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Final Summative Essay

Final Summative Essay

Components of Foreign policy

Foreign policy determining factor of any country is geographical situation, history, similarities, features, rules, history of that country all play an important role in determined foreign policy. In this, the strength of the soldiers, the economic status of country also matters. The formulation of this policy is important for the national interests and for making coordination among themselves.Basically, foreign policies are divided into three parts the first part is Economical part, second is political part and third is military or security part.

Economical part is defined the economy of a country and wealth of it. As long as the nation is economically strong, its power and governance will continue. Foreign policies surrounded by and turn around in the management of economical flow across borders. The four main goals of economical foreign policy are protection of all the citizens and their rights and providing them all kinds of resources they need, give them a healthy and prosperity full environment.

Politics has always had a big stake in foreign policy and a number of general factors which taken together that political party play an important role in foreign policy to work with full processed way. Political party is operated all kinds of systems of government and economic conditions in nation.

Military and security policy is important part of foreign policy because military policy is public policy it is dealing with multinational security. The security of the nation has several kinds of dimensions including economic security, food security, environmental security, health security, personal security (Olszewski,2019).

How they are determined

Basically, foreign policies are created by head of government. The most important major factor that impact the foreign policies are culture and history, economical factor, technology of nation, national potential, leadership skills, political obedience. Possible policies are created and implemented by government of nation the government apply one policy. The suitable government agencies approved the policies. The officials and agencies judge when the policies have been successful. The foreign policies are very helpful to create friendship between all the nations. It helps to grab national economic progress. It helps to gain national economic progress and it is also help to create world peace.

The deals with the rules of trade are conduct and negotiating. Always use a justified trading plain and deals. Take only that kind of risk that you can handle. Create a good trading strategy. Treat trading like a business.

Trade rules: International of domestic?

Domestic policies cover a large and wide range of area including many types of things like money and tax, natural resources, personal rights, freedom, education, energy healthcare, social things. The term and conditions refer to the plains and actions taken by the national government. Domestic policy is created by the organized government of nation.

International business policy is exchange gods and service business. It is conduct in multiple play’s an important role in the growth of country’s economy. It is divided into two groups. First is importing and second is exporting.  First trade is untouchable things like banking , travelling ,account and many more and second is trade in goods like raw material, clothes and many more other things (Cohen, 2015).




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