of the city is Stratford, Ontario is a really pretty city having charms of small towns has been located at least 1.5 hours from Toronto. This is one of the top destinations for the road trip to Ontario. The tourism analysis for this city is done  for the overall analysis of this assignment. There are many things for doing in Stratford. For the stay, some of the Hospitality industry hotels are Best Western PLUS, The Arden Park hotel with the accommodation with a bar, free WIFI, parking, business facilities, daily housekeeping, non-smoking, air conditioning, indoor swimming pool, fitness center.

In Stratford, a walking tour is a favorite way of getting acquainted with the new city even if It is self-guided. Going for the stroll along the Avon River is considered a wonderful activity.

  1. Guest Profile

The guest for the visit is a couple having age of 30 years who has come from Oakville, Ontario is interested in doing something adventurous and exploring new places, and believes in enjoyinglife to the fullest. They are from medium class families but they also they do spend their life exploring new places and they like whisky very much (Stacey, 2014).

Itinerary considerations

Accommodation 1: Western PLUS TheArden Parkhotel

Rating: 4.5

Location: Stratford, Ontario

Description: This is having the best locations in Stratford, Ontario, this hotel provides comfortable and affordable accommodations which can make feel like being at home. This includes some state-of-art amenities: ahot tub and pool, event and meeting space, hotel compliant features, and free parking. Accommodation at this hotel is the need of everyone. As a bonus, this is the only hotel which is having event space and meeting rooms (Billingham, 2018).

Areas and activities

This hotel is one of the best hotels having luxury wedding venues and conference facilities in Stratford, ON. This is the preferred best western hotel and the local business hotel. This hotel has strived to provide the guests with everything required for a stress-free and relaxing stay.

Shakespeare Village

This is less than 15 minutes away from downtown Stratford, Shakespeare is a quaint village has been located on Highway 7/8 in the Perth country, this is the east of Stratford has been named after Stratford upon England and it does have less than 30 minutes of drive from the Kitchener. This has been known for having antique shops.

Room Amenities


50” Flat screen


Deluxe rooms

Microwaves in suites

Keurig coffee maker

Free parking

Fitness center

Hot tub

Swimming pool

Event and meeting space

Free parking

Accommodation 2: The Stratford Hotel

Rating: 4.5

Location: Stratford, Ontario

Description- Stratford does evoke the eternal glamour and maverick spirit of the legendary hotels for long-stay. Setting it across the 7 levels for Stratford, this is the design hotel having the spectacular taste from the magnificent lobby and it does have the sky terrace for imposing the glass atrium. Like the interiors, the Scandinavian style has old-world opulence through the natural timber, serene pastel tones, and stone bathrooms (Lee, et al., 2015).

Areas and activities
The Little Prince Micro-Cinema and Lounge

This is the 12 seats and the smallest theatre for a movie in the world. This is the antiquated screening room and there is a full concession/lobby lounge having tea, coffee, cinema popcorn, cotton candy, and also the infamous 2600 (Scola, 2020).


Minibar in rooms

Directory tables in the room

Conference phones

Spa services are offered upon request

100% recyclable packaging

Chromecast solutions and Apple TV
daily housekeeping

HDMI connectivity for the external devices


Mobility rooms

2 culture and art attractions

Koolen Fine Arts

It caters tocorporate clients and individual collectors in managing and building the fine art collections

Stratford city hall

This has been built in the year 1856. This town hall does incorporate the space for the stalls of the market

Art/culture attractions

Gallery Stratford

This is a gallery of public art has been located in Stratford, Canada has been founded in 1967. This gallery is established as one of the leading art galleriesinthe region.

Holy Trinity Church

This is the church having the grace of William Shakespeare and also burial and baptism records

Joe’s Diner

This is the best place for having the best breakfast

Nick’s Luncheonette

This is the best place for having lunch

Blue sky diner

This is the best place for having dinner at night

2 different transport options

There are 2 ways which are

  1. Self-driving

We can go there by self-driving car

  1. Train

There is also the option of visiting any by train for any of the places to go there.


Stratford has been famous for its association with William Shakespeare. This is the pedestrianized town’s part in which it has to be found the birthplace of the Shakespeare having excellent displays and entrance for the neat garden and historic house




Billingham, R. (2018). Early Photographic work included in group exhibition’s My Shoes: Art and the Self Since 1990′, Longside Gallery, Yorkshire,(30 March–17 June 2018), touring to Attenborough Arts Centre, University of Leicester; PACCAR Room, Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-upon-Avon; Aberystwyth Arts Centre, Aberystwyth University and The Harley Gallery, Welbeck throughout 2018-2019.

Lee, A. H., Wall, G., & Kovacs, J. F. (2015). Creative food clusters and rural development through place branding: Culinary tourism initiatives in Stratford and Muskoka, Ontario, Canada. Journal of rural studies39, 133-144.

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