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Impact of Remote Working on Management

Research Questions
Question 1
What issues are faced by the managers of every department while handling their employees during the remote working?
Question 2
How do increase the productivity of employees during their remote working?
Question 3
How do you reduce the communication issues when employees are working remotely?
Literature Review
According to the several authors, the information will be derived that productivity of employees will be increased by conducting training sessions for them and enhance their knowledge, also upgrade their skills so that their knowledge will increase and they can perform well, as well as able to achieve the targets.
Issues can be faced by the employees and managers while handling them, as their productivity can be reduced, and communication issues can also be faced among employees that proper information is not exchanged among them while directly impacting their activities and results will also be increased. Managers may face issues that they are not able to trace the productivity of employees, as they all are working remotely, from the different locations as well as different time zones (Flores, 2019).
Managers must conduct the brainstorming sessions in a few days so that performance of employees can be improved, and it leads to an increase in the overall productivity of employees in the organization. Also, encourage more informal conversations among employees, and they can have separate chat channels such as Google hangouts where they can meet and communicate with each other, as well as coordinate their work. Coordinating is required to synchronize the efforts of all the team members because if they do not coordinate with each other, it directly impacts their performance. It leads to a decrease the communication issues among employees and managers (MacRae, et al., 2020).
It happens that employees who are working remotely will not be communicating with their team members or those outside the team, and they are not efficient while making connections. So, new activities must be conducted along with the informal conversations which lead to improving their performance and they can make connections with each other.
Methodology Used
The methodology used for conducting the dissertation and collecting information will be qualitative and collecting secondary data. From different websites, the data will be collected and it will be used according to the requirements of the dissertation and research. The method of collecting secondary data is public records, government publications, and journal articles. After reading the journal articles, information on the research objectives as well as research questions will be identified. Secondary data can also be collected by reading newspapers and articles, and from there plenty of information can be determined which will be very useful for the research paper.
Search articles on the search engine result pages regarding the impact of remote working on the environment, and provide information that how to encourage employees to increase their productivity during the remote working and what issues they can face as well as how to reduce those issues so it will not affect their learning process, and they can maximize their learning process.

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