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Research Report


Research Report

Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

Methods. 3

Salary. 3

Educational requirements. 3

Results. 4

Job description. 4

Discussion. 5

Occupational outlook. 5

Personal characteristics. 6

Advantages. 6

Disadvantages. 6

Working conditions. 6

References. 7





The report consists of a purpose and the rationale related to the analyzation of a job profile and the post that is discussed in the particular report. The certainly consists of the discussion related the job profile of Guest relation executive. The report consists of the salary, educational requirements, description of the job, outlook of the occupation, personal characteristics, disadvantages, advantages and working conditions of the desired role Guest Relation Executive in terms of the advantages and how the desired role should be evaluated. It is very imperative to address all the questions related to the job profile because then only the individual can evaluate the how much growth is in the job profile and should he go for it or not. The methods used in the analyzation and reviewing of the job profile is done with the help of different websites and journals.


Job profile- Guest Relation Executive


As per the analysis the average salary of a guest relation executive in Canada is $39,000 CAD per year and $20 each hour. The positions of the entry level almost start at 32 000 Canadian Dollars but the very experienced individuals related to this industry also earn up to 48750 each year. This hike goes up and down and an individual can earn up to $61,000 Cad each year that are experienced (Rahimi & Kozak, 2017).

Educational requirements

The education requirements related to guest relation executive post can be seen as the individual must be able to write speak and read as well as understand the primary language that is utilised on the workplace on which the individual is working. The personal appearance and behaviour are also geared to be a very immense objective in terms of examples related to the staff of the hotel. The individual must strive to use a very well groomed and polite language in terms of relation related to Staff colleagues and hotel guests. The individual must know how to use hotel management software that is PMS, must have a proficiency in English as well as must have outstanding communication skills and should also have a B SC degree in the Hospitality Management industry or any relevant field. The individual must be graduated from a valid University. The individual must have a knowledge of Microsoft Office application s and should have a diploma or a degree in hotel management.


Job description

The individual reports to the front office manager as well as assistant of the front office manager. The work of the individual is to basically attend the guests very courteously and deal with them properly in terms of any queries or Quest related to the visit or stay. They must have a detailed information related to the city or the hotel. Checking on the moments of VIP guests as well as completing the formalities related to preregistration are some of the position requirements that are needed to be fulfilled properly. Allocation of the rooms at the time of arriving the guests and checking the preferences of the guest is the key feature of the profile. Collection of the feedback forms from the guest and providing them with the first-hand service can be seen a very important and a major responsibility of the job profile. The major responsibilities of the job profile consist of:

Being able to work on overnight shift holidays, weekends, evenings and mornings.

Strong organisational and into personal skills are important.

Having capabilities of understanding as well as carrying out the return and oral instructions as per the clarification request of the individual (Wang, 2012).

Being detail oriented discriminating and observant.

Must be self motivated enthusiastic and personal in terms of working independently.

Professional in presentation and demeanour.

Having capabilities of relating well to the Employees and guests of the hotel.

Having positive attitude and the personality must be outgoing.

Must be a team player and should certainly focus upon the services provided to the guests.

Should have a very good command in the primary language in verbal and in written format.

It is very important continuously unconsciously strive to better the skill set as well as increasing the knowledge related to the output.

Adhering to the hygiene and staff grooming standards.

Following the policies and rules of the house that are late by the Organisational Management.

Must be capable of handling the biasness and prejudiced happened because of the guests.

Should complete and handover proper shift to the next top members.

Must make sure the check outs and check ins are done properly and their must be knowing this comfort or and necessary delay in terms of the guests.

Should maintain the lockers properly in terms of custody.

Should perform basic activities of cashier at the time of requirement.

Must collect the feedback from the guest at the time of departure and must know the dislikes and likes of the guest as well as coordinating with the housekeeping at the time of room clearing (Dewnarain, et al., 2019).

Maintaining the manner that is instructed as well as maintaining updated information related to packages, offers, current promotions and rates of the room.

Allocation of the room at the time of arriving the guest and checking the reservations related to VIP rooms as well as completion of preregistration formalities.

Giving the information related to town attractions as well as activities.

Greeting the guest at the time of departure and arrival and providing excellent services to the consumer at the time of standards. Updating them on the basis of Occupancy as well as retailing them with the information related to all the requirements of the room.

Must have detail information in terms of city hotel or any competition.

Multitasking duties of job and coordination in the busy environment.

Maintaining departures as well as arrivals of the guests.

Handling concerns and complaints of the guests properly and in a very timely and efficient manner.

Welcoming the guest and providing them farewell properly.


Occupational outlook

There are many jobs that can be seen related to the particular industry but there is no job opening related to the same name that is guest relation executive. But there are a lot of opening relative guest experience specialist as well as Global gas relation supervisor related to Toronto and they have done posting on 21st March as well as the location is also not very far. The schedule is full time and the position is non management. It has also informed that the obligation related to the particular position hard done as per the accessibility legislation a human right and provides accommodation at the time of meeting the assistant. It has posted its activity 7 days ago (Rai, 2012).

Personal characteristics

Must have 2 years of experience in terms of front office as well as minimum a year of experience in front desk supervisor experience and should know how to handle accounting procedures cash handling as well as normal and general management ask.

Should have management and leadership skills.

Must have good communication and interpersonal skills.

Sound decision making skills.

Good listening skills.

Should know how to interact with the guest.


Guest relation executive helps in keeping the consumer satisfied on a higher level and terms of the organisation. It goes a long way in terms of retaining them as well as ensuring that the consumers are happy. Being a guest relation executive promises high income as well as the educational requirements are also not very much. And individual Learns how to be customer focused and also this position enhances communication abilities of an individual as well as management abilities. The person has increased skills of Microsoft PowerPoint and also learn some basic cash and accounting processes and criteria. It also helps individual in grooming and helps in increasing knowledge of function booking as well as experience is related to hotel management and helps in maintaining highly organised career (Bharwani & Butt, 2012).


The disadvantages can be seen as long work patterns that are we can work as well as long working hours and night shift. It is also based upon bureaucratic hierarchy and contains of unrealistic Expectations as well as maintenance of the customer complaints is very difficult. It is a seasonal job as hospitality industry is very seasonal. An individual has to be extremely flexible as their stock in a 9 to 5 schedule. It is a stressful and hectic work. Sometimes customer behaves very Bizarre and individual is bound to maintain all the Complaints and out number them.

Working conditions

The industry contains of long working hours as well as multiple shift and long working weekends. It demands of poor work life balance and working hours as this can be seen as the biggest disadvantage of the particular profile. Treatment in terms of internal consumers is healthy but the micro management is huge (Paliouras & Siakas, 2017).




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