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SITXCCS008 Customer Satisfaction in Hospitality Industry

Customer Satisfaction in Hospitality Industry

Red Rock Venues and Events is the best Hospitality Company in Australia

It is located at South Melbourne, Victoria. It is founded in 1986. It is privately held. It consists of 1001 to 5000 employees. Their specialties are in pubs, restaurants, bars, boutifunctionstion etc.

Checklist for ensuring a valid reliable evaluation process-

First impressions- First impression is the last impression. So if first impression is good then the customer is more likely feels satisfied. So the first face-to-face interaction with customer encounter with hotel (Manhas & Tukamushaba, 2015).

Positive customer services factors- Positive customer factors like provide them best services. Prices of services should be rateable. Quality of service also plays a very important role in positive customer service factor.

Negative customer services factors- It affects the growth of business. As ultimate goal of every business is satisfaction of customer. Increase in price, low quality of product, non-delivery of services etc. are the factors of negative customer services.

Product offered vs. customer needs- In order to maintain good customer satisfaction it is very important to provide good quality product and provide goods according to needs of customer. It also helps in growth of business (Sánchez, et al., 2014).

Environment – Environment include political environment, cultural environment and technological factors. The hospitality industry affect the by change in any of these factors.

Professionalism of staff and presentation- Professionalism in staff increases the quality of services. Professional staff reduces the cost and increase the quality of services also.

Response times- The time elapsed between receiving an inquiry and spending response. Response time is the time required to transmit the inquiry and to process it (Styles, et al., 2015).

Service guarantees- It is a marketing tool that check the level of services provided by customer. Service guarantee helps in customer satisfaction.

Pricing guarantees- Pricing play a vital role in hospitality industry as all the services and product sales depends on pricing. Price should be rateable and quality of product should be provided at reasonable price.

Product quality- Quality of product plays a very important role in hospitality industry in customer satisfaction. Quality of product should be as the expectation of customer.

Document presentation standards- This means that to set the procedure to process the documents. This means that set the procedure which involves the document development and software tools.




Research may include

  • Talking to customers- It includes to talk with customer listening up them. Ask questions to them about the services and taking feedback from them. So that we can improve the our quality of product (Brandon-Jones et al., 2016).
  • Qualitative or quantitative research- Qualitative methods of research increase the understanding level of customers and employees. Quantitative research includes to examine the number of customer satisfaction how customer visit the hotel in a month or in a year. Helps in finding ways to improve the number of customers.
  • Seeking feedback from services delivery colleagues- Taking feedback from colleagues helps to find ways to improve the ways and strategies so that one can maximise the satisfaction of customer.
  • Analysis of competitive environment- Competitive environment includes the factors which affect the growth and development of hospitality industry. Technological adaption also play a vital role in competitive environment (Varelas & Georgopoulos, 2017).
  • Analysis of industry and market trends- This helps in finding ways to stable in market and make ways to improve the quality of product and services provide to customers.


By writing report we finds that the following points are need to be consider in evaluation process of hospitality services related business-

Talking with customers plays an important role in customer satisfaction. As first impression is the last impression. Competitive environment also play an important role in hospitality sector as there are many factors which affect the growth of hospitality industry. Positive customer review is also important as ultimate goal of hospitality industry is the satisfaction of customers. There are also many factors which should be consider like qualitative or quantitative research, analysis of industry and market trends, make product according to customer needs etc. are the factors which need to be consider for successful hospitality service related business.



1 To make best use of technology for customer satisfaction.

2 To make product according to customer needs.

3 To offer good quality product to the customer at reasonable prices.

4 To make best use of resources available resources.

5 To appoint specialist and experienced staff to that they can provide best services.





Assessment 2

Policies and procedures for implementing the customer services and standards

In this process, the customer address sends thee written codes of conduct that give the employee guidelines to follow the different kinds of services. Like you have the policy to give the all answers to the customer’s questions and deal with refunds in a specific manner.

In this, all company provides the same product and services. but the good customer is the only one who can give their customer consistently good services. In the terms of may carry air strictness in the reality, they are found the real success, and they grab the extraordinary customer support. In this, the customer services are provided to give the support team a clear rulebook for the great customer services policy and how to craft the one specific policy (Park, et al., 2019).

The customer service and policy help the employee to help their team with the routine practice such as they find the quickest way to find out the most effective way to find out easily. In this, they need to help you for improving the customer services continuously and keep the operation as effective and organized as they can possible (Park, et al., 2019).

On this, they need to keep the service raps and other related information on the same page. When the situation arises, they need to keep all the customers on the same page.

In this, with your policy, your need to know the experienced consistent support regardless of the related channel they used and who they talk to. We need to know with the customer what the thing they can expect from us.

They need to send the important benchmark stone, if the customer services also include the standards of services to be met, with the needed and important benchmark and metrics. When a specific solution is commonly agreed upon the whole team knows that they should aim for what and what will things and aims they want to achieve.

The last and most important in this is you need to give all the customer policies peaceful and cured based on the company’s capacity to do things positively. They need to do an agreement and disagreement on what means they provide good customer service (Park, et al., 2019).

They need to look for the given three different business areas

Front of house – in this part of the business, they are covered thee restaurant and the hotel where thee employees deal directly within the customer. In this front house service is ultra-efficient and observant, yet the human and personable, with the help of the employees of a restaurant and hotel, etc.  This department is officially hired for the guest-facing, they are worked directly with the guest and keep the operations to check-ins and check-outs. Due to this the front of house employees keep the often work win sift and they divide their work into two shifts. Due to the double shift too, the employee is always available to help the guest whenever they need assistance (Bseiso, 2020).

Telephonic communication- we can define telephonic communication as a way to keep the exchange of information between the two persons over the telephone. It is not considered as the face to face communication but it is rather a person-to-person communication when both o are not able to see each other but hear each other and hear the other person’s needs and they are got interact easily (da Silva Schulz, et al., 2020).

Complaint handling- if the customer was not satisfied with your services and they are got aggressive so you need to make the argument calm and offer them some water and asked them what kind of mistake we are doing and what the customer wants to do with their issue.

Firstly, you need to apologize for your mistake

You need to listen to their complaint carefully.

Avoid unnecessary arguments and calm the customer with your pleasant voice.

Make sure your body language is not aggressive.

Comfort them with the best offerings (Javornik, et al., 2020).

A well thought out customer service and expectations

The customer services have is to feel heard by the customer and appreciate the customer with the good services and they feel appreciated and valued. in this, the customer spends their hard-earned money for going to be appreciated and valued. the customer is grabbing the more choices and more than ever, again this all goes to show they are higher than ever (Ho, et al., 2020).

To feel heard and appreciated- they need to always becomes a transaction. For various types of the customer in the industry they are trying to shake the hands for their comfort, so you had a responsibility to provide the comfort.

You need to solve the problem they are facing in your place.

They are trusting you to solve their issue and you also need to ask them about their needs.

They need to do the payment, not for only the services they are taking from you but they also want the vote and the confidence that you are the right choice for them.

That is a reason when a particular solution is arise and when they need to reach out to you. It can you need to feel thee personal. In these given cases, what they want is that you are here to hear their issue and solved it. Because it is more important to listen to them and give them the right solution and resolve as long you are getting set the eight expectations to them (Luo, et al., 2021).

For the process, they feel without friction and easy– the image you are the aspiring towards the finish line and then you find and keep the encounter of the unexpected hurdle. You are got the leap over it, and you want to dispute your movement when you reached your target again, in this case, they need to fulfill their losing speed. Once you hit your target again the second target is going to be put in front of you, and once again you are going to dispute your run.

During this time the runner is working towards the ethical goals, creating the personal goals, and needs to grab the medal or trophy. As same the customer who had an option to keep users of thee alternative product so they don’t have the same motivation, so each of the roadblocks they can encounter is one more cause distress in the journey towards the customer.

To see the action are regarding the issue and request– it is not the satisfying thing to be friends with someone and empathic with the customer is, the, you should be able to listen their we fact related to the manner that they reach for the particular reason. In most of these, you should need to do their issue and hear their reasons. In most cases should be able to listen to their issue and addresses their questions. Or solve their issues. in this case, you can’t do the thing when the customer is not expected you to should take the action. when you are not able to give them a satisfied to find the solution in this, you can

Give the needed solution for their problem.

Give  the knowledge regarding their plotting that are the motion for the issue.

You need to give their concerns to the proper solution to keep the improvement in the future (Luo, et al., 2021).

Action to be find quickly- 67% of the different-different is keeping the highest needs to the exact persons service to be the faster and furious. In this digital age of one-click buy and instant messaging, instant answers is the way to influence customer behaviour Businesses have a faster way to grab it. For example, 36% of the companies and workplaces are given the real times customer insight to empower the staff and keep the resolution of the issue better and quickly.

This all communication is taking place on the particular channel is needed helpful for them- the day to find the company over the phone is over as the business increases the many channels they are resented on. now the servicing of customers the strategy is might be to encompass the multiple channels, such as the chat, e-mail, social media messages, knowledge base, and SMS, As the customer gets used to the level of the starched from the other expertise it will become the more needed when to implement in your own business.

Why is meeting these types of expectations important?

As the expectation is going to be the changes and it is more needed , it is far easier to do with the short of customers’ with. Only 3% of the customers are thinking that customer service is not an important topic when they are making a purchasing decision, and the 92% of customers are is not able to purchase with the company that they are having the poor customer satisfaction and stop purchasing they’re after the 3 poor examinees and keep thee advanced expectations fall to connect with them and have a big effect on your bottom line (Luo, et al., 2021).

Policies and the procedure for monitoring the customer services satisfaction in your organization

It can be difficult to be objective in evaluating your customer’s happiness, thankfully the customer happiness to manage the customer and the satisfaction can be answered the more preciousness than you might think.

major factors the customer satisfaction is customer loyalty and happiness. In this, you need to find out the wealth of the options at dissatisfied customers’ disposal they need to take their business elsewhere after a bad experience wake. To figure out the measure the customer satisfaction is needed it can be both an indicator of growth and a warning measure against the churn (Luo, et al., 2021).



Assessment 3

Date- 21-05-2022

Time- 10:00 am

Duration- 30 min.

Agenda-Staff interaction meeting.

Attendees- Manager & staff members.

Venue- Meeting hall.

Manager- hello all, good morning.

All staff members- good morning sir.

Manager- we are here to discuss the management of our hispidity organization and do some improvements implementations in it.

All staff members- yes, sir.

Manager: So, we are starting our discussion with the improvement and include some facilities in our organization. As a manager reservation, we have a responsibility to create a portfolio of the hotel and give general information about the hotel to the client when they come. We need to manage the customer relations with the.

Staff member 1- if the customer was not satisfied with your services and they are got aggressive so you need to make the argument calm and offer them some water and asked them what kind of mistake we are doing and what the customer wants to do with their issue. Staff member 2- Sir what are the new implementations we are done in the organization.

Manager- our first need is to decide the concept of our organization. The second one is we are creating a full and organized business for this and creating a marketing plan and also, we provide the economical service too. This as well as the operational cost of the organization. We also provide good customer service to them.

Staff member3 – what are the things we need to improve to manage the waiting time of customers?

Manager: we need to do more hiring in the reception it helps to manage the time of the customer and also helps to deduct the workload on the particular person who is available in the reception at the same time.

Staff member 1- how can we be able to solve the issue of the clients and how can we be able to do friends with them?

Manager- it is not the satisfying thing t be friends with someone and be empathic with the customer is, you should be able to listen to their facts of the manner that they reach out for this particular reason. In most of these, you should be able to solve their issue and hear their reasons.

Staff member 4- How can we are handling the complaint of the customer, because the customer was doing aggressive behaviour with us?

Manager- if the customer was not satisfied with your services and they are got aggressive so you need to make the argument calm and offer them some water and asked them what kind of mistake we are doing and what the customer wants to do with their issue.

Staff member 5- what kind of services do they expect to form us?

Manager- if the customer was not satisfied with your services and they are got aggressive so you need to make the argument calm and offer them some water and asked them what kind of mistake we are doing and what the customer wants to do with their issue.

All staff members- ok sir.

Manager– I hope you all enjoyed the meeting and understand the meeting concept in this you will take action n all the point and always gives full attention to your customer.

All staff- ok sir, we work for it.

Manager: thank you team, bye.

All staff members: ok sir, bye.






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