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Develop Organizationally Strategies

 BSBMGT616 Develop Organizational Strategies



Assessment task 4. 3

Report. 3

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Assessment task 4


Key performance information progress

According to the case study which is mentioned below this has been very clear that the organization does the KPI planning but it will not get in that way and the actual performance of the organization. Based on the company objective as the decision during the KPI performance of the company they have decided in their strategy A that they are going to implement the 200 machines in the market. But in the actual, they implement only 180 machines within the 12 months and this describes the organization lack ness in the market and they have to make a new plan and implement according to the organization requirements. in objective 3 the organization joins with the Java estate and they are going to co-branding of the cups and café banners they plan to make 100 % of café machine banner but in reality, things got changed and they can implement only 50 % of the banner and they are not perfectly design and also, have the color and design issues in that (Hu, et al., 2017). The KPI of the organization will describe the key performance of the company and their way of working and their working styles (Hu, et al., 2017).

Milestone progress

Milestone progress of this organization and their strategic plan will decide to reduce the energy wastage by 10% from the year of the 2010 and they have set the benchmark for their five years and after implementing these strategies in the organization they change the percentage amount from 10 to 8 percentage because the reduction is lower compared to other year and in 2010 the benchmarks will remain 8 percentage (Pertile, et al., 2021). As the organization has to do work hard to reach the level of the milestone and they need to do work in progress and their motive. Also, the organization implements the energy use awareness campaign to motivate the people around their organization and the people who use their products and they decided that per person will drop to 10KW but in reality the actual person drop to 12KW and it was too late at the end of the year and this is not being able to implement in whole the organization branches across the country (Pertile, et al., 2021).

Overall progress

MacVille’s organization decides so many objectives and the strategies decided by the organization and they have maintained the strategies to implement so many planning in the organization. But as the caution of the real performance of the organization based on the key performance information and the data record by the organization. This information clearly explains that the organization has to focus on their working policy and they need to improve their strategies and implement their plan based on the data submission to make it incorrect way or the direction and with the help of this organization will reach out their mission based on their correct vision.


The organization as are going to sell their espresso coffee machine and they want to publicity of their brand in the society and also they want to reach to their customers and wants to get positive feedback from them and they have the responsibilities to rea h the point of the company development and as we know the Macville espresso coffee machines are present in every state of Australia and they set their target to set their branches in all the states of Australia within the five years (Hanna, 2012). This is the responsibility of the organization to develop their company and their work in the market and they will reach more to more customers and makes genuine customers which understand the company brand benefits and their capabilities. These are the improvement which is needed to be done by the organization in implementing their working policy to improve their working quality and the organization environment also, they will be able to reach the point of the achievement stage of the organization (Hanna, 2012).


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