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Assessment 2

Part A


Acumen restaurant is located on the eastern end of Collins St which is very close to the shopping mall. The present profile of consumers of the restaurant is mainly based on the current environment of working, i.e., the restaurant is offering good quality services to the consumers and as per their projected schedule of working. The restaurant is mainly concerned about the lunch for their guests as 75% of the consumers arrive at the restaurant mainly for lunch purposes. Nearby the restaurant, a few numbers of hotels are also located and because of that many tourists come to the restaurant as customers.

As per this schedule of operation, the restaurant must change its fixed schedule. The restaurant focuses more on dinner and lunch as various tourists are of 20-35 age group and from them mostly are couples who come to the restaurant. It is clear that couples mostly love to take a walk-in at nighttime and for this particular reason, the restaurant should focus more on dinner rather than lunch. The timing of dinner is from 5 pm to 10 pm which is only on the weekend and in my opinion the restaurant should shift the timing of dinner from Saturday and Sunday to Monday and Friday. This will mainly attract more consumers and will also increase the profit margin of the restaurant.

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