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PSPHR702B Human Resource Strategic Plan

Task 4


This report consists of a brief of the Incite college and its human resource strategic plan that is being carried out in the organization for efficient working of the organization. It is basically an act for the creation of the evaluation of the results as well as a mechanism for the overall goals and long-term process. A planning that focuses on the integration and allocation of the resources in a way that helps in planning the strategic management in terms of human resources, marketing and finance.

Overview of Incite College’s human resource requirements 

Incite college is established since so many years. It provides with the facilities of the global management and offers certificates for the diploma and graduation. It has two branches but one of the branches has not used its staff members and presently utilizes 24 members in the staff. A Human resource management plan is needed for the organization. There are a lot of arrangements that are needed to be carried out in the college (Noe, 2017).

Certain requirements of the college can be identified as follows:

Design for job analysis

Equal employment diversity and opportunity


Management of the performance

Professional development

Occupational health and safety.

Staff retention

Recruitment and selection

Review and analysis of emerging trends and practices 

Employee involvement: Human resource management is a key feature of any organization and consists of proper involvement in terms of workforce health and safety and much more. It consists of equal participation of all the individuals at the workplace.

Technology: It is tremendously imperative at any workplace as it decreases the cost and increases the efficiency.

Investment in the talent: That must be mandatory at every workplace (Mello, 2014).

Philosophies and values

Keeping employee security as a priority- Every employee is a very integral part of the company and their security is most imperative as every employee have their families to go to. So this might ultimately retain the employee.

Having efficient team- The level of efficiency a team has, the productive the work is going to happen. Teamwork and having a common goal is quite crucial for the company.

Hiring right people and proper selection- Right hiring and wrong hiring both have a huge impact on the company equally. A right hiring can take the team to heights and the wrong hiring can change the entire the blueprint of the team as well.

Providing proper training and selection- With proper and best training, the company can achieve goals faster and with more efficiency.

Identify gaps in existing policies, procedures, and systems

Decrease in the productivity of the workforce

Not having proper systems for selection and recruitment in the organization.

Not having proper systems for many processes of the company.

Not providing proper training.

Recommended human resources strategic directions 

Transferring the knowledge- Transfer of the knowledge between different workers and teams can be a reason for efficiency.

Consideration of demographic- Demographics must be taken into consideration in alignment with the retention and consideration.

Consideration of strategic vision- Efficient HR strategies is for the indication that company is leading to a common goal and has a new vision.


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