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SBM1104 Leadership and Change Management Assignment Help

Assessment 2 Reflective Journal A

Week 6 and 7 recommended reading on the team and organizational leadership. I analyse from the topic that the team is very useful in the organization. They provide the best opportunity for enhancing profits and productivity. The teamwork provides more output than as individuals. The team in an organization determined on the common objective, common mission, sharing insight and information and provide support to the efforts of each other.

In an organization, the team offers collective benefits, provide more opportunities for new ideas, and also provide job satisfaction to the members. Team leaders in an organization have a critical role. He is a role model, chief motivator, coach and mentor, etc

As per my analysis, I acknowledged that in an organizational leadership charisma and transformational leadership play a great role. The theories of charismatic and transformational leadership focus on organizational leadership. The followers’ influence by the charismatic and transformational leaders who then come together to accomplish the common goal of an organization. These leaders impacted the political, cultural, social and economic systems. Transformational leadership is about providing information to the followers that the current system has some problem and due to this change in the condition is necessary. Transformational leadership also provides a clear vision of what a new organization could be (Bunting, 2016).

I understand from the reading that in the team led the team leader plays a complex role. They direct the team towards the accomplishment of the goals of an organization. They provide coaching and training to the members of the team. So they effectively and efficiently perform their work. In an organization, the leader cantered decision making does not work well. The leaders transfer some of the decision making to the team members. This leads to an increase in the effectiveness of a team and it creates a good image of a team leader in the eyes of a team member. As per my perception, the charismatic and transformational leadership provides the way to the leaders to reduce the employee turnover by satisfying its team member. 

I assessed that team leadership is very imperative for the organization to perform the task insufficient and effective manner. The team leader is the one who provides all the means to his team to achieve the organizational goal. He is a mentor or trainer who trained the employees of the company or organization. Team members are working in an organization in a coordinated manner. It is just possible only because of team leader. Organizational leadership based on charismatic and transformational leadership. I learned from this that the charisma of a leader based on his extraordinary qualities and the complex situation he faces in the organization (Woodcock, 2017)

As per my point of view, the organization provides support to leadership development among the employees. This helps in the efficacy of the organization.


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