ICTSUS602 - Establish a business case for sustainability and competitive advantage in ICT projects Assignments

ICTSUS602 – Establish a business case for sustainability and competitive advantage in ICT projects Assignments

Assessment 2 – Performance Assessment (Skills)

2.1 Measurable Improvement of Yahoo’s Lockport Facility Through the Implementation of Strategy Using Benchmark Indicators.

The Lockport facility had introduced the first green data centre design of Yahoo which called as Yahoo! Computing Coop (YCC). This specific strategic intervention introduced several of the advantages which are providing with the values and innovations helping to build broader and effectual changes. This helps to attain the sustainable growth prospects providing with the idea of intervening better energy consumption values. Some of the major advantages and values which associates with this specific procedure incudes: 

  • This will be able to consume at least 40% less energy as well as 95% less water than the other conventional data centres. 
  • Save adequate energy to power more than 9,000 New York state houses yearly. 
  • Save sufficient energy to power around 300,000 CFL light bulbs for one year, consecutively 24/7 (Erdil, et. al., 2018).
  • Save plentiful energy to power just about 1.1 million laptops for a year.
  • Save further water per year than streams over the Niagara Falls for a minute straight. 
  • Save plentiful water in one year to make available drinking water for 200,000 individuals to endure a fit life.

This specific module could be defined as the effectual aspect which provides with the aspects of managing the sustainable approach. This specific influence helps to gain the idea bout most effectual approach of attaining the energy efficient data centre worldwide. This specific attribute could be analysing as the major intervention for organization to deal with all the odds which might get occurred due to the lack management over the energy values (Souza and Alves, 2018). This could be analysed that this specific strategic approach is helping business to gain the idea about values and development essential to be attained. 

2.2 Stakeholder’s Approaches Towards Sustainability Improvements, Development and Implementation.

The stakeholders of Yahoo attained different perspectives and ideas about the growth and modification values which are essential to be processed. This could be determined that the business associates attained the idea about major growth factors entitled with the business operations and values. In terms of dealing with the broader changes major necessity could be analysed as the major intervention of business. the CEO of Yahoo had positive attribute towards the innovation they were introducing. This could be determined that any of the new innovations demands to have faith as well as time which ensures to let the values and interventions to be processed and measured on the broader context. Along with that, this could be determined that the values and advantages associated with such energy consumption provided with the idea of engaging the changes and needs to be approached. Employees had attained several influences and aspects which somewhere could be defined as the key attribute to build broader influences (He, et. al., 2018). The major advantages associated with the approach were related to measuring the values required to build the development aspects on the significant as well as required aspects to deal with the technical interventions on the broader context. 

2.3 Green Datacentre Management Software and Other Systems That Might Be Used by Lockport Facility to Meetup Their Sustainability Requirements?

This could be analysed that the green datacentre management software is providing with the sustainable advantages to Yahoo. This is providing with several values and approaches which somewhere are helping to build the development on broader context. This also includes the valuations which are enduring as the key approaches to build the change and progression on the broader context (Erdil, et. al., 2018). This also attains the changes and needs required to build the energy values to be measured on the significant aspects. The practices of Kanban also provide with the broader idea about several sustainability interventions which are associated with the changes progression and modifications (Sierra, et. al., 2018). This provides with the idea of development of certain modifications which somewhere are the key necessity to introduce broader growth. In terms of analysing the values providing with the idea of sustainability progression and major interventions prime necessity relates to building the development on the broader context. This also helps to build the idea about aspects necessary to build the modifications. Along with that, helps to let the values be enhanced and managed efficiently. 

2.4 Improvements and Benchmarks Against Industry Best Practice by Continuously Reviewing and Improving Policies Over Time from The Yahoo’s Lockport Facility Case Study.

This could be defined that the time is changing on the rapid manner so the procedure of handling business activities is also getting influenced. The IT sector is becoming major reason behind changing which later are using by some other industry professionals as well (Souza and Alves, 2018). This could be analysed that the sustainable approaches of managing the business culture are somewhere providing with the advantages of dealing with the issues which may affect the values required to be grabbed. This could be defined that more the approaches will be engaged with the change and required aspects more it will provide with the idea of developing the aspects of engaging with the changes on the broader context (He, et. al., 2018). This could also be analysed that the sustainable aspects which helps to let the development be engaged effectually. This also provides with the significant information about the aspects and measures necessary to be grabbed on the broader context. 


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