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In the research the company is focusing on the innovation of the business through the use of the open data that is collected by the number of the person. The data can be collected and from the purpose of this the innovation can be done on the basis of the product and the other amount. The research is completed when all the question of the research are asked and amount to develop the good theory on the basis of the very person. Innovation in the business can lead to various amounts of changes in the business like the increase in quality of the product and the profitability of the company. It also helping in developing the company image in front of the other brands. It helps in developing high amount of creativity in the research and innovation. It helps the customers to make the choices accordingly towards the behaviour pattern of the company. It helps in bringing the amount of creativity in the organisation.

Research problem

Research problems face during the data collections which are needed to business.

  • Collection of the data source type 
  • Authentication of source/ department/ company etc
  • Type of data needs and their identifications
  • Identification of parameters collected
  • Information about sources of data for collection
  • Web-based data for data categorised

Hence these are the problem that can be faced by the researcher while researching the topic with the help of open data, the open data is the sources that include various sources such as internet surfing, government reports, open opinion that are recorded and presented in the online surface such as an interview and viewpoint on the business innovation. The opinion that is derived from various experts and the suggested theory that helps to make the research progressive and attractive. So for analysing the best sources will complicate the ideology and confuse the researcher whether to choose the subject out of a wide variety of alternative. The one more problem is that the data is valid or just an assumption or someone perception. So accuracy is another problem.

Research methodology

The random sample is selected from the different group of persons to study the product and helps in developing the business innovation with the use of the open and exact data.

Aims and objective

The research aims to describe “business innovation” through open data.

The objective of the research

  • To know the accuracy of the data that is collected for describing business innovation importance.
  • To create the platform for getting more opinion and perspective regarding the technologies and digital market advancement that leads to business innovation.

Literature review

According to the critic and the business leader they served business innovation to give importance to their customer needs and changing demand and simultaneously changing trend. The business entrepreneur focuses on the high creativity and innovation in the business worlds so that they will sustain themselves in the long run. In the words of many automobile companies, they say the innovation is the path of success nowadays in their viewpoint they are experimenting with the market and the with their product to create new trends for examples bypassing time the technologies advancement is very common but it comes into existence due to high thinking skills and discovering nature of the human being and the business professional. They just engage themselves in creating new worlds with innovation (Brasseur, et. Al.,2017).

According to the technological and mobile industries they are the great examples of the business innovation because they are people that intends to crates the generation of networks by changing routes and the targets they just focus on adopting new theories and strategies for providing more hi-tech experience with better speed and accessibility. In the words of many experts of the market researcher they say the vital and progressive innovation is taken places in the digital market.  The term digital denotes dynamism that means keep changing and spread the innovation and adaption all over the world (Parida, et. Al., 2019).

According to the general public point of view, many people are always curious in using new technologies and handling all the innovation whether it is in the mobile handset to smart-phones or the washing machine functioning the new version of any product excite the world with every change (Chuang, 2012). If the changes are not done by the company the people will not adhere their product regularly and even they do not bother but with help of innovative ideas and thinking even a led bulb will help to fight with bacteria.  By contrast with the above opinion and views some people especially the people of very old times do not accept the innovation more steadily because they seek time to get in touch and learn all the profound innovation. So in this literature review, the two opinions with different experience have been brought out that are convincing at their viewpoint (Shier and Handy, 2015).

According to the industry that deals inevery time innovation that is event companies. In the viewpoint of the event organizing companies, they require innovation in every aspect whether in digital format a designing format and staff management course of action they need innovation and creativeness while deciding the themes and the whole culture that carried out in the particular event without repeating any previous format seek new ideas and innovation. So for deciding all the things business innovation is important. Hence, it not only helps the staff but also releases loads of the burden from the top-level(Parida, et. Al., 2019).

Companies are adopting various theory and practices such as descriptive innovation and diffusion innovation for creating and enhancing management and organization staff innovation. These theories help the company to create and diversified the platform of innovation of the business that the particular company deals in. So in the viewpoint of various company and business schools, they thought of developing an organization by creating and implementing innovation theory for enhancing skills and knowledge and also to inbuilt analytical skills in man-powers (Shier, and Handy, 2015).

According to the online report that is presented by the standardize newspaper /magazine. They are in support of business innovation as innovation leads to the country progress and stand the country among the leaders of the world.  The countries citizen should emphasis on innovation adoption and developing their mindset as per the country is moving forward.  The country leads to progress if the people support their company in all sense that the country expected from their peoples.  The upcoming market is fully covered with the innovation and by 2025 the experts are saying the world is fully embodied with the innovative technologies and the new business era will arrive soon (Parida, et. Al., 2019).

For developing innovation in the country the government amends various policies and procedure to promote the courses that encourages the innovative skilled-based courses such data science courses and also  the courses that duration is not so long but deals in developing the skills regarding the upcoming market advancement such as data mining, research new technique, developing innovative thinking  skills by exercising various activities that indulge the students in putting attention towards their creation levels (Chuang, 2012)..

According to the management point of view, they seek business innovation for organizational growth and promoting the new policies and helps the employees in adapting the dynamicenvironment of the organization. In contrast with employee’s opinion, they are not ready to accept the sudden changes they feel frustrated and confused sometimes (Lianto, et. Al., 2018). In according to the employee’s viewpoint their consistency reduces because of business dynamism and innovation, some changes will be acceptable such as policies and time changes but if the changes appear with technologies and concerning job activities. So, that the management and employees viewpoint does not match because their working and technique are different (Lianto, et. Al., 2018).

According to the marketing managers their point of view on business innovation is very optimist because with the help of business models of innovation they are able to develop new strategy and adopt new technique of strategizing their company market, with the help of innovation an organization have various option to judge the market value and their investment ranking. The new era is full of multi-tasking worlds because competitiveness between the different companies is increasing day by day that indulges the marketing heads to research new technique and innovation to stand different in the market. The marketing heads also enhancing the way of scanning the competitor to prevent themselves and secure their market from the risk (Pino and Ortega, 2018).

For developing any new product the open data sources are very helpful in analysing the customer viewpoint and online feedback will give directions and problem resolving attitude towards the existing product model. The companies will analyse their product values in the market. The company will also pursue new product development by discovering the product necessity, types and price that attract the customer because all the point is considering the customer preferences and tastes (Sidorkin, 2015).

 According to the human resource manager, they say that innovation gives the direction to adapt and change the ethics and knowledge by the time for moving the business with the pace of time and generations. The viewpoint of human resource managers is to gather the employee’s mindset by pursuing a various activity that enables the human resource manager to know the needs and perception of the employees and to know the strength and weakness of the employees.  So that the innovation will affect differently to different peoples with different background some abide the decision and some accept it. Hence, the human resource manager is trying to say with the help of business innovation they can use a different innovative technique or activities the human resource manager may judge their employees capacity and abilities (Sidorkin, 2015).

As per the market leaders point of views the leader that adopt innovation model in their daily business content will be successful in every age of business but if the organization is not putting any stress in developing new strategies and following the traditional and old ones will never get succeed and does not sustain their company goodwill in the market because today ‘s societies and culture is changing day by day and the people are focusing to develop their standard of living and their quality by experimenting and purchasing  hi-tech technologies reduce their burden and to save time as well . So for getting all the sufficient product that resolve all the customer needs will get from implementing business innovation and preparing strategies that suit the today’s market study and helps to attain the objective (Fernandes Rodrigues Alves,,2018).

The company emphasis on language innovation because they know to deals with the outer world they should know the language to understand their way of business tactics and to build venture between the two countries.  So for resolving such kind of barrier, they are hiring the translator by investing heavy amount and it is also a part of business innovation as the business professional are aware of the future trends and preparing their present to strengthen their future presence. Hence language innovation is also the great things that any organization should adopt for reducing communication barrier and building a new relationship (Foss and Saebi, 2017).

The open data is also an innovative technology through that an organization can research many thought processes and can help them to innovate the one out of the data that are gathered from the open data technique. Through this source of data collection, an organization does not have to invest lots of paperwork they just need to tap the online surface and web browsers and the government proposal that helps to clear out the question for that the open data sources have been adopted. This source helps the company to clear their doubts and indulge them to gather deep knowledge regarding the subject that the survey is conducted. Hence through this organization will ensure the accuracy and select the appropriate data that is beneficial or relevant for the company purpose and also know the customer references and expectation (Brasseur, et. Al. 2017).

The business innovation helps the organization to design their product with innovation and give new shape and colour to the product for attracting customer and especially women are more attracted towards the product if the company offer any discount and free samples or any free product with the original product (Morrar, 2014). Women are focusing on the chances to grab the opportunity eagerly whenever it comes, it benefits the customer but the company too.  The decision is more innovative if the company know the problems that the customers are facing, for example, a cab company changes some policies in the pricing that if the customer is solo then they can reduce their cab cost by sharing the cab with another customer, and one more innovation they created providing bike services too that helps customer to save them money in one hand and also satisfied by using travel services. So that it is known as service innovation that helps the existing market needs to fulfil (Morrar, 2014).

In various countries, various innovation is taken places by companies that are running in a particular region. The wide variety of companies are situating their franchise in another country but the taste and preferences of another country are different as the previous countries where they already situate their franchise or venture (Suroso and Azis, 2015). To know all these things the company needs to adopt the business innovation and dynamism as they support the business to situate their business in any countries. For example, an automobile company ford they need to put some changes in their functioning and direction if they want to generate the lead for their product in Australia as the product should be according to Australia citizens and for building all the innovation they need to adopt business innovation theory and practices. Hence through this, they will judge the customer motive and their expectation and can able to scan the existing market values (Suroso and Azis, 2015).

According to the education sector viewpoint, they also thought that innovation in business is the need of today because if the business person will not experiment with their product then how the product innovation subject will become successful.  The educational ministry put lots of efforts to innovate their subject for enabling the student to become future leaders. The schools and college are a focus on the student educational plus analytical upbringing too. The thought process behind this is to transform the mindset of the students to logical and observational aspects, indulge the student on more practical activity with theoretical implication. So that in future if they are going to join any organization it will be easy for them to understand the organization by their observation skills and their practical skills helps to solve the urging problem that they faced in the future in an organization (Foss and Saebi, 2017).

According to(Link and Scott, 2013)small business point of views such as small scale restaurant and small scale hotel etc, they also thought that the business innovation is the impressive tools to sustain in the market. As for surviving in the market between the big company is very tough for the small entity companies but by aspiring innovative ideas and proposal, they too grab the market attention. Hence the business innovation will work out at every level of business and companies (Link and Scott, 2013).

Accordingto (Zia and Shafiq, 2017) business processed outsource companies that deals in tackling the problem of the overseas clients and the knowledge process outsources business they two thinks that the innovation and management is parallel to each other or they are saying directly proportionate because if there are good idea formation and innovation the management is automatically enhanced and travel simultaneously as per innovationimplementation. Thus, according to BPO and KPO firms, they thought the flow of processing and flow of knowledge will efficient if the business innovation is there that helps a business entity to change their proceeding time to time to reach the goals and objective (Zia and Shafiq, 2017).

Therefore to address the research problems the study helps to give the amount of research question and these are as follows

  1. What are the open data and their sources?
  2. What is required for open data? 
  3. What is the way of business innovation by open data?

The research helps in giving answers to all the questions that are asked in the research problem with the help of the different articles. It can be said that the innovation of the business can be done with the help of data.


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