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SITXCOM005 Manage Conflict

ONLINE course

1. Dispute or argument among work colleagues
The managers have a big role in the conflicts when it comes to the employees because at the
workplace the manager must keep a keen watch on the employee's stress what kind of conflicts
and issues were going on in the department. After all, it is the liability of the manager and HR to
focus on the stress level of the organization sometimes the issues of opinions and priorities may
be arises that will become a big obstacle in the organization which puts an impact and effect on
the productivity of the organization that leads to the downfall in the growth of the company.

2. Job duties or rosters
The job duties mention in every organization in which h every employee has to follow the roster
which says that with the time management every employee has to work on and it needs not to
befall anywhere every work has segregation and each employee has to come within the contact
of the work equal liabilities and job roles have been assign to each member that has been created
in the roster nobody shall lie within the safe zone no issues of workload shall arise so no
conflicts at the workplace.

3. Lack of competence at workplace
Every organization success shall depend upon the skills and strength of the employees where the
employees have to move away to the formal qualification that will attribute towards the personal
characteristics and features that will have a human resource activity that involves the job analysis
because the benefit of the employees have to identify their identity that change to meet out the
fluctuations of the system that are unwieldy have to describe the performance while it does not
assure the improved the performance.

4. Worker mistake

Sometimes the workers shall also have committed the mistakes on which the worker shall the
traditional role of the employees that will have to suffer some kind of threats that will depend
upon the different type of punishment in which the counter productivity of the workers shall be
kept aside where the industry shall resist saying the worker about the wrongdoings but may be
different collusion of the work mat create hindrances that will change the environment of the

5. Dismissal
The dismissal sometimes takes place when the workers shall doing their work on their basis they
need their guidance and the permission they want freedom and the so when the employee used
their power of will and power to do then they will be able to do their work as per their way then
there will be the chances of the conflicts and the manager shall be a revival to do their conflicts
as per their decision and the employer shall have the variety of reasons in which he should have
to deal with the things that were doings apart form that due to the downwards economic turn
have a problem so related to the performance of the employee which leads him/ her towards the

6. Cultural misunderstanding

The cultural misunderstanding includes the hand gestures, embracing, hand feet, mind the own
feet use the words carefully all these things were needed when there will be something
unintentionally will be having will bear the fine things that will be having to do the fine things
but will share the possibility that will be offended towards the lack of knowledge instead of
having aggressive and communication problems (Denes, et al., 2020).

In the given role play will have to play the role of the store manager and have to deal with the
customer complaints.

1. Delays or poor timing of product or service supply
Hello, good morning talking from the JB hi store of the laptop, as I am at the position of the store
manager that will be having the hurdles and continuous due to poor delivery many of our
customers bear the same problem but as will have to give you the assurance that will try our best
to make your product available at the best price and at your doorstep soon because our services
are so fast as we all know that the delivery of supplies had been held up due to major road
constructions and intersection. It is my request to you that please keep patience and it will be
more probable to be there it is the normal problem which arises sometimes due to major issues
and it is my promise to your mama please don't panic your product will reach up to you so that will keep the benefits and if there will be more problem then will cancel your order and will
refund to your amount.

2. Incorrect pricing of product or service
In the given case study the customer is looking for a Toshiba laptop whose pricing shall be
reduced from dollar 350 to dollar 250 and such kind of discounted price shall be available only
on Monday as the staff will on holiday maximum staff be on the weekend short event due to
which the discounted price cannot be put on the counterpart and the customer had purchased the
laptop on the original price that will create a big problem for us as being a manager when the
customer came to know about the discounted product then it is being created a big problem
because the customer has started doing conflicts in the store due to the staff members mistakes
due to the incorrect pricing that will be hand on the laptop. Being a manager has tried to do make the condition and shall maintain the harmony in the store and relax the customer so that the
things will be sorted out and the manager then again made the new billing with the new pricing
strategy along with the new discounted price (Denes, et al., 2020).

3. Delays or errors in providing the product or service
The laptop shall be done available at the reduced price and the laptop shall also deliver now the
system will generate the problem that will have the problem of billing that the customer now
complains about the errors and generating the billing and other formalities that will be a part of
the system then also the product or service that will be problematic for us the customer complaint
that firstly the members shall have to create the problem and the delivery of the product shall be
late as being a manager will try to convince the customer as the store already delayed to put the
discounted price along with that they were annoyed of lack of customer service (Myers, et l.,

4. Misunderstanding of a Customer request or Communication barrier
Some of the communication barriers had been arising that the conversation arose between the
customer and the manager that prevents or disables to the right message to deliver the right
message as the communication barrier shall be segregate among the three categories are-

Physical communication barrier
Emotional communication barrier
Language-communication barrier
All these three are categorized because while working in the organization will have to work in
the remote work area, dispersed workforce, the introduction of new communication strategy that
will be included-
1. Communication skills and styles
2. Social distance and the physical barriers
3. Disengagement
4. Organizational structure
5. Information overload
6. Lack of trust

7. Clarity, consistency, and frequency
8. Listening
9. Wrong Communication channels
10. Demographics and Cultural differences
11. Wrong communication strategy
12. Lack of personalization
13. Grapevine communication (Myers, ET l., 2018).

Problems or fault with product or service
While the customer will have to interact with the business in which had to do interaction with the
customer relationship and the services that will be provided to the customer shall have to provide
that the customer shall have to mound the customer politely to need to achieve the customer
satisfaction so there will more problems to handle those things and respond them effectively to
handle that challenges that will have to prove their ability to how to handle and cope up with the
things that will be merged around the issues that were related to the customer services and
respond them effectively and confidently.

Refused entry or ejection from premises
It includes that in the organization the person whose licensed value shall be rejected have the
vicinity to the venue like fix the distance of the venue shall not be rejected with the excusable
values (Gorier, 2018).

Question 1
Being Supervisors of the hotel, the following Breach of regulations shall be made available on
the married couple who were creating nuisance in the pub are-
1. Will tackle the situation and as in the given case study they had shown that her husband
had to shout at her then she will be immensely trying to leave her wrist from her husband's hand
so in that condition being a supervisor will try to take her out of that situation and will make it
reach to the most of the possible key areas where they will yelling out and the will give him
some time limit otherwise have to take some sort of legal actions that will be handed over the
time including the prison in the violence of breaking of rules, abusive or insolent language all the
regulations shall be deal with the difference so if the situation not comes to the normal they will
have to follow the following sections 42A, 43, 44, and 83 that will be attached with the
correctional services of regulations.

2. At the onset of domestic violence the purpose of the regulations that they were preventing
a person that will be apprehended the orders that engaged the person against the orders that will
have a restricted number of legislations including for example assault or sexual assault and
criminal prosecution.

3. Where the applicable case study matter and the decision shall be covered under this shall
have liability and shall be liable for the imprisonment or fine whichever the higher and if the
situation goes out of control then maybe it will be liable for both the fine and the imprisonment.
As per the Australian regulations, there will be no domestic violence and especially at a public
place which is considered to be the riskiest matter the police arrive and shall be made available at
the police station after that it will be an unbearable situation for both, in that case, they have to
take care the norms of the public place along with it shall take care of the sentencing legislation.

Question 2
The appropriate steps that shall be taken by them are that being Supervisor they had to tackle the
situations are-
1. Physical fighting shall harm one another when the couples are fighting will intervene in
between and then will try to quickly escalate the matter as the dispute shall be verbal so each
employee as his neutral location to the cool of will try to make them calm and relax.
2. While following the corporate policy will follow the protocols of the organization and
made them understand while trying to sort out the things that will be more vulnerable.
3. While the things will be depending upon the severity of happening that will indulge the
things to coordinate the matter with the senior management and the upper level of that will be
altercation having a department or damage of the property that takes place (Govier, 2018).

Question 3
Policies and Procedures while relating to the conflicts that arose between the married couples
1. Substantive and affective Conflict
The conflicts shall happen when they both have had an individual conflict takes place when the
question and answer round takes place and the spouse shall not understand the key terms then the
conflict shall be arising.
So, it is one of the policies and procedure that takes place relates to the trouble that will be
having a separate team of the members that will e having a perception of negative past
performance and experience.
2. Intra organizational and inter-organizational conflicts rise While it leads towards creating a problem in the organization that needs to determine their sense
of humor. Never try to create a scene at a public place because if someone breaches the policies
and procedures of any on the organization whether it relates to the work organization or public
organization shall be eligible for the fine and heavy fine including imprisonment.
3. The policies and procedures shall be developed among them then it will be concluded
that it is a public place and every member has to follow the strict rules of the organization and if
there will be any damage of property or asset of the hotel or pub then will be liable to pay the
dollar 10,000 (Grossman, et al., 2017).

Question 4

While asking the couple to go out and leave the premises and will try to come on the domestic
violence then it will be more difficult to handle the situation and will able to make the sense of
the normal situation and try to take help of the police and the other members and put fine and
also will try to police will handcuff them because today one couple will be done and the other
one will also try to do the same thing so to stop the nuisance and the other public relation
nuisance will have to the strict action against it (Grossman, et al., 2017).

Question 5
1. Lower down the morale and the values
2. Resentment
3. Stunted growth
4. Overlooked potential
5. Desertion
6. Legal implications
7. Foster professionalism
8. Facilitate the communication

9. Get to the bottom of it

ASSESMENT 4 Question 1
There are different types of conflicts that cause the growth of the workplace.
1) Work style conflict – It would cause work issues at the workplace.
2) Leadership conflict – It would cause the leadership criteria.
3) Discrimination – It would cause the problem of different religion and behavior.

Question 2
Conflict issues could be overcome by following an open communication style. It would allow the
employee to ask their queries and give suggestions about the structure of the company. All the
employees would clear there and conflicts effectively and efficiently.

Question 3
Less production, more complaints, and stress are the signs of conflict among staff members.

Question 4
The colleague must be treated politely or respectfully. The manager must listen to the hurdles
that the colleague is facing with the shift. The manager is supposed to clear all the hurdles of
colleagues effectually. The manager must tell the colleague that the shift could not be covered
but I can help you to overcome the shift issues.
Question 5

The manager must deal politely and patiently with the unsatisfied customer about the freshness
of the product. The manager must tell them that the product is balked today only and it is fresh.
The manager could show the ingredients that are used in the baking cake.

Question 6
The manager must politely tell the customer that you have given the $20 note. We were not
given a $50 note as we were not supposed to give you a chance. Please check your wallet and try
to remember where you have spent the $50 note. We can show you the CC camera video.

Question 7
1) Assertiveness – It is one of the most important conflicts resolution techniques. Every person
must be self-confident and assertive towards the development of the organization. It would
reduce the negative effects of lack of confidence.
2) Active listening – It is also one of the most conflict resolution techniques. Active listening
could reduce the effect of conflict issues. Every member would feel motivated after the active
3) Nonverbal communication – It is the technique that is done through facial expressions. It is
defined as the body language and physical distance among the employees.
4) Language style – All the employees must follow the professional language style. It must be
framed in a respectful manner that would lead to reducing conflict issues at the organization.
5) Negotiation – Proper discussion about the issue of the agreement must be done that would
lead to an improvement in reducing conflict issues at the workplace.
6) Use of appropriate communication – The reason for various conflict issues is lack of
communication. All the queries and problems must be communicated effectually which would
lead to reducing conflict issues at the workplace.

Question 8

1) Noise – It could be minimized by listening to every member effectually. All the members
would be asked to talk in polite and low volume.
2) Cultural differences – It could be minimized by following anti-discrimination law. All the
members must be treated equally as all the members came along from different cultures and
3) Limited language skills – It could be minimized by scheduling training to teach language
skills. Every member must have language skills to handle all the activities of the organization.
4) Emotional state – It could be minimized by following an effective and efficient organizational
structure. There is a need to manage all the emotions of employees personally. All the members
must feel motivated and supportive of the organization (Patwary, et al., 2016).

Question 9
Emotions could be controlled while communicating in a stressful condition such as
1) Always keep a smile on your face
2) Get ready properly
3) Side your emotions and think about the work
4) Change your body language

Question 10
Nonverbal communication is important to convey the message to another person. It provides
valuable information. It provides information about the feeling of a person and how the
information is received and how to approach an individual as well as the group.
Question 11
Body language
1) Smiling

2) Bullying
3) Anger
4) Guilt
5) Sad
6) Confident
7) Frustrated

Question 12
No there is no authority to ask a person to leave the premises. No landlord or high authority has a
right to ask about the premises from another person (Danielsson, et al., 2015).

Question 13
Competition act 2002 and right in international laws are two legislations to restrict entry to a
person into the establishment.

Question 14
Joe could resolve this conflict with a better understanding and polite manner. He could explain
the Fred that how to keep equipment clean after utilization. Better understanding and better
communication strategies must be followed to overcome these types of conflict issues
(Danielsson, et al., 2015).

Question 15
There are examples of legislation of grievance procedure are employment Act 2008,
Employment tribunals regulations 2008, and code of practice in the grievance procedure.

Question 16

The first step of the workplace grievance resolution procedure is to develop a system. There is a
need to create a system to resolve all the grievance solution of the procedure.

Question 17
There are five main stages of conflict at the workplace such as
1) Latent conflict
2) Perceived conflict
3) Aftermath conflict
4) Felt conflict
5) Manifest conflict

Question 18
There are steps to eruct intoxicated person who is Nonconfrontational such as
1) Inform the person to not serve alcohol
2) Schedule poster and sign to avoid liquor services
3) Explain the reason for refusal

Question 19

There is a process to evict an intoxicated person such as
1) Stay polite during the process
2) No argument with the intoxicated persons
3) Don’t humiliate the other member

4) Deal effectually with the situation
5) Follow active listening and support the person (Friston, et al., 2021).

Question 20
No physical action could be taken to remove the patron from the establishment. There is a need
to follow the process to remove the patron from the establishment. A person must have a license
pr permit holders to appoint or patron a person.

Question 21
There are various strategies to reduce the risks of conflict at the workplace such as
1) Follow open communication style
2) Don’t avoid anything
3) Follow formal complaint procedure
4) No discrimination
5) Make sure about the fair policy

Question 22
Some steps must be followed to deal with complaints such as
1) Place your emotions to the side
2) Be thankful to the customer
3) Understand the complaint from the customer side
4) Provide support
5) Be adaptable
6) Plan actions to solve complaints (Raniere, 2015).

Question 23
There is the complaint procedure of organization for tourism such as
1) Mention the date when the complaint was made
2) An explanation about the complaint
3) List of responses
4) Name who dealt the complain
5) The date of the solution of the complaint

Question 24
Various methods could be utilized to minimize the conflict issues at the workplace such as-
1) Negotiation method – It includes a discussion with the managers.
2) Meditation method – Discussion about the mutual agreement is done.
3) Arbitration method – Conflict issue is submitted to the arbitrator for a solution.

Question 25
There are various resources needed while dealing with a conflict situation. The resources are-
1) Talk with every person that is involved in the conflict situation
2) Focus on the personalities and the behavior of the candidates
3) Review points of agreement and disagreement
4) Establish an action plan


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