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Case Study Assignment – HOTL1221

Maria was very pleased and delighted with the group of students in HOTL1221 because they followed the TLP, worked on the Food Safety Online Portal, and handed in their assignments on time. Maria has planned a Surprise Spooktacular Halloween Dinner Party for the students. The menu items for this party included pizza, chicken wings, perogies, and pumpkin tarts.

Grocery list items to purchase:

  • chicken, vegetables, cheese, pepperoni, tomato sauce , sour cream, hot sauce, butter, pumpkin filling


To assist Maria with this party’s preparation and to buy supplies, she invited her good friend, “Witchy Poo” and her cat “Bookie” to help.


Once Maria and Witchy Poo returned from purchasing groceries from the neighbor’s, they noticed that Bookie must have been walking over the kitchen counter because there were traces of cat hair. When looking for Bookie, they saw that Bookie fell asleep on the cutting board. Maria said, “Silly Kitty” and moved Bookie on to a chair. Maria started to take the raw chicken, vegetables, cheese, and all the other items out of the bag and place them on the counter to prep the dinner. Maria noticed that the can of tomato sauce was severely dented and bulging but decided to use it because it was inside that matter.


At this time, Witchy Poo took the cutting board from the counter and began cutting the raw chicken into pieces with the knife that was in the sink. Suddenly, Witchy Poo got an itch and scratched her head and said, maybe I should wear my hair up? Maria said, no worries, you have such beautiful long black hair you don’t want to ruin it for the party. “You’re right,” Witchy Poo said and continued cutting the raw chicken.


Witchy Poo finished cutting the raw chicken on the cutting board; she started to cut all the pizza ingredients with the same knife, vegetables, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni. To save time on the preparation, she didn’t wash the vegetable because they looked clean. After Witchy Poo finished cutting the ingredients and was ready to bake the pizza, she washed her hands and asked Maria, do you have any paper towels to dry my hands, but Maria said no, sorry I ran out. Witchy Poo said that’s okay; I’ll wipe in on my dress.


During this time, Maria was rolling the dough for the perogies and sneezed. Oh my, Maria said. I sure hope I’m not catching a cold and continued rolling the dough. Witchy Poo asked Maria, “Can I help you make the delicious potato and cheese filling for the perogies? Maria replied, I made it 7 hours ago, and it’s been sitting on the counter, ready for me to start filling the dough. Witchy Poo said that was excellent planning on your part Maria.


After making the Surprise Spooktacular Halloween Dinner Party’s food, Maria and Witchy Poo were exhausted. They decided to cover all the food in napkins and leave on the counter overnight and finish the clean up in the morning.

Please answer all questions on next page.

Case Study Questions: Please answer all 10 questions below.                                                     /20 marks


  1. Based on this case study, would it be safe for the students in HOTL1221 to eat the food prepared by Maria and Witchy Poo? Yes or No? Why? (3 Marks)


The food prepared by the Maria and Witchy poo is not hygienic and not safe for the students to eat, because they have not properly cleaned the vegetables and knife during working and Witchy Poo has one cat which name is ‘Bookie’ and Bookie also present inside the kitchen area and during the preparation of food, the Bookie’s hair was lying on the ground and Bookie also sitting on the cutting board and without washing the board, they are preparing food for the students, Bookie also doesn’t wear proper hair clips and cap during working which also create the unhygienic food because its hair may befall on the meal and Maria also doesn’t wash her knife after cutting the raw chicken and used for the making of pizza (Alphonce, et al., 2014).


  1. What is two potentially hazardous food from the menu? (2 Marks)


During the preparation of the food, the two most potential hazardous food is chicken and pizza because, during the preparation of both these meals, Maria doesn’t wash the knife and after that, she is using the same knife for the making of the pizza and this will create a food poisoning in both the dishes which is not good for students because after cutting of the raw chicken, there was a different kind of microorganism is left on the cutting boards as well as on knife which harm the food which is prepared for the students.


  1. What type of contamination or hazard could occur with “Bookie” walking on the counter and napping on the cutting board? (1 marks)


Bookie can create many microorganisms and bacteria disease into the food and also cat roundworm a d and as well as Toxoplasmosis is also generated which harm the students(Lodi, et al., 2015).


  1. Did Maria and Witchy Poo prevent contamination from entering the kitchen when they purchased the party’s groceries? Yes or No? Why? (3 marks )


They didn’t, no. They spotted more cat hair as they entered that kitchen, however, Maria simply remarked “silly kitty” then moved the cat towards the armchair while continuing to stroke its ingredients. Maria did not wash her hands after removing the kitchen and also after that, she picked the knife and cutting board and cut the vegetables without washing it and Witching Poo also did not tie his hair and he also dried his hands with his clothes and then again start making food. Maria is cutting raw chicken and immediately she is cutting the ingredients of pizza with the same knife which is not good for students(Alphonce, et al., 2014).


  1. What hygiene practice did Maria and Witchy Poo repeatedly NOTdo when preparing the food? (1 Mark)


Both of them did not wash the ingredients as well as raw material properly and before and after the food preparing process, they didn’t wash their hands and this will create food contamination and after the sneezing, they didn’t wash their hands(Muthukumar, et al., 2020).


  1. Identify all food safety hazards that occurred during this preparation. (3 marks)


Following were the Food safety hazards are as follows:

1) Maria and Witchy Poo doesn’t wash their hands before and after preparing food.

2) Cat is not removing from the kitchen area either cat hair.

3) Maria is removing bookies from the counter and doesn’t wash her hands and prepare food.

4) Ingredients and equipment are not washed properly.

5) After cutting the raw chicken Maria doesn’t wash the knife and uses it for making pizza.

6) Maria doesn’t use proper caution after sneezing and making the dough for the pizza.

7) Witchy Poo doesn’t tie her hair and some hair may befallen on the food.

8) And Maria is preparing food for 7 hours before presenting the food (Lodi, et al., 2015).


  1. List 2 instances when a food-contact surface must be cleaned and sanitized. (2 marks)


When handling a variety of foods, kitchen staff must ensure there’ll be no meal infection, particularly with raw and cooked; afterward and while using the area.Only those food-contact floors should be washed as well as sanitized after use; already when kitchen workers resume work to a distinct sort of cuisine; whatever time staff members were also disrupted while performing a task and also the objects that are used might be polluted, and then after 4 hours if indeed the objects seem to be in continuous usages(Heo & Lee, 2015).


  1. Was it a good idea that the perogies potato filling was cooked earlier and left out to cool down for 7 hours? Yes or No? Why? (2 marks)


No, this is not good because the perogies potatoes need to be prepared before serving. After all, it is not taking more time to completion of the dish and it is not left out for cool for 7 hours or otherwise, it will be kept in the freezer for storage and this makes the food healthy and doesn’t harm the food. Due to generating of the microorganism in the potatoes which is not good for the food and health of the students (Muthukumar, et al., 2020).

  1. When Witchy Poo went to wash her hands, did she do all steps correctly? Yes or No? Why? (2 marks)


Witchy Poo doesn’t use the proper steps while washing her hands, because he didn’t use the proper washing soap for washing hands and after that, he didn’t use proper average timing of washing hand and doesn’t hand properly and his finger also not washed properly and after washing, he was searching for the towel and when he didn’t saw the towel, he wiped his hands with his dress and dry his hands which is very unhygienic.


  1. What type of contamination could result when Maria sneezed while she was rolling the Perogie dough? (1 mark)


Basically, during the preparation of dough, Maria sneezed on the dough which is physical contamination of the food and which is not safe for the students who eat that food and also many germs, and allergies may be transferred into the food and this will create due to physical contamination (Heo & Lee, 2015).



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