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PRM7001 Project Management Techniques Assignment Help


ZZ Tech is a mobile manufacturing organisation. ZZ Tech is an organisation that wants to establish its R&D department with the help of project management. This R&D department will develop the Technology for providing mobile handset to the customers. This assessment includes the scope and key deliverables of the project. Different type of challenges in completion of scope within the decided deadline of 12 month is proposed in this assessment. Work breakdown structure for the activities of the project is described in this assessment. Key stakeholders that are associated with the project management are investigated in this assessment. This assessment comprises the importance of analysis the needs of stakeholder. Methods are also included in this assessment that provides ways of engagement of stakeholders in the project. Critical analysis of the implementation of project plan is done for this assessment. After that self-evaluation is done of the competencies gained with the help of this project management.

Question 1 (LO 1) Evaluate background of project including its scope, key deliverables and the challenges involved in scoping a project. 

Research and development department has to co-ordinate with different type of Departments that are associated to it in the ZZ Tech. there can be different type of scopes that can be possible in the project of establishing research and development department for this organisation. With these scopes challenges are also associated that are also discussed below: –

Detailed scheduling

Proper scheduling of the deliverables of the establishment of Research and Development Department should be made. Scheduling provide brief structure of the works that has to be done under the project. The risk of failure of R&D department establishment get minimised after scheduling of the different works that are included in establishment of this department (Unger, et. al., 2012).


The main challenge that is included in this scope is to complete all the activities in the decided time frame. Give the proper time to all the activities so that whole project can be fulfilled easily.

Working with Executive

The needs and requirements of the project management can be analysed well with the help of Executive. Executive knows the success factors that are necessary for effective project management. These success factors can be decided and implemented for the establishment of Research and Development Department (Bhattacharyya, 2015). The objectives for this is specific project is also decided under the R&D department.


Collecting formal data for the planning regarding the establishment of R&D Department will be a challenge for the executive. Deciding realistic end date is also not an easy task for the executive.

Working with Marketing

Marketing department and R&D department has to work in coordination. Marketing department used to collect feedback from the customers. These feedbacks are provided to the R&D department. Therefore to establish a good system by which communication of the feedback can be possible between these departments will be beneficial. R&D department provides a solution of the feedbacks that can be promoted by the marketing department (Unger, et. al., 2012).


Forming an effective communication between the marketing department and the R&D department will be tough task.


The functioning of R&D department should be accomplished at that location in the workplace where this department can be easily accessed. This will be helpful in accomplishment of the task fast.


Availability of the space which is essentially required for the establishment of R&D department is challenge. 

The main deliverables that can be provided by the old department of this organisation are: –

Product according to vision

The Vision and Mission of the organisation can be fulfilled by providing the product to the customer according to vision of organisation. The R&D department plays an important role in providing the product according to the Vision and Mission of the organisation. This is one of the deliverable of this department for ZZ Tech.

Latest Technology

Provide the Technology in the mobile phones which are in Trend in the present market. Focus on developing the mobile phone with the latest feature that is in demand among the customers. Latest Technology will enhance the business opportunities for this organisation (Schaeffer & Cruz-Reyes, 2016).

Maintaining Finance

Develop the products of this organisation in such a way so that capital growth of the organisation can be possible. The focus of R&D department is on maximizing the tax opportunity (Kalwa, et. al.,  2012). This can be possible with the help of developing the Lean manufacturing by the R&D department. In Lean manufacturing, minimum use of resources results in maximum output.


Customers are crazy about innovation. Innovation attracts large number of customers. The primary focus of any R&D department of any organisation is to bring innovation in the products and services that are provided to the customers.

Testing and quality control

Quality control can be possible with the supervision of R&D department. Better quality in the products can be provided to the customer with the help of testing and quality checking of the products that are manufactured by ZZ Tech (Lee, et. al., 2012).

Competitor analysis

The analysis of competitors regarding the Technology and the performance of the products is done by R&D department. Providing Technology that can compete with the present market Giants is the work that is associated to this department. Competitor analysis provides a way to develop the Technology according to the market Trends. This will provide competitive advantage to ZZ Tech.

Question 2 (LO 6) Include a work breakdown structure (WBS) and resource breakdown structure (RBS) 

Activity Activity Implementation & Description  Date of Start  Date of End 
Technical baseline All the Technical necessity is that are required to establish R&D department will be decided in this activity. This activity will be accomplished with the help of chief Technical officer of the organisation. The supporting team to the CTO will also be helpful regarding this activity (Kalwa, et. al., 2012). Initial requirements for establishing the Technical baseline of the R&D department will be analysed effectively under this activity. 20 Feb 2019 20 May 2019
Work scope The work scope of the R&D department will be decided under this activity. The risk associated with this activity is to make the documentation correctly according to the required work (Yang & Fu, 2014). Developing the new Technologies in the mobile phones according to the current trends in the market will be the work scope. 21 May 2019 21 July 2019
Scheduling This activity includes scheduling and reschedule of the different daily task that are included in establishment of R&D department. The resources should be logically linked with the work is a part of this activity (Bougault, et. al., 2014). Therefore this activity plays an important role in the daily task accomplishment. The contingency also affects the decided time frame of the activity. Therefore the time for the contingency should also be included in this activity. 22 July 2019 22 September 2019
Estimation of cost The total cost that will be incurred in the establishment of R&D department for ZZ Tech will be analysed in this activity. There can be different type of contingency that can be possible that that include additional cost to the decided cost. This cost should also be included in estimating the cost for this organisation. 23 September 2019 23 November 2019
Roles and responsibility Assigning the roles to the different employees of the organisation that are part of R&D department will be done. Training to the new hired Employees regarding their responsibilities will be done. This will be helpful for easy accomplishing the task that is associated to this organisation and department. 24 November 2019 24 January 2020
Change management Change is the part of any organisation. The change will it take place in the works that are associated to the research and development department. It is very necessary for this department it is very sorry for this department to manage to change effectively. Change in the process according to the latest Technology will be done even in the establishing steps of this department. It can be only possible with the help of Change management (Yang & Fu, 2014). For this change control board have to be established that will take care of the works regarding the Change management. 25 January 2020 19 February 2020

Various resources can be included for establishing R&D department.

Necessity Resources Required  Procedure of Doing Activity
Training Unit  Training Managers Training can be given to the employees of the organisation that are included in research and development department. Training in the direction of Vision and Mission of the organisation can be helpful for the employees to develop the products accordingly. Training provides the employees scenario and situation of the organisation. The situation leads to effective working by the employees according to the situation of organisation (Xu, et. al., 2016).
Research Unit Scientists  Scientist plays an important role in developing the new Technology that can be used in the mobile phone manufactured by this organisation. Scientist is the main entity of R&D department. The engineers working under the scientist will learn the method of implementation of the Technology. In this way with the coordination of both type of employees R&D department can be established.
Execution Unit Employees and Mangers  Those employees can be hired for the R&D department that are adaptable for the changes. The needs and demands of the department will be changed with the time. Flexibility among the employees will be helpful to implement the change in the R&D department (Xu, et. al., 2016). In the starting first type of employees if hired then it will be beneficial for establishment of R&D department and further functioning. Employees should have Technique that can utilise the assets effectively. 
Culture of the Department or R&D culture Leaders, Managers and Employees  The leadership that will tackle this department should have long term vision for running the organisation. The R&D department requires effective management. Effective management can be provided by implementing the management tools by the leaders and managers of the organisation. Leadership should welcome the innovative ideas given by the employees of the organisation. Innovative ideas will lead to development of new Technology for the R&D department. (Adachi, et. al., 2012)

Question 3 (LO 5) Identify the key stakeholders to the project and evaluate the importance of analysing their needs, interests and methods which could be used to secure their engagement.

Two type of stakeholder are associated with this project management of establishing R&D department for ZZ Tech.

Internal stakeholders

Internal stakeholders include employees, leader and manager of the organisation. Internal stakeholders are the entity of the organisation that takes important decision regarding the external stakeholders.

Employees are having these responsibilities regarding the growth and development of the organisation as well as the R&D department. Employees are having specific responsibility in the R&D department that are assigned by the managers and leaders of the organisation.

Managers and leaders of the organisation are self-motivated towards their work. They work effectively for the organisation growth and development. The leader and manager that are involved in the R&D department helps in taking the necessary steps that are fruitful for the establishment of R&D department. Powers are in the hands of managers and leaders of the organisation (Hassanzadeh, et. al., 2014). Leader and manager of the organisation assign the R&D department work to the employees of the organisation. Investment decision regarding the establishment of new unit of R&D department is taken by the leaders of organisation.

Employees of the financial department are taken into the confidence by the leaders for the decision making. All the risk associated to the R&D department are analysed by the financial department then the investment decisions are taken. In this way internal stakeholders take combined decision with coordination and full analysis (Hassanzadeh, et. al., 2014).

External stakeholders

External stakeholders include suppliers, customers, shareholders, creditors, government, and media. All the stakeholders are having their own importance. These stakeholders play an important role in the decision making regarding R&D department.


R&D department analyse the need of Technology that has to be implement for the product that is manufactured by this organisation (Bhattacharyya, 2015). Raw material for the implementation of that Technology can be provided only by the supplier.


Before launching the product in the market R&D department analyses the acceptability of product. The product should be acceptable among the people of the society. If the product is not accepted in the society then it is the R&D department that makes necessary changes in the product. Therefore it is necessary to make the R&D department with the competencies.


Customer used to give the review of the product on the social media, internet and in the interviews. Marketing department collects reviews of customers. Reviews are given to the R&D department. Therefore effective coordination can be established at the time of formation of R&D department between both the departments. The constructive changes in the product can be possible by the means of R&D department because of effective coordination (Bhattacharyya, 2015).


At the time of investment shareholders are also provided with all the information. The important decisions that are taken by the board of directors should be informed to the shareholders regarding the R&D department like forming new unit of R&D department. This will bring trust among the shareholders of the organisation.


The marketing of the product should be done by focusing the qualities of product. These qualities can be communicated by R&D department to the marketing department. Story can be made regarding the qualities so that good population of the customers can be targeted (Mohagheghi, et. al., 2017).


The legal authority should be taken into confidence while launching any new Technology. The no dues certificate can be taken from the government bodies while establishing the R&D department for this organisation. This will be helpful in establishing the R&D department without any obstacle.

Importance for the analysis of need of stakeholders

  • Association with the stakeholders can be made easy after the analysis of demand. This step is quite beneficial for the sensitive stakeholders.
  • Misinterpretation by the company will be removed by the effective analysis of demand of the stakeholders. This step results in no conflict between stakeholder and the organisation.
  • Planning regarding the establishment of R&D department can be facilitated. Stakeholder friendly establishment of R&D department can be possible with the help of analysis of their demands (Mohagheghi, et. al., 2017).
  • Stakeholder will cope up in the critical situation of the organisation because of this type of importance given to them.

Method of securing the engagement of stakeholders

The level of power in the level of interest of the stakeholders can be increased with the help of mendelow matrix. Method to increase the stakeholder in the project management can be possible with the help of The Matrix. It has four categories that are distributed in the graph. The x-axis of the graph shows the level of interest of the stakeholder and the y-axis denotes the power. IV categories can be understood as: –

Manage closely

In this category full engagement of the stakeholders is targeted. Steps are taken to satisfy stakeholders. Highly interested stakeholders are targeted under this category.

Keep satisfied

Less interested stakeholders are provided with prior information. To make these types of stakeholder’s satisfied information are provided regarding the step of establishment of R&D department.

(Figure: Mendelow Matrix)

(Source: Oxford College of Marketing, 2019)

Keep informed

Those stakeholders that are highly interested in the project management of establishment of R&D department know each information already. They are self-aware. Such type of stakeholders is informed by the organisation in which low power is invested (Oxford College of Marketing, 2019).


Some of the stakeholders are very less interested in the works of project management. This is stakeholders cannot be made more interested easily. To create more interest of the type of stakeholder excessive communication is made with them.

Question 4 (LO 2 & 3) Give an explanation and critically analyse regarding how the following can be used to plan and implement your identified improvement project effectively

Planning tools

As per George, (2012), various planning can be done for the establishment of Research and Development Department of ZZ Tech. assigning works to the executive is one of the planning tools that will be accomplished for the establishment of R&D department. Proper needs for the establishing this department will be analysed under this tool. On the other side in the words of García-Manjón & Romero-Merino, (2012), success factor for the project will be analysed. Proper planning regarding achieving the objectives is also analysed. The objectives are decided according to the Vision and Mission of the ZZ Tech. making the work breakdown structure and resource breakdown structure is the part of planning. Realistic end dates can be analysed with the help of such planning tools.

A platform has to be established in the initial stage of the establishment of R&D department. This platform will work as a coordinating body between the marketing department and the R&D department. This platform will also work as a coordinating body between the other subordinate departments and the R&D department. The planning of this platform will be helpful if it is done in initial stage as better functioning of the department can be possible from the starting.


According to Brettel, et. al., (2012), proper methodology will be set for the establishment of the R&D department. All the activities that are associated with the establishment are described in the accurate manner. Description will be helpful in accomplishing the activities in easy manner. While as per Lee, et. al., (2012), a system has to be formed in which prioritisation of the work can be possible. This prioritisation will be helpful in doing the important work with full priority.

As prescribed by Hassanzadeh, et. al., (2014), written communication of contingency and the activity can be circulated between the employees. Creating an alert for the employees of the organisation can be possible at the time of contingency with the help of written communication with text message and internet message. While according to Chandrasekaran, et. al., (2016), motivating the employees to accomplish the task of the project management will be beneficial for completion of work. Rewarding on the performance basis to the Employees will also motivate the other employees to do work better for this project of establishing R&D department for ZZ Tech.

The resources selected for accomplishing this project should be used in time. The activities have to be accomplished within the decided time frame so that cost and resources cannot be wasted. The cost saving methodology will be adopted in this project management.

Team building

As per Coccia, (2015), Proper assigning of the responsibility among the team members is the key of team building for this project management. Trust can be built among the team members by assigning important task to all of the members of the team. Welcoming the new ideas among the team members strengthen the team overall. On the other side Behrens, et. al., (2014), argues that lack of explanation of the works between the team members will disturb the whole operations of the team. Presence of fewer resources among the team will also affect the whole team work.

The coordination among the team members will be helpful in accomplishing the important task of this project management. The compatibility between the employees of the team will be helpful in establishment of R&D department of ZZ Tech. while lack of planning among the team members regarding the project management work will disturb the project. Lack of accountability is the reason of team failure that can be the situation with any project. Therefore it is the necessity that all the team members should be accountable for the working of the team.

Risk management

As per Brettel, et. al., (2012), for the risk management it is very necessary to include the associated risk in the project. There can be financial risk, or failure risk. After that, prioritisation of the risk has to be done. Prioritisation of the risk can be done on the basis of level of harm that can be done by the particular risk. Damage control methods should be searched for minimising the risk associated to the project of establishment of R&D department for ZZ Tech. the other side according to Lee, et. al., (2012), communicating risk to the employees of the organisation will be helpful in finding out the solution of the particular risk. This can be possible with the help of new ideas given by the employees. These ideas will have a solution of mitigating the risk associated with project.

Tracking of the risk in the project management will be beneficial for the minimization of the risk. Risk responses can be implemented early as soon as possible. In this way effective management of the risk can be possible for the project management of ZZ Tech.

Change management

As per Coccia, (2015), Change management in the project management can be individual specific. The responsibility of the particular individual includes a change. The particular individual can be a leader, manager or an employee of the organisation. The adaptability of the change should be acceptable by the particular individual for the effective functioning of the project of ZZ Tech. on the other side as per organisational change can be possible with the coordination between the employees of the organisation Behrens, et. al., (2014), Such type of organisational change will be department specific. For the project management of R&D department Change management can be possible with the coordination in the support two organisations among the employees.

Stakeholders should be informed regarding the change that has to be accomplished in the project management of ZZ Tech. it will bring satisfaction among the stakeholders of this organisation. Stakeholders will help the organisation in accomplishing the change that is necessary for the project. The chances of success for the project will be more after involving the stakeholder’s suggestions. While in the words of flexibility among the employees and the stakeholder is the key of Change management

Implementation and monitoring Techniques

In the words of Chandrasekaran, et. al., (2016), Proper planning and scheduling of the different activities has been done in the initial steps. Measuring and reporting the work progress of the project is the Technique that can be used for the analysis of the project. Comparison of the actual activities with the planned activities is the Technique that can be used for the monitoring of project management. This will be helpful in easy accomplishing of the project management of establishment of R&D department for ZZ Tech. while in the words of Behrens, et. al., (2014), planning and implementing the corrective actions according to the different situations in implementing the project is the monitoring Technique of project management. This provides an opportunity to implement the project according to the situations and Critical condition that arises in between the project.

Updating of the operational schedule is to be done due to the change that take place for the establishment of R&D department of ZZ Tech. strategies regarding the Change management should be made accordingly for the implementation of activity associated to the task. Effectiveness can be analysed on the completion of project. In this way effective implementation of the project can be possible.

Question 5 (LO 4) Reflect on your learning from the PMT module and develop personal development plan


Leadership is one of the most important qualities that are necessary for a project manager. It is the ability of an individual to lead a particular group. Various qualities are present in the leader. I want to become a good leader for the future. A leader should be honest. A leader is a fast decision maker. A leader is accountable to its employees and to the organisation. A leader believes in integrity.

Reason for the necessity of this skill

For the integrity of the organisation it is very necessary that the project manager should have good leadership skills. Leader is having ability to empower its employees. The motivation is very beneficial for the operation of the project (Schaeffer & Cruz-Reyes, 2016).


A good communicator always attracts the people. If the project manager is having good communication skill then the employees of the organisation will be attracted towards project manager. Good communicator has the ability to make the employees to do work according to the demand of the project.

Reason for the necessity of the skill

Important information can be shared between the employees of the organisation with effective communication. This will be helpful in time saving and mitigating the risk in the project. Quality in the project can be maintained with the help of effective communication among the employees and the project manager (Kalwa, et. al., 2012).


Scheduling of the project is done by the project manager. There is a limited time for the project. The project cannot be going on long. Therefore it is very necessary to have the scheduling skill in the project manager. This will be helpful in meeting of the deadline of the different activities associated with the particular project.

Reason for the necessity of this skill

Time and cost of the project can be saved with the help of this is skill. Accomplishment of the project can be possible within the decided time frame.

Risk and cost management

Different type of risk is associated to the particular project. This risk can be analysed well with the help of risk analysis by the project manager. The cost can also be cut by implementing the economical methods in the project according to the situation. Managing such type of activities is the great competency that is present in the project manager (Tosaka, et. al., 2016).

Reason for the necessity of this skill

The feasibility of the project will be possible with the help of cost and risk management. The chances of failure of the project will be less because of risk management.


A leader should be good negotiator. I want this skill should be in me after some years because a good negotiator is always in a Win-Win situation. A good negotiator can resolve the dispute between the employees of the organisation (Tosaka, et. al., 2016).

Reason for the necessity of the skill

Accomplishing the different activities of the project diplomatically will be beneficial for the accomplishment of the project for the ZZ Tech.

Various types of skills will be learnt by me with the help of personal development programme. The self-evaluation of the different skill can be done by in my personal development. 

Skills Time period required to accomplish  Learning Method
Leadership 3 Months  Leadership skills can be accomplished by me by participating in the fest organised by the college. I will take responsibility of volunteer leader in the Fest and in other programmes.
Communication 3 Months  Communication skill can be developed by communicating the different people and reading. Evaluation can be done of communication by asking my friends about my communication improvement.
Scheduling 2 Months I will manage my whole day with the proper schedule. This will provide me an opportunity of planning.
Risk and cost management 1 Month  Risk and cost management can be learnt from the internships.
Negotiating 2 Month Negotiating skills will also be learnt by me with critical thinking.


The project management is the facility by which the establishment of R&D department for ZZ Tech can be possible. Easy accomplishment of the project management can be possible by analysing the scope of the project. There are different challenges associated in the key deliverables and scope of the project. Work breakdown structure provides is for accomplishing the different activities of the project. Different type of key stakeholders is associated with the project. It is very necessary to secure the engagement of stakeholder in the project. Monitoring and evaluation of the project can be possible with the help of various Techniques that are discussed in this assessment. Different competencies and skills can be learnt with the help of this project management.


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