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Managing Challenges and Opportunities Reflection Task


Managing Challenges and Opportunities Reflection task

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Question 1

Dealing with children is a tough job. Understanding what they are trying to say and handling them with care so they do not get hurt and feel cared. There are certain types of challenges that cam ne faced at the time of training and as per the experience of the early childhood education. It is not an easy job as it is just like as it is just like the parents of a child. There are long hours of working as well as no sick days and very  hectic job as well. It is taught that awe have to be best selves in classroom and it is very essential to have the wellbeing of the mental health so it is constantly needed to have a good mental health and being stable as it is imperative be wellbeing of the youngster and caring about them. It is not easy and I have faced difficulties while taking the course in understanding the behaviour of the children.

Question 2

The young children are very unique and all of them have different personalities and behaviours. It is tough to see and experience the transition of the children and watching them grow but it is the most beautiful feeling as well. One of the great opportunities that can be seen in the early childhood education is increasing and learning about the cooperation. I have experienced growth in myself in respect to the mental development as well as to cooperate with children and understanding their demands. This has been a very beneficial aspect of this course. Moreover, this course also bought a positive aspect that is enthusiasm in the personal self. Dealing with the children can be very fun and exciting sometimes. I was kind of introvert at before, but after taking the course, I have learnt to be energetic and that is a quite positive change in the life. Moreover, conveying the values regarding the society and respecting each other has been a key feature and a very good opportunity in life. Maintaining a positive environment and influencing the child in a positive aspect is an opportunity I have considered to be quite positive in life.

Question 3

I have certain strengths as well as weaknesses but they can be worked upon. My strengths are that I have high patience level so that I can deal with the children quite well. I believe in certain values that I can be teach the children related to respecting the individuals. The weaknesses that I am a bit short tempered but cool down quite easily as well. Moreover, I am a hard worker and I do not realise about time work and that is my weakness and my strength as well. I have certain characteristics that match the job role that are:

My patience levels

My work ethics

Love for young children

Creativity and innovativeness

Empathy towards the individuals.

I would like to work about my flexibility and teaching skills as children have a different way of learning and I need to work upon those skills.