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Assessment 1

Question 1

The reason behind the plain English writing style is the matter is quickly & easily understandable to the reader.

The three benefits of plain English writing style are:

Convey Easily

Save time

Globally Understandable

Question 2

Convey easily: The main benefit of writing in a plain style is that we can easily convey the message. For example, if we found any message or any matter which language is very typical or not understood easily, then the purpose behind writing that matter will not be fulfilled. So it is the main reason to write any matter which can be easily understandable to everyone to convey the message easily.

Save Time: When any message, matter, or document will be short in plain English style it takes very less time to read & understand that matters so that the person takes the action quickly &easily which saves time.

Globally Understandable: As we know that English is the only language that can be used to communicate with people globally. Many companies have been working across their countries.So if it has been written in plain English writing style it will be better to understand & communicate their message or any matter with people around the world(Sharma et ., al 2012).

Question 3

Active Voice: John ate whole rice at lunch

Passive Voice: At lunch, whole rice was eaten by john.

Active Voice: Suzy cleaned the entire house.

Passive Voice: The entire house was cleaned by Suzy.

Question 4

(1)We can use passive voice in that condition where it’s important to indicate the action being performed, rather than who is performing it.

Example: Our house is being painted.

(2) We can use passive voice in that condition when we want to indicate or highlight the person or receiver of a particular action.

Example: Tom was beaten by his father.

(3) We can use passive voice in that condition when we are talking about the general truth or sentence.

Example: Company SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is made to be followed.

Question 5

Simple Sentence: A Simple sentence is a sentence that includes the basic elements (Sub +Verb)

Example 1: The Bus was late.

In the above sentence “The Bus” = Subject, Was = Verb

Example 2: I looked for john at the airport

In above sentence “ I ” = Subject, Looked = Verb

Compound Sentences: A Compound sentence is a sentence that is made by two independent clauses connected with Coordinating conjunction.

We can learn the Coordinating conjunctions with the word “FANBOYS” – For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So.

Example 1: Jerry waited for his friend Tom but he was late.

Example 2: They left the Railway Station before I arrived, soI did not see them.

Question 6

It has come to our attention that arrears are left in your account. Perhaps anoversight on your part leads to some temporary pecuniary difficulty. It is the long-held policy of this company that client will be responsible for any bad debts & will not be able to access the credit further until the overdue amount has been received by the client. It is very important to look out this matter without losing any further time. If payment will not be received within a month an indeed will be posted to the same that the store will not be able to give you credit further(Baker, et al.,2016).

Question 7

In a Bad newsletter subject line or title not be clear or common so readers generally avoid reading the news

In publishing a bad newsletter the information will not be clear so the reader will confuse or not get understand to read that type of news.

In a Badnewsletter, the Language or matter that has been used in that news will not easily readable or understandable.

In a Bad newsletter, promotional content should be more rather than the information (Azizi., 2014)

Question 8

Interesting title with catchy lines: When we try to write a good newsletter its title & subject line should be more interesting & catching so that it can take the attention of more & more readers.

Provide accurate information: If we want to build the trust with readers, we have to provide reliable & accurate information to them. We should have proper information about the news that we put in the newsletter.

Promotional content should be less: When we try to publish a newsletter we make sure we provide the 90%ofof the news & Informative content & less than 10% of promotional content. Readers looking a valuable content that will provide some knowledge & information

Easy to read: When we going to publish the news the matter & language should be easy to understand. It saves the time &provides the accurate with the information which we want to publish

Recheck before publishing: Before publishing news, we need to recheck it always because if there is any grammatical &content-related error we can rectify it before time.




Assessment Task 2


1) E-Mail

To: Eleanor Bloom of
Date: 20-05-2022
Subject: Regarding Business planning
Respected sir,
This mail is written to take a face-to-face appointment with the Senior Accountant in the upcoming two weeks as we want to discuss business planning.

I request you to kindly visit our office.


Account administration officer.



To: Hr Tom
Date: 22-05-2022
Subject: Inform staff of discussing a new performance appraisal
Meeting hour: one hour
Respected sir,

This mail is written to inform you that we conducted a meeting to discuss a new performance appraisal with you all. You all must attend the meeting; the meeting is about one hour. You all will share your idea in the meeting, so we decide on this new performance appraisal.

I request you all to kindly attend the meeting on time.


Account administration officer.



To: Sonya
Subject: Sonya
Meeting hour:
Respected Ma’am,

This mail is written to inform you that you are unsuccessful in the post of senior accountant.

Thank you very much to show your interest in our company.





Meeting hour:
Respected client’s

This Mail is written to inform you all that update your bank details due to the ATO Requirement to ensure that all financial institution account information is up to date.

All of you must update your bank details soon so that the ATO or you are not face any problems.

I hope you all get my point.


Account Administration officer



Part A: Plan documents

Planning criteria


What is the purpose of the document?



The purpose of the document is to respond to the client who’s are interested in our company and discuss business planning with us.
Who is/are the intended recipient/s?



The client whose name is Eleanor Bloom.
What is the intended format for the document e.g. letter, email, memo?


The format for the document is e-mail.
What software will be used to produce the document?


Microsoft outlook
What key points will be included in the document? Include each point in a logical structure and the order, they will be addressed in the document.


Answer to the client, that we are interested in their business plan.
What style of language will be adopted, standard or formal or informal?


The Formal language is used for email.
Does a manager need to sign the correspondence before it goes out as per the Style Guide?


Yes, the manager’s sign is very necessary because all official document has to need an official signature.
What template will be used from the Style Guide to develop the document?


Plan document


Part B: Draft documents and obtain additional information


CheckYes/No, comments and/or changes made to the document.


Does the tone of the document reflect the writing style required as per the style guide?


Yes, style is matching
Is the tone in the document suitable for the intended audience e.g. is it sufficiently formal or informal?Formal but it requires more details
Is the format of the document appropriate to the purpose of the communication e.g. letter for a formal communication?Yes
Is the purpose of the document clear?Yes
Is the document logically sequenced and structured?Yes
Is the document constructed logically?Yes
Has the document been proofread for spelling, grammar and overall readability?Yes
What style guide requirements were observed in developing the document?It was specific to the purpose



Part C Finalise Documents

A document is a printed or electronic matter of written information that is useful for the official records, as the document of office use must contain the purpose for the specific that is mentioned and also it should be clear and to the point of purpose without any overwriting or making the matter of document too long, the document of official use should be written in a very concise format and specified so that reader will know the purpose.

The official use of documents should contain the subject on which the document has a matter so that the readers will know that by reading the subject of the document what will the content that document body have, and there should be proper mention of the date of the document so there will be proper validation with the deadlines of any task or any content.

As for today’s digital world, there are all matters should be sent personally through the mail so that each of the recipients has the information. And always there is a focus on the interesting content that was asked by the client, and language of content should be formal and the authority signature must be there on the document to make the document authenticate.







Azizi, E. (2014). Authenticity and collaboration: motivating students through newsletter writing. Kwansei Gakuin University humanities review18, 9-18.

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Sharma, P., Chrisman, J. J., & Gersick, K. E. (2012). 25 years of family business review: Reflections on the past and perspectives for the future. Family Business Review25(1), 5-15.

1. Introduction

If a function can undo the operation of any other function then the function that “undo” another function is called the inverse function of that function. The inverse function of a function f(x) is denoted by “f-1(x)”. To be an inverse function the function needs to be Onto and One-One.  For example, if a function f(x) = 3x, which triples the number which is provided as input, then the inverse of this function has to make it one third to get the input back. Therefore, f-1(x) = x/3.  Two functions g(x) and f(x) are inverses of one another, then “g(x) = y only if f(y)=x”.

g(f(x)) = x.

This report on the use of inverse function in information technology is discussed with the help of three pieces of literature. Then a flowchart has been created to implement the application of inverse function in computer programs. An algorithm is developed for the inverse and then test it for two inputs.

2. References of three articles

  1. Ikram, M., Susanto, H. and Purwanto, I., 2020, August. Did Undergraduate Students Really Establish Reversible Reasoning When Faced With Inverse Function Problem Situations?. In SEMANTIK Conference of Mathematics Education (SEMANTIK 2019) (pp. 27-33). Atlantis Press. Available from: [Available at: 10/05/2022]
  2. Lawson, J., 2020. An inverse function theorem converse. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 486(2), p.123913. Available from: [Available at: 10/05/2022]
  3. Emmanuel Eziokwu, C., 2020. On The Inverse Function Theorem and its Generalization in the Unitary Space. Asian Journal of Mathematical Sciences. Available from: [Available at: 10/05/2022]

3. Literature review

  1. Ikram et al. 2020 investigate reversible reasoning, especially the mental actions of students in the problem-solving of an inverse function. The reversible thinking of several high-achieving students at the undergraduate level is compared in this given scenario. These students had previously been examined on their comprehension of component functioning. Data gathered via think loudly and clinical conversations indicate tactics employed by respondents in order to trace directly to the original function. When dealing with inverse function issues, 3 undergraduate students demonstrate diverse reversible logic models, which include reversible inflexible, analytical, and divergent strategies. Further research on strengthening the understanding and legitimacy of bidirectional reasoning as an important tool for students and teachers in classroom practice is suggested.
  2. Lawson (2020) established a convers function of the well-known inverse function theorem. If “g: U    V  and F: V    U” be the homeomorphisms among the open subsets of the Branch spaces. If function g is differentiable at class  and function f is locally Lipschitz, then Frechet Derivative of g at every point of the U is invertible as well as f have to be differentiable at class  .
  3. According to Emmanuel Eziokwu (2020), the inverse function theorem influence the Branch space for R. this paper mainly focus on the concept of inverse function theorem. This theory mainly helps to detect that the inverse function able to hold Rn. the unitary space mainly holds the establishment process that can extend to Cn. It will help to generalize the unitary space.

4. Application in information technology

There are various applications of inverse function in information technology. With the help of the concept of the inverse function, various data and information can be traced (Stănică and Geary, 2021). By applying inverse function in the information technology cause can be deduced from the effect. The inverse function can be used in machine learning, computer vision, medical imaging, and remote sensing.


With the help of the concept of an inverse function, an original image can be generated. The mapping of an image to quantities from the quantities is known as the forward problem.   With the help of different physical theory, the details of the forward problem can be found. The mapping of actual data from the image is given through the relation Y = A(x) + n. Then the inverse problem is the findings of the original image from knowledge of forward problem and given data. For example with the help of inverse function in information technology, an original image can be found from a blurred or damaged image.

5. Description of this choice

The inverse function is not only confined to the mathematics or computer language, it has a different use in everyday life. From real-life activity to the technology can activity it has a significant application. In our daily life, there are different activities that can be explained and solved through the inverse function, such with the help of the inverse function temperature of an object is possible to change from Fahrenheit to Celsius or vice versa. For the huge application of inverse function in real life and how it is applied in information technology to deduce the cause from effect, the universe function has been chosen for this report.

6. Flowchart

Let a function f(x) = 3x + 5, then the below diagram represents the flow chart of inverse function of f(x) i.e. f-1(x).

Figure 1: Flow chart

(Source: self-created in

7. Algorithm

  1. Replace f(x) by y
  2. Swap y and x
  3. Solve for y
  4. Replace y with f-1(x)

8. Algorithm test

1) Input , f(x)  = 3x + 5

Step 1: y = 3x +5

Step 2: x = 3y +5

Step 3:

3y = x-5

Or, y = (x-5)/3

Step 4: f-1(x) =  (x-5)/3

2) Input = f(x) =  4x -2

Step 1: y = 4x -2

Step 2: x = 4y – 2

Step 3:

4y = x + 2

Y = (x+2)/4

Step 4:  f-1(x) = (x+2)/4

9. Conclusion

The function which undoes the operation of a function is called the inverse function. To get the inverse function one function has to be bijective and onto. In information technology, the inverse function has several uses. Various data and information may be tracked using the notion of the inverse function. An original picture can be recovered from a blurred or damaged image using the inverse function in information technology. The universe function was chosen for this research because of the vast use of the inverse function in real life and how it is used in information technology to discern cause from effect.

10. Statement about group contribution

Within a group, we need to be participative. Participation in the group will help to develop my team management skills. I need to be specific with my work. If required help I need to ask for help from my team. I need to focus on building good communication with the team.





Aaftab V, M. and Sharma, M., 2021. OGGN: A Novel Generalized Oracle Guided Generative Architecture for Modelling Inverse Function of Artificial Neural Networks. arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.03935.

Emmanuel Eziokwu, C., 2020. On The Inverse Function Theorem and its Generalization in the Unitary Space. Asian Journal of Mathematical Sciences.

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Lawson, J., 2020. An inverse function theorem converse. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 486(2), p.123913.

Stănică, P. and Geary, A., 2021. The c-differential behavior of the inverse function under the EA-equivalence. Cryptography and Communications13(2), pp.295-306.


As students, you will undoubtedly encounter various academic essays throughout high school, college, and university. You’ll have to read case studies, dissertations, research papers, and other things, for instance. The most frequent types of projects you’ll encounter among them are essays.

When students are writing the essay they are likely to encounter various essays types:

1) Narrative essays

2) Descriptive essays

3) Argumentative essays

4) Expository essay

From the above-mentioned essays, the students struggle most in the argumentative essay. They face difficulty in writing this essay because it requires a lot of effort in composing a good writing piece.

What do you understand by an argumentative essay?

It is one of the genres of writing when writing an essay. In this essay on the specific issues, a firm stance is taken. There is a need to collect a certain amount of evidence for supporting the viewpoint, and there is also a need to provide some of the counterarguments, and thoroughly the topic investigated. These kinds of the essay provide the students with a nice opportunity. When writing these easy they can highlight their ability of framing consider yet logical justifications and then apply them to their persuading abilities.

Easy Step-By-Step Instructions for Writing a Strong Argumentative Essay

Unless you’re familiar with the writing process, you won’t be able to come up with an excellent argumentative essay out of thin air. However, there is need no need to think much about it. You’ll learn the ropes of writing an argumentative essay with this simple, step-by-step guide, so you can score an A+ on every assignment you submit.

Step 1

An engaging topic must be chosen

For making sure of the writing quality the engaging topic of the argumentative essay goes the long way. In this step, unfortunately, the majority of students pick a difficult subject that they are uninterested in.

When you don’t have any opinions about the topic you are addressing, you will find it difficult to develop an engaging argument. Later, or Sonner, the audience will eventually lose interest.

Step 2

For the essay, a proper structure must be chosen

To present your argument coherently, you need to structure the essay correctly. Generally, in most of the writing general format is followed:

  1. The easy is starts with the introduction
  2. Then comes the body
  • Then at the end of the essay conclusion is written

Furthermore, you need to make sure your argument flows logically. When writing, you must try to imagine the reader’s perspective and figure out how to make him or she understand your perspective.

Step 3

In-depth and careful research must be conducted

The purpose of an argumentative essay is to convince your reader that your viewpoint is correct on a particular subject. Logic and data are vital for this but are not sufficient on their own. this is why it is important to conduct in-depth research so that sufficient evidence can be collected for writing the argumentative essay.

Step 4

Counterarguments can be added

If the essay is approached from one viewpoint only, then there might be a possibility that the reader may consider the essay writer biased. Therefore, it is important to add some of the counterarguments in the essay, and one by one they must be refuted. It will also help to show the extensive knowledge in that area and to the writing, more credibility is provided.

Step 5

The controversial and sensitive topics must be avoided

When the topic of the argumentative essay is chosen, topics which controversial and sensitive must be avoided. Furthermore, it is impossible to remain neutral in your analysis, and censorship is also more likely with such subjects.

Following the above Easy Step-By-Step Instructions for Writing a Strong Argumentative Essay can help in writing a great argumentative essay. It will simply impress your professor.

Argumentative writing types

You’ll come across three different forms of argumentative essays throughout your academic career, each of which calls for a different strategy. Which are:

1) Research argumentative essay

This essay is depending primarily on the external evidence for supporting the specific argument. However, in this kind of essay writing objectivity must be maintained. Providing adequate support for the core idea and the opposing arguments is one way to do this.

2) Persuasive argumentative essay

in this essay, the primary goal is to convince the reader that one side of the essay argument is more valid when compared with the other. therefore, it is crucial to present the viewpoint clearly and also include sufficient evidence for substantiating the claims. To the stance counter, arguments can also be provided and each claim must be logically refuted.

3) Personal argumentative essay

In this essay objectivity of the essay goes out of the window. In the personal argumentative essay, there is no need to do in-depth research for preparing the case. This case is based on personal subjectivity and opinion. However, there is no indisputable evidence for supporting the claims, so there is a need to convince the readers to review the topic and see the issue through your eyes.

The more you review the samples of argumentative essays, it will be helpful to differentiate between these tips for assignment writing types.

Argumentative essay examples and topics

  1. Examples of Argumentative Essays with Thesis statements

Example A: Vaccinations must not be up for the debate

Thesis statement: against deadly diseases like mumps, polio, Ebola, and cholera vaccination must be made mandatory for children who are planning to enroll in schools. As vaccination can stop the transmission of such viruses.

  1. Examples of the paragraph argumentative essay

There are five paragraphs in a traditional argumentative essay. The five paragraphs consist of the introduction of one paragraph, the body of three paragraphs, and the conclusion of one paragraph. In such kind of essay, some of the topics which can be explored are-

  1. To democracy are there any drawbacks?
  2. Does religion have a significant impact on wars?
  • For cyberbullying charging some fine is the right punishment?
  1. For universities some of the examples of argumentative easy
  2. Should public figures engage in political activism?
  3. Should women only be represented in senior roles in corporations?
  • According to you reading traditional books is better than reading e-books?
  1. Examples of the immigration argumentative essay
  2. For preventing illegal immigration does border closing helpful?
  3. Does the number of immigrants grow to make crime more likely?
  • Should immigrants who travel to neighboring nations to avoid war be given free access to necessities?

Above mentioned topics of the essay can be helpful for you to become familiarised with argumentative essays. So, for becoming more perfect in essay writing by practice.

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Persuasion is a kind of art and skill. Not every individual could navigate thoughts and provoke sentiments utilizing their significant words. It is a very hard-earned kind of skill that needs one to be particularly systematic with the topic subject of speech and also understand the oratory of humans.

Persuasive words and speeches attempt for convincing and persuading listeners significantly about the legitimacy and efficiency of the argument of the speaker. They are all presentations that mainly aim in changing opinions and ideas by provoking them for acting, feel or think differently. When carried out in the right manner, persuasive speeches could move all masses, influence entire and also carry out rebellion.

For all students, the necessity of mastering persuasive talking is indisputable. From changing ideas and attitudes to implicating how individuals act, effective persuasive speaking is a strong weapon in any arsenal of the student.

What Are The Components Of A Good Persuasive Speech?

The key elements in a successful and effective persuasive speech are passion and credibility.

  1. A passionate speaker utilizes emotion for tugging at the heart of the audience. Conviction, passion and enthusiasm evoke mainly emotions that particularly impulse the audience for considering what is being communicated.
  2. Creditability is made very ostensible when the speaker represents their skills regarding the specific subject. Utilizing rational arguments, actual evidence, presenting all facts and demonstrating skills and knowledge could persuade audiences related to the credibility of the speaker and also hold the attention of the audience.

In philosophy and rhetoric, the description of persuasive speeches is bluntly dissimilar from that of mainly coercive speeches. The earliest great philosophers of Greece recognized three keystones of persuasion. Among them, Aristotle considered three kinds of reasons or proof, namely, ethos, pathos and logos.

  1. Ethos means the personal character mainly of the speaker. The population will particularly relate to the main speaker effectively if they mainly realize that they are a better person.
  2. Pathos is the next essential factor. It is termed emotional evidence, personal perceptions and values, passions and feelings. Besides rational explanation, emotional factors petition to the individual aspects of an individual’s mind.
  3. Logos is the final and third keystone of persuasion. Logical and rational proofs are essential for the ultimate success and effectiveness of the persuasive speech. So, logic is mainly of paramount necessity while offering evidence, reasoning and argument for supporting claims.

The beginning of the persuasive speech is frequently one of the most critical aspects.

How to Start a Persuasive Speech?

The beginning of the speech mainly regulates how accurately well it will mainly perform. The speaker does not prefer to bore the audience from the beginning of the speech as it can negatively provoke them.

Some of the effective ways are given below for starting the introduction of the persuasive speech.

  1. Start with the moving and relevant quote that accurate grasps the attention instantly and also sets the atmosphere and tone of the complete speech.
  2. Begin with the scenario of ‘what if’. Then plea to their capabilities of visualizations and creativity and also accurately draw them all.
  3. Tug mainly at their thoughts with rhetoric, facts, and subtle and careful emotional influence. Dramatic instances and prominent data could support persuasion comprehensively.
  4. Ask relevant questions. They might be literal or rhetorical, however, questions induce the mind of humans to respond instinctively.
  5. A pause of 5 or 10 seconds can delay the attention of the audience towards the particular speaker.
  6. Facts and statistics could be powerful for attention seekers. Utilize personalized, powerful and surprising statistics for hooking attention. They effectively echo with the audience, could assist in getting the message instantly and also have the potential for triggering the emotional plea of the audience.
  7. A strong statement is an effective way for introducing the persuasive speech of the speaker. They could grasp the attention and also keep every individual hooked to speech and guessing mainly about what the speaker will say and talk next. However, again pairing it with the technique of pausing will have an adverse effect.

The above techniques of introduction work for each significant kind of persuasive speech.

The most essential kinds of persuasive speech mainly in academics are given below:

  1. Short Persuasive Speech – With approx. 3 minutes, short persuasive speeches require beginning with the powerful attention seeker. Then next, all speakers must craft a unified outline of all key points they mainly intend for talking and speaking about. Coherent and intelligent presentations, outstanding facts, strong rhetoric and indisputable logic are fundamentals.
  2. Motivational Persuasive Speech – Motivation speeches mainly appeal to some positive kind of emotions and also aim at inspiring listeners to take relevant action. But the speaker should establish their reliability before they could appeal to the emotions of the audience.
  3. Advocacy speech – Relevance and attention, action, visualization, satisfaction and need – are the chief essentials of persuasive advocacy speeches. These speeches are mainly all about comparing an individual situation with another.
  4. Academic Persuasive Speech – The general needs of persuasive academic speeches mainly include motivated arrangement, reliable evidence, rhetoric and logic, motive pleas, graphic aids etc. for moving the audience.
  5. Technology Persuasive Speech – Persuasive speeches about technology mainly aim for convincing listeners regarding the influence of technology. Whether the implication of technology on society of human beings, global jobs, sectors of business or powerful rhetoric, concrete proofs, logic and the environment are essential ingredients.

How to Write A 3-Minute Persuasive Speech?

  1. Write the sentence of the topic about the particular topic for a specific reference. It will assist in being focused and also guide the speaker throughout the whole process.
  2. Deliver the attention-seeking and striking beginning statement.
  3. Write a fast outline of all key points. Label all of them and also highlight those points.
  4. Write some short and effective explanations that aid all key points. Insert numbers and also utilize capital letters for differentiating them from all key points.

One of the brilliant universities is New York University. It is situated in the NYC heart. Due to its location and its remarkable academic programs, this college is highly desirable. With 51,848 students, it has grown to be the biggest private institution in the country. Most applications are submitted to NYU, and the admissions procedure there is the most competitive in the country.

Mainly the cycle of the fast applications proved it to be historic. The acceptance rate for NYU dropped from 30% in 16 years to 28% in 2016, after admitting the most international students and having the highest percentage of African-Americans and Latinos. The applicants which were acceptable were 85,000, it was the lowest rate of acceptance since 2001.

To stand out from the crowd, it is crucial to write an impressive essay. In addition to the application, all applicants are needed to submit a “Why NYU?” essay with a limit of 400 words where they should express why they are interested in NYU in the most artistic and precise way possible. Hopefully, you will find today’s guide helpful in understanding NYU’s supplemental essay prompts, preparing your essay for certain questions, and putting your best foot forward.

So let’s get started right away!

How to Write a Creative “Why NYU” Supplement Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide?

To put together a winning class, NYU’s college admissions officers have to read hundreds of essays. It is therefore important that every word you write has a meaningful and important purpose. Our tips will help you perfect your ‘Why NYU’ essay to ensure you have the best chance of getting accepted. Here’s what you need to know-

1) To break it down question must be read first

It is one of the crucial steps. The reasons for why you should attend NYU will become clear when you look at sample essays on the question. In the response of the 400 words, a complete question must be answered.

Let’s go over the breakdown of the query together:

Essay prompt:

At NYU about your interest, we would to know more so that we can understand them in a better way. We are mainly interested to know what to apply at NYU what has motivated you and more precisely, the reason you indicated an interest in a specific school, campus, college, program, or study field.  Please explain why you are interested in these extra fields of study or campuses if you have applied to more than one. We want to understand the concept of why NYU?


What makes you want to go to NYU? You have thousands of different educational options, and you choose NYU from among them. Why? Do you fit in well at NYU? If so, explain why. What makes you interested in the school where your desired major is offered and why did you decide to apply there?

Please explain why you are interested in pursuing several majors or degrees if you have many interests. Make sense of your interests for us. You are aware that NYU has a worldwide network, correct? Tell us why you wish to attend our school, then.

It has been said by NYU that there is no need for the major figure out. the thing which is required is having an articulated interest in NYU. To find the school, classes, or even program you can go on the NYU website, and then all the things will be appearing on the website which can help in pursuing your interest. Even if you are unsure, make sure to hold fast to your future goal.

2) On the NYU values, extensive research can be conducted

If you have made up your mind to apply to NYU, make sure you have done your homework. If you haven’t already, it’s always a good idea to explore their website in-depth. By researching the values of the school you can have a comprehensive idea. You’ll also get to know that to get admission in the students what are the values which are required of them and you can also ensure that you have that values.

  1. a) Even if you are not sure about your feelings, at least behave in such a way that, ‘with NYU you have fallen in love. Pay attention to the specifics of your new obsession. The following are some good ways to look into NYU’s principles and characteristics:
  2. b) Don’t claim that NYU is the “ideal place” for you. The admissions staff are fully aware that perfection is difficult to achieve.
  3. c) NYU’s five elements can be chosen which appeals most to you. By selecting real names & tiles, you’ll be forced to do extensive research and keep your focus narrow.
  4. d) Please keep in mind that your “Why NYU?” essay cannot be a repetition of your Common App essay. Instead, make the most of this fantastic chance to align NYU with your personality and values.

Additionally, make sure to look at the ‘Academics’ tab, which contains a full list of all the academic offerings from NYU. To locate the school and major that best suits you, click through the section.

3) Write freely

When you are writing your “why NYU” essay, at the start of the process one of the worst things which can be done is to stress over every single phase. Instead, start writing. For every question write whatever first comes to your mind and make sure not to hold back.

Make sure that you write all the memories which come from your bad, even if they are unpleasant. Look for the moments or memories which describe your personality.

At least 3 stories should be assimilated. You will have more alternatives if there are more stories.

4) The powerful easy idea can be brainstormed

Just keep in mind, the main aim of you is to set yourself apart from the other applicants. Your story will help to accomplish this. Try to think more and write the things about which your care the most. Make sure the details provided by you are precise. Avoid using broad statements. For example: avoid writing statements like this, “This University is known for its rigorous curriculum,” or “NYU campus old brick buildings are lovely.”

Instead, concentrate on what interests you, fits in with the school’s aims and history, and sets it apart from others.

5) An effective easy premise must be chosen

Once the topic has been chosen, examine your free-writing responses carefully. The memory is engaging and related to your values and tells a story. Know that at NYU admission officers daily review thousands of applications. The application which sticks out is that which is written in a good story style. You don’t have to be J.K. Rowling or John Green. You just need to be sincere, detailed, and specific. Tell us about your experience, how it ties to your beliefs and those of NYU, and how it affected your decision to attend NYU as a future college.

Hence, the flow of your, ‘Why NYU’ essay must be the following:

  • This is a story that emphasizes important facts about me personally.
  • To the story, this value is connected.
  • It simply happens that this value corresponds to the unique value at NYU.
  • And for this reason, I’m a perfect fit.

6) The accurate outline must be followed

As previously mentioned by us, to start the essay one of the excellent strategy is to start with the story but using a brilliant anecdote. Your anecdote can start with a remark from someone who helps you set the story, a direct statement, or a cold hook.

Once the anecdote is added, immediate with the details can frame it. to work with you have 400 words, so it is a good idea to start writing right away. To explore the interest actions can be explained which are undertaken by you. This ought to make up 30–40% of your essay.

The remaining portion of your essay can then be used to explain the tools NYU offers that will help you reach your objectives and sharpen your talents.

7) The final read can be conducted- thoughts diligently

If it is possible, to give a break to your break, attempt to do your final readings at least 24 to 48 hours. Additionally, the essay must be considered to read out loud, so that you can catch any typos which could be missed by you.

Remember, for assurance, final read-throughs should be right. Any more than that, though, can end up making you feel a little worried. Trust the process and have faith in yourself. When you have done it, let it be and submit it.

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It is a broad complete and encyclopedic attendant to experimental penning

In the below article you are going to learn about how important and essential experimental pinning is. You will learn about the roles and how experimental pinning helps you. If you are thinking that where to study experimental pinning then your eyes are on the right article.

What is experimental pinning?

Experimental pinning is an article or a composition that a person is find by following exhaustively investigating one’s subject. A person usually consumes information from distant-distant springs and origins like blogs, magazines, book volumes, records, and education or news interviews. This means a person should also utilize or make use of the things that are going on in their minds, feeling, experiences and opinions.

A person’s experimental pinning should be attentive or fascinated with the subjects that matter the most to a person. Experimental pinning involves the mentioning of topics and subjects that are much more crucial for a person. So, if a person wants to know who to create an experimental pinning a person should go for a good consumer experimental pinning put-down assistance.

Kinds of experimental notepaper

There are different-different kinds of notepaper and certain techniques which can help to improve the experimental pinning.

Systematic Experimental notepaper 

Talking about the systematic experimental notepaper that includes the gathering of essential information and investigation by juxtaposing and setting side by side with dissimilar opinions and reasoning.

Characterize notepaper

A character notepaper talks over or about the truths impartial quarrel in the absence of voicing the writer’s individual and own emotions or thoughts.

Squabble notepaper

In this text or article, we are going to learn about the squabble notepaper which shows the problems of two individuals. The main focus of this paper is to influence the bookworm who had eyes on the words and opinions of the writer.

Juxtapose and distinction notepaper

Juxtapose or distinction notepaper are the paper that allows to juxtaposition and differentiation of the two thoughts, opinions, points, and division of two individuals.

Reason and consequences notepaper

The reason and consequences notepaper are very public and collective experimental paper which met or came across by the students of collage or elevated schools.

Review or study experimental notepaper

This notepaper includes the requesting of query which is very essential from the point of view of works related to experimental.

Investigation experimental notepaper

An investigation experimental notepaper is a paper that includes some specific particular facts related to the investigation. Investigation experimental notepaper is most commonly used in study areas like physics, biology, and most important chemistry.

There is a phase-by-phase process of writing down an experimental notepaper

You are reading this article because you want to learn the overall process of writing down an experimental paper the below points help you to develop or improve your experimental writing skills the only thing you have to do is to keep eye on and attention to every point we are going to discuss below.

Step one: Recognize or acknowledge the experimental paper: To become successful in writing or creating experimental notepaper you first have to focus and recognize the need of the lecturer this helps you understand the main cause of creating the experimental paper. There are lots of people who aren’t good at this step because they aren’t aware of the necessities of the experimental paper.

Step two: Selection of a subject for experimental notepaper: After knowing the need or the necessities of the experimental paper the next phase is to choose a relevant subject. Thing are certain things that you should keep in your mind before choosing a particular topic are the nature, objectives, types, advantages, disadvantages, importance, scope, and connection to the youth or the people of a particular country, society, etc. later you should exaggerate the topic you choose as much as you can.

Step three: comportment or deportment of the initial experiment: The following step includes the phase compartment of the experiment and collecting the principal and subordinate information. to make your work easier and more effective you have to go through some websites, articles, books, etc. If you want to raise the bar, you should prefer to discover the libraries of certain universities.

Step four: Manage Experiments: The last phase of developing or writing experimental notepaper is to start or create what you create. You have to put all the important points and pin them on your notebook and manage them according to their specific place and the use of imperative strapline.

Create A Hypothesis Report

There is different-different way to write or create great experimental notepaper of them one of the ways is to write down a good A hypothesis report. A hypothesis statement is not a long process that only needs two lines. This will easily help you to get the attention of your lecturer and your right is clear and self-confident.

Making formatting and designing the notepaper profile

So, what is the experimental notepaper profile, experimental notepaper profile is the listing of the type of squabble or disagreement and the references you should pin in the profile? The experimental notepaper is dissimilar into chunks which also involve captions that help to get an impression of what an experimental notepaper look likes.

Create A First Order that represents the experimental notepaper

Uphold the movement put it in the notebook and after analysis makes necessary changes. Focus and give a lot more attention to all the section subsections and lines. You can also use some specific words to describe the feeling and emotion to convey your thoughts.

Creation of the Starter

Before the creation of the starter of the experimental notepaper, you should focus on finding the answers to the query like how, why, and what. You should provide proper data and provide all the necessities and details which help a person to give a rough idea or a blueprint of the overall idea.

Create A convincing form of copy

This stage will involve all your attention and focus on the experimental notebook. This stage includes dissimilar subpoints. For your help or for creating a long-lasting effect on the reader you can apply or put some number highlighted lines or some small points. You can put details of reality and certitude to give proof or verification over the experimental notepaper.

Create the findings

So, whatever you learn or create not put all of them into a conclusion this phase involved that you should give a winding up view.

Second Order

This stage or phase required checking up of analysis of the first order and you also have to see the overall confirmation or attestation.

Alteration and editing phase

This step tells you that you should edit the experimental notepaper and if you find some mistakes you can change them to get more or higher grades. There are four major things that one should use or apply in the revision process they are judge, revamps, improvement, and proofreading.

Ultimate Guidelines to Write Dissertation

Before you mainly learn how the dissertation is written, it is important to particularly understand that effective writing is important in writing the dissertation. That significance said you could not recompense for the scarcity of research notions. On the opposing side, it will represent your weakness in the discussion and presentation.

Writing the dissertation is the very challenging task you will ever commence. Yet, it could turn out to be rewarded with accurate planning and study writing. With mainly that in mind, some practical and effective guidelines should be considered while writing the dissertation.

Pick A Topic Wisely:

You might not realize this thing now, however, the dissertation will considerably value your upcoming career opportunities and also the present company. So, pick and select the topic that you find interesting and also you know already something you wanted to write a dissertation on. Moreover, your issue or query must be accurately focused on collecting adequate data regarding your literature study within a very short duration or time structure.

Plan Your Time

It does not matter how well-prepared you are, but sometimes something could not occur as per your plans and strategies that can leave you to fight for completing the whole paper mainly within the provided deadline of time. Therefore, before commencing the dissertation, you should sort and complete the entire things that you have to do and then arrange the time consequently. If it mainly assists you then develop a schedule for managing, researching and planning your particular task.

Stick to A Structure

Writing a dissertation will not be so challenging if you have an effective structure. Therefore, before you begin, draft an effective structure with entire important sections and also details in every section so that any of the critical points could not be missed out by you while dissertation writing. For example, the elementary breakdown of structure will be look in the given three folds:

  1. Introduction and proposal of research – Develop the question of research you mainly want for exploring and also state how particularly you are seeking to go regarding this. Your proposal of research will be a small sketch because of a lack of an effective understanding of the specific literature review. In its place, you should try for building a solid hypothetical founding describing why it is important to study.
  2. Methodology and literature review – These particular sections are frequently emerged and combined from the past literature and flattering it.
  3. Outcomes and discussion – With all these particular sections, you mainly depict what you attained from the specific study and the outcomes you achieved while deliberating the background of the literature.

Note the Word Count

Each dissertation has a general word count for completing the whole paper. You are required to mainly follow the standard 20-40-40% rule for maintaining the balance mainly throughout the whole document. For example, if you have submitted the report in particular sections and have around ten thousand words for the complete paper then you should keep around 20% of the complete word count for mainly the introduction and the other remaining words which are 80% of the total word count for the literature review and discussion and results from that means around two thousand words are for introduction, four thousand words for the literature review and methodology and the rest four thousand words for discussion and results.

Define a Writing Style

While writing a dissertation, you should pay all your attention and focus on the minute details of writing. A few aspects are given below that you must keep in mind while dissertation writing:

  1. Keep in mind that always dissertation should be written in passive voice and third person unless it is advised for writing in the first person. Review with your college before commencing for avoiding confusion.
  2. Dissertation should be written in very easy language and also keep the papers free from jargon. Utilize short and sweet sentences and also break some lumpy or long paragraphs for making the writing effective and easy to follow.
  3. Avoid utilizing overutilized phrases such as ‘to, ‘whether or not, or ‘in addition. In its place utilize ‘to’, ‘whether’, ‘also’ or ‘additionally’.

Consult Your Mentor

The role and responsibility of the mentor are to mainly supervise and monitor your task and also guide or advise you through the complete procedure. You could not feel shy and hesitated from asking them your queries as you have some contact and relation with them. In its place, give some time to build an effective relationship or connection with the mentor. Also, consult with them the given details:

  1. How will they assist you?
  2. How fast will they reply to your emails?
  3. How frequently could they meet mainly during the phase of research?
  4. How long could they mainly take for reviewing drafts?
  5. How many drafts should they check and review and provide feedback and opinion on?
  6. How mainly will they particularly share their insights?

The assistance and support of the mentor will play the important role in the efficiency of the dissertation. Therefore, if you are struggling in building a relationship with the mentor then you should the supervisor as soon as possible.

Formatting & Proofreading

You should follow the particular guidelines for the formatting of the dissertation, typically in the desired style of university, writing the dissertation. Review and check with the supervisor and select the accurate template and style of formatting for the utilized references. Whether it is Harvard, MLA or APA, you must save and secure yourself from needless edits mainly by going through the given norms of formatting.

Editing and proofreading are massive constraints but also incredibly essential. While dissertation writing, it is simple to make some silly mistakes and also miss check punctuations there and here. So, leave sufficient time for proofreading and editing your task for making it efficient and effective.

Not being aware of writing the dissertation is a common constraint among all students who are attempting this work for the very first time. However, luckily, it mainly does not have to be a kind of a nightmare if you have all the aspects listed accurately. So, these tips should be followed appropriately and connect with the writing experts of dissertation for inclusive guidance in writing a dissertation.

Step By Step Dissertation Guidance Provided By Moodle Monkey Experts

Thousands of students mainly search for mainly how to write the dissertation through every step as they are not aware of the proper manner for going about this work. If you are also facing these kinds of issues, then given below the steps for writing the dissertation that you should follow:

Step 1: Selection of topic

Select the topic that permits you for showcasing your ideas and thoughts intensely. Then, though researching for notions, go for the problems in which you have an interest that will mainly push you for digging deep and also learn further and write effectively about those problems.

Step 2: Understand what is anticipated

Dissertation writing will turn out to be further manageable or controllable when the expert is aware of what is expected from him or her. Therefore, before commencing you should consult with the mentor and review what is needed from you such as the word count, the deadline of submission, the structure of the dissertation, the kinds of materials of source and the approved evaluation form.

Step 3: Define the clear objective

Each dissertation has a particular purpose or objective and the writing of experts should outline its definition and the manner of completing the work. So, write out the plan for achieving the objectives. From reading, collecting, researching and evaluating data to mainly writing, proofreading, re-writing and binding and printing the particular document, set objectives for every work for getting things accomplished.

Step 4: Begin to write

Begin writing after sorting the resources and outlines. Various students mainly delay in writing the dissertation till the end minute and also struggle in accomplishing it within all important guidelines. Also, you could avert these kinds of obstacles if you start writing, Keep the notes very close and also maintain the inclusive sources list for saving extra hours of work.

Step 5: Question Your Work

It is important to maintain the crucial mindset and also question the paper mainly throughout the overall process of writing. Also, ask yourself timely how substantial your interpretations and explanations are and also if any potential further substantial substitutes are there. Also, your debates and arguments should be backed with some concrete proof before sketching a specific conclusion. Lastly, utilize various relevant references and also cite those references appropriately for increasing the reliability of the dissertation.

Writing the dissertation permits you for exploring and gaining extensive skills and knowledge of the particular topic. Also, following the above steps will assist you to be on accurate track with the process of writing. So, be focused on the chief goal of creating effective work and feel free to ask any query regarding this.

When students get into college and student have an idea of the writing the essay but their essay always gets average marks and you always get frustrated after writing the good content in the essay but for the essay, the content is not only a part but there are some other things that you need to know about the writing of the essay.

Students always face an issue when it comes to writing an essay on the topic and student loses their nights of sleep for a night thinking about the essay because they don’t know how to write in a good format or how to write an essay to get good grades in an essay for this there is always arrangement of the words that are given by the assessor and assessor always have criteria of marking the essay with the proper rubric of marks that contains on what basis did the essay will be graded for the student.

So here are some pro tips from the experts of Moodle Monkey essay writers to make essay 10X easier, and this makes you appropriately deliberate the essay in Australia. Let’s start with our tips to make your essay writing easy and relatable.

1 Time Management

Time is the most important thing that you need to manage in student life for a better academic year and this is also important for writing an essay because an essay is of different lengths from 2000 to 3000 words for an essay it can be different for the different department of the research and it is suggested you that you should start you your essay at 3 weeks before the due date of the essay because for the content of the essay you should distribute the time according to the needs of the essay.

When you start your essay there will be proper time management for writing an essay for this 50% of your time should be spent in planning, researching and analyse about the topic of an essay when planning and research ends then spend 25% of the time in drafting the essay and the last 25% of time should be spent in revising the essay and pointing out the needs of the content and also proper referencing of the article.


  1. Choosing Topic for an essay

This is important for the essay to choose a topic because the essay is based on the topic that is chosen by you so while choosing the topic for the essay it is recommended you that keep calm and stay focused on your strengths. When you are selecting your topic for the essay you must consider the following point.

a). Always select the topic in which you have an interest and also you want to explore the topic.

b). It is always suggested by the experts of Moodle Monkey that students should have proper resources which means you should have some research ideas of the topic before writing an essay on the topic this will make the content of the essay more accurate.

c). It is suggested that you should focus on the word limit and phrases that going to be used in the essay because it helps in managing the topic by understanding the requirement of the topic.

  1. Brainstorm

This is the most important tip for essay writing as per our expert team because in this step you need to ask questions about the topic and the ideas that you are aware of the topic. This brainstorming will help you to explore ideas openly. The thoughts and ideas that must be considered while brainstorming are

a). Questions that required knowledge about the essay topic

b). Think about the evidence that supports your arguments

c). Always try to research your ideas with the proper methods of questioning.

  1. Planning

It is important to plan the essay in what way you are going to write an essay for the topic after brainstorming the question about the content of the topic and also questioning with proper research of the essay. Most student face problem in planning that they don’t know about the essay topic and to tackle this problem our expert suggest that you should break down the topic into the subtopics of the essay and this will become easy to understand the topic.


  1. Drafting the essay

Drafting the essay for the first time after researching and planning about the topic and for this when you are writing the essay on the topic it is easy to make mistakes and these mistakes can be made because no one is perfect with the writing scenario of the essay. But for the essay, there is a proper format of the essay to make the format of the essay should contain different subheadings and these subheadings contain following

a). Introduction of essay

In this subheading of the essay, you should provide a proper and clear introduction to your topic and this should be attractive so that reader should have an interest in reading your essay also this gives the idea about what is going to be in the essay.

b). Body of essay

In this part, you should always keep the sources and articles that you research about the topic for the essay to write and this contains all the research work that made through planning and answering all the questions during the brainstorming time that you decided and this includes in different paragraphs. The body should not be in a single paragraph you should focus on different ideas and questions should be answered in different paragraphs so that reader can read in a proper way.

c). Conclusion of essay

this is an important part as this includes all the solutions and the overview of the problems and suggestions in a short paragraph and this should be in not more than 2 paragraphs. And this part you should include the following point

  1. importance of the research for the topic
  2. how does this research help you properly?

iii. how you approached the issue of the essay topic.

Peak 10 methods to better at building estimations.

You are here because you haven’t scored well at your hindmost estimations and now you want to score well and find out the mistakes you have done in your past and you don’t repeat them. Firstly, you should know about there are a lot of people who does the same mistakes. Writing an estimation is not an easy task it’s an ability. According to some research, there are tons of students who are doing the same fallacy or omission again and again when they are answering a particular query. After reading this particular object you will learn the different types of techniques and methods that will improve your estimations process.

Methods to improve your estimations building are as follows

Below is the set of techniques that you can adopt to get better at writing down.

1 Firstly you should know about the importance:

What are estimations building, estimations building is the process or the act of showing your views, beliefs, conceptions, or ideas by describing them with your words in a written form? To get good and better at writing you need to improve your write-down ability. Another thing that needs your attention for getting good at putting down is to put write material or put the right material in the right place. This will help you to find out the right matter or stuff for your topic of estimation or motive.

2 Comprehension with the study:

Correctly there is no other method is revealed to study for look-through. There are different -different ways that one uses for study but you should know that their techniques of look through and for the making of building estimations. Usually, reading or going through lots of books isn’t true or not the right way to build estimations but it isn’t the correct way of building estimations the better way is to collect the application or to-the-point data that can help you to build the estimations. The best and most effective way to build estimations is to write all the necessary information in the form of making notes while looking through. The rewrite of notes which apply to your topic is the most successful and productive way to look through.

3 Utilize distant and dissimilar collections of books:

The best way to improve your way of developing and improving your estimations building or its quality is by perusal distant material from magazines, newspapers, or go through with the collection of books. By taking help from books, newspapers, and book you can increase your knowledge of about your topic. Certain things that should include in your collection are as follows:

1 Area which is silent enough for reading.

2 GD (Group Discussion) also helps to improve your knowledge by discussing with other people.

3 Includes xerox and compositor or typographer.

4 Types of facilities include computers and networks which are wireless.

5 Access to web-based catalog.

6 You can help the workers in the libraries.

4 Now prepare records with the help of recommendations or testimonials:

Preparing records with the help of recommendations and testimonials you should know the following components.

1 Examine or inspect the issue.

2 Finding of the cause of disagreement or argumentation.

3 Juxtapose or contrast different and dissimilar opinions.

4 Collection of different types of ingeminate or excerpt.

5 Put all the relevant data and information put it all together which includes the author’s name and surname, the subject and topics and page number date of accouchement, author, and the location or site of the notification.

5 Be under the impression or be of the opinions differently:

You are here to develop or build an ability to write down a different image or anticipation all this will be at the peak of all the crucial items. According to scientists, they believe that condemnatory reasoning isn’t easy it requires a lot of exercise and operations. A writer named Benjamin Bloom who is very famous for the psychologist in education develop a master plan for reasoning or studying which is very simple and contains only six steps they are:

1 Understanding

2 Grasp

3 Submission and claim

4 Examination and Investigation

5 Mixture and fusion

6 Calculation

6 Domination of the construction:

We all know that there are different-different types of estimations every individual is working on but the difference has created a format that includes certain standards they are as follows:

1 You should have a widespread and common design or plan this is the phase that stands for the introduction.

2 Then the next step you should focus on particular of certain clarification which represents the essential structure of the body.

3 Return to the overall impression or hints which represents the overall conclusion of the estimations.

7 Plan or rough draft is necessary:

The overall process or act involves the collection of distant resources then you should know how your mind thinks or react after hearing of the words of your estimation that you made. This step helps you to find out or create and plan a summary of the estimation with the help of the structure given below:

1 Finding or searching for specific words on the manuscript.

2 Accepting a physical method

3 Elaborate on the plan you already made.

8 Accept suitable mother tongue:

There are dissimilar-dissimilar types of styles that you can use while building estimations but below are my favorite tips:

1 Understand tense.

2 Use clear and simple language.

3 Think twice before choosing a particular word in your estimations.

9 Make more exciting and active sections and lines:

You have been seeing or reading different articles and you find information that said to write huge lines and unique words nevertheless you have to do the opposite of it to create a long-lasting impact on the person who is reading it.

10 Progress or advance your syntax or linguistics:

Last but not least tip is to progress or advance the level of linguistics in English it will help your lines to create a perception.






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