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BSBSTR501 Establish innovative work Environments





BSBSTR501 Establish innovative work environments


Task 2 – Written Report

Task summary

This assessment is to be completed using are staurant in CBD, Sydney that the learner is familiar with the as simulated work environment. This assessment task requires the learner to develop an Organisational Sustainability Policy using the template provided.



·         Access to textbooks/other learning materials

·         Access to Canvas



·         Your assessor will advise you of the due date of this assessment via Canvas.



·         This completed workbook.


Assessment criteria

For your performance to be deemed satisfactory in this assessment task, you must satisfactorily address all the assessment criteria. If part of this task is not satisfactorily completed, you will be asked to complete further assessment to demonstrate competence.


Re-submission opportunities

You will be provided feedback on your performance by the Assessor. The feedback will indicate if you have satisfactorily addressed the requirements of each part of this task.


If any parts of the task are not satisfactorily completed, the assessor will explain why, and provide you written feedback along with guidance on what you must undertake to demonstrate satisfactory performance. Re-assessment attempt(s) will be arranged at a later time and date.


You have the right to appeal the outcome of assessment decisions if you feel that you have been dealt with unfairly or have other appropriate grounds for an appeal.


You are encouraged to consult with the assessor prior to attempting this task if you do not understand any part of this task or if you have any learning issues or needs that may hinder you when attempting any part of the assessment.





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Candidate declaration: I declare that:

·         I have read and understood all the information provided in relation to the assessment requirements to complete this unit, the instructions and the purpose and processes of undertaking this assessment task

·         This assessment is my own work and where other’s works or ideas have been used, I have appropriately referenced or acknowledged them

·         I understand that plagiarism is a serious offence that may lead to disciplinary action.


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 Task 2 –Written Report

In this task, you are required to develop an Organisational Sustainability Policy of not less than 500 words for a restaurant you are familiar with in CBD, Sydney using the template provided. In developing the policy, seek suggestions, improvements and innovations from at least two (2) of your friends acting as team members and who are also familiar with the restaurant you have used in this task.


You need to establish at least two different procedures and practices that foster innovation in areas of work practice, including at least three of the following:

  • collaborative work arrangements
  • building team capacity to contribute to innovation
  • providing formal and informal learning opportunities
  • evaluating ideas of innovation in work environment
  • celebrating and encouraging innovation
  • consulting with relevant stakeholders
  • changing physical work environment, including designing, fitting-out and decorating workspaces
  • communicating and sharing of ideas and feedback.


In establishing processes and procedures, make sure that you:


  • reinforce the value of innovation to the vision and objectives of the organisation
  • model behaviour, including:
  • being receptive to ideas
  • giving constructive advice
  • establishing and maintaining relationships based on mutual respect and trust
  • taking considered risks that provide opportunities for innovation
  • support innovation and collaboration of ideas to make improvements


Your Sustainability Policy will have two (2) parts:


Part A – Work Practices


Make sure to detail the following:

  1. Who are the stakeholders?
  2. What are the organisational objectives and practices?
  3. What are the current work conditions?
  4. What are the working conditions that allow innovative practices according to organisational policies and procedures?
  5. What are the organisational resources relating to innovation?
  6. How can youbuild and lead team and maximise opportunities for innovation?


Part B – Innovative Environment


After developing work practices, you now detail how the restaurant can develop, implement, share and evaluate innovative ideas and work environment. Make sure to discuss the following:


  1. Impacts of changing work environment
  2. How to enhance work environment in collaboration with stakeholders
  3. Resources required for enhancing work environment
  4. Assessment on the ability of the workspace to support innovation
  5. How can team members be assisted to adapt and perform in new work environment?
  6. How you can encourage creative mindsets, collaborative working and development of positive workplace relationships?
  7. How you can reinforce the value of innovation according to organisational vision and objectives?
  8. How to take risks to open up opportunities for innovation?
  9. Ways of celebrating and encouraging innovation
  10. How to encourage and support evaluation of innovative ideas?
  11. How can relevant information, knowledge and skills on innovative practices be shared with stakeholders?
  12. What formal and informal learning opportunities can be provided to team members to develop skills required for innovation?
  13. What opportunities can be created where individuals can learn from the experience of others?
  14. Suggestions, improvements and innovations sought from your friends who acted as team members and what response have you given to those suggestions, improvements and innovations


Sustainability Policy
Work Practices

The ATINN restaurant is chosen by me for developing and defining the workplace policy of sustainability. The capacity is defined in sustainability which can fulfill the current needs of humans without damaging future generations and having the ability for meeting the needs by protecting and maintaining the natural resources and region’s ecosystem. The main focus is not on the to be how it can be done but on how it can be done. The future objectives and goals are met in the organization and it is done by the sustainability policies at the workplace.

There are the procedures of the work practices that are used for keeping the qualities of the physical environment that is appreciable. Three work practices procedures are –

1) Sharing and communicating feedback and ideas.

2) Encouraging and celebrating innovation.

3) Make changes in the work environment, including decorating, fitting out, and designing a workspace.

A different group of stakeholders is represented by the consumers, managers, and owners of the restaurant in the business of the restaurant. The stakeholders know about the practices and objectives of the company. The restaurant’s main objective is to make a profit and provide growth in the restaurant and there is an increment in the goodwill of the restaurant by providing quality food with sustainability. The good practices of the environment should be followed in the environment so the work is done by the employees efficiently in the restaurant (Meroño-Cerdán& López-Nicolás.,2017).

With the use of streamlining the assistance of employeereports in the organization structure can be done. The restaurant team’s duties and roles are mapped out and identified by the organizational structure. The different needs of the customer should be identified by the restaurants and make it unique for the customers. The uniforms for the employees are provided by the restaurant while working or servicing the customers. If the employees wear the uniform of some brand, then they have to maintain the uniform and keep it washed and clean.

The restaurant’s productive assets are employees. The production of the employees can be done by helping and encouraging them and action and creative thinking can be encouraged in the employees and culture should be fostered of the restaurant by the employees. The inspiration to the employees can be done by providing or sharing recommendations, suggestions, skills, experience, and knowledge. The ways of promoting the innovative business environment are –

1)Hire different perspective people–Hire employees with –

a. Vision understanding

b. Different abilities

c. Unique skills

d. The employees that belong from diverse backgrounds

e. The employees should have different perspectives regarding the restaurant.

f. Make alignment with the culture.

2)Offer training–Training should be offered to the employees for encouraging their ideas and thoughts towards the business. The experience will be there by the employees and the benefit in the business will be there with the new approaches that are learned by the employees (Büschgens, et al.,2013).

3) Give space and time to the employees for innovation – Always provide approaches for the new ideas, and the spaces should be provided to the employees for sharing and creating the ideas. The time is allocated by the large companies for creating the thoughts and inspiring the new roles.

Innovative Environment

The innovative environment is developed while practicing the work. Innovative thinking is an important part of your business for encouraging the team culture and it is the main way in the organization for achieving breakthroughs. The innovative development can be done by the use of the following steps that are –

1) Providing resources and time – the space and the time should be provided to the employees for thinking innovative for the restaurant and for being the employees innovative.

2) Make the exploring safe – Enjoy the crazy and new ideas that are explored. Make the communication that is possible for the organization to implement the ideas. Make use of the current resources for critical thinking.

3) Role model – The hard question needs to be asked, engage in using the tools, creative thinking, and make the employees think unique (Odinokova, et al.,2018).

How the innovative environment can be promoted in the restaurant are –

1) When the employees provide ideas make a reward.

2) Implement the ideas.

3) Have the process of the feedback.

4) Collaboration needs to be encouraged.

5) Provide the space and time for the innovation to the employees.

6) Hire the different aspects of employees in the restaurant.

7) Make the core value innovation.

The innovation is used for solving the problems and the new ways are created in the restaurant. Inefficient process overhauling, use the feedback of the customer for producing the new product. There should be no splashy innovations or innovations that can change the ideas for the success of the sustained organization. The seldom initiatives are always provided from the top management or from the idea lab and which are beneficial for the organization. The frontline leaders and individual contributors are the closest ones to the customer and the needs are understood with the best position. Some innovative environment implementations are –

1) Make learning from the innovation efforts – The phrase that you have listened to the most is that learning is done by failures. After making the innovations, make critical thinking that you will innovate in the future or not. If you fail in the innovation don’t overthink about that, and make those failures applied in the future innovation if you made (Ivkov, et al.,2016).

2) Opportunities prioritizing – There are no resources and infinite time, then think of prioritizing the potential innovation that you know will be the biggest opportunity and make the benefit of yourself. Choose from the two to three ideas that will be applied best in that situation refining, testing, and digging of that innovation should be done for better results.

3) Make support for the innovation – Don’t waste time in thinking, the story of your innovation should be told to the stakeholder as soon as possible and by watching the right time, you can communicate.

4) Test the potential innovations – Keep the modest scope experiments, while you are starting the innovation. With the use of paper prototypes, you need to start and then you need to draw the structure of the process or product that you need to build or create for your innovation after thinking and making sure that there are advantages or not. Make sure what you think about and analyze it properly it should be done quickly and need to be inexpensive.

The evaluating best method and the innovative ideas qualifying are –

1) Innovating three lenses – It is the sprung method from design thinking and IDEO. The design of human-centered is combined with the method of purest form with the use of economical and technological parts. By the use of this method, the concept of diverge-converge is used as the general approach, the first diverge means that create the choices, and converge means making choices. While setting it practically. When the ideas gathering is done on which you are taking the initiative and the work done in present. These ideas can be taken and then go through the innovative three lenses (Godin, 2014).

2) Checklist of questions idea – There are advanced options from the simple matrix. But some valuable things are needed to be set and proceed with the ideas in the organization. There isan increased number of checklists and questions in every company. The main focus of the organization is on which question or checklist is important for answering from taking the ideas to the testing.

Formal learning is conducted by the e-learning portals, internet, classrooms, mobile devices, workplace, and the organizations that are training-based. Lifelong and practical learning is done in informal learning for developing the required skills while innovating. The creation of the opportunities is done when you learn from the other’s experience and learn from the world, Knowledge of making new things and learn thinking of the innovations, think about being more entrepreneurial. The different kind of innovations, improvements, and suggestions always comes from the different kind of persons who can assist directly. The different suggestions that are important to be discussed frequently and openly and there can be the surprise after listening some of them are mentioned under:

1) Share proposals. Solutions, ideas, and suggestions to the colleagues.

2) Accept the support and advice, if there are misunderstandings and differences sometimes and if the checking is not done, can affect the effort of the team members.

3) The encouragement towards the feedback should be done and assisting of the employees should be done for making and improving the informed changes.

4) In the constructive feedback, there are the comments of the others who know about the efforts and work in the innovation and have the question in the project.

5) Make time for interacting with the other members of the organization and provide assistance and information if they are in need (Hughes, et al.,2018).





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