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 SITXCCS007 Enhance customer service experiences

Assessment 1

Short answer questions

Question 1

Helping the customer base with their preferences and expectations and delivering the desired item will result in a better customer experience it may have the same food anywhere but not the experience.

The satisfaction of a customer comes from the quality of service that has been offered. The best services can be defined by the practice of the customer satisfaction with the customer and also there is appropriate product and meet the demand of the customer. (Hanaysha, 2016).

Question 2

Based on what they have regular ordering and previous orders it will become easy to identify the need of customers and to provide the desired item to them.

And by having a constant watch on the market and the season it is to ensures the need. The customer service experience can be predicted through a behavior and the attitude of customer and also when there is the facility of the feedback given to the customer so that proper feedback can be taken

Question 3

8 strategies for better service

1.Identify the right problem and solve it

  1. Knowing the product better
  2. Appropriate pricing
  3. Understanding the customer’s need
  4. Not to sell what they don’t want
  5. Having a relationship with the client
  6. Having a message to sell
  7. Offers and free trials (Murad, & Ali, 2015)

Question 4

Different methods such as using loyal customers only or by hosting an event and spreading the word by social media etc. can be used for the desired job.

Making an attractive offers to attract customer based on there want of food. The add-on should be presented with the food while serving if there is needed because this impact the mind of the customer with the effectiveness of the service.

Question 5

1 If the customer wants to add something

2 if he wants to remove something

3 if he is allergic to something

4 if he wants to surprise someone by adding a gift with it

5 if the client wants delivery in a special style (Jalilvand, et al., 2017).

Question 6

Being a manager to enhance the service delivery between team and supplier can be enhanced by providing the right information to them and providing them what they need for better work.

Providing with the prior work regarding information so that they can manage it in their time. For this there is also to keep records of the deliveries which are related to the needs of team members and give advance notice to supplier about the needs of the team members.

Question 7

For better customer service it is important to have customers’ information it can be shared within the team via the digital medium,

About the taste want and need based on the prior food ordered. This will ensure about the behaviour of the customer and team members came to know what exactly did customer needs from the service.  (Diab, et al., 2016).

Question 8

Providing the deadline for and delivery of the product to the customer and getting live information on it from the agent will provide better information to share with the client.

Providing the experience more than ordinary service which is unforgettable is the aim. Customer are important as they need to discuss the idea of the services which is going to be communicated by the team members

Question 9

If a customer has to face some issues because of the firm’s defect then providing the free service or offering cards and discounts will do the right job and can satisfy the customer.

They offer coupons and redeem points to their account which they can use in the future. The manager can give some compensation for the customer if customer face any difficulty with the service with the rewards

Question 10

Ongoing feedbacks are the best for quick results by taking some time from the busy schedule and small meeting regarding the issue could be taken for the best result,

The spontaneous feedback will lead to quick results on fast result. The method should be used to manage the will be effective and improving so that there will be proper solution of the improvement.(Bankar, & Suresh,2015).

Question 11

1 How do you implement our product?

2 when and how did you hear about us?

3 for how long have you been using our services?

4 did you have used any similar services?

5 the reason you choose us?

Question 12

The issue that has occurred must be handled with the proper approach and in the procedural way as described in office policies which will result in better customer satisfaction.

As the end goal of the service is to provide the customer with better service. The feedback from customers should be analysed properly and should be responded to according to the feedback.

Question 13

If the issue has been raised in a firm of any kind between customer and staff then the manager must interfere and handle thin with polite language and with helping nature so that client feels comfortable,

Zero tolerance policy with the misbehavior with any valuable customer. Accommodating This is a strategy in which conflicts are resolved by one person asking for his demand that will be completed for the conflict resolution. (Wang, et al., 2021).

Question 14

The right way to avoid future occurring of problems is to maintain a record of the issue that is being raised in an organization and the record will help in dealing with the same kind of problem also the issues could be avoided if they can be predicted on behalf of records.

Question 15

1 listen carefully to the issue

2 take necessary details

3 include every fact around the complaint

4 provide the option to the customer

5 rapid actions on the issues

6 be on your words

7 cover the entire issue

8 provide the follow-ups

Question 16

Everyone like positive feedback which shows that a business is doing well negative feedback also plays a very important role as they show the area for improvement,

Giving the necessary feedback in way that staff take it positively A follow up with a client is very important because this gives a chance to hear and engage effectively and this lets them know what clients want and expect from us and this help in the growth of the organisation. (Lasek, et al., 2016).

Question 17

Internal feedback procedures play a vital role in avoiding future problems as on behalf of the issues which can come can be predicted and similar issues can be avoided. That makes it very important to have internal feedback

Question 18

Solving the issues which are occurring is a good sign that firm is upgrading it towards different issues and trying to provide the best service to its customers and such activities also help in avoiding future issues of similar kinds (Aldaihani, & Ali, 2018).

Question 19

The customer profile is based on the action and services which he has used from the firm and track of past orders which provide the firm with a prediction by which customers’ future needs and wants can be predicted and having a customer profile will benefit the firm.

Question 20

Tailored service defines as the product with the different materials involved in its making to drop down the price so that it became more affordable and by that, it increases its reach to many customers.

Question 21

The principle for best customer service is to satisfy the customer with what he needs and positive communication and enhanced customer service will result in a better experience for the customer by the staff which is more valuable in long term than just providing the basic service (Drozdz, et al., 2015).

Question 22

The five conflict resolution techniques are as:

1 problem solving

  1. Collaborating: – this means focusing on the best solution and cooperative solution after discussing with both parties

3 avoiding

4 competing: this means the conflict will be solved without considering others’ points of


5 accommodating

The above mentioned are some of the most basic technique which are generally used to deal with conflicts.

Question 23

An additional destination

It will add to their memory and want to take service from the same firm again

B additional tours or cruise

This will lead to more customer satisfaction and an experience that they will never forget and want to take the service again from the same service provider

C cocktail and liqueurs

It helps in feeling comfortable and honored which provides an unforgettable experience

D coordination service at the event

The better customer experience from the firm.

E scheduled event while a customer at destination

It enhances the customer’s satisfaction in some manner and wants to take service for its other events.

F entrance for a major attraction

Provide a better customer experience

G extra food

Better customer experience and want to visit again at the same place

H flight fuel offset fee

Better customer experience

I local guiding

Increase their satisfaction and increase more time in enjoying less in finding the places.

J optional meals and dining

It will result in a better customer experience

K prepayment for baggage

It will save their time which will make them feel happy at the service

I prepayment in-flight meals

Better experience from the service

M pre-travel seat selection

It will decrease the hassle of finding a seat as they already will know where their seats are.

N private car transfer rather than transportation

It will give them a better service feeling and want to take service again from the such service provider

O special offer

It leads to the shop again from the same firm or business

P specialized event

Better customer satisfaction

Q storage for luggage

Better customer experience

R travel insurance

It will increase their safety and will lead enjoy more

S upgraded accommodation and flights

More customer satisfaction

T wine or boutique beers to match meals ordered

Better and enhanced customer experience which is unforgettable and want to take such service again.

Question 24

Service that has been expected from the service industry personnel are as:

1 availability – they must be present to take care of the customer and their queries

2 accuracies – what they are providing to the customers must be accurate and can solve their issues.

3 responsiveness – when customers need them they must have time to solve their queries

4 efficiencies–it is a never-ending effort in customer service and maintaining efficiency is a must.

Question 25

The 4 types of customer loyalty programs have been explained below:

1 point-based loyalty program

2 paid loyalty programs

3 loyalty programs based upon the values

4 coalition-based loyalty programs

Question 26

Four essential use of customer database

1 it helps in making customers loyal to the firm.

2 it provides and acct as a direct channel to the customer

3 it will be going to enhance the overall brand value and its name

4 it will help in launching new products as per the analysis of the database.

Question 27

It will lead to better customer service and feeling comfortable and satisfied.

B it will let a customer feel safe and secure and can enjoy more

C this is to provide the customer a safe surrounding which he can enjoy more and fear less.

D this to provide the customer a better experience rather than just providing an ordinary service

Question 28

A by correcting the price and providing the ad as a gesture of sorry

B providing compensational food for that time

C handling with patience and a polite tone of voice and make the correct arrangement for that

D check the overall working of the firm to identify the risk and eliminate it

E solving the issue by knowing the cause and acting upon it as the situation desired.

F try to solve the issue by providing compensation so that there will be a better satisfaction for the issue and customer feel like to visit again

G provides better compensation to meet the customer’s expectations.

Question 29

3 methods to provide compensation to an unhappy customer

1 to solve the issue by correcting what is wrong

2 providing other replacements of the issue

3 providing multiple solutions to choose from as a compensation

Question 30

The factor which must be considered while compensating is the issue of the customer that has been raised by it is genuine or not, whether the item has to be returned needs be replaced, etc.

Question 31

A traditional location greeting must be of the same type so that the customer can feel the richness of the area and get to know better the place.

B better customer experience

C language or just part of it so that customer understands it better and can feel the theme of the area

D clothes which are traditionally worn at the place must be available for the customer to try to give them a better experience of the place (Alhelalat, et al., 2017)

Question 32


1 survey – about the food and what they liked about it

2 interviews – personal interviews based on their experience with the service

3 structural questioning -for getting the right answer and area so that customers can think in a particular direction.


1 observation – what customer are ordering more and their choice as per the season which leads to delivering better service.

2 casual discussions – to get the current insight on how a customer is feeling about the service and their issues if any

Question 33

Internal communication which involves customers is emails, calls, messages, internal websites, etc.

External communication, involves press releases, company apps or websites, advertisements, service calls, etc.

Assessment 2

Part A Survey

PR2.1 survey template for external customers

No Question rating
1 The best thing that you have liked about service? 3
2 How much you will rate our services? 2
3 What were your expectations? 4

PR2.2 survey template for personalized customer service.

No Question rating
1 Does food worth the price? 4
2 Is it satisfying the service and food? 3
3 What was your advice? 2

Part B Customer database

PR 2.3

1 customer information

Customer id Customer name DOB Genders Service need comment
01 Harry 19/08/1985 Male Vegetarian Must be respected formally and provide the personal space
02 Maria 07/06/1955 Female Like sugar Oldest and have long-term memory
03 Jenny 04/09/1991 Female Nut allergy Love fine art
04 Marry 14/08/1995 Female Lactose intolerant Love Music

2 most recent customer transactions

Customer id Transaction date Items ordered Bill amount Discount provided Net bill amount
31 05/06/17 Veg fried rice, veg steam vegetables, 1 latte with almond milk, an orange juice 34.5 0.5 34
11 21/08/17 8 regular coffees, two buttered croissants, 2 slices of cake, 2 soups of the day, 1 BBQ beef burger, 3 smashed avocados on toast with eggs. 43.7 0.7 43
15 23/07/17 Extreme mountain chocolate milkshake 7.5 0.5 7

Part C Survey

PR2.4 survey template for external customers

No Question rating
1 The best thing that you have liked about service?
Everything is fine and decent 3
2 How much you will rate our services?
In a rating of 5, I will give 4 4
3 What were your expectations?
The delay which has been observed is bad and must be resolved 3

PR2.5 survey template for personalized customer service.

No Question rating
1 Does food worth the price?
Yes the amount is fair and right 4
2 Is it satisfying the service and food?
The reason for the delay is because the more customer and fewer employees 3
3 What was your advice?
Recruit more staff members for better service 4


No Area of improvement
1 New recruitment of staff members
2 Train the current employee
3 Time management
4 Better and fast customer service required


Manager: good morning sir

Customer: very good morning to you too

Manager: we have made changes to staff members and try to solve the issue what is your feedback after the implementation of the solution

Customer: service has been improved which does provide now a better experience

Manager: thank you for your valuable time and provided us with your feedback

Customer: you’re most welcome.

Assessment 3

Part A

Waiter: good morning to every present here. Please follow me to your seating, here is our menu for today’s meals how may I help you?

Customer: good morning to you too. Thank you for your service, please bring the child’s combo with extra cholate on it.

Waiter: all right but I want to tell you about the kid special offer which is a milkshake that has been only for today on becoming a member at our restaurant benefits of the membership are special offers, discounts, and many more.

Customer: okay I am interested please tell me how I can take the membership.

Waiter: yes, mam you just have to provide the basic details which are your name, date of birth, interest, allergies, and the amount only

Customer: marry, 14/08/1995, lactose intolerant, music lover that’s all and yes here is your amount.

Waiter: all right mam let me check your order again that is one child’s combo meal with extra cholate and a milkshake is on the way.

Customer: yes and thank you.

Part B Roleplay

Manager: mam here is your kid’s combo but very sorry for the delay in the milkshake as we are running out of ice to make it but we are having a similar, available product can in bring them?

Customer: yes, please but my child is very angry about such a delay please do something about it

Manager: I am very sorry for delaying our little customer for that we will provide you with free milkshakes and that is from our side as a gesture of apologies

Customer: thank you and please make sure not to delay it anymore.

Waiter: all right sir we are doing our best to solve the issue it won’t take long thank you for your patience. Is there anything else that I can do for you?

Customer: nothing else thank you for asking

Waiter: sir here is your drink and there is extra chocolate also

Customer: thank you for not delaying it any longer.

Water: is there anything else we can do for you or you would like to order?

Customer: nothing for now thank you.

Part C Roleplay


Manager: good morning mam, may I know what is going wrong?

Customer: I have asked for extra sugar but there isn’t any sugar at all in this cup of coffee.

Manager: I see on behalf of my staff I would like to apologize for the problem that caused you.

Customer: all right but what about the sugar.?

Manager: dear madam, our employee is new and he forgets to tell you that we don’t add sugar it is available on the table to add per your taste.

Customer: ok thank you.

Manager: is there anything else that I can do for you

Customer: nothing else thank you.


Manager: happy birthday dear madam, how may I help you?

Customer: I am waiting for the meal and I can’t wait for it anymore thank you.

Manager: all right your meal won’t take more than asked time thank you for your patience

Customer: all right

Manager: here is your asked meal and a special

Customer: thank you


Manager: mam may I know what the reason for your anger and dissatisfaction is

Customer: today is my birthday and I have to wait for my meal it was very rude

Manager: sorry for the inconvenience that has been caused to you

Customer: I want more than sorry

Manager: mam we will let you discount on the current meal by 20 percent for the inconvenience that has been caused to you.

Customer: that’s better


Manager: more than a discount it is your birthday so this cake is a small gift from us please accept it.

Customer: oh, thank you so much it wasn’t necessary

Manager: oh yes, it is after all it’s your birthday

Customer: thank you so much I loved it.

Manager: you’re most welcome

Customer: I can’t forget this experience

Part D Complain database

Date Incident Impact on customer solutions
14-08-2022 Delay in milkshake due to no ice Angry kind and customer Alternative and resources must not run out like this
14-08-2022 No sugar in coffee Get impatient with service Staff must be trained well
14-08-2022 Food delay Customer gets angry People with special attention must not be avoided like this

Part E Roleplay


Chef: we have faced multiple problems today and we are going to discuss them so that such things could be avoided in future

Waiter: yes as we also want to do something in the growth of the organization

Chef: as we have faced a lack of ice today next time it is necessary to maintain our raw material to avoid such a scenario from happening again.

Waiter: yes it won’t happen again

Chef: the new staff forgets to tell about the sugar which is a bad thing

Waiter: the training must be revised to remove a such stupid mistake

Chef: one birthday girl has to wait for a meal that shouldn’t happen again

Waiter: yes addressing such a case must be top on our priority list.

Chef: thank you for participating and I am hoping we will do our best next time.

Waiter: Welcome and it won’t happen again.

Part F

Date 14-08-2022

Expenditure Income
Food cost $ 340 Sales $ 4226
Wages $ 3200
Cost of compensation $ 27.5
Total $ 3567.5
Total profit $ 658.5
Tax on profit $ 131.7
Net profit $ 526.8


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