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Introduction To Digital Media

Introduction To Digital Media


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The usage of social media apps and their importance in today’s lifestyle. This has been very clear that most people depend on social media apps. There are various types of digital platforms available in the market. The people are using them for their better development. Some of the apps will be used to reduce the workload. Therefore they use it to save their time and money. There are social media and digital platforms that are available in the market such as Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Facebook. These are the apps that will explain in detail in this report and their usage will also be identified.




Apps Development Evolved Personal usage and purpose Frequency Duration
Instagram Instagram is an app that is launched in October in the year 2010. This is an app known as the social media app and the motive of this app is to share pictures and videos just like Facebook. There have been so many changes happening in the app of Instagram while using it. But there is a drastic level of changes that happened on Instagram within the 5 years. These are the changes that describe the increment of Instagram in society. Most people use this app for chatting with their friends so I do the same things. The motive for my using this app for share the meme with my friends and chat as  I love this app’s features. My frequency of mine using this app will be 1-2 hours a day (Jesse, 2015). Most of the time when I use Instagram it will be in the nighttime as everyone gets ready to sleep that is the duration of my using this app.
Youtube The day youtube was launched in this world will be on the day valentine’s day in the year 2005. In the starting, this is the app for placing the videos, and comments, like, and the share are the features that are used in this (Auxier, et al., 2021). In the past 6-8 years massive changes are happening on youtube as this has become a community of the people. The people who love to post their videos and become the creators and the editors. Therefore they get the platform to show their talent to the world. On the other hand, the biggest production companies in Hollywood will create channels to realize their upcoming project and movie trailers. This has become the platform for people to earn more and more money. The purpose and the usage of this app most the people will do it and their motive is to become famous. The people who love to post their videos and become the creators and the editors. Therefore they get the platform to show their talent to the world (Montag, et al., 2019). The frequency of using this app will be 45 minutes per day. Also, the duration will be in midnight or morning mostly.
LinkedIn The establishment of this app will be in May 5t in yar 2003. This is the platform that is built by the American business and for the employment-oriented from the online basis. This app will become the most famous app after the pandemic situation created in the society this means. During the covid—19 there is an increment in the unemployment rate increase so high in the market and due to this people are using this app for the employment and the internship bais. This is the app that is used in the market for building the connection between the people of the private sector and for me, the usage of this app is to get to know more details about the internship and the various types of the programs. I will use this app for 5 hours a day to increase my knowledge (Maglietta, et al., 2018). The duration of this app is in the morning.
Pinterest This app is established in December 2009. Also, the official website of this app is issued in March 2010. This is an app that is innovative by the ben Silberman and their colleagues also, friends. The motive of this app is to share the ideas of the people related to clothing, apps, quotes, and the shopping website. I use this app for the shopping purpose Duration will be 30-45 minutes a week. Evening and at the night I use this app.
Facebook This  is an app that is launched on October 28th in 2003 and the pp for  sharing the  pictures and connecting new friends online This app has become famous in the year of 2008 to 2010. In most of people start using this. After Instagram, I was not that much interested in using this   app Once a week Nighttime



According to the table that have explain the difference between all the apps. Based on my thought I want to advise that LinkedIn and Instagram is the app that is used the most in the public sector. They have o make sure to improve the working department and the features of their apps. This will help the people to explore more and this will increase the use rate of the apps in the market. Both of the apps have to increase their market and the contingency with the people. This will increase the use rate of the people of their apps as the unemployment increase in the market due to the pandemic situation in the society. As they have to increase the extending level of their app use (Auxier, et al., 2021).




Based on the data above details and the information of the using app and their details. The company has to provide a better level of cybercrime and protection from the cyber risk in the society so that people use their app more freely.




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