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BSBMGT502 Manage People Performance


BSBMGT502 Manage people performance

Table of Contents

Assessment 1. 3

Assessment 2. 8

Assessment 3. 14

Assessment 4. 19

Assessment 5. 25

Reference. 30

Assessment 1

Question 1

The fair work act 2009 provides protection for certain rights which includes the rights of the workplace. The rights which are engaged in the industrial activities. The right to be free from the discrimination of the unlawful. Some of the key provisions of the fair work act 2009 are-

  1. Form the unfair dismissal protection
  2. The national minimum wages
  3. Minimum 11 national employment standards (Seminar, & Hadass, 2009)

Question 2

  1. a) The Racial Discrimination Act 1975

It helps to promote equality before the law for the people regardless of color, race, and national origin.

  1. b) Sex Discrimination Act 1984

This law is formed to make unlawful discrimination against people due to their gender, sex, sexual orientation, relationship status, etc.

  1. c) Disability Discrimination Act 1992

this makes it unlawful to do they discriminate against the person, in various areas of public life which include education, employment, getting the services, or buying houses and public places assessed due to their disabilities (Seminar, & Hadass, 2009)

Question 3

The purpose of the national employment standard is to create safety net entitlements for all the employees of the national system.

Minimum 10 entitlements are-

  1. Maximum weekly hours
  2. Flexible working arrangements request
  3. Request and offers to covert the casual employee to permanent employment.
  4. Parental leaves or the related entitlement
  5. Annual leaves
  6. Personal or careers leave, unpaid leave and domestic leave, and compassionate leave.
  7. Leave for the community service
  8. Public holidays
  9. Termination leave & redundancy pay
  10. Statement for the fair work information and statement information of the casual employment (Clibborn, & Wright, 2018).

 Question 4

In the workplace, modern awards are used to provide the pay rates and the various conditions for employment such as overtime, leave entitlement and shift work, and the other conditions which are related to the workplace.

Question 5

Using the fair work ombudsman website toe examples of the modern awards are-

1) Aged care awards- this award covers the employers who are in the aged care industry and their employees who can get fit into the classification of the award.

Minimum wages under this award is 889 per week ofthe level 3 of the employees and they have 38 ordinary hours per week.

2) Labor market industry awards 2010- it is a contract or arrangement with the state and the federal government. Minimum wages at pay point 2 is 889.70 and the minimum hourly rate is 23.41 (Reilly, et al., 2018).

Question 6

The purpose of the enterprise agreement is to set out the lowest terms of employment between the 1 or more employer and their employees. It can be beneficial for employers as it helps them to negotiate for more flexible hours of working conditions. With the employer and groups of employers, this agreement must be registered.

Question 7

In the enterprise agreement, the minimum terms & conditions which can be included are-

The nominated date of the experience is included in the agreement.

The date must not be longer than 4 years from the date when the agreement was approved by the fair work act commission (Tan, et al., 2018).

Question 8

Performance management is the continuous process for planning, coaching, and reviewing the performance of the employees. It is a communication-based, collaborative process. The purpose of using this process is to create an environment in which employee can perform their best abilities. And where employees can produce the highest quality of the work most effectively and efficiently (Helmold, & Samara, 2019).

Question 9

1) HR Review-Driven system – This is the strategy-driven framework.

2) OKR – It is becoming the most popular and simple for mearing progress, track, and the way of setting regularly.

Question 10

The written notice should be provided to an employee for the relationship change and discharging from every form and after the termination the immediate laid off of employee (Dal Lago, et al.,2021).

Question 11

To the employer, the advance notice of one month should be provided before the termination that the employee has completed the continuous service of one year in the company. Written notice should be provided indicating the retrenchment.

Question 12

1) Voluntary termination

2) Involuntary termination (Dal Lago, et al.,2021).

Question 13

For the eligibility of redundancy payment, the employee should be an individual who is a continuous employee of the organization for less than 2 years. People who are self-employed and the person working under the services of the contract are not entitled to the redundancy payments.

Question 14

1) If the termination of the employee is done without providing a fair reason.

2) If the termination is done by using the wrong procedure.

3) If there is unreasonable, unjust, or harsh dismissal.

Question 15

If the person is dismissed then the consideration is done by the Fair Work Commission that the employee is dismissed unfairly.

1) If the reason is notified to the employee or the response opportunity is provided or not.

2) For dismissing the employee was there a valid reason for doing that related to the capacity of an employee (Macdonald & Charlesworth.,2013).

Question 16

1) Conferences

2) Simulations

3) Mentoring

4) Coaching

5) Training

Question 17

1) Time management

2) Conflict resolution

3) Written communication (Freyens & Oslington.,2013).



Assessment 2

1) Meeting

Employees – Good morning, sir

Managing director – Good morning, everyone.

Managing director – I am here to discuss the development work plan for achieving the operational objectives. There is the availability of the resources in the organization, the operational objective can also be achieved by those resources and with the use of strategy, the goals can be achieved. If there is any query or question regarding these topics you can ask.

Employees – If there will be a communication barrier or any conflict how can we tackle it.

Managing director – we are here to solve those issues and we believe that the problem from the management side will occur we will make sure that everyone is having the working environment in the organization.

Employees – Ok, sir

Managing director – Thank you all.

2) Action plan

Human resource action plan












Performance Indicators


The smart skills and the thoughts should be known with the resolution maker and problem-solving. The problems and the opportunities should be identified, the strategies and the solution should be applied that need to be used. The volunteering communities and group relations should be joined. High March to May 2022 Operational manager The partnership of employees and managers can be shown by the documents
The material cost can be considered according to the budget and the quality The market research for the material’s cost and quality can be done so that we can get the best material at minimum prices. High February to April 2022 Market research analyst The records of the materials will ensure the performance
Labour work and cost in the organization We can provide the resources and we can make the encouragement for working in the organization and complete the task in given time.


Medium January to June 2022 Manager The cost can be increased or decreased by the working experience
The manufacturing cost can be done accordingly For reducing the manufacturing cost, the wastage of the resources should be reduced for that while training and by telling the employee not to waste the resources (Lasserre, 2017). High February to April 2022 Operation manager The material cost records or their wastage.

3) Risk management plan

Risk Consequences Severity Rating Likelihood Rating Treatment/control methods Person responsible
Lack of communication There can be a consequence between the members of the employees and related to management and the misunderstanding can occur by that between the employees. 3 2 It can be controlled by formal communication and by building the relationship between the employees. It can be solved by equal work and equality between the employees (Ho, et al.,2015). Manager and employees
Reputational risk The goodwill of the company matters the most and it can be decreased by the quality decrease and that will impact the reputation of the organization. It will make a loss in the profit of the organization. 5 1 The quality of the product should be proper and the management of the employee towards customer should be good. The behaviour towards the customer and the suppliers should be perfect for increasing the reputation of the company. Manager
Financial risk This risk can occur by the loss of profits and there is the increment in the resource wastage. 5 1 The investing cost should be done properly in the organization and by reducing the materials wastage (Ho, et al.,2015). Finance manager

4) Email

To: Accessor

Respected sir,

This mail is to provide you the information about risk management in the organization and the human resource action plan and risk management plan template is provided in the attachment. There are points about the strategies and the control measures of risk and how to overcome that. I think we can meet and discuss the risk at the company office and the time should be 10:00 am and on 12/02/2022. Please consider the request for the meeting and please provide the answer as soon as possible. Thank you.

Kind regards

5) Meeting

Manager – Good Morning, everyone.

Team – Good Morning, sir

Manager – As you all know we have conducted this meeting for the discussion of the work plan and for allocating the required task to the employees. We have divided the members according to their experience and we will provide the task accordingly. We will observe the performance of the employees and arrange accordingly on their performance. The work plan copy will be provided to you via email. The strategies of the business plan are conveyed in the work plan, you are required to use that technique and work accordingly.

Team – Ok sir

Manager – The task timeline and your responsibilities towards the organization are very serious and you have the responsibilities towards the company policies and procedures. Please consider those policies. Thank you for coming to the meeting and to listen to the company rules and regulations.

Team – Ok thank you, sir, for providing information, we will make sure that the rules are followed and there is no problem from our side.




Assessment 3

1 Performance management policy and procedure

Purpose of the policy

The purpose is to make sure that employees of boutique build Australia have a clear knowledge of work which is expected from them. The main purpose of the policy is to make sure that ongoing feedback must be received regarding their performance relative to the expectation (Clibborn, & Wright, 2018).

Policy statement

Boutique builds Australia seeks to provide surroundings to the employees of boutique build Australia to know the impact regarding their contribution to achieving the organizational goal and for the ongoing professional and personal growth to provide the opportunity to the employees. Therefore, on the annual performance review, a strong performance base can be accomplished.


– the policy entities affected are-

Boutique builds Australia all the classified employees must be aware of this policy.

– who must read this policy

All employees must be known of this policy (Helmold, & Samara, 2019).


Each employee expected number of reviews

At the evaluation cycle, conclusion performance review must take place and the boutique build Australia manager must meet with every employee.

Procedure for the performance review meeting

There are six steps for the performance review meeting are-

  • Establishing
  • Outlining
  • Reviewing
  • Discussing
  • Agreeing
  • Summarizing

Identifying the performance gaps & proving feedback

Performance gaps will be identified. Regular meetings must be conducted and true feedback must be provided to them to develop their skills and knowledge.

2Training presentation

3Email to assessor


Subject: performance management policy and procedure and performance management presentation

This mail is sent to inform you that I have created the performance management policy and procedure and performance. I have attached this with this mail. Please provide your valuable feedback.

With regards

Project manager



4Training sessions

Operation manager- hello everyone good morning. Today we are gathered to provide you training regarding increasing your performance.

Employees- okay sir

Operational manager- workplace activities will be conducted for you.

Employees- okay sir

Operational manager- to manage the performance mentor will be provided to you. You can seek guidance from them.

Employees- okay sir. Will feedback will be taken.

Operational manager- yes regular feedback will be taken from you. And your performance will also be monitored.

Employees- okay

Assessment 4

  1. Preparation of meeting with Jamie

As the scenario is evaluated this is visible that a Star model for providing the feedback to the individual to the employees as well as the practice of the script is needed for the usage at the time of the meeting. Moreover, positive comments and feedback are needed to be implemented for the performance of Jamie as a review is needed to be provided in respect to his performance in terms of the organization and its effectiveness and productivity in the performance. The meeting will also contain a discussion of the researched ways of improvement in the writing style in respect to the notes and the operations. Moreover, the assessor will discuss the tips to talk with the help of the meeting for drafting the document for the organization and professional requirements. Having proper and efficient writing skills are very essential in terms of organizational operations (Armstrong, 2013).

  1. Meeting with Jamie

Assessor- Good morning Jamie, this meeting is held to discuss your performance in the organization.

Jamie- Alright sir, I will like to know about it and will improve the areas and aspects that are needed to be improved in terms of the operations of the company and also the writing aspects as I feel I need some of the improvement in terms of the operations.

Assessor- Yes I wanted to talk about that only as I have opted for your feedback and I have realized that you have plenty of knowledge in terms of drafting the documents of the company but your writing style is not up to the mark as it is not a professional language and a very simple language to read.

Jamie- Alright sir.

Assessor- Alright let’s take an example. You have been provided with the task of drafting the professional documents, and you completed it as per my instruction, but the results aren’t that efficient and productive as the other staff members are not able to understand the documents, as well as the results, were mot up to the mark.

Jamie- Yes sir I understand.

Assessor- I am going to give you tips that you can use to improve your writing style and also the style of making the notes.

You should be directly on the writing; it is the rule of the writing that you should not make the writing very complex.

Write straightforwardly. Choose the words wisely.

Always review your writing after completing it.

Use professional language.

Choose short instead of long sentences.

Jamie- Alright sir I will keep these things into consideration.

Roleplay B

  1. Preparation of meeting with Jamie

The meeting will certainly discuss the aspects of the performance of Jamie. The review process consists of all the aspects of the performance that are needed to be taken into consideration.


The performance of Jamie and strengths are that she works hard and meets deadlines on time. This is a very productive strength as this is a huge aspect of the deadline and also the consideration of certain things and cases. Jamie tries their best to achieve the outcomes and also gives 200%.


Jamie has certain weaknesses that are identified with the help of analysing her work. As this is evaluated, after months of training, the writing style is not very efficient and professional and the other staff members face difficulty in understanding. Moreover, Jamie over utilizes the resources which is a huge weakness.

The review of the performance in different aspects are as follows:

Work product: Meets Requirements

Dependability: Meets Requirements

Cooperation: Meets Requirements

Adaptability: Meets Requirements

Communication: Meets Requirements

Daily decision making and problem-solving: Needs Improvement

Service to clients: Needs Improvement

Use of equipment and material: Needs Improvement

Project planning and implementation: Meets Requirements

Workgroup management: Needs Improvement

  1. Email Jamie


Attachments: Performance review

Dear Jamie,

This mail is to inform you about your feedback. After 6 months of working your performance has been reviewed. As per our observation and the scenario, there are some aspects and observations that are needed to be informed to you in person. I am attaching the performance review template and this contains the strengths and the weakness you have as well as your review in every aspect of your performance. The meeting is on 12-02-2022 at noon. Hope to see you at the meeting.

Thanks and regards.

  1. Meeting with Jamie

Assessor- Good afternoon Jamie, thank you for joining us. Today we are gathered here to review the performance in the last 6 months. As this is visible we have categorized your performance and basically, the purpose of reviewing the performance is increasing is to know the gaps and the problems in terms as well as the improving and mitigating the efficiency in the operations of the scenario.

Your performance has been reviewed as per the following circumstances that are:

Work product: Meets Requirements

Dependability: Meets Requirements

Cooperation: Meets Requirements

Adaptability: Meets Requirements

Communication: Meets Requirements

Daily decision making and problem-solving: Needs Improvement

Service to clients: Needs Improvement

Use of equipment and material: Needs Improvement

Project planning and implementation: Meets Requirements

Workgroup management: Needs Improvement

Jamie- Alright sir, I will improve certain areas.

  1. Performance review agreement

Performance Agreement

Employee: Jamie

Role: Learning and development officer

Date: 12-02-2022

Performance Guidance Overall rating Comments
Work product 3 Meets Requirements
Dependability 3 Meets Requirements
Cooperativeness 3 Meets Requirements
Adaptability 4 Meets Requirements
Communication 3 Meets Requirements
Decision-making 4 Needs Improvement
Service to clients 3 Needs Improvement
Use of equipment 3 Needs Improvement
Project planning 4 Meets Requirements
Workgroup management 4 Needs Improvement

Development agreement

The following development needs have been discussed and agreed to be undertaken over the next 6 months.

Areas for development Actions
Fulfilling the requirements of the consumers Ensuring the requirements of the consumers.
Use of equipment Recording the usage of the resources.
Project planning Doing proper planning
Workgroup management Using collaborative techniques


(Drucker, 2013)

Employer Signature: Manager


Employee Signature: Jamie

  1. Email Jamie


Attachments: Performance agreement

Dear Jamie,

This mail is to inform you that the performance agreement has been attached. Please look into it and evaluate it.

Thanks and regards.



Assessment 5

  1. Preparation of meeting

The meeting will certainly discuss the issues related to the late-arriving of Janice as it certainly decreases the efficiency in the operations and also the task certainly provides the feedback of Janice’s performance.

  1. Email Jamie


Attachments: Performance agreement

Dear Janice,

This mail is to inform you about your feedback. After evaluating the work your performance has been reviewed. There is a meeting in which we will discuss your work. The meeting is on 12-02-2022 at noon. Hope to see you at the meeting.



  1. Meeting

Assessor – Good afternoon Janice, we are gathered here to analyse your performance and I want to let you know that you are arriving late to the office every day. We have a record for this as the official office timing starts from 9 and you arrive at 9:20, 9:30, 9:25 respectively. I want to let you know that these activities impact the performance of the individuals and also the aspects of the performance. It is not a positive behaviour and I want you to bring improvement to your activities.

Janice- Alright sir, I will consider these things.

  1. Email to Janice



Dear Janice,

This is a follow-up mail regarding the last meeting that was conducted. I want to let you know that consider the operations that were proposed to you in the meeting.

Thanks and regards.

  1. Termination letter
Termination letter


25th  Feb 2022

Private and confidential


House no. 4, Dingo Street, QLD, Australia.

Dear Janice,

Termination of your employment

I am writing to you about the termination of your employment with Boutique build Australia.


On you met with Performance review meeting on 12-02-2022. In that meeting, you were advised that you must bring improvement and come on time to the office premises. You can office late regularly and this is against the policies and the operations of the organization.

You were issued a formal warning letter on 15-02-2022.

On 18-02-2022 you had a second meeting with the administrative manager and you were advised that your performance had not improved to the level required. You were issued with a second warning letter on 19-02-2022.

You also attended a meeting with the Human resource manager on 20-02-2022. In that meeting, you were issued a final warning letter. This letter indicated that your employment may be terminated if your performance did not improve by 22-02-2022.

We consider that your performance is still unsatisfactory and have decided to terminate your employment for the following reasons:

·     Because you come late to the office after so many warnings and warning letters.

·     Because of lack of efficiency in the operations.

Your employment will end immediately. Based on your length of service, your notice period is 4 weeks. In place of receiving that notice, you will be paid the sum of $2000.

You will also be paid your accrued entitlements and any outstanding payments, up to and including your last day of employment. This includes the balance of any time off instead of overtime accrued but not yet taken (paid at the overtime rate applicable when the overtime was worked), and superannuation.

If you have been paid annual leave in advance, any amount of annual leave still owing will be deducted from your final pay.

You may seek information about minimum terms and conditions of employment from the Fair Work Ombudsman. If you wish to contact them you can call 13 13 94 or visit their website at

Some termination payments may give rise to waiting periods for any applicable Centrelink payments. If you need to lodge a claim for payment you should contact Centrelink immediately to find out if there is a waiting period.

Yours sincerely


Administrative manager.


  1. Email to the assessor

From: Operational

Attachments: Termination letter

Dear Janice,

The termination letter is attached with the mail. I hope you evaluate the letter as it consists of the reasons why the employee is terminated with all the policies and procedures.

Thanks and regards.


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