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MBA 663 Communication Persuasion and Influence

MBA 663 Communication Persuasion and Influence

Table of Contents

Introduction. 3

Gender stereotypes. 3

Power. 4

Self-monitoring. 6

References. 7


The development in the personality will help the person to learn and increase their working style. There are most the people in the society as they want to increase their personality. The real use of personality development is to help the person to get more and more opportunities. They will get a better life and new goals in their life as this is an important thing to do for the personal level development. The real meaning of this blog post is to describe the technologies and the ideas that will help the person to improve their image on the professional level.

Gender stereotypes

As the person wants to develop their professional image even if there are men or women.  But most of the time only men will get the advantage to do these things (Kurok, 2020). The importance of developing a professional image. The person will get the opportunity and the option to explore their talents. While developing their professional image and development they get a chance to explore more things in the market. They have gotten their aura in society. The importance of developing the professional image in society. As a person, they get a chance for a better exploring level. Therefore they will get the chance for improving their background and their working status. There are competitors in the market and the reason behind this is the covid-19. This is the reason the unemployment increase in the society. Due to the private sectors and the co-operative department will not be able to hire the candidate. The reason behind this is that there is a competition level. Also, therefore they have to find out a solution to increase the selection procedures. This is the main reason the candidate has to develop their personality development. The development of their professional image will get the chance to reach near to their goals (Tkachenko, 2017).

Importance of the development in the image to fight the competition on a personal level. Also, this will help them to make their aim and the goals clear in their life. As they will have to give better deliveries in return for the development of these methods in the person’s life (Zaplatynska, et al., 2020).

They have to use a better level of solution to resolve this issue. As a person for the development, they have to improve their image in the professional section. They have to build confidence in themselves. A positive thought in the person’s mind will help them to boost their thinking. As the social development and the development of the person on the professional level. They will get a chance to learn differently and the various types of activities. The person becomes active and also, able to get the chance to explore and express themselves in the company. The companies will love to give the chance to the people like this and they will be able to identify their positive and the negative path.


The solution is required to improve the personal image of the person.

On the professional level and this is the theory and the solution method.

Image development and exploring their mind thoughts while sharing (Little, et al., 2015). Their ideas express their feelings. For the time being their professional image develops in the society and they feel confident from the inside and the outside. This has been very clear that a positive thought makes the person and helps them to deliver their thoughts. As the company will give them appreciation and this is the reason the person. According to the person’s point of view as they think if their personality will get develop then this will be their positive point. The reason behind this is that more people will ask for their choice and their advice. As they get the chance to lead the group and impose their thinking on the others. Based on their experience and their thinking they can do the changes in the working society in both the private and the government sectors. Therefore they will get the advice and their popularity will be increased in the society (Little, et al., 2015).


As a human beings, they want to set their goals and the aim. Therefore for reaching that point they have to make sure to do the possibilities which will provide them success in return. There is the famous scenario which is run in the society. “that is people will follow only the successful personal life and their working ways. But! No one is ready to examine their failure results”.

This is the reality and thinking of the people of the society against their thought. As some people choose the right path to develop in their life. Therefore some chose the wrong to become the successful person with the shortcut route. This is the reason professional image development will help the person to define the difference between the wrong and the right. They will also, get the chance for better achievement in the future and build a bright future for themselves and their family members. Person to develop a personality they have to make themselves a person with a positive mind and thoughts. They have to learn and explore various types of technologies and the thinking way. Therefore they have to expand their way of thinking and not make themselves a narrow mind person. During the process of the development of the personality and the professional working scenario, they have to make sure to get the better advantage and disadvantages. Working with people on the professional level will help the person to develop their background areas and image in the society and workplace.

A positive working environment will boost the person’s confidence and build a new type of identity inside the person’s mind. This will help the company and the areas of the working sector to get a better level of the results and the innovative ideas in the society. This will lead to a better level of development and most of the most important things the other members of the society. They are ready to take your advice and suggestion for future development and improvements. Personality development and professional image changes will change the person’s surroundings and the working environment. A professional image will include the education, qualification, expertise, certificates, and specialty of the person in their life (Elias, 2018).

Moto of the professional image development of the person will include all these types of elements that make a person ready to lead in the working sectors. Increasing their thought and technologies for better results. These are the thinking and the thought that will help the person to do the changes in their mind and they will be able to improve their professional image by learning from others.


Based on the data above and the experiment also, the method will apply to the person. These methods will help them to get a better level of the deliveries and improve the personality of the person. Therefore their image will be developed and their professional image will get better day by day after understating their thoughts. This is the way the professional image will be developed by the person in the society.




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