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Role Play

Role Play

Manager- Good morning everyone, Please have a seat.

Team member 1 and Team member 2 – Good morning sir.

Manager – We have witnessed that the performance in your work is decreasing. So, is there any problem, if there is some problem you can share it with me.

Manager – Because if your performance will decrease it will impact our business as well.

And we can’t afford that.

Team member1- Yes sir, I am facing a lot of problems in adjusting to the workplace environment, as there are many people from different cultural backgrounds so it is difficult to coordinate with them because sometimes they misunderstand me.

Team member 2- Yes sir, and according to my self-assessment I have realized that my performance is getting affected due to my weak communication skills and less creative ideas.

Manager – Okay, I understood your problem. First of all, understand that working and communicating with the team nicely is very important because it helps in completing the task smoothly and effectively.

Manager – Team member 1, after analyzing your feedback I am going to give you clear feedback and it is that you need to increase your knowledge about the aspects of different cultures because it will help you in understanding them better.

Manager – We will conduct a workshop discussing the information about different cultures.

Plus you and you’re your team should practice giving effective feedback to each other because it will help you, people, to improve your performances and resolve your conflicts

Team member 1- Okay sir, thank you.

Manager – Now team member 2, after analyzing your learning journal I have realized that you need to focus on your communication as well as creative skills. And for that, we will arrange some training lessons and workshops for you.

And I will personally advise you to develop the habit of active listening because it will help you in increasing your skills.

Team member 2- Okay sir, thank you very much.

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