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Manage Meetings BSBTWK503



Task 1

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Table of Content

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Task 1 – Knowledge Questionnaire. 5

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Task 1 – Knowledge Questionnaire


Task summary and instructions


What is this assessment task about?This assessment is a written questionnaire with a mix of objective and subjective questions.


The questionnaire is designed to meetthe knowledge required to meet the unit requirements safely and effectively.


The questions focus on the knowledge evidence required for this unit of competency:


·         meeting terminology, structures and arrangements

·         responsibilities of the chairperson and key features of group dynamics in relation to managing meetings

·         key features of options for meetings including face-to-face and virtual meetings

·         methods for recording meeting notes including relevant organisational requirements and conventions for type of meeting

·         organisational procedures and policies regarding meetings, chairing and minutes including identifying organisational formats for minutes and agendas.


Your assessor will be looking for demonstrated evidence of your ability to answer the questions satisfactorily, follow instructions, conduct online research and review real or simulated business documentation as instructed.

What do I need to do to complete this task satisfactorily?·         submit your answers to the questions within the set timeframe,

·         answer all questions as instructed,

·         answer all questions using your own words and reference any sources appropriately,

·         all questions must be answered satisfactorily.


It is advisable to:


·         review the questions carefully,

·         answer the questions using online research and the learning material provided for the unit and by reviewing real or simulated relevant business documentation (such as policies and procedures),

·         further research the topics addressed in each question.


SpecificationsYou must submit to GOALS the


·         assessment coversheet,

·         answers to all questions,

·         references.


Resources and equipment •        computer with Internet access,

•        access to Microsoft Office suites or similar software,

•        learning material.

Re-submission opportunitiesYou will be provided feedback on your performance by the Assessor. The feedback will indicate if you have satisfactorily addressed the requirements of each part of this task. If any parts of the task are not satisfactorily completed, the assessor will explain why, and provide you with written feedback along with guidance on what you must undertake to demonstrate satisfactory performance. Re-assessment attempt(s) will be arranged at a later time and date. You have the right to appeal the outcome of assessment decisions if you feel that you have been dealt with unfairly or have other appropriate grounds for an appeal. You are encouraged to consult with the assessor prior to attempting this task if you do not understand any part of this task or if you have any learning issues or needs that may hinder you when attempting any part of the task.



Answerall the questions below:


Question 1


Outline the following meeting terminology, structure, and arrangements regarding meetings.


Terminology, structure and arrangementsOutline (20-50 words/item)
AgendaThe discussion points are listed in this agenda and the modification process is described in the amendment. Anagenda outlines the things which must be considered in the meetings.
BrainstormingFor generating the great idea, the brainstorming is used for short-term in a group. It is the group creativity technique through which efforts are made to find the solution for the problem.
ChairThe person who handles and controls the consequences occurs in the meeting. He is the elected officer for an organised group such as the committee.
ConsensusFor voting they choose the group for seeing the decision consequences of teammates.In the meeting, consensus brings the group of people together so that in the meeting everyone can contribute to making the decision which leads ultimately to making the collective decision.
MinutesThe meeting taking time is noted in this process and the time invested proof is also described. It is the written records about whatever happened in the meeting.
QuorumThe minimum number of people invited in the meeting are considered as the quorum. It is so often considered as the majority for the members within the organization or group.
Meeting arrangements:


Estimated duration


Number of participants



All minor details are included in the terminology meeting of the arrangement of the meeting like meeting structure, equipment, number of catering people, venue, duration, and time are included in the terminology.
Meeting structureStructure of the Meeting is the formal discussion where the formal meeting will be conducted and it leads to improving the performance of the growth, and a number of caterings will be leaded and duration of meeting are terminology, and minor details are added in the arrangement of the meeting.


Question 2


Outline the responsibilities of the chairperson.

(40-80 words)

The chairperson responsibility is to maintain the meeting factors and organization. The working criteria are to be managed by the person of the company to encourage the members of the tea. He is having responsibility to run the meeting in such a manner which encourages the decision. He must make sure the meeting must run fairly and there must be open discussion regarding the matter and members of the meetings must stick to the meeting agenda (HUYNH, 2020).




Question 3


Explain team dynamics in relation to managing meetings. (50-100 words)

The teammate’s interaction level is described in the team dynamic with one another in the company and their way of talking with others. There are positive group dynamics and in the positive direction, the team result occurs. Teammates interaction is also decided to manage the meetings, and the way of talking will also be added and the team dynamic is also considered in the meeting.




Question 4


Briefly describe the following meeting formats:

FormatDescription (30-50 words/format)
Face-to-faceThe face-to-face meeting is done physically presentation in front of each other. In this format of the meeting members of the are at the same place in the physical form.
TeleconferencingThe teleconferencing is done on the telephone with the meeting candidates. There are three most common types of the telenferencing. These are-

1.    Conferences calls

2.    Videoconferences

3.    Web based conferences

Web-conferencingThe video calls are held in the web-conferencing and it is easy way from the home. It is the format of the meeting which are held online. In this meeting it involves two or more participants who are from the different locations.
Team building meetingsIn the group of teams, the meeting is held. It is a meeting which is undertaken by the group of people in order to enhance their motivation.  In the team building meeting group of people are organised to meet and make decision together to meet there needs.
Information-sharing meetingsThe staff members conduct the information-sharing meeting. These types of meetings are held yearly. Information will be shared in the meetings and the information must be relevant to achieve objectives of the organization and the video calls will be held and the web-conferencing will be easily taken as consideration of others of the meeting conduct in the organization.


Question 5


Outline two (2) methods for recording meeting notes.

(30-50 words/method)

ReviewAfter completing the meeting look over the notes periodically.In this method the meeting notes are formed and whenever required these notes can be reviewed. It helps to remembers what were the things which were discussed in the meeting.
RecordThe key information should be written in the notes about the meeting. In this method whatever happened in the meeting is recorded and whenever it is required it can be listened.



Question 6


Read the meeting procedures for committee meetings at LaTrobe University :  . Address the following:

List five (5) responsibilities of the Committee Chair.1) To represent the figurehead of the organization.

2) Provide supervision and support to the senior team and chief officer.

3) Ensure that the management is the organization is done effectively.

4) Ensure the proper functions of the management committee.

5) Provide leadership.

List four (4) procedural matters the Chair is responsible for.1) In the work of the board involving the directors.

2) Board meeting conducting and planning effectively.

3) providing proper information in the board meetings.

4) On the board provide leadership.

What does the Agenda commence with? Lit three (3) items.Before starting the meeting, agenda should be maintained. Three main items of the agenda are –

1) Topic

2) Motive

3) Objective

What is the process to clear the draft minutes after a meeting?The best notes should be written and build the template like the experts and the work should be revised and the notes can be emailed to the team members.
When does the Chair declare the meeting open?If there is the entrance of the new person in the meeting for apologizing the misinformation provided by them and try to set up the new objectives. The essential details will be provided at the commencement of the meeting and the notes taking should be informed to everyone about the meetings (McCombs, et al.,2014).
How does the meeting commence? List the essential steps.With the use of essential details, the meeting can be commenced. On-time the meeting can be commenced even the members are late. The steps that are included for the meeting are –

1) Set objectives – For attending the meeting encourage people for clear objectives because intends are understood.

2) Assemble attendees – A list should be created of the attendees that are invited to the meeting.

3) Create an agenda – for commencing the meeting the agenda should be created to explain about.

4) Maintain control – make control over the meeting and start the meeting on time.

5) Follow up – follow the plans of the meeting that have been decided.

How does voting work?According to the thoughts of the employees, the voting is done and the decision is made in the meeting and they finalize their candidate on that basis.




Research 3 digital meeting software applications and provide a short description of their features

(30-50 words/method)

digital meeting softwareFeatures
ZoomIt is a type of meeting that can be done on a video call. There are paid and free options in this application. This method is well scales and it is greatly user friendly, a quality which accounts for itsfanours popularity. It can work on any device from the smartphone to computer.
Google meetThe workspace account of google is used for the meeting. With this application, the business meetings can be done with a high-quality video and with many team members.It is the business version of the google hangouts.
Go To meetingThe needs are satisfied with this application and there is a long list of its features in the business. On the PC’s magazines list it is placed on top as the web conferencing tool. It is the best for consumers and small businesses and it is one of the simplest conferencing services which can be used (Martino & Cilardo.,2020).





HUYNH, Q. L. (2020). A triple of corporate governance, social responsibility and earnings management. The Journal of Asian Finance, Economics and Business7(3), 29-40.


McCombs, M. E., Shaw, D. L., & Weaver, D. H. (2014). New directions in agenda-setting theory and research. Mass communication and society17(6), 781-802.


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