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Question: 01

Answer: A

The name of the union is the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) (PSAC & AFPC, 2023).

Answer: B

The employers involved in the agreements are the Employer Group 01: Treasury Board of Canada and the Employer Group 02: Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) (CBC, 2023).

Answer: C

The employee groups mentioned in the agreements are the Program and Administrative Services (PA) group Technical Services (TC) group and Support Services (SV) group (PSAC & AFPC, 2023).

Answer: D

The duration or period for which the agreements are valid is June 21, 2021, to June 20, 2025.

Answer: E

An Employee

An employee concern or issue that is important to it is the pay gap that is in between men and women. As per further research on the topic, it has been found that women are getting 6.8% less earnings than men. Other than this job security is also a major concern for them.



The Employer

Employer concern or issue that is important to it is the cost of employee benefits, being criticised for the high cost of employee benefits.

Question: 02

Answer: A

Economic Conditions:

  1. Privatization – Workers won’t like the concept of privatisation as it will change most of the working habits and any changes in the working pattern are hard to adapt for the old workers.
  2. Free Trade Agreements – These lead other businesses to come to the country which stops the growth of the country-origin business that may influence the strike because of lack of familiarity with the working process.
  3. Shift in Economy – As it has been found out worldwide most countries are shifting from a manufacturing to a service-based economy.

Social Conditions:

  1. Increase in workload – Extra workload could lead to influence strike.
  2. Job Insecurity – Stable job is the requirement of the workers.
  3. Less flexibility – Too strict laws and policies lead to higher work pressures.

Political Conditions:

  1. Week laws – Laws that have been made for workers aren’t very supportive of them.
  2. Globalization – It leads to less power for countries’ governments to make and experimented with policies as there is a need to follow global policies.
  3. No political support – When there is less political influence in a strike that there is a high chance of the strike to get unnoticed (Global News, 2023).

Answer: B

There could be many impacts of the strike on the public but some of the major impacts that can public may face due to the strike are as follows:

  1. It has been found out that the 30 departments have got direct hit by the strike which also has affected many services and the processing of tax returns.
  2. Service Disruption – healthcare, transportation, government offices.
  3. Economic Impact – Productivity gets highly affected, and several challenges have been faced by business that depends on government services.
  4. Backlog and Catch-up – service gets affected due to the long strike period time which can be utilised for more production has been wasted due to conflicts.
  5. Negotiation and Resolution – It is means of negotiation for better conditions to work in, wages and benefits.

Above mention is the most common type of effect that can be noticed by the general public due to the strike influence (CBC, 2023).



Question: 3

Personal Perspective on the PSAC Strike

From the provided data and based on the selected two theories namely Dunlop’s industrial relations system model and Craig’s industrial relations model my personal perspective on the PSAC strike is positive. I believe that the strike helps employees to get attention to their concerns, advocate for their rights and work towards improving their working conditions. Dunlop’s industrial relations system model shows the importance of group bargaining and the resolution of conflict with the help of negotiation. The PSAC strikes exemplifies the combined strength and unity of the public service employees represented by PSAC who wants fair working conditions and workplace rights to work in. By the mean of strikes, they have shown their need to bring attention to their issues of theirs such as pay equity and mental health support. This combined action helps to provide a platform for conversation and negotiation providing videos an opportunity for employers and employees to work together towards the same goal and get benefited from it. Craig’s industrial relations model shows the role of the state in labour relations. Strikes show a means for workers to show their dissatisfaction and pressure the government or employers to solve their demands based on the facts. The PSAC strike serves as an example of a poor understanding of workplace conditions and a call for improved rights and protections for the worker to work in. By participating in the strike PSAC members help in the labour movement by raising awareness about the need for fair and equal treatment improved working conditions and equitable compensation. At last, the agreement has suggested that both parties have recognized the important concerns raised by PSAC members and were willing to participate in order to solve the problem. It reflects the success of collective bargaining and the effectiveness of the strike in achieving desired goals (CBC, 2023).


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