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SBM1202 Reflective Journal B Assignment Help


The lectures helped in gaining detailed insight into the procurement management and analyzing the risk that occurs in the procurement of goods. It has been analyzed that the project procurement management is the systematic method that helps in collaboration with the outside supplier so that the goods can be purchased easily. This procurement should be done by following the sustainable procurement management policy. As per this policy, the procurement of the goods should be done sustainably so that it can result in minimum effect on the environment (Mikkelsen, et. al., 2017)


This topic helped in getting a clear understanding about the procurement and ways through which it can be managed successfully using the sustainable policy in the business. It helped in strengthening my way of procuring the goods. It has been learned that the sustainable procurement is directly linked with the efficiency of resources, social responsibility, climate change. All these can help in making the efficient and effective use of resources and can help in building the goodwill of the business in society. I can use this policy in the future to inculcate sustainable practice in the business.


The major benefit that has been gained through an understanding of procurement management is that it helps in the reduction of waste of goods as now they can be used more efficiently and effective manner (Glock & Broens,2013). It changed my way of adopting environment-friendly methods in the business. This is the new technique that is not been used by many organizations. The material that I did not find interesting was the lack of questions been asked as it has not resulted in depth understanding of a few things. Previously I thought that the procurement is an easy task and it can be carried through any supplier, but now it has been realized that procurement should be carried by taking into consideration the supplier who is doing it, ways through it are been done and the goods that are been used in the manufacture of the product.  


I believe that this topic will help me in the future when the procurement activity is being carried out. In the purchase of any item now I will endeavor to use the sustainable procurement policy so that it can be beneficial for me as well as the environment. I would like to study more by gaining in-depth knowledge through different research. 


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