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One of the brilliant universities is New York University. It is situated in the NYC heart. Due to its location and its remarkable academic programs, this college is highly desirable. With 51,848 students, it has grown to be the biggest private institution in the country. Most applications are submitted to NYU, and the admissions procedure there is the most competitive in the country.

Mainly the cycle of the fast applications proved it to be historic. The acceptance rate for NYU dropped from 30% in 16 years to 28% in 2016, after admitting the most international students and having the highest percentage of African-Americans and Latinos. The applicants which were acceptable were 85,000, it was the lowest rate of acceptance since 2001.

To stand out from the crowd, it is crucial to write an impressive essay. In addition to the application, all applicants are needed to submit a “Why NYU?” essay with a limit of 400 words where they should express why they are interested in NYU in the most artistic and precise way possible. Hopefully, you will find today’s guide helpful in understanding NYU’s supplemental essay prompts, preparing your essay for certain questions, and putting your best foot forward.

So let’s get started right away!

How to Write a Creative “Why NYU” Supplement Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide?

To put together a winning class, NYU’s college admissions officers have to read hundreds of essays. It is therefore important that every word you write has a meaningful and important purpose. Our tips will help you perfect your ‘Why NYU’ essay to ensure you have the best chance of getting accepted. Here’s what you need to know-

1) To break it down question must be read first

It is one of the crucial steps. The reasons for why you should attend NYU will become clear when you look at sample essays on the question. In the response of the 400 words, a complete question must be answered.

Let’s go over the breakdown of the query together:

Essay prompt:

At NYU about your interest, we would to know more so that we can understand them in a better way. We are mainly interested to know what to apply at NYU what has motivated you and more precisely, the reason you indicated an interest in a specific school, campus, college, program, or study field.  Please explain why you are interested in these extra fields of study or campuses if you have applied to more than one. We want to understand the concept of why NYU?


What makes you want to go to NYU? You have thousands of different educational options, and you choose NYU from among them. Why? Do you fit in well at NYU? If so, explain why. What makes you interested in the school where your desired major is offered and why did you decide to apply there?

Please explain why you are interested in pursuing several majors or degrees if you have many interests. Make sense of your interests for us. You are aware that NYU has a worldwide network, correct? Tell us why you wish to attend our school, then.

It has been said by NYU that there is no need for the major figure out. the thing which is required is having an articulated interest in NYU. To find the school, classes, or even program you can go on the NYU website, and then all the things will be appearing on the website which can help in pursuing your interest. Even if you are unsure, make sure to hold fast to your future goal.

2) On the NYU values, extensive research can be conducted

If you have made up your mind to apply to NYU, make sure you have done your homework. If you haven’t already, it’s always a good idea to explore their website in-depth. By researching the values of the school you can have a comprehensive idea. You’ll also get to know that to get admission in the students what are the values which are required of them and you can also ensure that you have that values.

  1. a) Even if you are not sure about your feelings, at least behave in such a way that, ‘with NYU you have fallen in love. Pay attention to the specifics of your new obsession. The following are some good ways to look into NYU’s principles and characteristics:
  2. b) Don’t claim that NYU is the “ideal place” for you. The admissions staff are fully aware that perfection is difficult to achieve.
  3. c) NYU’s five elements can be chosen which appeals most to you. By selecting real names & tiles, you’ll be forced to do extensive research and keep your focus narrow.
  4. d) Please keep in mind that your “Why NYU?” essay cannot be a repetition of your Common App essay. Instead, make the most of this fantastic chance to align NYU with your personality and values.

Additionally, make sure to look at the ‘Academics’ tab, which contains a full list of all the academic offerings from NYU. To locate the school and major that best suits you, click through the section.

3) Write freely

When you are writing your “why NYU” essay, at the start of the process one of the worst things which can be done is to stress over every single phase. Instead, start writing. For every question write whatever first comes to your mind and make sure not to hold back.

Make sure that you write all the memories which come from your bad, even if they are unpleasant. Look for the moments or memories which describe your personality.

At least 3 stories should be assimilated. You will have more alternatives if there are more stories.

4) The powerful easy idea can be brainstormed

Just keep in mind, the main aim of you is to set yourself apart from the other applicants. Your story will help to accomplish this. Try to think more and write the things about which your care the most. Make sure the details provided by you are precise. Avoid using broad statements. For example: avoid writing statements like this, “This University is known for its rigorous curriculum,” or “NYU campus old brick buildings are lovely.”

Instead, concentrate on what interests you, fits in with the school’s aims and history, and sets it apart from others.

5) An effective easy premise must be chosen

Once the topic has been chosen, examine your free-writing responses carefully. The memory is engaging and related to your values and tells a story. Know that at NYU admission officers daily review thousands of applications. The application which sticks out is that which is written in a good story style. You don’t have to be J.K. Rowling or John Green. You just need to be sincere, detailed, and specific. Tell us about your experience, how it ties to your beliefs and those of NYU, and how it affected your decision to attend NYU as a future college.

Hence, the flow of your, ‘Why NYU’ essay must be the following:

  • This is a story that emphasizes important facts about me personally.
  • To the story, this value is connected.
  • It simply happens that this value corresponds to the unique value at NYU.
  • And for this reason, I’m a perfect fit.

6) The accurate outline must be followed

As previously mentioned by us, to start the essay one of the excellent strategy is to start with the story but using a brilliant anecdote. Your anecdote can start with a remark from someone who helps you set the story, a direct statement, or a cold hook.

Once the anecdote is added, immediate with the details can frame it. to work with you have 400 words, so it is a good idea to start writing right away. To explore the interest actions can be explained which are undertaken by you. This ought to make up 30–40% of your essay.

The remaining portion of your essay can then be used to explain the tools NYU offers that will help you reach your objectives and sharpen your talents.

7) The final read can be conducted- thoughts diligently

If it is possible, to give a break to your break, attempt to do your final readings at least 24 to 48 hours. Additionally, the essay must be considered to read out loud, so that you can catch any typos which could be missed by you.

Remember, for assurance, final read-throughs should be right. Any more than that, though, can end up making you feel a little worried. Trust the process and have faith in yourself. When you have done it, let it be and submit it.

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