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BSBDIV601 Develop and Implement Diversity Policy

BSBDIV601 Develop and implement Diversity Policy


Table of Contents

Assessment 1. 3

Assessment 2. 9

Part A.. 9

Part B.. 10

References. 13

Assessment 1

Question 1

Diversity policy implementation in the organization and provide the company benefits and the different types of success into a different section or the department. The diversity policy management in the organization will help the company to generate different business operations and reach the level of succession (Kapiszewski, 2013). The benefits of increasing the diversity policy implementation in the organization are like this improve the and increase the creativity in the organization and then this gives birth the innovation into the company and develops the new ideas. This will lead the market and makes a place in the company. Also, this policy helps the company to solve the problem in a faster manner (Kapiszewski, 2013).

Question 2

Contemporary diversity theory is based on the development of the organization and this affects all the sections and the department of the organization. The contemporary theory includes the psychosocial theory that examines the employee’s work process and their mental balance in the organization. The thing that is need to be considered while implementing the contemporary diversity theory. In this theory maintenance, they examine the companies’ multicellular activities and their working policy (Vink, et al., 2013). The motive behind this policy mentioned in the organization is to make things better in the company and this will impact the organizational cultures in both current and future policy (Vink, et al., 2013).

Question 3

The meaning of diversity in the organization considers all the differences between the employee’s behavior or the religion and the cultures also, the beliefs these are the things which create the conflicts in the working policy of the organization. The meaning and the reason the organization management create or generate the diversity organization in the company to maintain the balance between all the employees and the organization. The diversity policy maintains equality in the organization between the companies members and all the other subordinates of the organization. This will make the people comfortable around each other members of the organization and maintain the working environment of the organization.

Question 4

Code of conduct- from all the employees it has been expected from them that they must follow the basic code of conduct for the organization. It is one of the common policies within the organization.  The employee must follow the code of conduct it does not matter which culture they belong to.

Recruitment policy- it is the statement on how the organization hires its employees. When there is a recruitment policy within the organization then it does not matter which religion they belong to.

Non-smoking policy- when the person hired in the organization. Then they must follow the non-smoking policy. They must smoke within the workplace.

Health and safety policy- of the employees within the organization will get equal safety and they will also get the health benefits from the country. It does not matter whether the employee belongs to Australia or other replace (Li, et al., 2021).

Question 5

Some of the organization practices/ operations which can be linked to diversity are-

1) There is a need for creative people when the organization needs to do innovation. If the group of people consists of different people, who belong to different cultures, different religious backgrounds, and different beliefs.  It is helpful for the organization to do innovation and resolve the issues fastly.

2) Creating the company branding- from the different cultural backgrounds if the organization recruits the employees then it creates a positive impact on the customers who belong to different backgrounds and the word of mouth they purchase repeatedly. These types of customers also influence others to make the purchase.

3) Total quality management- it is a continuous process. This process is used to reduce and detect the issues in the streaming supply chain, eliminating the manufacturing issues and improving customer experience (Zhang, et al., 2021).

Question 6


BarriersImpact on employee performance
Different attitudes of the employeesWhen within the workplace the employee’s attitude is different then it impacts the performance of the employees. Different employee’s attitude leads to minimizing in the employee’s performance.
Differences of languagesWhen in the person employees are from a diverse work culture then there are also language differences. These gaps lead to the miss communication or conflicts sometimes. So it can lead to a decrease in the employee’s performance.
Lack of the employee engagementAs in the workplace, the employees come from different backgrounds then different beliefs are followed by them. There are many times when the different beliefs are not accepted by all the employees so it can be lead to a reduction in the employee’s engagement (Ayoubi, et al.,  2020).

Question 7

Some pieces of legislation in Australia which promotes/ advocates and protects diversity within the workplace are-

1) Racial discrimination act 1975 promotes equality before the law for all people regardless of color, race, ethnic origin, and national origin. The purpose of the legislation is to protect the employees from diverse places.

2) Australian human rights commission act 1986- it is the act that provides the procedure by which human rights commissioners can investigate that everyone in the organization is equally treated. The purpose of the legislation is to investigate the infringements of Australia’s anti-discrimination legislation about the federal agencies.

3) The fair work act 2009

The purpose of the legislation is to introduce a national system of workplace relations that sets minimum standards and employees’ conditions and for the employee and employer, it provides the legal framework.

4) Disability discrimination act 1992- this law is helpful to make the unlawful to discriminate against the person in the various areas of employment, using services, or accessing the public places (Roberson, 2019).

Question 8

There are various potentials benefits of diversity to an organization are-

  • Organizational morale is increased.
  • It helps to create and effectiveness and efficiency of the organization.
  • employee’s productivity is increased
  • It helps to increase the employee’s creativity.
  • There is a higher engagement of the employees (Ibrahim, et al., 2018).

Question 9

Strategy to promote diversity in the workplaceBenefits to employeesBenefits to the organization
The workplace must be created diversity-friendlyWithout any kind of hesitation, employees can work freely.Organization revenue will increase as employees’ productivity will increase.
For the outsider, a training session can be arrangedOutsiders’ knowledge and skills will be increased.Beneficial for the organization as higher productivity can be achieved.
Employees can be offered flexible workplace (Roberson, 2019).The employee’s productivity will increase.Employee engagement will increase.

Question 10

Describe how a Diversity Policy should be implemented and reviewed.

There are some of the ways which must be followed to implement and review the diversity policy-

First of all, there is a need to create friendly policies- existing workplace policies must be reviewed with the help of the diversity lens. Flexible schedules can be offered, options must be left, etc.

Employee benefits reassess- existing employee benefits can be reviewed with the diversity lens as well.

Diversity training must be provided- for discussion of the topics meetings can be conducted. A dedicated place and time must be provided.

Diverse mentorship must be established- one on one diverse mentorship must be established. the pairs can be made of a mentor and a mentee.

A diverse team must be built- within the workplace the make sure that diverse groups must be created for the working teams. Diverse teams must be created and to work together they will be provided with the opportunity.

Efforts must be measured- diversity initiatives must be measured to track the success and eventual bottlenecks can be found. Goals are set and it must be decided to improve which metric and to see the progress they will be tracked.

Regular meetings can be conducted to review the diversity policies. Feedback from the employee can also be taken (Cletus, et al., 2018).



Assessment 2

Part A



This report is prepared for the organization which has been operating for a short period. At the start of the organization, there were only 5 employees. The business has increased rapidly in the last 12 months and the organization has also taken over 26 employees. Therefore the workforce becomes sufficiently diverse. So there is a need to develop a specific diversity policy. So the research was conducted. It will help to develop the policy and for implementation in can be prepared (Chen, et al., 2021).


The research will be conducted which will enable to development of the diversity policy. The diver policy will be developed as it makes the that the organization employees must not be judged regardless of their sex, color, religion, nationality, and social class. In the research, the employees will be monitored and employees’ viewpoints about the diverse workforce will also be asked.

The source of the information which will be used for conducting the research is journals articles, feedback from the employees, government websites, and various experienced personnel.

The information which has been collected after the research will be very crucial for the development of the diversity policy. With the help of research, benefits can be analyzed and issues can also be identified and how the identified issues can be resolved is also analyzed. It will help to know which points need to be included in the policy.

In the research and the policy development processes, all the stakeholders will be involved (Liu, et al., 2021).

The procedure followed to develop and for policy implementation

To develop and implement the policy some of the steps which will be followed are-

  • Requirements will be studied.
  • The result of the research and risk assessment will be taken into an account.
  • Documents will be optimized and aligned,
  • The document will be structured
  • Documents will be written
  • Documents will get approved for the senior management
  • To the employees, training will be provided and they will be made aware of the diversity policy (Mousa, et al., 2020).

To senior management, the importance of the diversity policy will be discussed and the will be explained the research outcomes.

Part B

The diversity policy will help the organization and support compliance with the relevant legislations of the organization. The legislative compliance policy implementation in the organization is support the companies members and their subordinates to make or generate good decisions for the better development of the organization (Jin, 2017). The compliance element in the diversity policy is focused on the cultures and controls the risk appearance from the cultures and the beliefs of the people in the organization. Therefore the legislative element in the organization manages the rules and the regulations of the organization and this also provides the framework to the company to manage the organization settlement. As the management of the organization this the duty of the management team to get feedback from the stakeholders of the organization to improve the working policy of the organization. Seeking the feedback of the stakeholders of the organization helps the company to find out their lack point and based on this they have to improve their working policy and the environment of the organization (Jin, 2017). As the management, this is an important thing for the better development of the organization. There always be a link connection between the other policy and the diversity policy of the organization.

This is important to maintain the relationship between the intended diversity policy and the other policies. The diversity policy in the organization is focused on equality in the organization and maintainingan equal balance between the colleagues and the other subordinates because of this the working policy of the organization is maintained and the results will come out positively. The other police which are generated by the organization are also related and connected to the development of the organization and this is the reason behind these policies they connected and they all have the same motive to development of the organization and improve the working policy and the other sectors of the organization. The diversity policy supports the applicable legislation because before the company develops the policy in the organization they maintain all the important and applicable legislation in the organization to improve the working environment. The anticipated outcomes of the diversity policy in the organization or related to the company issues solve in this and all the problem will be considered the serious issues in the organization and this is the outcomes of this policy all the problems will be solved in this policy this is the motive of the management team of the organization. The unintended outcomes of the development of the policy are will be diving and identified into three characteristics and these are knowability and the value also, distribution of the policy, and the information of the organization. The organization management team and the marketing policy development department also, the finance departments all are involved in the development of the actions plans. The methods are used to inform the stakeholders about the policy during the development and after that based on the information they implement the policy in the organization. The communication method will be used in the organization to inform the stakeholders about the policy and development of the plan before implementing it in the organization. After the procedures to followed and implement the policy is starting from the research and understanding the organization data and after that examine the working policy of the company department and they will analyze the data and then make a plan for the future development of the organization and after that, the policy procedures development will be implemented in the organization. The issues which may be created or encountered during the implementationof the policy in the organization. The other competitors and their working policy and the miscommunication and the misunderstanding between all the departments of the organization will create issues while implementing the policy. The impact measurement of the policy in the organization will be calculated based on the results of the company and the feedback and the working report of the organization will describe the impact of the policy in the company and the measurement of the policy. The acceptance of the policy will be measured based on the company performance and the result of the diversity policy and the other procedures of the organization. The success measurement of the organization of the implementation.

The result and the feedback of the organization will describe the success of the implementation of the diversity policy in the organization(Al-Omari, et al., 2012). The diversity policy measurement describes the company performance and the other section development stories and the work progress of the employees. The company results and the working policy review are based on the employees and the feedback report from the customers and the stakeholders of the organization. This will describe the successful implementation of the story. During the implementation of the diversity policy in the organization, the consultancy with the stakeholders of the organization is important because this will help the company and improve the working policy of the organization. The meeting and the advice taken from the stakeholders of the organization and based on their feedback the policy will be implemented and the process will be set up according to their advice because they know the merits and the demerits of the organization (Al-Omari, et al., 2012). This is the reason the consult with the stakeholders for the process implementation of the diversity policy is important. The advice of the stakeholder related to the diversity policy and the process which is going to be changed in the organization and they are going to implement the new working policy they have to take advice from the stakeholders of the organization.




Al-Omari, A., El-Gayar, O., & Deokar, A. (2012, January). Security policy compliance: User acceptance perspective. In 2012 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (pp. 3317-3326). IEEE.

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Zhang, H., Slawski, M., & Li, P. (2021). The benefits of diversity: Permutation recovery in unlabeled sensing from multiple measurement vectors. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory.








BSBDIV601 Develop and implement diversity policy


Table of Contents

Assessment task 1. 3

Assessment task 2. 5

Assessment task 3. 14

Assessment task 4. 16

Reference. 19

Assessment task 1

  1. Report

Organization’s diversity policy

There are many principles for addressing the diversity by which the legal obligations are exceeded. The belief and work practices that are moral and ethical are subscribed in the organization with the use of successful implementation, by which there is the benefit in the organization. Best practices are done in the diversity area and it involves the establishment of the workplace culture, that encourages and acknowledges that difference to enhance the ideas of the workplace, skills, and experience, in which there are the policies and practices beyond the legal requirements and it also helps in creating the fostering culture of the individual empowerment.

The examples that are included in the diversity policy are –

1) Commitment can be created for leading the best practices.

2) The clients and colleagues can address the harassment.

3) Creating clear practices and rights.

Diversity issues and practices

There are different kinds of diversity issues that are barriers at the workplace and very challenging for the team members. Some examples are –

1) Respect and acceptance

2) Generation gaps

3) Cultural and ethnic differences

4) Belief’s accommodation

5) Mental and physical disabilities

6) Communication and language

7) Workplace gender equality

The main issue in the organization is always the communication issue in the diverse workforce, there are some barriers regarding the communication between the team members. Some know the main language as English and some people cannot efficiently communicate with others and have many difficulties (Patrick & Kumar.,2012).

Diversity figures and facts

There are a variety of the individual experiences and abilities of the skilled migrants for the new home and in the business knowledge their invaluable resources with cultures, networks, protocols, and the business practices in the overseas markets. There is the half population of girls and women in Australia about 50.7 %. The 47% women roughly comprises the employees in Australia.

Gender diversity is the kind of umbrella term that is used for describing the identities of the gender by which the diversity expression is demonstrated and outside the binary framework. For the gender of diverse people, the concept of binary gender – Having to choose for expressing yourself as a female and male – is constraining. Some facts about gender equality are –

1) Sexual and physical violence is faced by the 1 in 3 women in their life.

2) Every minute, about 28 girls are getting married if they are not ready.

3) There are 21 heads with the female gender of the state in the world.

4) There is the one active sexiest law in the 150 countries (Sabharwal, 2014).

Diversity legal frameworks at Australian workplace

Civil Rights Act of 1964 title VII, the employment discrimination is prohibited based on national origin, sex, religion, color, and race. The legal framework of domestic consists of the legislation of anti-discrimination at both territory/state and commonwealth levels and related laws of commonwealth workplace – and the prohibit discrimination towards the employment context and age. The legal framework describes the beliefs, ideas, and rules by which the problems are dealt with for deciding problems.

Benefits of having a diverse workplace.

Some benefits that are identified in the workplace diversity are –

1) Different perspectives variety

2) Higher innovation

3) Better decision making

4) Increased creativity

5) Employee turnover reducing

6) Higher engagement of the employee

7) Increased profits

8) Fastly problem-solving

9) Better reputation of the company

10) Improved results of hiring

Overview on corporate policies and documents related to diversity

Performance management – It is the corporate management tool that helps in monitoring and evaluating the work of the employees by the manager.

Anti-discrimination – It refers to the designed legislation for preventing discrimination against the people group.

Selection – When the person is selected for some work by using its skills.

Recruitment – It is the process of interviewing, shortlisting, screening, sourcing, and identifying for the jobs (Benschop, et al.,2015).

3a. Diversity policy

Diversity statement

In different organizations, there is the diversity statement with the use of mission and vision statements for reaffirming the diversity commitment. The details can be there in the organization, related to the beliefs, goals, and aims for diversity. Examples of the statements are –

1) Providing goals and examples for diversity future objectives.

2) Listing the legislation and laws that are abided by by the organization.

3) Describing the organization’s values like goodwill, tolerance, and respect.

Related/linked documents or policies

The difference can be shown according to the diversity policy that is related or has links with relationships. There is the policies general list that is applied in multiple guidelines:

1) Codes of conduct

2) Professional development policy

3) Racism policy prevention

4) Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination policies

Relevant legislation

Equal opportunity and workplace diversity cover the state and federal legislation that is mentioned below:

1) The Sex Discrimination Act

2) The Racial Hatred Act

3) The Australian Human Rights Commission Act

4) The Disability Discrimination Act

5) The Age Discrimination Act

6) WHS laws and State-based anti-discrimination

7) The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012

Strategies and practices

The Strategies in the business will help in the development and the growth of the business. the practices and the strategies are used for the training and how to provide the best services to the customer (Ng & Sears.,2020).

Implementation Strategy

The Water West organization needed to implement the diversity policies in their organization because the females are working under the females and there is very much mismanagement that is needed to be solved and the strategies for the implementation is made for implementing and conducting the diversity policy at the workplace and to make the working environment easy with 900 equivalent staff that are working full time in the organization.

Monitoring and reporting

Reporting and monitoring are very necessary for the business it ensures the outcomes are good or not and make sure the project success and helps in the growth of the company and in the management of the company. The monitoring of the final result is very important so that in the future the problem cannot occur related to the project and the diversity policy monitoring is also important to make the possible working environment at the workplace.

Policy review

The policy review is very important at the workplace for achieving the organizational goals as it helps in planning and implementing the project according to the requirements. The policy review helps in getting the feedback and if the diversity policy is not right then we can manage it according to the review (Rowe, 2014).

3b. action plan

ObjectiveActionsResponsibilityTimeframeSuccess measure
Interaction with the customers for better service to the customer1) We can conduct the training sections for the staff for providing the best customer service.

2) The communication skills will be initiated of the staff.

Manager1 weekHigh chance of success
Improvement in productivity and efficiency1) No wastage of resources should be there.

2) Efficient work with time management needs to be done.

Business manager2-3monthsHigh chance of success
Statement regarding future directions1) The training will be provided for achieving the goals of the organization.

2) The positive image of the company matters for future productions.

Director of the company1-2 monthsLow chance of success
Business plans and goals1) The planning help in achieving the target of the organization.

2) If the business goals are set then they can be achieved.

Team leader or manager1-2 weeksMedium chance of success
Training and recruiting new staff1) The training of the new staff is important so that there should be the efficient use of the resources.

2) The recruitment in the business should be done on the basis of skills (Stafford & Baldwin.,2018).

Training manager and manager2 monthsHigh chance of success

3c. Questionnaire

Questions Strongly agree Somewhat agree Neutral Somewhat disagree Strongly agree
1) Do you agree with the diversity policy in the business?ü
2) Do you agree with the laws and legislation of the business?üü
3) The privacy laws in the diversity policy are good.
4) The survey on the action plan and diversity plan is done right.ü
5) The issue can be solved with the proper planning in the diversity policy.ü


Research and policy development HR

  1. Obtain feedback on the draft documents


HR manager- hello, good afternoon

Business mentor- good afternoon

HR manager- I have prepared the diversity policy, action plan for the diversity policy, and questionnaires for the water west. So we are gathered here to know your feedback what are the changes which I can do in the diversity policy and the action plan.

Business mentor- okay, I have reviewed your diversity policy, action plan, and questionnaires. According to me, there is no need to make changes to the questionnaires.

HR manager- okay and in the action plan and diversity policy?

Business mentor- according to me you can announce the reward and recognition for the employees who will follow the policy effectively. I will encourage the staff members to follow the policy. And in the action plan, you can conduct the reward and recognition program every six months and you must also conduct the employee’s satisfaction survey to understand the employee’s needs and wants.

HR manager- okay thank you for your feedback.

Changes in the policy and action plan

Diversity policy

In the diversity policy, rewards and recognition will also be added for the employees who will follow the diversity policy effectively (Newsinger, & Eikhof, 2020).

Action plan

In the action plan, every six months’ a reward and recognition program will be conducted to boost the employee’s morale to follow the policy.

Employees satisfaction survey will also be conducted every six months and the person who will be responsible is the HR manager.



Assessment task 2

Implement the diversity policy HR


HR manager- hello everyone

Staff member- hello sir

HR manager- I have developed the diversity policy and procedure for the water west. I have also prepared the presentation so that you can understand it in a better way.  First, you see the PowerPoint presentation then please provide your feedback on this.

Staff member- okay sir sure.

HR manager- let’s get started with the PPT.

Okay, this was the presentation. I hope you understand the diversity policy’s meaning and its importance in our organization. Provide your suggestions for improvements to the policy and action plan.

Staff members- for the improvement of the policy we can celebrate the differences of the employees and we can also create the inclusion council and mentorship can also be offered.

HR manager- okay nice and what are the actions which can be taken.

Staff members- we can conduct the training sessions and mentoring programs.

HRmanager- okay. According to you what will be the impact of diversity?

Staff members- the impact of the diversity policy can be positive as well as negative as well. Some of the employees may find it difficult in understanding the diversity policy whereas some employees’ productivity can also be increased.

HR manager- okay nice. I have also developed the questionnaires. I would like you to complete the impact of the diversity policy.

Staff members- okay sir.

Short report


In this report, I have mentioned some of the feedback which was provided by the staff members after showing them then PowerPoint presentation about the diversity policy and procedure for the water west (Newsinger, & Eikhof, 2020).


After showing the PowerPoint presentation to the staff members and doing a conversation with them about the diversity policy some of the feedback has been received from the staff members-

1) Celebrate the differences of the employees.

2) Create the inclusion council

3) Mentorship can also be offered to the staff members about the diversity policy

4) To maintain the work-life balance training can be provided.

Some of the action which has been taken for the feedback received is-

1) Training sessions will be conducted.

2) Mentoring programs will be conducted (Bodó, et al., 2019).

The questionnaireswere also prepared and some of the questions were asked from the employees regarding the diversity so the response of the questionnaires was analysed. The responses of the staff members were most positive. According to most of the staff members implementing the diversity,the policy is good for them it will help to increase productivity and develop theirknowledge and skills.

Intranet article

The importance of diversity policy in the workplace


The diversity policy in the organization is an important thing nowadays. First of all, there is a need to understand what diversity policy is. It is a simple written agreement for the groups about discrimination that can be avoided against the people working in the organization who belongs to different cultures, sex, colours, religion, etc. For the service users and members how safe and inclusive an environment can be created. The main aim of forming the diversity policy is mainly focused on providing equal opportunity to the employees and also involving them. so that organizations can become free from any kind of discrimination. The diversity policy’s purpose is to make sure that the person working in the organization must be treated equally. All the employees must show respect and care for each otherregardless of theircolours, religion, etc.

The examples that are included in the diversity policy are –

1) Commitment can be created for leading the best practices.

2) The clients and colleagues can address the harassment.

3) Creating clear practices and rights (Möller, et al., 2019).


1) Better customer service

2) Service pool is increased

3) Recruiting and training new staff

4) Improving productivity and efficiency (Haugen, et al., 2019).

To implement the policy some of the actions which are required are-

1) Among the employee’s gender discrimination must not be presented.

2) Make sure that eachemployee must contribute.

3) Hiring the employees regardless of conventional means (Heilman, & Caleo, 2018).

Benefits of diversity
Some benefits that are identified in the workplace diversity are –

·         Adaptability

·         It helps to increase the service range and pool of recruitment

·         There isa different points of views

·         Individual empowerment

·         Increase in the business reputation

·         Different perspectives variety

·         Higher innovation

·         Better decision making

·         Increased creativity

·         Employee turnover reducing

·         Higher engagement of the employee

·         Increased profits

·         Fastly problem-solving

·         Better reputation of the company

·         Improved results of hiring

Some of the diversity-related frameworks are-

1) WHS act 2009

2) Anti-discrimination law

3) Equal employment opportunity

4) Equal opportunity act 2010

5) Sex discrimination act 1984 (Rodgers, 2019).




Assessment task 3

Review of diversity policy HR

  1. Recommended changes to the policy



Subject: some of the recommendations about diversity policy

I hope this email finds you well. I have conducted a meeting with the staff members regarding the diversity policy. According to them some of the changes are required to be made in the diversity policy. These changes which were recommended are-

1) Celebrate the differences of the employees.

2) Create the inclusion council

3) Mentorship can also be offered to the staff members about the diversity policy

4) To maintain the work-life balance training can be provided.

Some of the action which has been taken for the feedback received is-

1) Training sessions will be conducted.

2) Mentoring programs will be conducted.

I believe that these changes are required to be made as it is important for the workplace and employees as well. I request you to please look into the matter and provide your feedback so will proceed further.

With regards

HR manager



  1. Update of policy

In the diversity policy, some of the changes which are required to be made are after the approval are-

Every six months, training will be conducted for the employees to maintain the work-life balance.

And the employees who are facing difficulty in understanding the diversity policy for those employees’ mentoring programs will be conducted.

The employees who will follow the diversity policy correctly for those employee rewards and recognition will be provided (Tønnessen, et al., 2019).



Assessment task 4

Case studies

Case study 1

Question 1

The issues that will be considered are –

1) The company needs to face the time management for Valerie and to give her work to the other on Friday afternoons.

2) There will mismanagement in the company on Fridays.

3) Then there will be a flexible environment and that is prohibited in the company because everyone can take benefit of the flexibility.

Question 2

The legal requirements that are required:

1) The Workplace Gender Equality Act 2012

2) The National Employment Standards (NES)

3) The Fair Work Act

Question 3

The benefits will be if the request will be approved –

1) The employees will think positively about the company.

2) The flexibility towards the employees will be there.

3) The company will make a strong bond with the employees by approving.

Case study 2

Question 1

In this case, the issue which needs to be considered is that the employee’s name Muhamad never shakes hands with the female clients. This can impact his relationship with other members (Shortland, & Perkins, 2020).

Question 2

The legal requirement is to provide the equal opportunity act. And to make sure that everyone in the organization must be treated equally.

Question 3

As the manager, to deal with this issue I can meet with Muhammad privately and talk to him about his behaviour and tell him that his behaviour is not good for his job and someone may feel offensive.

Case study 3

Question 1

On these grounds, Delores can surely refuse to deal with the customer if she is having factual evidence regarding the situation.

Question 2

The legal requirement, in this case, is discrimination is unlawful in any place. Everyone must be treated equally (Rodgers, 2019).

Question 3

As the manager, I will deal with the situation by asking Delores to talk with the customers calmly and ask the customers what’s the issues why he is behaving like this with him and then I’ll observe the customers. and then also customers do not talk nicely with Dolores then I’ll personally talk with the customer (Shortland, & Perkins, 2020).

Case study 4

Question 1

No, in this case, Kelly’s response was not at all acceptable as she was doing discrimination with Jackie after knowing her sexuality (Heilman, & Caleo, 2018).

Question 2

In this case, the legal requirement is the sex discrimination act 1984. It is the act that made it unlawful to discriminate against the person due to their gender, sex, intersex status, etc.

Question 3

As the manager to deal with the situation I’ll talk to Kelly personally and explain to her what she is doing with Jackie is not acceptable. As the team leader, this was not expected by her and she is not setting a good example in front of everyone as the leader (Verniers, & Vala, 2018).

Case study 5

Question 1

In the diversity policy, the information which must be included are-

  • Age
  • Ethnicity and cultural background
  • Sexual orientation
  • Disability
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Reassessment of gender etc (Kalpazidou Schmidt, 2022).

Question 2

Some of the steps which can be taken to revise the diversity policy are-

  • Review the current diversity policy.
  • Seek feedback from the employees about the changes
  • Various elements of the diverse workgroup must be understood
  • Implement the diversity policy
  • Monitor the plan implemented.

Question 3

  • When with the staff discussing the revision of the diversity policy the things which must be bear in mind are-
    staff member point of view.
  • Current diversity policy
  • Changes that are required to be made.
  • Results of current diversity policy (Kalpazidou Schmidt, 2022).






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West Water benefits more than 1 million occupants and 40,000 organisations, over some of the quickest developing and most assorted rural areas in Australia. The organisation that you work for, Water West is a huge association in Melbourne of around 900 full-time equal staff. The staff populace is similarly isolated among female and male however the females hold positions that are generally held by females. Guys are additionally in generally male-commanded positions including the majority of the exchanges jobs, senior administration, bookkeeping, data innovation and building.In this assignment, we have investigated the research and policy development project and implementation of the diversity policy. The review of this diversity policy as making a recommendation for changes and improvements also described in this assessment. Further, we have discussed knowledge of implementing and monitoring diversity practices and the legal framework that applies to Australian workplaces and the major projects which we have done.

Assessment Task 1: Research and policy development project

Research Report

In this research report, we have discussed the diversity policy. In recent years, the investigation on diversity has jumped towards the inclusion. The inclusion in the world of diversity has generated its place in recent areas of exploration. This will helps in improving the firm’s performance and it is essential that the West Water organisation can no longer choose to ignore. The examination on the diversity policies, reviews, action plans are undertaken in the diversity of the West Water organisation. They pay our most profound regards to the customary overseers past, present and future(Young, 2016). They are effectively looking for articulations of enthusiasm from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander candidates to empower us to manufacture a solid ability database of different hopefuls. 

Diversity policy 

The West Water accomplishes to assure diversity & remove all forms of unfairness and handshakes all people are disrespect of nationality, choices of the way of living, trust, sexual adjustment, feminine character. They are deliberate about confirming that their manpower and their managers follow the diversity of the organisation they deliver. They are aligning individually opposite to the bull’s eye in the distance of that territory along with the gender equalized workforce and guidance team by 2019-20. They recognize then proceeded with social, social and otherworldly associations that Aboriginal individuals have with the grounds and waters, and perceive and esteem that the Traditional Owner gatherings have thought about and secured them for a great many ages. They are assured of giving a broad office place, with behaviour & actions being compiled by employee lead work team. By our re-agreement activity plan, they need to provide to a community that praise and take care of the continuous educational &devotional network of Aboriginal &Torres Strait Islander persons to the land and water transports.They need you to bring your ‘entire self’ to work, so they celebrate social occasions with our kin. The West Water consciously recognizes the Traditional Owners of the terrains and waters whereupon they work and work, the general population of the Kulin Nation.

Action plan

Key Result AreaObjectivesActionsResponsibilityTimeframeMeasure of Success
Recruitment, selection and retentionplace the right person in the right position at West Water within an suitable timeframe and budget.provide a working applications that West Water  managers and hiring managers can use as a advisor to successfully recruit and retain staff .Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources Specialist, Hiring Manager, Board of Directors are responsible for recruitment & selection1 monthIntroductory Period Staff Evaluation outcomes,Staff Satisfaction Results,

Turnover price

Work/life balanceCapability to meet the desires of the workforce of companyTo improve recruitment performance and create a cultural environmentMaintain the quality, skills and perspectives of the workforce2 monthAssess the performance of effectiveness among the policy
Educationopen and its standards are comprehended and support by Managers and representativesImprove learning experience of workershelps in delivering services to improve continuously1  monthWell being , new ways of learning & innovation

West Water built up a Reconciliation Action Plan as we are enthusiastic about supporting all networks inside the areas we serve. We are especially cognizant of the vital social furthermore, profound associations that Aboriginal individuals need to grounds and waters and we are focused on guaranteeing that this mindfulness is implanted overall dimensions of our association. They have created a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) so as to help control this responsibility further. A RAP will give an instrument for West Water to not just advance more noteworthy comprehension and acknowledgement of the social and social hugeness of water, yet to effectively encourage our significant connections and organisations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Networks and Traditional Owners, and to give work and business open doors for nearby Native people groups and their networks. Further, the Victorian State Government’s Water for Victoria strategy requests that City West Water incorporate Aboriginal values and conventional environmental learning in water arranging (Moser, 2012). City West Water submits through this Compromise Action Plan to genuinely actualize Water for Victoria’s vision for Aboriginal commitment. Our Managing Director and Executive Leadership Group champion the duty to our Compromise Action Plan over the business furthermore, our Reconciliation Action Plan working gathering is spoken to by individuals from staff including: 

General Manager, Customers and Community General Manager, People and Capability Condition and Heritage Specialist, Interchanges Manager, Senior Environmental Specialist, Senior Environmental Officer, Legitimate Counsel, Contracts and Procurement, Solid Urban Habitat Operations Officer, Outer Aboriginal Representative, One individual from our RAP working gathering is a Native individual. 


  1. Are you Male or Female?
  2. Are you of Aboriginal or Torres StraitIslander origin?
  3. In which country were you born?
  4. Do you have an ongoing disability?
  5. Please indicate the nature of your Disability?
  6. Does your disability requireadjustments in the workplace byyour employer?
  7. Please describe the adjustments your employer needs to make to your workplace and indicate which of these have been provided?
  8. If you provided an above answerwould you like this information to be made available to appropriate staff soany adjustments can be put in placeand maintained?

Evidence of consultation

Based on our study of the reports and our knowledge as consultants, the core functions of consultation likely involve:

  1. Progress training
  2.  Problem resolving performance obstructions
  3.  Case foothold
  4.  Accountability
  5. Expertise skill-building
  6. Convenient treatment conversion
  7.  Preparation for sustainability

Assessment Task 2: Implement the diversity policy project


Diversity Steering Committee to support assorted variety also, incorporation and manage execution of activities.

Transparent detailing of advancement and targets, these will be created the organisation with our individuals. 

Annual Diversity and Inclusion statistics to get it how our workers mirror the network we serve and to guarantee our concentration and exercises are ideal serving the necessities of our various representatives. An ongoing audit of approaches and strategies are done to bolster the decent variety of our workforce (for instance, adaptable work practices and sex-adjusted waitlists). 

They have created a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) so as to help control this responsibility further.

This Diversity and Inclusion Strategy will be investigated for its continuous pertinence and its arrangement to the more extensive hierarchical and industry necessities on a yearly premise. A consequent procedure will be created in 2020.

Please describe the adjustments for employer needs to make to your workplace and indicate which of these have been provided.

Feedback report

It has been understood that the implementation of the diversity policies in an organisation is very beneficial and helpful. This will provide a clear growth and stable working environment for the workers. The understanding has also gained in regards to the diversity policy is that the Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin people will be able to get the opportunities as well as the equal chance to attain growth and success.

Intranet Article

West Water diversity Policies

West Water article on assorted variety in the working environment for The Multicultural Advantage gives a diagram of decent variety and quickly separates both the advantages and difficulties of decent variety(Percy, 2018). The article likewise prescribes ventures for accomplishing and keeping up a decent variety in the work environment and recommends answers for it.

Three key focuses we like from Diversity in the Workplace: Benefits, Challenges and Solutions

  • An organisation’s prosperity and intensity regularly rely on its capacity to grasp assorted variety and understand its advantages.
  • Organisations must try to make the social assorted variety of quality. Social assorted variety presents difficulties when biases, contrasts in understandings, and miss-communication happen.
  • Assorted variety drives benefit in light of the fact that a various workforce manufactures trust in your image with a different target advertise, decreasing turnover and truancy, and inciting development (Ng & Sears, 2012).
  • The organisation must effectively survey their treatment of working environment assorted variety issues.
  • Organisations must work to defeat perceptual, social, and language hindrances for their assorted variety projects to succeed.

Assessment Task 3: Review the diversity policy project


Clear up the Benefits: Emphasize to the workers how decent variety benefits the company, and how that ultimately benefits every representative. 

Make an Evaluation Form: As per Percy, 2018, A structure enables you to utilise similar assessment criteria for all competitors, which decreases the likelihood of interposing individual preferences.

Make Use of Current Staff: This makes a stream of various hopefuls, and can likewise decrease your enlisting costs.

Augment Your Recruiting Base: Use other enlisting channels to extend base, including web worksheets, which anybody with Internet access can see.

Updated policies

  • Communicate transparently with partners, including clients and representatives, to guarantee this strategy is promptly open and incorporated into all Induction materials. 
  • Establish targets and report consistently against these objectives to consider ourselves answerable. 
  • Support adaptable working through the arrangement of toolboxes to all representatives and chiefs and guarantee industry best practice concerning individual adaptable work game plans (Riccucci, 2018)
  • Collaborate adequately to impact and make a comprehensive and impartial water industry.
  • Review and refresh our frameworks, approaches and systems to guarantee we diminish and effectively oversee cognizant and oblivious inclination. 
  • Ensure we source competitors from a wide scope of ability pools and maintain sexual orientation balance overallenrolment forms.

Assessment Task 4: Case studies

Case study 1: Valarie

Valarie is employed as a receptionist and has just recently converted to Judaism. Her new husband follows the Jewish faith and converting was something she felt was really important to her new relationship. Valarie has requested to leave work early on Friday afternoons to observe Sabbath. She has stated that she will ensure she will take responsibility to catch up with any missed work and time (Rowe, 2014). The company does not currently have flexible working arrangements. Valarie has been employed with her company full time for three years.

Question 1: What issues do you need to consider in response to this request?

The main issue is the racism which is adopted by her to maintain their religious cultures and responsibilities.

Question 2: What are the legal requirements?

The legal requirements are flexible arrangements of working are required and full time hired employment needed.

Question 3:What might the benefits be to the business of approving this request?

The benefits to the business of approving this request are flexible working adjustments and full-time employment for three years can be considered. 

Case study 2: Muhamad 

You have observed that Muhamad, a Muslim staff member, never shakes hands with female clients. You are concerned that this will impact on his relationships. You are considering asking him to shake the female client’s hands.

Question1: What issues do you need to consider in this case? 

The issues that are being consideredin this case are to asking him to shake the female client’s hand.

Question 2: What are the legal requirements?

The legal requirements are their equality rights among them. It is their personal choice to shake a hand or not with each other (Tsang, 2013).

Question 3: As Muhamad‘s manager, how should you deal with this issue? 

As a manager, I would like to do proper screening of the issue and then come to the results.

Case study 3: Delores 

A staff member, Delores, has approached you with a request not to have to deal with a particular customer because they feel that the customer is acting with racial hatred toward her. 

Question 1: Can Delores refuse to deal with a customer on these grounds?

No, he cannot refuse to deal with a customer on these grounds.

Question 2: What are the legal requirements? 

The legal requirements are that they know the laws of racial discriminations like race, caste, religion, nation, ethnic origin etc.

Question 3:As Delores‘s manager, how should you deal with this issue?

As a manager, I should take care of the issues and aware of these laws and legislation to take a side of my employee Tsang, E. W. (2014). So, he does not feel guilty in front of customers. 

Case study 4: Jackie 

At lunch, your colleague, Jackie, expresses concern to you. She has recently disclosed her sexuality to your team leader, Kelly, who she has always gotten along well with. Kelly was surprised and stated that she has a strong moral objection to lesbians and gay men. Kelly also expressed her feelings that it was not acceptable and requested that Jackie not speak of her sexuality again. Jackie feels as though Kelly has excluded her from general office conversations and work discussions since and doesn’t know what to do.

Question 1: Was Kelly’s response acceptable? 

No, Kelly’s response was not acceptable.

Question 2: What are the legal requirements?

The legal requirements are granting autonomy, the privacy of individuals to make decisions about sexuality and protections relating to equality and non- discrimination.

Question 3: As a Manager, how should you deal with this issue?

As a manager, I should deal with the issue by understanding the varied operation laws in relation to sexuality and then after dealing with the outcomes. I should keep aware of the people with these laws and regulations (Rowe, 2014).


In this assessment report, we have concluded the various tasks and perform an action of their requirements. The organisation taken is The Water West is a large organisation in Melbourne of approximately 900 full-time equivalent staff. The Water West has included four diversity key result areas in its strategic plan for the next three years. These are the Leadership, Recruitment, selection and retention, Work life balance Education.  In task 1, we have done a research and policy development project of diversity. In task 2, we have implemented the diversity policies of the Water West organisation. In task 3, we have examined and reviewed the policies of diversity. In task 4, we have examined the case studies and answered their questions.

  • Moser, C. O., 2012. Gender planning and development: Theory, practice and training. Routledge.
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