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Social Media Reflection Assignment Template

Social Media Reflection Assignment Template

Your Full Name: Chandan Kinger

Date: 2023-06-13

Online identity search, analysis, and reflection

Write a 500-word reflection about your online identity in the space below. As an alternative, you may record an audio or video reflection and supply a working, easily accessible hyperlink to the file. Include:

·         A brief summary of your social media use and how it may have impacted the search findings

·         How others may see you, based only what they would find in the online search results

·         Why online identity and having an up-to-date, positive, and professional profile on social media is important

·         Specific steps/actions you will take to change, improve, and maintain your online identity over the next 6 months.

Be sure to properly cite and reference in APA format any sources used.


Write your 500-word reflection here:

Summary of social media use

In terms of my social media account usage, I use approximately every present social media platform because it is like visiting new places to find and meet new people although not every platform is safe and secure. Some of the most common platforms I use daily are LinkedIn, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, etc., and there are more that I use occasionally like Omegle. Whenever I switch my phone and use another id the result which has been shown are not related to my likes and preferences, because of the algorithm at which these apps and platforms are set they influence my search findings very much as it mostly shows items related to what I may like and dislike (LinkedIn, 2023).



How others may see me

When I have put my real name in the first thing that appears is a LinkedIn profile of someone with the same name and then other platforms next to it such as Facebook and all. It has been found that social media platforms are the first response to the asked question, which is a person’s name. I opened LinkedIn and in the activity section, it is showing a post that is 2 months old. The post was posted by someone by the name of Chandan Kings. It shows that the person is a biomedical engineer and I am not this which means that doesn’t show about me. I am not having any similar goals with it although I would like to say that the management of the social platform is quite interesting and informative. For my online identity a stranger will think he is just another random guy doing normal things, prospective employers will think a potential candidate is good enough to become part of their organization or a romantic partner may think as a TDG tall dark handsome someone to invest time in by looking at the online identity of mine.

Importance of professional profile

Having an online identity also an up-to-date, positive, and professional profile on social media is very important because it helps others to know more about me. In the case when there isn’t enough information available regarding who I am will be a major turn-off to someone genuinely interested in me. Moreover, it will put a negative impact on my profile which shows it is important to have a good social presence also.

Specific steps over the next 6 months

Some of the most common steps that I will take to change and improve my online identity over the next 6 months are as follows, continuously posting some of my achievements and moments at regular intervals, checking the current status of my profile and tracking it for the next 6 month to measure the success, defining who I am mostly in my social presence, and last but not least I will try to create a professional portfolio of mine that gives someone an idea of a responsible person rather than the casual individual. Additionally, some of the things that I can also do are as follows, engage in professional networking, maintain privacy and security, etc.,


Build a professional online identity and interpersonal relationships

Write a 500-word reflection on using LinkedIn for creating, developing, and maintaining a professional online identity and interpersonal relationships. As an alternative, you may record an audio or video reflection and supply a working, easily accessible hyperlink to the file. Also, take a screenshot image of your LinkedIn profile and paste it along with your reflection piece. (If you do not know how to take a screenshot, search the internet to find a result based on your computer operating system – i.e.  Mac or Windows). Include:

·         How using LinkedIn contributes to building your online identity

·         How using LinkedIn can strengthen interpersonal relationships and foster new ones

·         A list of the LinkedIn groups/communities you joined and why you chose them

·         How many people you are connected with on LinkedIn

·         Steps/actions you will take to improve and maintain your LinkedIn profile, make connections, and strengthen interpersonal relationships from now on (be specific!), and why it is important.

Be sure to properly cite and reference in APA format any sources used.


Write your 500-word reflection here:

Building my online identity

Linked In is a very powerful app or social platform to get in contact with other professional people, not like other platforms that are mainly focused on making relations LinkedIn is more of an app that helps someone in its professional presence around the world. Using LinkedIn has helped me in building my online presence. The platform has helped me to create a profile that highlights my educational background, work experience and professional skills. By making a good profile I can present myself in a way that is in line with my personal career goals. Recommendations from my colleagues and connections enhance my authenticity and professional reputation. LinkedIn provides opportunities to share relevant content articles and insights that are relevant to my industry. By posting and engaging on a regular basis with others’ posts I can put myself as a knowledgeable professional and contribute in discussions. This active participation helps in shaping my online presence as someone who is actively involved and passionate about my field. In this way, LinkedIn can strengthen interpersonal relationships and foster new ones.



Strengthen interpersonal relationships

LinkedIn is more than an individual’s profile by showing interpersonal relationships and helps in making new connections with professionals from related industries. With the help of this platform, I can connect with colleagues, classmates and industry experts. These connections act as resources for advice and collaborations with professionals from the field. By working with others and messaging I can strengthen these relationships creating a supportive professional network for myself.

LinkedIn groups/communities

To increase the benefits of LinkedIn I have joined several groups and communities that come under my line of work and also with my professional interests and goals. Some of the LinkedIn groups I am a part of include industry professionals, networking groups and other related networks. I chose these groups because they provide a platform for sharing industry info with similar professionals and makes me up-to-date with the latest trends and opportunities. Active participation in these groups helps me expand my network and learn from others’ experiences.

Connection on LinkedIn

In today’s time, I am connected with a good enough number of people on LinkedIn. It is not about the quantity of connections but the quality of relationships. Going forward I will take specific steps to improve and maintain my LinkedIn profile, make valuable connections, and strengthen interpersonal relationships. After investing time in this I have realized that having an effective or professional profile helps you a lot in your long-term goal and can also provide you with career-related help by getting relevant aligned recommendations.

Steps/actions to improve my LinkedIn profile

I will regularly update my LinkedIn profile with recent achievements, certifications and projects to keep it current and relevant to my career and life goals. This will go to involve things like adding new skills updating my profile picture and ensuring my summary accurately reflects my professional goals. By maintaining an up-to-date profile, I can present an accurate and current e image of myself to potential connections and employers. These are some of my personal viewpoints on the topic of social platforms and especially LinkedIn.











Paste a screenshot image of your LinkedIn profile below:




LinkedIn (2023). 4 ‘Chandan Kinger’ profiles | linkedin, Chandan Kinger. Available at: (Accessed: 13 June 2023).