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SITXGLC001 Research and Comply with Regulatory Requirements

Assessment 1

Question 1
1 . Legal profession
2 .Media (Farr, 2016)
3 .Textbooks for research
4 . Data as well as the internet

Question 2
1. License for copying
2. Liquor permit

Question 3
1 .Employment contracts
2. Service contracts
3. Lease agreements for real estate
4. Coverage
5. Contractual obligations
6. Take out a bank loan

Question 4
1 . Downtime in the company
2 . Loss of image
3 . Staff loss

Question 5
1 . Heavy penalty
2. Business closure, either temporary or permanent
3. Imprisonment

Question 6
No action is pending to recover any fees, commissions, or other compensation for any service rendered.

Question 7
Individuals who commit child sex offenses while abroad face a maximum sentence of 25 years in jail and a fine of $825,000 for corporations.

Question 8
1. Promoting an upcoming event
2. Limiting an agreement to a contract
3. Resolving a dispute
4. Payment clause content
5. Extraordinary circumstances

Question 9
Correct methodologies and a methodical procedure are included in the standard operating procedures, which assist us in recognizing hazards and controlling risk (Farr, 2016).

Question 10
Including an approval phase in the SOP will help to prevent accidents by involving the manager before a staff member engages in a potentially hazardous activity.

Question 11
1 . Conduct internal evaluations with adults regularly to ensure that compliance processes are followed.
2. Lead or direct internal investigations into compliance issues.
3. Develop risk management methods for a product, compliance, and operational concerns.
4. Conduct environmental audits to ensure that environmental regulations are followed.
5. Identify compliance issues that require further investigation or follow-up.
6. Make documented policies and procedures for compliance activities widely available.
7. Submit required compliance reports to regulatory bodies.

Question 12
1. Staff gatherings
2. Perform internal audits
3. Keep up with the latest developments
4. Induction period

Question 13
1. Examine your internal procedures and consider how you might incorporate the new criteria into them. The law’s content can provide useful assistance, particularly in the sections that list what is required.
2. Refresh the knowledge of all employees on the new legal requirements.
3. Maintain a database of all the regulations that apply to you. Register the dates of their approval, the subjects of their approvals, and the state of their implementation inside your organization.

Question 14
Australian and New Zealand Food Standards (FSANZ)

Question 15
In this type of firm, we would need to ensure that every contractor we hired had the right permits and paperwork. If a contractor does not have the proper license, there could be legal consequences. For assistance or advice, contact your lawyer, industry association, or business counselor.
You will be better able to negotiate contracts that work for you if you have a deeper understanding of the contracts you sign. Before beginning work, a well-planned contract allows contractors and hirers to specify the working relationship, rights, obligations, and expected outcomes, which will help avoid future misunderstandings.

Question 16
1. Statement of Accounts
2. License and Permit
3. Financial records
4. Coverage
5. Documentation Legal

Question 17
Losses are divided proportionately by all partners in the partnership.

Question 18
Because shareholders have limited accountability for company debts, their assets cannot be confiscated if the business assets are insufficient to cover the loan. Nothing can be stolen from you (Wilka, et al., 2017).

Question 19
1. World and cultural heritage sites
2. Marine Discussions
3. National treasures
4. Endangered species and communities.
5. Migratory species that are protected

Question 20
1. Race
2. Personality
3. Age,
4 .marital status
5. political affiliation
6 .religions are all factors to consider.

Question 21
It is prohibited for sellers to exhibit signs or have a policy that states “NO REFUND.”
If you cancel before 14 days, you will receive a 90% refund.
If you cancel within 14 days, you will receive a 50% refund; if you cancel within 7 days, you will not receive a refund.

Question 22
1. Defense
2. Fiscal policy
3. International relations
4. Financial and foreign trading corporations.
5. Trade between countries and between states.

Assessment 2
Part A
Question 1
1. Notification of a liquor manager’s appointment
2. Cooperative registration
3. Business toolkit
4. Lawson’s dismissal
5. Business rules transfer
6. Workplace rights
7. National labor standards
8 WHS legislation
1. Obtaining an alcohol license.
2. A music license
3. A license to create egg products
4. Permission
Stage performances
1. Food Act
2. Fair Work Act
3. WHS-related services
Process Penalties do not have any specified timeframes listed.
Only in legal and fiscal requirements is it observed.
Question 2
1. Dining outside in a public space
2. Waste disposal 3. Permission to display objects on or near a public road
4. Permission to use background music
5. Food business notification
6. Live performance license
7. Egg-producing license
Question 3
The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code is the law code that is established in the society to maintain the food and value of the food disorders in a better position (Von Grafenstein, 2018).
Question 4
1) Ensure that the food for sale is fit for human consumption.
2) To avoid deceptive behavior in connection to the food safety code.
3) To use the food from Australia and New Zealand.
Question 5
1 ) During the approval of the hotels and qualified registered clubs to have to remain open for on-premises sales and consumption over an extended time, as this does not allow for liquor sales.
2)The clearance does not override any existing trading hour limits imposed by the liquor regulations on a hotel or registered club.
Question 6
A ) Providing effective controls over liquor supply and consumption
B ) Assuring the supply of the liquor contributions, rather than detracts from, the amenity of communal life
C) limiting the sale of certain limits of the other alcoholic beverages that are encouraging a culture of responsible
D ) alcohol usage and lowering hazardous alcohol usage and its impact on the community (Kearns et al., 2015)
Question 7
Liability insurance for professionals
Property protection insurance
Insurance for workers’ compensation
Ensuring your home
Insurance for product liability
Insurance for automobiles
Insurance for business interruption (Carah, et al., 2019)
Question 8
This is a penalty for not offering qualified employees the option of choosing a super fund. You pay it if you don’t offer them a standard choice form within the required timescale, pay their super to a conforming fund but not the one they pick, or charge them a fee to execute their choice of fund (Kearns, et al., 2015).
Question 9
During the time of the unpaid leave or the voluntary of the emperor in the emergency activities theory will decide to provide the services for being paid up to the 10 days of the Jury services. long service leave paid also will be included in the employees who have worked in the same company for a long time public holidays will also be paid day as they are working in the organization for a long period.
Termination notice and redundancy compensation – depending on the length of employment, you may receive up to five weeks’ notice of termination and up to 16 weeks’ redundancy pay. A Fair Work Information Statement is provided (Cunningham 2016).
Question 10
The employer needs to follow the law to safeguard is possible the health and safety of the employees is matter in the company. The Welfare of the employees and we have to keep the employees on the same side during the time of any kind of potential risk or violence appearing at the workplace will be controlled under the act.
Question 11
Electrical power and machinery
Also, the types of equipment
Question 12
Business Permits and Licenses
Business Laws and Regulations
Federal Taxes State and Local Taxes
Registered Business Name

Part B
Question 1
Type of policy or procedure:
Ensuring the food services and the food measurement for the humans so they can consume it on the time under the code of Australia New Zealand food standard code.
The purpose:
Prevent misleading food sales practices; provide appropriate information to enable customers to make informed decisions; and establish an effective regulatory framework within which the food business can operate successfully (Kearns, et al., 2015).
The procedures:
The head chef has to mention the proper kitchen acquire requirement in the types of equipment also they have to set the degrees of the oven before they start cooking it will help to reduce the better food.
The person(s) or hierarchy of personnel who will be responsible:
The head chef junior chef and the cleaning management will be responsible for this.
The relevant forms or documents to be used (e.g. reporting form, accident/incident form, etc.):
Report and write notes.
Version/Date to be reviewed:
Question 2
Type of policy or procedure:
Ensure that the food is safe and fit for human consumption.
To avoid misleading conduct in connection to the food sale standards code
The purpose:
To put the Australia New Zealand Food Act into practice.
The procedures:
They have to maintain a clean area while cooking the food and also they have to avoid such types of Miss leading to food sales (Lewis, et al., 2017).
The person(s) or hierarchy of personnel who will be responsible:
The head chef junior chef and the cleaning management will be responsible for this.
The relevant forms or documents to be used (e.g. reporting form, accident/incident form, etc.):
Notebook and emails
Question 3
Type of policy or procedure:
Reflecting on the license also describes the rules and regulations for the services of alcohol to provide the services of alcohol in the house.
the policy is as follows:
No serving minors or drunk guests.
The purpose:
ensuring that quality food is always available promoting safe transportation choices for attendees offering cheap non-alcoholic drinks the venue’s approach to dealing with problem patrons
The procedures:
Limiting the types of drinks available after midnight.
They should apply laws and rules and regulations in their restaurant after a time limit. they will not provide the drinks at the midnight to avoid such type of chaos in society and maintain the balance between the couples and other family members. they have to provide Limited levels of drinks by checking their ID cards and age limit (Lewis, et al., 2017).
The person(s) or hierarchy of personnel who will be responsible:
The general manager and the cleaning management will be responsible for this.
The relevant forms or documents to be used (e.g. reporting form, accident/incident form, etc.):
Forms and id cards.
Question 4
Type of policy or procedure:
I pay super for eligible employees starting on the first day they work for you. I have to pay the bills at least four times a year, by the quarterly deadlines. During the time of the payment on that duration of public and weekend holidays, the payment will be made on the business day. if I wish that I can pay the bill more frequently to reduce the amount of the bill and get low chances to miss the deadline based on the quarter of the due date.
The purpose:
The purpose of the policies is to maintain the billing and the cash details of the transactions based on a monthly period.
The procedures:
The procedure of the policies is to calculate the bill before the due date and complete it within 15 days of working to avoid any kind of misunderstanding in the company.
The person(s) or hierarchy of personnel who will be responsible:
The electricity and accounting department will be responsible for this.
The relevant forms or documents to be used (e.g. reporting form, accident/incident form, etc.):
Bills copy and the tax details with the GST and service charges included.
Question 5
Type of policy or procedure:
The procedure of recruiting the job seekers and creating the pole and profile for the component jobs according to this application will be referred in the organization and this process will be divided into 5 stages which include the planning strategy development searching screening evolution and controlling (Adeleke, et al., 2016).
The purpose:
The purpose of this policy is to select candidates based on their working ability and divide them according to their working plan.
The procedures:
They have the procedure of working based on their recruitment selection process and the procedure of selecting the candidate in the company.
The person(s) or hierarchy of personnel who will be responsible:
The human resources and online recruitment department will be responsible for this.
The relevant forms or documents to be used (e.g. reporting form, accident/incident form, etc.):
Cv, personal details, and the working experience certificate.
Question 6
Type of policy or procedure:
Bullying, sexual harassment, and harassment in the workplace will not be permitted under any circumstances.
Any employee, Fellow, or trainee may file a complaint with the CEO or the Honorary Secretary concerning. Bullying happening at the workplace will be banned at the worksite also sexual harassment in any other kind of discrimination will be taken into serious consideration in the report and took serious action towards it.
The purpose:
Every formal complaint of workplace bullying, discrimination, or harassment is thoroughly examined.
Bullying, discrimination, and harassment in the workplace are no longer tolerated.
Complaints are settled within the workplace whenever possible (Adeleke, et al., 2016)
Unlawful discrimination can lead to legal proceedings under Anti-Discrimination legislation.
The procedures:
If the bowling happens on a large scale the procedure of stopping these types of sections they have to complain about the Legal procedure under the anti-discrimination legislation to stop unlawful discrimination (Vanany, et al., 2018).
The person(s) or hierarchy of personnel who will be responsible:
The human resources and law also, rules maintenance department will be responsible for this.
The relevant forms or documents to be used (e.g. reporting form, accident/incident form, etc.).
Information and cases are relevant pieces of information (Vanany, et al., 2018).

Part C
Question 1
There are following ways to ensure evaluation of operational non-compliance
Always maintain your calmness and do not trigger yourself and neither that person with his annoyance.
Always put him in a situation where does he is capable to doing that work and feel him like it’s his responsibility of that work.
If you are giving any instruction to non-compliance person then explain the reason for that particular instruction and orders.
Never give him a negative perception of any goal that he wants to achieve.
Question 2
Modification of any law and order is necessary and is also very important as law should be flexible because as a condition prevails in a business will not always remain same as it change time to time implementation of modification of directives is also necessary there should a system which help you in modification of laws
Analysis of previous directives and instruction and modify accordingly to situation for smooth conduct of business.
The directives should neither be too harsh nor be too soft which means that they can followed without having any problem to anyone.
There should be directives which help in continuous improvement of our business.
Question 3
To keep up to date with changes in regulation that ensure compliance is very necessary and important so that you can work accordingly and with your colleagues and so your work without any confusion. There are many ways to keep you up to date some are
Keep monitoring regulatory website
If possible Follow regulatory agency on social media
Always attend each and every conference of regulatory.
Try to implement compliance software for easy communication
Always talk to you peers so that you have always updated information about regulatory (Carah, et al., 2019).
Have a good relationship with regulators.
Question 4
To ensure your staff at relevant levels of relevant information will be consistently up to date following steps can be done
Always inform your staff the relevant information that are changes from up front
Always ask your staff for the feedback of current scenario so that you can monitor the problems of staff and makes changes according to it.
Always ask your employees to review your policies manual and handbook for employees and ask them for the suggestions if it is required to change or modify.
Question 5
A documentation of compliance refers to specific records that help in implementation of compliance. A documentation should be flexible because the change is always permanent so if you making any directives by seeing the conditions will not be remain same in future so we need to change those directives in future we need flexibility in documentation so that directives can be easily changed, and this document must contain all accurate records and record of all supporting documents (Carah, et al., 2019).
This documentation can be managed efficiently in following ways
Documentation should contain date and type of document so that it could be identified easily
Always store related document together so that whenever there is need to find we can easily find them.
Date should be mentioned on documentation.




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