Strategic management is a positive procedure that helps in reaching long term compatibility of consistent parts in the deliberate travel industry. The management process is one of the best ways which assist them in implementing prior developmental goals and targets and also defined by the national economy that are directly affected by improvement in the tourism sector. The report is based on the Mayfair Hotel that is providing a variety of services and facilities to their guests to fulfill their wants and requirements correctly. The major purpose of the assignment is to examine internal and external environmental aspects that are directly effect on business operations and its functions effectively. Also, they describe the competitive advantages through hotels can acquire increased development and success level in the market area. The company are focus on analyzing leadership that is important for hotel management and properly performs their functions.

History of an organisation and its strategic development

The Mayfair hotel is one of the leading hotels in Australia and this is founded in the year 1982. Mayfair Hotel is a successful chain of ten luxury and resorts which provide the best services to their guests and also satisfying their needs and wants properly. The hotel Pan Indian has a strong network of signature hotels and resorts (Moutinho, et. al., 2018). The hotel is Adelaide five star hotels which are situated at the prime intersection of King William and Hindley Street. There are around 170 rooms and social suits which include complimentary min bar services and Wi-Fi facilities to their guests. Various additional premium services include function room, business center gym, light-filled meetings, and attached restaurant and bar services, rooftop bar. In the dinning offer, they are providing the best products with a revived style of classic cuisine which makes people happy and enjoy at the time and also they are provide complemented carvery and desserts. Also, they are offering the best facilities such as resident cocktail bar, features an wide wine list and showcasing a superior assortment of local and global wines. 

The success of the hotel mainly depends on making decisions that are leading an organization towards the correct direction and reach with certain goals. Also, Mayfair hotel is focused on maintaining strategic development which helps them in operating business as well as guest demand in a proper manner. strategy and operational policies that are dealing with various aspects of the hotel and they are providing accurate direction of the whole business at the time of latter affects the day to day functions and operations (Evans, 2015). Mayfair hotel’s current strategy is to focus on fulfilling their guest wants and demand in a prior way and for this, they need to develop innovative services to attract them.   

Internal and external environments of organization

Internal environment of Mayfair hotel: SWOT analysis

The internal factors are considered as internal components that analyze the impact of various aspects of business functions such as the organization’s strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats. 

Strengths – Mayfair hotel has gained a high brand image in the hospitality industry. They are using advanced technological innovation which can help to improve customer experience in a better manner. It is one of the leading hotels which provide the best services to their guests and fulfill their needs. 

Weakness – The hotel has to hold a limited market share. Moreover, the business operations and functions are badly affected by major differences as well as a rapid change in government rules and regulations (Kotler, et. al., 2017).

Opportunities – The Mayfair hotel has expended its business operations in other areas where it can gain more income and profitability by attracting new customers. 

Threats – There is a high risk of competition where various hotels provide quality based goods and services to their guests in a proper way. 

External environment of Mayfair hotel: PESTLE analysis

It is that aspect which is directly impacting on company functions and its operations from the external environment. Various elements are creating an impact on the hotel that includes political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal. 

Political factors – This is important for Mayfair hotel is to implement all the laws and norms which are formulated by the administration bodies. The Australian authority is inclined to increase its popularity as a tourist destination (Konovalova, et. al., 2018).

Economic factor – It can be analyzed that the main economic factor which directly affects Mayfair hotel is slowing economic growth in Australia country.  

Social factors – It is important for Mayfair hotel is to focus on current social trends and adopt such which help them in attracting new and current customers towards their services or facilities in the large market place. 

Technological factors – Mayfair hotel need to update and upgrade their technology regularly and also required to adopt advanced technology that assists them in managing their firm functions and their operations effectively. 

Environment factors – This is required for Mayfair hotel is to follow all environment protection laws where they need to recycle hotels waste materials and attain potential targets. 

Legal factors – There are different laws and regulation that are needed to follow by Mayfair hotels such as health and safety law, discrimination law, consumer law, tourism act, and employment act. Such aspects directly impact hotel operations, its cots, and needs for their goods and services in the tourism industry.   

Development of strategy at a business, functional and corporate level

At the Business level:

In this, the business-level strategy is developed or formulated for specific strategic business components and it is associated with different product market areas. This is mainly involved with the crucial competitive point of strategic business elements. Along with this, they are work on maintaining and managing business strategies that are helpful in reach business goals and targets. They are taken accurate action where they are providing value to their customers and gain competitive benefits by developing core capabilities in specific, individual goods and service market area (Aragon-Correa, et. al., 2015). 

At Functional level:

This is that strategy which can be used for realizing the goals and strategies of an organization with the help of optimal increasing all major resources. Mayfair Hotel is developing such a strategy that helps in maintain the functions and activities of an organization and achieving desired goals and targets effectively. 

At the Corporate level:

Corporate level strategy refers such company place in which their firm is operating and properly regulates its functions. In this, they are mainly deal with aligning the resources deployments all over the set of business areas. Mayfair hotel administration team is accountable and accountable for developing business approach. 

Competitive advantage and sustainability

It is required for Mayfair hotel is to focus and maintain competitive advantages that help them in properly achieving desired goals and targets. This is necessary for the hotel is to analyze its competitors and also try to overcome such issues that are arisen by a high number of competitors in the market place (Singal, 2015). For this, they are required to develop an appropriate strategy that assists them in a deal with different issues and problems in the context of attracting customers and increase profitability ratio. Along with this, it is essential for businesses is to maintain and manage their guest demand and needs so that they can easily reach potential goals and targets effectively. Mayfair hotel can find out the various challenges to endure their reasonable benefits in a short and long term point of view and since it can be uninspired by current or original market performers to impend the hotel marketplace part effectively.   

Impacts of mergers and acquisitions, international strategy and alliances

It can be analyzed that there is some major impact of merger and acquisition on Mayfair hotels where they are working on increasing business goals and objectives effectively. It involves a great plate of stress. The major influence of mergers and acquisitions also involves some economic impact on the shareholders and if they are purchases, the shareholders of the acquired firms get highly advantages while they are acquisition on the business with another company. With the merger and acquisition, Mayfair hotel can face issues regarding the impact on management, employees, shareholders, and competitions (Prebensen, et. al., 2018). This will directly influence on their company functions and their running operations effectively. 

It is examined that international strategy allows a company is to compete more effectively in the local market and it will assist in enhancing its market share in the current market place. Along with this, if Mayfair hotel adopts such strategy so they can reduce risk and issue which arise in the market area. The hotel is not able to gain as high market share in the local market because the international strategy is not responsive towards local markets. The major impact of using international strategy is that they may be attracting new clients by offering new services or facilities. The main goal of an organization is to focus on maintaining and managing business strategies that help them to achieve potential objectives and goals.   

Strategic implementation and the importance of leadership and entrepreneurship

Strategic application is that process that develops plans and strategies that are taken into action and it will help in properly achieving desired goals and objectives. The strategic plan is a inscribed certificate which delivers detailed steps and procedures that are required to reach with the potential formulated plan and this includes reviews or feedback that make sure about to track the plan (Köseoglu, et. al., 2016). Along with this, it is that activity and action which is performed within the hotel industry and this is designed to manage and maintain all activities that are associated with the delivery of the strategic plan. Mayfair hotel implements strategies because this will help in evaluating and analyzing project costs and it determine cost allocation to gain funds from start to finish. The hotel is trying to fulfill its customers’ needs and demand so that they execute strategies which help them in focus on maintaining their guest’s needs. For this, they have appointed a customer care service department where team members listen to their issues and try to solve such problems within a limited time. 

The leadership is important for the Mayfair hotel which helps them in managing and maintaining all company functions in a proper way. Leadership is essential because managers in the hotel industry are carried out about mutual respect in the working environment so that their workers are performing good work to satisfy their guest’s demands and needs. In addition to this, problem-solving skill is required in which hotel manager develops with a good mind, excellent ability, and skill and also positively maintains the hotel functions. The innovation and creativity are essential for leadership functions and they are attracting new customers towards their services or products (Madera, et. al., 2017). Leaders and managers of Mayfair hotel’s work are to develop such strategies that help them in gaining attention to national as well as worldwide clients. For this, they are promoting their goods and facilities with assistance of using various methods such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. Entrepreneurship is also important because this will assist in enhancing individual skills and knowledge that can lead towards reaching those potential goals and targets. 

Organizational structure, controls, and corporate governance

A hotel organizational structure is a comprehensive plan by the hotel manager to explain departmental activities and accountabilities. This structure carries out various factors of hotel operations and functions from the front desk and room services which is operated by the human resource department (Koseoglu, 2016). Mayfair hotel organizational structure is required to make sure about maximum profitability from each room, bar, and restaurant regularly. Mayfair Hotel is following such an organizational structure which is described as under:

Figure 1: Organizational structure, 2019

(Source: Organizational structure, 2019)

Mayfair Hotel is control its function with the help of employees who have the ability and skill to deal with various operations in a proper manner. They provide appropriate training and development sessions to their current and new staff members through which they are capable for the deal and manage all required functions and operations effective (Gibson, et. al., 2018). They are work on maintaining room services, housekeeping, accounts, and other related facilities. 

On the other hand, corporate governance is the procedure through which businesses are conducted their main aim to reach the best outcomes and results for an organization legally. Also, they are developing accurate decisions and take responsibility to deal with major functions and operations. At Mayfair hotel, corporate governance is a very important component which helps in improving overall efficiency and also increases the value of its stakeholders that are lead towards enhancement in investors’ confidence in a proper manner. The hotel’s main aim is to increase the value of its stakeholders and maintains balance with society and the environment. With the help of the company board of directors and management, they are continuously working on managing work and also reach their target goals and objectives. The policies and regulations are designed in such a way which help them in achieving all required goals and maintain areas of operations (Okumus, et. al., 2017). Mayfair hotel’s Board of directors reviews all policies against evolving statutory framework and they are seeking and apply the services and give advice to experts in which they are smoothly run the business operations. 


Strategic management process is one of the best ways which assist them in implementing prior developmental goals and targets. The success of the hotel mainly depends on making decisions that are leading an organization towards the correct direction and reach with certain goals. There are various business environments that directly influence hotel operations and its functions such as internal and external elements. It can be analyzed that mergers and acquisition impact on hotel services and international strategy is affected the number of attracting international customers towards hotel facilities. 


Some recommendation for make improvement in strategies of Mayfair hotel that are described as follows:

  • They should focus on analyzing and examining their guests needs and try to fulfill such in given time period. 
  • They can take support from political and government bodies which are help in managing their current strategies.
  • Mayfair hotel management needs to implement a formal strategic plan which are properly managed and maintain business operations. 
  • Adopt advanced technology which assist in maintaining strategies and also update their features on time to time. 
  • They need to develop and make such goals and strategy which can reach over the next 12 months.  
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