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SCM205 Career Search Plan


There are many ways and websites to find jobs in Canada:

1) Indeed Canada

2) Workopolis

3) Glassdoor

4) Monster

This website helps us for searching jobs in Canada.when you search for a job on these websites which is mentioned above remember one thing can’t pay any amount for the job, many websites do fraud so be careful with them.

Treat job search as your responsibility or spend 30-40 hours per week on the job search. That much time must be needed for this task.Because it governs your output and how far away you will go in reaching the full realization. (Rennie& Morrison, 2013)

The quality of the job always gives you the satisfaction that why a searching job with proper manner is important. It brightens your branding. A suitable schedule must be framed to determine different tasks that must be performed effectively and efficiently. A schedule of seven days a week must be scheduled.

Networking refers that people creating and maintaining professional relationships

Who has a similar interest in the same job industry so that it will be easy for them to find their job? Networking is a good way to find employment in Canada through networking. Many types of networks in Canada help to know upcoming job vacancies.Workopolis is one of the networks that conduct the survey according to that survey job seekers people were getting t job opportunities within 16 weeks of application. Want a good network then you need strong communication skills and a willingness to coordinate with others. Set yourself realistic. For example, make useful contacts and meet them for coffee within the next week. A personal network is also helpful for you to find a job. (Aral,et al,2015)

Informational meetings mean informational interviews; it means conversation with someone who is working in the same interest field. This is a very effective tool and its best done after a primary online search. Do our informational meetings prime jobs? Yes, it may help you to prepare for real job interviews and dispensation you within a better chance of getting an offer then. Example of informational meetings/interviews: when you start working, what are the projects that you have done on your own, and what is your opinion about the current project in the industry. Skill-developing classes play a vital role for all of us. Everyone has talent or skill but also has fear or confusion because of less confidence and proper knowledge, those person skill development classes’ works. And create employment. Everyone is not good at studies but they have skills and want employment on the basis of their skills.This type, of course, is helping to enhance the proficiency of the person in a specific area.(Cosentino, 2013)

Skill development increases professional web, better communication. It’s filling your learning gap and helping you to get your dream job. It reduces UN-and underemployment and increases standards of living. If interpersonal skills are strong then it helps to increase business profits, person accuracy, and focus quality. Now the next point is the interview preparation. Being prepared for an interview is a very important step to leading a job. Doing some preparation person feels more in control, preparation is like: when you get an interview call do cross-questioning about the interview, and do proper research about the organization or company in which you are going to interview. Study the job description. Practicing your answer, some questions which are related to your subject and from your qualification. And getting feedback (Pascual, 2014)

From a friend get your clothes ready choose a better option of cloth which represents your personality. Arrive early mean be on time.



Position 1

Title Data entry
Position title Manager
Company name DRC
Address 75 Horner AVE Unit 12 Toronto, ON, Canada M8Z 4X5
Contact person name and Title Mark wood, Manager
Phone number 416.251.3721
Source Indeed Canada
Date of Application 28-04-2022


Position 2

Title Teacher
Company Name University of Toronto
Address 27 King’s College, Cir Toronto, ON M5S 1A1, Canada
Contact Person name Jack William
Title CEO
Phone number 1425478
Date 27-04-2022


Position 3

Title Manager
Company name George Western Limited
Address Legal Department 22 St. Clair Avenue East Suite 1901 Toronto, Ontario M4T 2S7
Contact person name Andrew Tye
Title CEO
Phone number 45254832
Interviewer’s name Mitchel Watson
Title General Manager
Phone number 2548547
Interview date 27-04-2022
Interview location Conference hall


Sample Job application Tracker

Job Title Company Name Contact name/Title Phone/Fax/Email Mailing Address Resume sent date How sent References sent Job Description/Keywords Application Status/Date Interview/Date
Manager Canadian Tire Steve Smith, Manager 2524524 19-04-2022 Via Email 19-04-2022 Handling operations 22-04-2022 27-04-2022
Data Entry Westjet Mark Smith, Manager 452541 20-04-2022 Via Email 20-04-2022 Recording data 23-04-2022 28-04-2022
Teacher University of Toronto Tom Stark, Manager 452852 21-04 Via Email 21-04 Teaching 24-04-2022 29-04-2022
Human Resource manager Shaw communications Will Smith, Manager 1452547 22-04-2022 Via Email 22-04-2022 handling human resources 25-04-2022 30-04-2022
Clerk Manulife David Warner, Manager 25482265 23-04-2022 Via Email 23-04-2022 Handling records 26-04-2022 01-05-2022


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