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Step 1: Students will self-select into groups of 4 within their campus for a specific debate topic from the list of topics available on Moodle. Each topic has a quota and once that is reached students will need to self-select into another topic.

Topic: Heart disease is a preventable chronic health issue that should incur a user-pay cost for access to health care in Australia if the person smokes cigarettes or uses other tobacco products.

Step 2 – Each person will submit a group work contract. Due Date: Friday 12th August 23:59hrs. This work contract will outline the role each person in the group will undertake in the completion of this assessment task. The work contract will be available on Moodle. This is an important agreement between peers and is a binding document that commits each member to the stated outcomes.

Step 3– Video Debate. This assessment is in the form of a debate on a topic that student groups can choose from the topics provided (see step 1 for topic list). A debate is a method of formally presenting an argument in a disciplined manner. Two students will take the affirmative side of the debate, and the other two students will take the negative side. All students should plan to speak for four minutes each. The debate should be presented as follows and follow the marking rubric to develop the arguments and presentation:

Each student must individually webcam/videotape their part of the debate using Express Capture or Kaltura Capture.  You can talk to the Webcam and use your screen as notes for your presentation and then submit to the video database submission link by the due date. The videos must be submitted in chronological order by the speakers.

Step 4 – Individual Evaluation is due at the same time as submission Wednesday 7th September, 23:59hrs

Each student is to complete an Individual Evaluation of their debate experience including a concise reflection of the group work’s positives and negatives. There is a 500-word limit. The individual evaluation must be submitted as a word document in size 12 times roman font that is double spaced. Please remember that your evaluation is a professional academic document, and you are required to demonstrate respect for your group members. The individual evaluation should have three paragraphs of 150 words each approximately.

Guidelines for individual evaluation tasks:

Step 5 – The Group Debate Reference list is required to be submitted at the same time as the video debate through the Reference list submission box by the video debate due date. The reference list – must be submitted as a word document in APA 7th Edition format with a minimum of 10 references used to support arguments.