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Blue Healer Resort

Briefing report

Blue Healer Resort is the leading resort in Australia. They had one office based in Sydney. in
this particular resort they had 25 staff members. They want to do some changes in the policy
and the procedure in the resorts. In the current policy, they are not able to give them the proper
services in the restraint. So, they want to do some changes to the plan of the resort. They want
to set the “set of skill" program. In this program, they do the discussion regarding the culture of the resort. They want to establish a good approach to the company and share all the approaches
and innovations with the business plan (Rakus-Andersson, 2014).

Suitability of current policy
In this, they had a unique mind of the diversity policy in the organization. they support all over
the people who relate to the organization. they are shares the meeting of the company and they
share the business objectives of the company. Thus they are enhanced their inner capacity and
do the best quality services to the customer need and reach for the customer needs. They all
committed to each other to give fast and furious services. They give their services at the exact
time and they cover all the services with each other.

Overview of relevant legislation
But we want to do the changes in the resource so we think regarding the changes of the resort
policy procedure and the relevant this, we think to take the action in our work
regarding this kind of issues in the workplace.
Disability discrimination- as we know regarding thee disability discrimination in the
workplace. Now it is becoming one of the most common forms of discrimination in the
organization (Rakus-Andersson, 2014).
Racial discrimination- nowadays, there is no secret regarding the secret and racial kind of
discrimination in the organization. There is a certain kind of minority group are often it is
based on the past over all the stages of the employment process.

Sex discrimination- as we know that gender discrimination is one of the most common
discrimination all over the world. They are treated you differently regarding your gender. It is
the things that take many forms. It can be done regarding the failure to hire and many more

Human rights- As we know that the Australia Human rights commission is the independent
third party is does the discrimination complaints and takes all the correct decisions regarding
this (Purnaya, 2016).
Equal opportunity. It is the kind of opportunity they are referred to with all of the good terms
and good treatment terms in the organization. there are many kinds of discrimination held there
like based on race and gender (Purnaya, 2016).
Overview of Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedures
Dispute resolution is a kind of dispute settlement it is the kind of process used to do the
resolution of the dispute between the parties. It is the kind of the terms related to the dispute
solution is te sometimes used interchangeably with the different kinds of conflict and
resolution, although it is generally more deep-rooted by the differences in the length and the
disputes (Seraphin, H., & Thanh, 2020).
Feedback and suggestions
They need to be the leverage with the organizational job boards. It is important and highly
diverse and it is also biased to the diverse area and the career page related to the work and the
website. It also gives you the target internship and scholarship. They need to implement
diverse mentorship. It is a kind of diversity and organizational training. It is rewarded with
diverse referrals

To –
Subject- feedback and the approval
Date- 12-07-2022
Hello sir,
Here to inform you that, I will give you the information regarding the management of the Blue Healer
Resort. In this, we are trying to do the implementation of some kind of new policy. In this report, we are
doing the discussion regarding the Diversity Policy and the procedure of the workplace. In this diversity
policy, we are doing the discussion regarding the management of the workplace and its policies. In this they are facing the issue regarding the resort services and process. In this, we are planning to do a diversity policy in the workplace.
Update the diversity policy-
They need to do the leverage of the organizational diversity job boards.
Highlight the diversity regarding the career page.
Give them the target internship and the scholarship.
Offer them the diverse mentorship.
Gives them the training regarding the workplace diversity.
Create the counselling regarding the inclusion of the work.