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SBM1204 Project Delivery Systems Assignment Help


There is always a need of improving efficiency and productivity of an organization. The method that can be used to increase this efficiency and productivity is project delivery systems. It is the method used by an organisation in which there is design, construction, operation and management of a structure or facility by entering into legal consideration with the other parties. These can be used in different ways like in designing bid build, design build and construction management at risk. It will also increase the profitability of the organization which can be beneficial for organizational growth in the future. It has various methods for designing which includes involvement of contractor, designer and owner in different ways. There is not such a specified method for choosing a project delivery system, it just depends on the type of project, project characteristics, its prone and corns for choosing an correct and appropriate method

Project delivery system

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Project delivery system

It is a process which includes planning; construction and designing required to build any building or can be used in other type of projects.  Choosing a correct and appropriate delivery system is an important decision taken by the organization while developing their development strategy. The project completion and outcomes will have a great impact on choosing correct Project delivery system. For this one has to consider all three areas related to this which is delivery systems, their methods and their contract format.

Project delivery methods 

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Project delivery methods 

  • Construction Management at Risk (CMR) 

This method has the information about a committee responsible for construction of the project under the given cost for the project. The cost can be approx or maximum cost for the construction. It will provide input for construction in designing phase and contractor during construction phase. It includes owner, designer and Construction Management contractor. In this method everybody works for the owner directly and he is responsible for every designing.

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  • Design-Bid-Build (DBB) or traditional

This method involves three types of phases which are designing phase, bid phase and building phase. Designing phase involves selection of a designer of the project for development of design.  Bid phase involves selection of a contractor and the build phase involves selection of a low bid contractor. This method will lead to a fixed and low bid contract for the project. In this both designer and contractor are responsible for designing and bidding.

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  • Design-Build (DB) 

This method includes use of only single designer and contractor for development of architectural and other designs of the project. In this owner and designer are responsible for any construction and designing.

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  • Multi – prime(MR)

In this method, owner chooses different contactor and designer for different architectural and other engineering designs. This will include owner, designer and many contractors which are responsible for each designing. In this as many persons are associated with single project designing so a problem of coordination may occurs.

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Benefits of Project delivery methods 

Performance cost of all the delivery systems will improve and construction cost gets reduced.

The project designing and construction will complete in the given budget.

The project gets completed at the given scheduled time. This will make project more reliable and relevant.

By choosing correct delivery methods, one can achieve client’s satisfaction.

It will increase efficiency of the project.

It will improve the quality of construction and designing.

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It can be conclude that by using and choosing correct and appropriate project delivery system, efficiency and productivity of a project can be increased. For this we can use several methods and construction formats beneficial for that specific project. In these methods responsibility of designing and construction is of owner, designer and contractor. It can be beneficial for the project because it will refine the designing of the project model by using new technology and techniques. It will also bring customers satisfaction by doing proper and best construction and designing of the project. It has various advantages also which helps in increasing profitability of the organization which can be beneficial for organizational growth in the future. It will also build a good and healthy working coordination between owner, contractor and designer.

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