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BSBWOR203 Work Effectively with Others

Table of Contents

TASK -1. 3

TASK -2. 5

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Question 1

At the time Jason was very busy in his massage therapy practice.Boss was offered a client at the last minute and expected that he performs well, that is the main issue that happens in practice. Jason thinks that he is not able to attend to the client because he had not enough experience and has not completed their therapy practice yet.


Question 2

The incident will be prevented by using some techniques are as follows:

1) Jason completes their practice and then provides him with a client to attend them so with full knowledge he attends to the client perfectly. and this situation will not arise.

2) The second technique is boss shouldn’t have shoutedat Jason and he should have tried to understand him and given time to Jason to complete his practice.

3) The third one is instead of Jason give this responsibility to another one to attend to the client.


Question 3

Possible conflict resolution techniques are:

1) pay attention to the conflicts don’t ignore them

2) simplify what the issue is

3) classify a solution to solve conflicts in the workplace

4) keep an eye on and follow up on the conflicts

5) Bring engaged parties together to talk


Question 4

Organizational standards, policies, and procedures are very important not only in Jason’s workplace but for all of us.

Organizational standards, policies, and procedures are:

1) Equivalent employment opportunity.

2) make available guidelines for executive processes

3) standards and protocols

4) employee presentation management and rule


Question 5

Jason and the staff’s responsibilities are:

1) Jason and staff members maintain a proper level of training and hygiene.

2) Take responsibility in the absence of their boss

3) maintain a workplace environment

4) do work safely and properly

5) follow instruction

6) co-ordination with your employee





This report states how to support team members to achieve their goals and how to build your reputation inthe work effectively in a workgroup. It would explain how to Encourage your team workers, and how to deal with workplace conflicts situation. We also include how to be aware of new policies at your workplace.It tells how much important to know about your responsibility and duties.


It has been explained that supporting your team members help them to achieve their goals by communicating regularly with your team member or telling them how important to set your goal to achieve success in your life. Tell them to be accountable, Always present on time. Roles and responsibilities must be clear to all team members.A clear set of directions must be provided to all the team members to achieve their goals. Monitoring must be done on the roles of all team members. encourage them to attend or participate in meetings and voice apprehension as well as suggestions for improvement. (Moore,2014)motivating them as well as do inspirational positive communication with them so that they work together as a team. Monitor the progress of every member, and if there is wrong something then tell them about that or help them to solve it.Always follow established workgroup agreements. Complete assignments on time so that this behavior shows your accuracy and punctuality for your work.(Zander,2018) The ability to run great workshops is becoming a vital skill for anyone that works creatively. give them clear instructions, stick to the schedule, and be responsible for your work.Seek feedback from clients and your colleagues. Positive and negative feedback is really important because it helps to break bad habits and qualifies teams to work more effectively towards the goals. Feedback creates an open market relationship between the team leader and members and also with their customers.(Singer,2018)Conflicts in the workplace are very common because of not employees do not understand each other. It’s the duty to identify appropriate conflicts reasons, listen properly and let everyone have their say after that take the right decision without any discrimination and exhort them it is not positive behavior for an organization.To make effective workplace relationships, individuals who work well in a team,do their fair share of the work and give credit to them.Take the burden or help your team members when they are struggling to complete a project. Trust on team members or make them believe that they can do everything more effectively.Understand the goal, and what strategy should be used to achieve the organization’s goal. Share information regarding the work with workgroups. It’s the main role or responsibility to solve team members’ issues, problems, and conflicts an all.


The conclusion is as a team leader provides support to team members, and encourages them to work together as a team. Help them in their projects. Monitor progress and work of all team members. Develop effective workplace relationships. Share information relevant to work with workgroups. Identify conflict’sreasons and deal effectively with them. Make plan strategies for achieving their goal.






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