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Food & Beverage Assignment (10%)


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  Marking Rubric GRADE
Expectations – Completion, Understanding & Critical Thinking

·         All answers apply to the question being asked and contain clear reflective opinions.

·         Responses include logical thinking, supported with examples or evidence from the industry.

·         Responses draw from the course concepts and topics covered in class lecture power points.

·         All answers contain competent grammar, spelling, and are in full sentence/paragraph format.

·         All researched materials are cited using APA referencing guidelines.

The following scoring system will be used for all portions of this assignment:

Score for each question  range from 1 -8 marks.

1 – Limited

2 – Basic

3 – Proficient

4 – Above Average Expectations

See question values below.

Mandarin Restaurant is a Chinese-Canadian buffet menu that provides good quality food with various
tastes and this was established in 1979.
The address of this Restaurant is 238 Biscayne Crescent, Brampton, Ontario L6W 4S1 Canada and
they have accepted all methods of payment.
Mandarin Restaurant is a chain restaurant and Mandarin Restaurant Franchise Corporation is indeed
one Buffet restaurant dining business within relating buffets. Mandarin Restaurant Franchise Limited is
indeed a network of all the Chinese buffets eateries that was established around 1979 but is headquartered in Brampton.

This was established in 1979 and is headquartered in Brampton, Ontario.
Over 100 Chinese-Canadian buffet menu options, turn and deliveries, but also à-la-carte eating are
available at the chain's licensed locations throughout Southern Ontario. Ontario. Over 100 Chinese-
Canadian banquet food items, as well as stands or deliveries, are available somewhere at chain's
licensed locations throughout Southern Ontario (Nawawi, et al., 2018).
c) Mandarin Restaurant provides good quality of Chinese as well as Canadian buffet menu and also it
provides 100 types of various Chinese-Canadian buffet menu items and also it provides various service
like take away and also la carte ordering facilities are also present in it. They have provided hygienic,
safe, and comfortable food to consumers and also provide great flavors and also, they have provided fun
and games to the consumer for their convenience (Tam, 2019).
a) Advantages of Theme Restaurants for consumer and owner are as follows:
(1) For Consumer
They have got both the entertainment as well as food in the same place.
They also get various types of food under one roof.
(2) For Owner
(a) Owner will find out the base of the consumer and which type of food is served to the consumer.
(b) This will provide unique restaurants from other restaurants and this will provide tough competition
to another restaurant that is present in the market (Nawawi, et al., 2018).
b) Disadvantages of Theme Restaurants for consumer and owner are as follows:
(1) For consumer
Customer doesn't get a new thing to insist on the theme and they need to eat food according to the
Limited fun has been provided to the consumer which is not good for the customer.
(2) For Owner
The maintenance of the theme restaurant is very expensive and requires many equipment and
The theme remains the same and with time theme gets older day by day and many new restaurants use
the new theme to attract the consumer which is not beneficial for the organization.
c) Yes, I will go to Theme Restaurants like Medieval times and with the family and enjoy it a lot because I
have gotten many things like food and entertainment and kids also like this restaurant. We have gotten
the best quality of different kinds of foods under one roof and also according to the theme many
activities has been played which close together all the members of the family together and stranger also
become friends when they played activities inside the restaurants, with the theme different kind of
knowledge and information taken (Tam, 2019).

a) No, there are no chances of 100% replacing of humans with robots because many things and tasks are
only performed by the human beings not by the robot and also robots are confused during multiple
tasks and which is not beneficial for any organization but the efficiency of their work is between 70% of
human being and 30% of robots and this figure may be changed according to the changing of the future
requirement (Bottone, 2018).
The robot is not properly responding as well as not properly performing work and doesn't respect the
consumer because he didn't know the emotional judgment, he only works on the command which is
installed in it.
b) Yes, I will surely go to that restaurant for only one time to see how the robot will work and also saw
that how he works and he perform multiple tasks or not inside the restaurant and due to this curiosity, I
surely go to that restaurant and also see how the technology provide service in this industry. And also
saw that this is beneficial for the world or not beneficial as much (Naumov, 2019).
c) Basically, Robot is performing various work and done multiple tasks inside the organization and
consume less time and also efficiency is also increased and for cleaning the floor area as well as cleaning
of the utensils and equipment and dining area we have used the Robots.
Robots also help to create the different kinds of beverages according to the requirement of the
consumer and also Robots are also creating various kinds of food according to the requirement of the
temperature and store according to the requirement of the organization (Bottone, 2018).
Robots also check the entry and find the detail of the consumer and they have also inspected the overall
food and as well as inspection of the dining hall. The quality of the food and its availability is also
monitored and day-to-day working has been done properly.
There is an increment on the revenue of many restaurants after covid and during the covid, because
they get many orders online and as compared to normal days, during covid people order more food and
also after covid, the tourist places is also open which help the restaurants to earn more profit and earn
more revenue (Naumov, 2019).


Bottone, G. (2018). A tax on robots? Some food for thought (No. wp2018-3).
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Tam, J. (2019). Social solidarity among Chinese Canadian evangelicals in short-term missions (Doctoral
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