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SITHKOP002 Cookery Plan and Cost Basic Menus

A la Carte Menu


Garlic Bread $6
Panko Crumbed PrawnsPanko Crumbed Prawns $9
Buffalo Chicken Nibbles $8
Salt & Pepper Squid  $7


Pumpkin Soup $5
Potato and Leek Soup  $6
Cauliflower Soup  $7

Main course

Curry of the Day $10
Vegetable Stir $9
Chicken & Mushroom Lasagna $6


Selection of Ice Cream $7
Mango Macadamia Cheesecake $6
Sticky Date Pudding $5

Side dishes

Chips $4
Mixed Salad $6
Creamy Mash $7
Seasoned Wedges $9

Cyclic Menu 


Lunch Price($)

1 Chicken curry 6
2 Fresh fruit platter 3
3 Fruit smoothie 5
4 Beef lasagna 5
5 Indian Bread 4


1 Pizza 6
2 Toasted whole meal English muffins 5
3 Fruity crumble 5
4 Rice cake 4
5 Creamy tuna pasta baked 8



1 Mexican beef wraps 4
2 Banana bread 5
3 Veggie dipper 7
4 Chicken cheese Sandwich 6
5 Beef san choybau 5


1 Spinach Au la martini 4
2 Vegetable platter 5
3 Chicken vegetable curry 8
4 Hot and cold leaves 7
5 Sonata bread sandwich 4



1 Pasta bolognaise 5
2 Whole meal sandwich 4
3 Fruit bread pudding 6
4 Chili corn can rice 7
5 Pumpkin soup 3


1 Pork san choybou 4
2 Beef and broccoli fry 8
3 Tuna and corn patties 9
4 Rainbow platter 7
5 Vegetable hot pot 3



1 Fish and chips 7
2 Tuna sashimi 5
3 Vegetable stir fry 3
4 Schnitzel chicken 4
5 Sticky date pudding 5


1 Bacon cheese burger 3
2 Meat lovers’ pizza 5
3 Caesar salad 4
4 Kilpatrick oysters 5
5 Garlic bread 3



1 Natural oyster 4
2 Japanese pork dumplings 5
3 Roquette& parmesan 6
4 Steak sandwich 7
5 Creamy chips 5


1 Lava pudding 5
2 Chicken supreme 4
3 Lamb Rump 6
4 Crispy pork belly 7
5 Chicken breast 4

Buffet Menu

Alpine chalet theme 

Take a trip to the forested hills this summer including an Alps Cottage style. Woodsy considered criminal can be used to steam up the space and render people appear like a cottage there in Mountains. It party will preferably be hosted in the night, with the visitors enjoying a relaxed sit-down meal. Select cushioned chairs and place burning torches, garlic cloves of elm, and snowberries on them to give the interior room a rustic feel. Path to success can do the job in conjuring up images of cold evenings enjoyed mostly on mountains, as well as the mirth and joy of the first day enjoyed downhill mountain biking a winter Dolomites.


Candied tomatoes on basil leave $6
Chicken and spinach dumplings $5
Goat’s cheese pissaladiere tarts $7


De arbol $10
Chipotle BBQ $9
Smoked jalapeno $5

Main course

Spicy beef and bean nachos $7
Shanghai dumplings $4
Coq au vin $6


Lamingtons $9
The iced vovo $10
Chocolate craceles $11

Side dishes

Spiced potato with whipped butter $5
Oven- backed kumara chips croccoli $7
Five grain salad $12


Degustation menu

1st Course
House cured beetroot Salmon Mille Feuille, with wild roquette pickled cucumber salad drizzled with a vodka, dill crème fraiche dressing $23
2nd Course
Freshly made Seafood Ravioli of the day $15
3rd Course
Crisp skinned Barramundi fillet, on a bed of buttered potatoes, tomato and Kalamata olives $23
Crispy skin Pork Belly on a bed of sweet braised cabbage & raisins, with a agro dolce sauce $20
Sicilian Spiced roasted Aubergine, accompanied with roasted vine tomatoes, and Labneh $23
Oceanside Surf & Turf of Kilcoy Grain Fed Eye Fillet, with grilled Australian King Prawns on a bed of truffled mash, with seasonal vegetables and bernaise $27

Side dishes

Avocado Jellies $15
Spencer Gulf Prawns with Pistou $23
Parmesan Custard Tart with Quandong $32
5th Course
Dessert Tasting Plate to share $29
Finger Lime $56


Ethnic menu


Lamingtons $33
Chicken parmigiana $27
Barbecued snags $28
A burger with the lot $29
Pavlova $33


Barramundi $34
Meat pies $26
Vegemite on toast $33
Pumpkin soup $20
Grilled kangaroo $35


Vegemite $21
Anzac biscuits $23
Fairy bread $13
Tim tams $17

Side dishes

Weet-Bix $23
Pea and ham soup $34
Macadamia nuts $26
Emu $28
Witchetty grubs $26

Set menu


Seafood &Savoury Platter $24
Fire Cracker Squid with lime dip $19
Crumbed Halloumi aioli tabouli $20
Crispy Pork Belly with chilli plum sace $10


Crispy Skin Roast Duck spring onion mash, broccolini& orange brandy sauce 

Slow Roast Pork Belly with cranberry, apple potato gratin & apple sauce 

Chicken Supreme with king prawns, garlic mash, jus and hollandaise sauce

Crispy Skin Atlantic Salmon n lemon & dill mash, asparagus & lime hollandaise

Lamb Rump with chorizo & herb stuffings, Yorkshire pudding & mint-pea purée 

Penne Claudia with king prawns, garlic, white wine, cream, parmesan and chilli

Dessert platter 

Banana Pudding 

Raspberry & Coconut Semifredo

Eggnog CremeBrulee with Almond Biscotti

Side dishes 

Roast Turkey Roulade with bacon, English spinach, chestnut & sweet cranberry chutney 

Chicken Breast stuffed with Italian Sausage, prawns, herbs, served with steamed broccolini& port gravy Beef Wellington Tenderloin fillet with mushroom &paté, sweet peas, rosemary kipfler& red wine jus Veal San Remo with king prawns, smoked salmon, asparagus, cream and garlic 

Surf ‘n Turf Scotch Fillet on mash with king prawns, red wine jus and hollandaise sauce 

Herb Crusted Barramundi Fillet on mash with sweet pea purée 

Baked Cannelloni stuffed with basil ricotta & black olives, topped with tomato buffalo mozzarella 


Seasonal Menu 


Saucy Burger Petties $8
Miss Jo’s Marinated Orange Salad $6
Kangaroo Caraway Burger $7
Kangaroo Stew and Mushroom $6


Zucchini soups $5
Leafy Green Soups $4

Main Course

Rosemary and Basil Roast Turkey $6
Trellys Roast Wild Duck $7
Crispy Stuffed Roasted Goose $8
Duck Breast $7


Plum and Blackberry pavlova $5
Double Chocolate pavlova $4
Virginia’s Best Pavlova $6

Berry Wines

Summer Beery Sangria $8
Summer Berry Red wine spitzer $9